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'True Detective': Will the real Vince Vaughn step forward?

4 hours ago

The McConaissance was already in full swing when Matthew McConaughey agreed to star in the first season of True Detective with Woody Harrelson. But HBO and show creator Nic Pizzolatto are gambling that the hard-boiled anthology can serve as a rejuvenation machine for other treading-water actors aching to break out of a rut. HBO officially confirmed today that Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn will star in season 2—but not as partners, a la Rust and Marty. Farrell is a cop, but Vaughn will play a “career criminal in danger of losing his empire when his move into legitimate enterprise is »

- Jeff Labrecque

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'Lion King' musical has the top box office in entertainment

6 hours ago

No waiting necessary—The Lion King musical is the king. Disney’s Julie Taymor-directed stage adaptation of the 1994 film has accumulated $6.2 billion worldwide, meaning it now has the “most successful box office total of any work in any media in entertainment history,” the Associated Press reported. 

The Lion King, which opened on Broadway in 1997, has 10 productions running around the world at present, and, according to the AP, the figure was only derived from its box-office totals, not its merchandise sales.

The title was previously held by The Phantom of the Opera, Broadway’s longest running show, but The Lion King »

- Esther Zuckerman

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Netflix has a website for people who love spoilers

7 hours ago

Avert your eyes, spoiler-phobes: Netflix, the streaming video service that is arguably the reason we care about spoilers in the first place, now has a special web page dedicated to the very phenomenon it helped create.

As spotted by The Wrap, the site is titled Living With Spoilers, and is broken into three sections, which demand to be discussed in detail. So consider this a spoilerific deep dive into Netflix’s site about Spoilers.

What kind of spoiler are you?

This is a flowchart so you can determine what kind of spoiler you are—”spoiler” meaning, in this case, a person who spoils. »

- Joshua Rivera

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Robin Williams' Mork spacesuit is going up for auction

10 hours ago

In Mork and Mindy, the sitcom that ran from 1978 to 1982, Robin Williams played Mork, an extraterrestrial who made his way to Earth in an egg-shaped spaceship. (Yep, Williams did the whole extraterrestrial thing before E.T. made it cool.)

Now, more than 30 years later, Williams’ spacesuit is reportedly going up for auction, along with Mork’s spaceship.

According to Afp, both items will go on sale at an auction of Hollywood memorabilia that will be held in Calabasas, California. Mork’s spacesuit has an estimated price of $20,000, while the spaceship is expected to go for anywhere between $4,000 and $6,000.

The auction will be held from Oct. »

- Samantha Highfill

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Ana Gasteyer apologizes to (and cooks with) Martha Stewart

11 hours ago

Former SNL star Ana Gasteyer was on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night alongside one of her targets: Martha Stewart. So, Gasteyer took her chance to (sort of) apologize to Stewart. Gasteyer explained, for instance, that she intensely researched Stewart for her impersonation, which was perhaps most sublimely funny when performed topless. “I wanted to dig deep and get inside your head, and instead I dug through your beautifully organized dumpsters and I re-gifted your fish tank, and for that I am sorry,” Gasteyer said. Her other apologies included:

- “I apologize for selling my water bong with your »

- Esther Zuckerman

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Miss America responds to hazing allegations on 'Good Morning America'

12 hours ago

The tales of Miss America getting kicked out of her sorority for torturing pledges are not true, according to Miss America herself, Kira Kazantsev.

This morning, Kazantsev went on Good Morning America to clear up the allegations put forth by Jezebel yesterday that the Hofstra University graduate was kicked out of Alpha Phi in April 2013 for abusive hazing. Kazantsev told Gma that while she was involved in the culture of hazing in her sorority, she was actually dismissed for sending an inappropriate email that suggested the possibility of hazing.

“I was asked by a new member educator when I was »

- Teresa Jue

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John Malkovich becomes John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe in these photographs

22 September 2014 3:51 PM, PDT

John Malkovich as Marilyn Monroe is perhaps a confounding image to think about, but the eccentric actor inhabits her persona, as well as a variety of others, in a new body of work from photographer Sandro Miller.

In Miller’s series Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich, the actor poses for Miller, who faithfully recreates some of history’s most iconic photographs, using Malkovich as the sole subject. In some cases that means Malkovich’s playing another celebrity, for instance, John Lennon nakedly cradling Yoko Ono in Miller’s take on Annie Leibovitz. In other instances he becomes the more anonymous figures who are nonetheless instantly recognizable, »

- Esther Zuckerman

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'Gotham' star Ben McKenzie talks his most rewound TV moment, and more

22 September 2014 3:43 PM, PDT

In tonight’s premiere of Gotham, Ben McKenzie plays a young Jim Gordon, a good guy in a world full of bad ones. He spends his days bossing criminals around, meeting future super-villains, and occasionally, getting his butt kicked. But in real life, McKenzie’s less interested in being the boss … and more interested in being bossed around?

When McKenzie stopped by EW, we sat him down for our Pop Culture Personality test, in which he revealed which celeb he once wanted to be his “boss,” what song he performed for his school assembly, and more.

Gotham premieres tonight at 8 p. »

- Samantha Highfill

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The 'Deadpool' movie might be PG-13

22 September 2014 2:52 PM, PDT

Last week, Fox announced it was making a Deadpool movie, news which you either greeted with loud cheers because They’Re Finally Making A Deadpool Movie!!!!!!! or a confused shrug because Who The Hell Is Deadpool???? While he has a lower profile in the mainstream, Deadpool is a beloved figure in comic book circles. The best way to understand him is to know that he’s sort of a meta-character: An anti-superhero psychopath who frequently breaks the fourth wall and just-as-frequently kills people/things in the bloodiest way possible.

“Bloodiest way possible” may not be in the cards for the Deadpool movie, »

- Darren Franich

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Miss America was dismissed from sorority amid alleged hazing violations

22 September 2014 2:25 PM, PDT

She may love “Jane Austin” and street hot dogs, but who knew that the newly crowned winner of Miss America, Kira Kazantsev, was also allegedly into hazing?

An article today by Jezebel reported that in April 2013, Kazantsev was dismissed from the Alphi Phi Theta Mu chapter at Hofstra University for hazing pledges, and formerly held the position of New Member Educator and Recruitment Committee President. EW confirmed Kazantsev’s dismissal from the sorority with the Alpha Phi International Fraternity and the Miss America organization, but both organizations chose not to divulge further into the reasons behind Kazantsev’s ousting.

In »

- Teresa Jue

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The most ridiculous stories from iPhone 6 release week

22 September 2014 1:54 PM, PDT

You may not know this, but there is a hot new gizmo on the market. It’s called the iPhone 6, and it is the must-have tech product of the season. It’s “bigger than bigger.” It’s the best thing ever. According to Apple, at least.

According to everyone else, the iPhone is many things. It instills passionate devotion and inspires the human spirit, moving us to make grand gestures of true love. Do you scoff at such notions? Then pull up a chair, and enjoy these stories from iPhone Release Weekend, because it only happens once a year.

In »

- Joshua Rivera

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Emma Watson isn't afraid of the 'F' word

22 September 2014 1:35 PM, PDT

While some female stars including Shailene Woodley and Taylor Swift have bolted away from the word “feminist,” in a speech to the United Nations introducing a new campaign called HeForShe, Emma Watson made it clear she isn’t afraid of it at all.

Watson, who was appointed a Goodwill Ambassador for Un Women earlier this year, explained how she has identified as a feminist from a young age. “When I was 8, I was called bossy because I wanted to direct a play we would put on for our parents,” the Harry Potter star said. “I decided that I was a feminist. »

- Carolyn Todd

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Ubisoft announces 2D 'Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China'

22 September 2014 12:55 PM, PDT

Ubisoft already has not one but two Assassin’s Creed games planned for release, with Assassin’s Creed Unity for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC, and Assassin’s Creed Rogue for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. So, Ubisoft’s announcement of a season pass for Unity–a bundle of downloadable content available for purchase that will be released following the game’s launch–was no surprise.

The inclusion of an all new Assassin’s Creed spinoff game as part of that season pass, however, was an unexpected addition.

Titled Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China, the new game comes from Climax Studios and is, »

- Jonathon Dornbush

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A look inside Nigeria's very own Comic-Con

22 September 2014 12:09 PM, PDT

Comic books have some of the most active and involved fans of any medium, and comics conventions are a big part of that. Despite the immense popularity of comics-inspired movies in theaters every year, the majority of published comics don’t sell very many copies—the average number of copies a book at both Marvel and DC, the biggest names in the business, tends to sit at 50,000 or less, with the top 10 clocking in six figures and the rest less than half that. Because of this, comics heavily rely on the support of a small and passionate fanbase. Comic cons »

- Joshua Rivera

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Entertainment Geekly Mailbag: 'Smash Brothers' talkback and a 'Big Brother' counter-theory

22 September 2014 12:08 PM, PDT

This is the Entertainment Geekly Mailbag, where I respond to comments, questions, and angry clarifications. (You can email me at darren_franich@ew.com.) This week: Everyone takes issue with my brutally accurate assertion that Kirby is one of the worst players in Super Smash Brothers.

You sir are right on all accounts except one: Kirby. Is. Awesome. And is my go-to character in Smash Bros. If you’d like me to demonstrate why he should be ranked higher on your character list, Ill happily play a round with you ;)


I would never dream of insulting anyone’s choice of Go-To Character, »

- Darren Franich

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Introducing Batman villains to 'Gotham,' one cheesy line at a time

22 September 2014 11:59 AM, PDT

Fox’s new series Gotham has the difficult task of introducing a number of famous and lesser-known Batman villains before they officially don the costume and alter ego. The show’s pilot accomplishes this in its own special way: by hinting at appearances by the Penguin, Mr. Freeze, and the Riddler with some very, very obvious bits of dialogue. For example: “If I want riddles, I’ll read the funny pages.”

With so many possible criminals just waiting in the back alleys of Gotham, the show will have to clock in some overtime in order to showcase them all; if »

- Jonathon Dornbush

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British Museum to be re-created in 'Minecraft'

22 September 2014 11:22 AM, PDT

Players of the build-what-you-want game Minecraft have specialized in re-creating the locations of famous fictional worlds. From Westeros to Middle-earth, there’s no shortage of well-known locals to explore. So why not create real-world locations?

That’s probably the question the British Museum in London asked before launching a project to have players rebuild the museum and its exhibits, brick by Minecraft brick.

The British Museum announced basic plans for the project first to the BBC. A spokesperson for the museum confirmed that the project “is still in the early stages and work has not begun yet.” A representative for the museum did, »

- Jonathon Dornbush

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A history of the ever-changing 'Saturday Night Live' cast

22 September 2014 9:26 AM, PDT

Ever since its second season, when Chevy Chase decided to ditch Saturday Night Live for Hollywood—he was replaced by some guy named Bill Murray—the only constant on NBC’s long-running sketch series has been change.

Some cast members leave to make movies or TV series or joke-punk albums nominally written by their British alter egos. Others quit in protest. Still more are forced out, not because they want to leave but because the show is going through a fraught series of retoolings (see: the ’80s). Or because it has to make room for a new crop of bright young things (see: Chris Parnell, »

- Hillary Busis

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'F-k it, I quit': Reporter quits on live TV to pursue marijuana activism

22 September 2014 9:18 AM, PDT

Well, that’s one way to make an exit.

At the end of a local news report on marijuana on Ktva 11 in Anchorage Alaska, reporter Charlo Greene quit on live television with a nonchalant yet potent missive: “F–k it, I quit.”

Greene revealed herself to be the owner of the very cannabis club she was reporting on, and said, “Now, everything you’ve heard is why I, the actual owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club, will be dedicating all of my energy toward fighting for freedom and fairness, which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska. And as for this job—well, »

- Teresa Jue

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'South Park' criticizes Washington Redskins owner with scathing promo

22 September 2014 7:53 AM, PDT

Cartman, the central character from Comedy Central’s South Park, took on Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder in a promo for the 18th season of the animated series. Cartman skewers the team’s recent federal trademark debacle, which was rejected by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on the grounds that the team’s name was “disparaging to Native Americans.” In the promo, it’s Snyder who’s ticked off that Cartman is using the team’s name for his own company. But Cartman has a pretty good comeback for that.

“When I named my company Washington Redskins, it »

- Teresa Jue

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