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'Eastbound and Down' finale: Farewell to pop culture's last baseball star, Kenny Powers

17 November 2013 1:20 PM, PST

There are many reasons to mourn the end of Eastbound & Down. Danny McBride’s easy, almost casual hilarity, the show’s odd, un-tv-like pace, and the sheer thrill of seeing Will Ferrell on television will all be missed.

But there’s also another thing that the HBO series will take with it when its finale airs tonight, and that’s baseball — or, more specifically, baseball’s place in pop culture.

For years — even decades — people have talked about baseball losing its mantle as America’s favorite pastime, but the topic has flared up again in the past few months. National ratings are down, »

- Ray Rahman

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Tom Hiddleston. Singing karaoke. In a car. -- Video

17 November 2013 12:26 PM, PST

Another day, another video of Tom Hiddleston doing something adorable on an overseas TV show.

The affable actor, currently starring in Thor: The Dark World, has been promoting the movie all over the world (check out his charming appearances on Korean TV here and here), and this latest clip has him singing car karaoke on German TV.

Check out his passenger’s-seat performance of Ben E. King’s “Stand by Me” below:

So, PopWatchers, where does this rank in the pantheon of Hiddleston cuteness? Let us know in the comments! »

- Katie Atkinson

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PlayStation 4 sales top 1 million in first day

17 November 2013 10:59 AM, PST

If you haven’t gotten your hands on a PlayStation 4 yet, good luck tracking one down now: Sony announced Sunday that more than 1 million of the new gaming systems were sold in the first 24 hours they were on shelves.

At a price point of $399, the PlayStation 4 went on sale at midnight on Thursday.

“PS4 was designed with an unwavering commitment to gamers, and we are thrilled that consumer reaction has been so phenomenal,” Andrew House, Sony Computer Entertainment president and group CEO, said in a statement Sunday. “Sales remain very strong in North America, and we expect continued enthusiasm as »

- Katie Atkinson

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PopWatch Planner: 'Almost Human, 'Catching Fire,' 'Key and Peele,' and more

17 November 2013 8:00 AM, PST

What’s worthy of PopWatching this week? Well, consider this week the calm before the holiday-movie storm. Next week is Thanksgivukkah and then a virtual Christmas-movie-marathon-mania follows. Before you get your dose of jolly caroling cheer, scenes of holly-trimmed (and secretly hostile) family dinners, and everyone quoting Love Actually, consider this your bah, Humbug! week, filled with a stocking’s worth of everything that’s anti-holiday — teens killing teens, crime-solving robots, and sardonic humor. Merry watching!

All times listed are Eastern.

Sunday 11/17

Almost Human, Series Debut, 8 p.m., Fox

The new sci-fi/procedural drama from J.J. Abrams and J.H. Wyman (Fringe) has a two-night premiere, »

- Jennifer Arellano

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'Saturday Night Live' recap: Lady Gaga lives for applause, but gets laughs too

17 November 2013 7:04 AM, PST

Lady Gaga knows how to make fun of herself.

If there was one takeaway from last night’s show, it was that Lady Gaga knows what you all are saying about her. And in the constant jostling for pop-culture supremacy, one of Gaga’s advantages has been that, when she allows it, she often comes across as a down-to-earth goofball. And happily, last night viewers mostly got the silly theater kid and not the art-house provocateur, which led to an overall enjoyable 90 minutes that, while not always laugh-out-loud hilarious, was consistently amusing.

From the moment she busted out of the »

- Erin Strecker

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Who are Hollywood's biggest stars... when they're stripped of their superpowers?

17 November 2013 6:00 AM, PST

In the current era of The Avengers and Batman Vs. Superman, it’s impossible to be a fan of the comic-book genre and not have a well-considered argument to the question, “Who’s the Most Powerful Superhero?” Superman, of course, is the most obvious answer in any superpower battle-royale debate, but there are strong and more interesting claims to be made for the others, too. (Except Hawkeye. Sorry, guy.)

In Hollywood offices, there are similar conversations going on all the time about their own legion of superheroes, those famous actors and actresses who can open a movie in New York, »

- Jeff Labrecque

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Lady Gaga takes over 'Saturday Night Live' tonight: Talk about it here!

16 November 2013 3:00 PM, PST

Rah rah ah ah ah, roma roh mah mah, Gaga oo la la — who’s excited for SNL tonight?

By inviting Lady Gaga to serve as host and musical guest just six weeks after Miley Cyrus did the same, Saturday Night Live inadvertently invites a comparison to last season — which saw Justin Timberlake taking the show’s reigns four weeks after Justin Bieber performed double-duty. The analogy isn’t perfect, of course: Bieber had never hosted the show before, though Cyrus had. And while Timberlake is an old hosting pro, Gaga’s previous appearances were nominally as musical guest only »

- Hillary Busis

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This Week on Stage: Billy Crystal hits a home run, Mark Rylance swaps sexes

16 November 2013 6:00 AM, PST

Another week, another one swimming off the Great White Way as the large-scale musical of Big Fish announced it will play its final show on Dec. 29 after 98 regular performances. (But definitely count on it being remembered at Tony time, especially for fearless lead Norbert Leo Butz.) People are showing in droves, however, for two of this week’s new entries: The return of Billy Crystal’s 700 Sundays bagged over $1 million with only six performances last week (most shows have eight), and the Globe-inspired Shakespeare play duo at the Belasco is playing close to capacity every show, cementing Mark Rylance’s status as our premier import. »

- Jason Clark

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The cast of 'Arrow' thanks Batkid for cleaning the streets -- Video

15 November 2013 6:15 PM, PST

Batkid, a five-year-old leukemia survivor named Miles, hit the streets of San Francisco on Friday, where, thanks to the work of Make-a-Wish, he fought evil until he wasn’t needed anymore. But in today’s world, Batkid isn’t the only superhero. So what happens to the rest of the vigilantes when Batkid cleans the streets of all crime?

That’s exactly the question Arrow’s crime-fighting threesome had to ask themselves. After nearly nine hours of searching for some bad guys, they came to the conclusion that Batkid had wiped them all out, so instead they decided to go grab a bite to eat. »

- Samantha Highfill

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The art of the brotherly love triangle: What 'Reign' could learn from 'The Vampire Diaries'

15 November 2013 5:19 PM, PST

Love triangles on television are equal parts frustrating and entertaining. Many times, they’re the reason we tune in and also the reason we spend the next hour screaming at the characters involved. But there’s one particular type of love triangle that’s a little more complicated than others. I like to call it the brotherly love triangle.

The brotherly love triangle — two brothers fighting over the same woman — is particularly popular among supernatural shows at the moment. The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Witches of East End all contain a little brotherly love at the center of their stories. »

- Samantha Highfill

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'Raising Hope' star Lucas Neff is not over the death of Rufio in 'Hook' ('Who could be?!') -- Video

15 November 2013 4:26 PM, PST

We do not assign grades for EW’s Pop Culture Personality Tests, but if we did, Raising Hope star Lucas Neff would be at the top of the class for his answers in the video you’ll see below.

Not only does he pull out all the stops for a reenactment of his reaction to the Sopranos finale, but he confesses to having a soft spot for Hook’s Rufio, while also delivering a monologue!

A+, Neff. 

Raising Hope premieres tonight at 9 p.m. Et on Fox. »

- Sandra Gonzalez

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Batkid rescues Gotham City from evil, rescues world from cynicism

15 November 2013 4:06 PM, PST

The world was rescued from unspeakable evil today thanks to the daring bravery of Batkid, a pint-sized superhero who spent the day saving Gotham City from two different supervillains, not to mention saving all our hearts from cynicism. As you probably know if you’ve been on the Internet or spoken to anyone in the last 24 hours, Batkid is in fact a five-year-old boy and leukemia survivor named Miles who wanted more than anything to be Batman, and I’m not crying guys, seriously, I just have something in my eye.

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, that wish »

- Darren Franich

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Damian Lewis on when Obama finds the time to watch 'Homeland'- Listen

15 November 2013 1:20 PM, PST

When Homeland star Damian Lewis met President Obama for the first time, he literally pinched himself out of disbelief.

Lewis sat down for a chat with EW Radio’s Faith Salie and Julie Cunningham and discussed meeting the President, who has admitted he’s big fan of Homeland. Lewis also gave listeners his best Obama impression when talking about when the President can actually find the time to watch TV.

Listen to the clip below:

Check out more celebrity interviews and news on Entertainment Weekly Radio, SiriusXM Channel 105. »

- EW staff

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Chip Chocolate talks 'Cookie Dance', bathing in milk, and a rap battle with the Cookie Monster

15 November 2013 1:08 PM, PST

Do you know the cookie dance? And no, it’s not a dance you do to summon cookies, but rather one you do to celebrate them. Rapper Chip Chocolate (real name: Jesse Wellens) created his first song, “Cookie Dance,” out of nothing but a young boy’s pure love of the delectable dessert. And now that Chip Chocolate’s first music video has more than a million views, the cookie dance is no longer just a childhood dream.

We caught up with Chip Chocolate to find out about his inspiration, career goals, and if he was really sitting in a »

- Samantha Highfill

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'Scandal': We need to talk about that [Spoiler]

15 November 2013 12:02 PM, PST

Wtf plot moments are Scandal’s bread and butter.

But Thursday’s episode arguably went further than ever before. Between Quinn killing someone and maybe-joining B613, Olivia’s mom being very much not dead, and Fitz putting together who Olivia’s father is, the episode would have been a memorably action-packed hour regardless. But, of course, the biggest out-of-nowhere shocker was the fact that 15 years ago, viewers learned via flashback that when Fitz was considering a run for governor, Fitz’s father first got into a fight with his son, and then raped Mellie.

“Did that just happen!?” my shocked »

- Erin Strecker

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Which Gaga will we get on 'SNL'? Let's go to the videotape

15 November 2013 11:14 AM, PST

Whether she’s onstage or off, Lady Gaga clearly knows how to put on a show. But when it comes to Saturday Night Live, her experience is surprisingly limited. The artist formerly known as Stefani Germanotta has appeared on just two episodes of SNL, in 2009 and 2011 — both times as the show’s musical guest rather than its host.

Still, looking at those old episodes may give a few hints about what to expect when Gaga finally headlines an entire installment of SNL tomorrow night. In each one, Gaga ventured beyond her band to appear in a handful of sketches — showing off different skills (and, »

- Hillary Busis

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Terrence Howard on his 'Iron Man' departure: I was 'pushed' out

15 November 2013 10:58 AM, PST

Capping an exciting year of interview oversharing, Terrence Howard went on Watch What Happens Live last night. Although nominally pitching his role in The Best Man Holiday, Howard wound up taking a question about a role from half a decade ago. The actor originated the role of James Rhodes in Iron Man — but he didn’t return for the sequels, which saw Don Cheadle play the character in ever-more-elaborate robo-suits.

Reports at the time indicated that Howard departed over a salary dispute. As reported by EW’s Nicole Sperling, Howard actually made more than Downey on the first Iron Man. »

- Darren Franich

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Breaking Bad-gic: David Blaine pulls a card trick on Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul -- Video

15 November 2013 10:02 AM, PST

The One Who Knocks and his protege cooked blue magic on-screen, but when it came to real magic, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul got stumped.

Magician/real-life wizard David Blaine posted a video from his upcoming 90-minute special David Blaine: Real or Magic, in which he pulls a card trick on Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

Blaine first asks Paul to shuffle a deck — “Come on, Aaron, with a good shuffle, you can do it,” Cranston says, encouraging Paul in a way that’s eerily similar to what his drug kingpin counterpart once did — and Paul obeys, »

- Shirley Li

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'Alpha House' react: Four men and a Senate

15 November 2013 6:30 AM, PST

As Gretchen Wieners would say, Washington, D.C., is so fetch right now. We’ve got Scandal’s dramatic affair-filled take on the city, House of Cards’ serious business (and affair-filled) approach, and Veep’s comedic point of view on the happenings within the nation’s capital. So what story could possibly be left to tell about the inner-workings of the non-state? How about the one where four Republican senators live together in what appears to be a “grown-up frat house” of sorts?

Picture a college frat house (on Capitol Hill), and then swap the Natty Lights for whiskey, and »

- Samantha Highfill

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'Sleepwalk With Me' comedian Mike Birbiglia launching new 'Thank God for Jokes' tour -- Exclusive

15 November 2013 6:00 AM, PST

Stand-up comedian and This American Life regular Mike Birbiglia had a major breakthrough in 2012 when his film Sleepwalk With Me became a critical smash, and he followed that up with the award-winning one-man show My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend (which you can stream on Netflix and will be available on CD, DVD, and iTunes on November 26). In 2014, he’s heading back out on the road again, this time on a multi-city trek he’s dubbing Thank God for Jokes.

“This is honestly the most excited I’ve been to go on tour my whole career,” Birbiglia told EW. “Well, partly because »

- Kyle Anderson

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