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'Saturday Night Live' recap: Kevin Hart hosted a heartless episode

3 March 2013 7:30 AM, PST

Confession: I was one of those people who didn’t know who Kevin Hart was prior to this weekend. But I had tentatively high hopes on learning that he was a comedian. He’s experienced performing before a live audience and comedians have had pretty decent track records hosting the show in the past… What could go wrong? But, as Hart admitted in his opening monologue, there was a reason he was turned down from Saturday Night Live years ago. From the moment Hart overran his monologue, the entire show felt rushed, fizzling out to an unsatisfying conclusion.

There were »

- Tara Fowler

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Popwatch Planner: 'Oz the Great and Powerful,' 'Switched at Birth,' and more

3 March 2013 6:00 AM, PST

How many times have you heard “I can’t believe it’s March” this week? Well, one more time, “I can’t believe it’s March!” The Oscars are over, the college basketball brackets aren’t even out yet, and it’s going to be a while before May sweeps begin. In the meantime, Justin Timberlake is hosting Saturday Night Live again, Rachel Zoe returns, and our cover stars from Oz The Great and Powerful are hitting the big screen. Here is our list of to watch this week to beat March Madness (Look, we don’t really watch sports). Have a great week! »

- Sarah Caldwell

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Kevin Hart hosts tonight's 'Saturday Night Live': Talk about it here!

2 March 2013 3:00 PM, PST

Only three actual comedians have hosted SNL this season — Louis C.K., Martin Short, and Jamie Foxx. And Foxx only half counts, since he’s better known these days as an Oscar-winning Serious Actor than as a sketch comedian and stand-up who starred in 100 episodes of his very own sitcom.

Perhaps not coincidentally, those comedian-hosted shows have also been some of the season’s strongest. Louis’s Abraham Lincoln-meets-Louie parody still stands as this year’s funniest pre-taped bit. Short is still at the top of EW’s weekly SNL host poll for a reason. And Foxx… well, since his »

- Hillary Busis

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'Modern Family' stars get stuck on an elevator

2 March 2013 11:13 AM, PST

This will probably turn out to be the best and worst press release ever for the Kansas City Sheraton. TV boyfriends Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, along with Jesse’s TV sister, Julie Bowen, documented their 45-minute holdup in the hotel’s elevator. The Modern Family actors were on their way to headline a fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City (Stonestreet’s hometown).

Stonestreet announced that he handled the situation better than expected and gossiped that “All Jesse did was pass wind.”

Ferguson retaliated by out-tweeting his co-star and uploading photos of the scare (above, »

- Annie Barrett

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Hogwarts Alumni Newsletter: What's new for the 'Harry Potter' kids

1 March 2013 12:19 PM, PST

What’s even more exciting than discovering a new secret passageway on the Marauder’s Map?

Trick question. Nothing is more thrilling than discovering a new way out of the castle. But the past couple of weeks have been pretty great for Harry Potter fans. J. K. Rowling still hasn’t announced she’s writing a prequel (dream big!), but there was a new book cover for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone released, providing readers the perfect excuse to re-read the entire series. And for those who were hopeful the whole gang would find life outside the castle walls, »

- Erin Strecker

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This Week on Stage: Jesse Eisenberg and Edie Falco open Off Broadway

1 March 2013 11:59 AM, PST

In a rare treat for Off Broadway audiences, the incomparable Vanessa Redgrave is playing a Polish septuagenarian opposite Jesse Eisenberg in Eisenberg’s own play The Revisionist. I can’t imagine the last time the Oscar- and Tony-award-winning actress has played in a venue as small as the 179-seat Cherry Lane Theatre. But The Revisionist isn’t the only starry premiere on the boards this week; here’s a roundup of notable openings (click links for the full review).

The Revisionist Vanessa Redgrave displays “a well-wrought accent and hard-earned professional brio” in Jesse Eisenberg’s new drama about a young »

- Thom Geier

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Anne Hathaway haters to the left: Anderson Cooper defends the Oscar winner -- Video

1 March 2013 9:51 AM, PST

Anderson Cooper is definitely a fan of Anne Hathaway’s.

Yesterday on Anderson Live, Cooper went on a mini-rant, defending the actress from all the backlash she’s received. “She’s incredibly talented. She seems like a lovely person. I think she’s been through a lot. And you know what people have all these judgments about her, they don’t know what she’s really like.”

When co-host Isha Sesay brought up how much more charming Jennifer Lawrence’s speech was, Cooper joked, ”You don’t think that fall was rehearsed?”

If you tuned in to Anderson Live today »

- Sarah Caldwell

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Stephen Colbert is the world's best 'Pope' punster -- Video

1 March 2013 9:47 AM, PST

Interested in lobbing some Pope-related wordplay in light of Benedict XVI’s recent retirement? Good luck — Stephen Colbert probably already beat you to the punch.

During this segment on last night’s Colbert Report, the fake pundit (and real-life practicing Roman Catholic) revealed that he’s the master of Pope punnery  via references to being “disimpopinated,” having a “popendectomy,” and, perhaps best of all, a franchise called Popemon — complete with an adorable illustration of the Catholic Church’s leader as Ash Ketchum. Hey, if you’ve got to lose, at least you’re losing to the best. Bask in Colbert »

- Hillary Busis

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Willem Dafoe is acting opposite Ellen Page in the videogame 'Beyond: Two Souls'

1 March 2013 9:21 AM, PST

Remember last summer, when auteurist videogame designer David Cage revealed that he was working on Beyond: Two Souls, a game starring Ellen Page? Turns out Page isn’t the only Oscar-nominated actor involved in Beyond. Cage’s studio Quantic Dream revealed this morning that beloved crazy-eyed psychotic Willem Dafoe will also appear in the game. Dafoe plays Nathan Dawkins, a researcher who meets Ellen Page’s character as a little girl and apparently reappears later in her life. Based on the reveal trailer, it looks like Dafoe is playing a combination of Donald Pleasence from Halloween and Lorraine Bracco from The Sopranos. »

- Darren Franich

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'Mark McGrath & Friends Cruise' is no more

1 March 2013 7:44 AM, PST

The “Mark McGrath & Friends Cruise” — a musical sea adventure scheduled for the fall that would have featured Sugar Ray, the Spin Doctors, Smash Mouth and other stars from a time when our stars all had frosted tips in their hair — has been cancelled, according to an announcement posted on the event’s website and Facebook. (Both have since been deleted.)

What happened? Speculation so far is a mixture of “that poop cruise did us no favors,” from McGrath himself, and “tickets were $649,” from everyone else.

The unlucky heartbroken among us have two options: 1) Call and ask after a refund and »

- Adam Carlson

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No electronics for 24 hours?! It's the National Day of Unplugging

1 March 2013 7:30 AM, PST

From sunset Friday night to sunset on Saturday, participants in the National Day of Unplugging will not use electronics for 24 hours. The idea is spend some time with the people you have apparently been ignoring in your electronic haze.

“We increasingly miss out on the important moments of our lives as we pass the hours with our noses buried in our iPhones and BlackBerry’s, chronicling our every move through Facebook and Twitter and shielding ourselves from the outside world with the bubble of ‘silence’ that our earphones create,” the official website for the National Day of Unplugging notes.

It’s a cool idea, »

- Amanda Taylor

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Happy birthday, Justin Bieber! How will he spend his last year of teenagedom?

1 March 2013 7:11 AM, PST

Today isn’t just the first day of March — it’s also the one-year anniversary of you officially not having to feel weird about being attracted to Justin Bieber.

That’s right: The Biebs turns 19 today. He’s reportedly celebrating the occasion by stalking shirtless around England before throwing a lavish, £10,000 (that’s $15,043 in real money) circus-themed party in an unnamed London hotspot.

There’s a certain poetry to this location — Bieber was born in London 19 years ago, albeit the one in Ontario. The theme, too, makes sense for someone who’s not a boy, not yet a man; a »

- Hillary Busis

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EW's Morning Bite: And the best sound bite from last night is...

1 March 2013 7:08 AM, PST

Submitted by Shandy84:

“Someone must’ve changed the channel to USA, cause I just watched a Burn Notice.”

– Troy (Donald Glover) on Community

Check out the rest of your quote submissions from Thursday Feb. 28 and come back Sunday to share your pick for best sound bite!

Read more:

American Idol: Girls Rule, Boys Drool

‘Bachelor: Women Tell All’ special: Watch a deleted scene

Pretty Little Liars’: Spencer confronts ‘Red Coat’ in the finale »

- EW staff

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'Mad Magazine' does a 'Justice League' spoof -- Exclusive Image

1 March 2013 6:30 AM, PST

Mad Magazine created a variant cover for an upcoming issue of Justice League, featuring beloved green-skinned superhero Martian Manhunter transforming into beloved freckle-faced mascot Alfred E. Neuman. Check out the image below! (Update: This post originally featured the incorrect Mad Magazine image. You fooled us again, Mad Magazine!)

Follow Darren on Twitter: @DarrenFranich

Read More:

DC is making a new ‘Batman/Superman’ comic book — Check out art by Jae Lee!

The most powerful person in the comic book industry? »

- Darren Franich

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Entertainment Weekly to launch SiriusXM radio channel

1 March 2013 12:00 AM, PST

Starting this spring, you can listen to EW! That’s right, we’re partnering with SiriusXM radio to launch a channel that will broadcast the best (and worst!) in entertainment 24/7. Entertainment Weekly Radio will feature original shows hosted by EW editors and contributors, covering breaking news, opinion, Hollywood scoop, TV recaps, and more.

“We are thrilled that we will be able to expose Entertainment Weekly’s trusted voice and sharp insight to SiriusXM’s passionate and devoted audience,” said Jess Cagle, EW’s managing editor. “Sirius Xm’s line-up contains some of the best brands in the world and we »

- EW staff

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Nicki Minaj's 'Idol' eye rolls are really irritating

28 February 2013 8:56 PM, PST

Perhaps threatened by the high-impact stage presence of Mariah Carey’s boobs, Nicki Minaj has begun to fancy her constant side-eyes as two more main characters on American Idol (read EW’s full recap here). Can she please cut it out and cede the spotlight to the real stars of the show — Keith Urban’s highlights? So rude! Oh, or the contestants. That’s right.

See this devastating performance in action below….

For tonight’s results: ‘American Idol’ 2013: Top 20 guys and girls are…

Stay tuned for my full episode recap later on. Update: Here it is!

Follow @EWAnnieBarrett

Read »

- Annie Barrett

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'American Idol' 2013: Top 20 guys and girls are...

28 February 2013 7:15 PM, PST

Spoilers ahead! To see who made it to the Top 20, read on.

American Idol results for Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013 (read the full recap here):


Bryant Tadeo

David Willis

Gurpreet Singh

Josh Holiday

Mathenee Treco


Moving On

Burnell Taylor

Cortez Shaw

Lazaro Arbos

Nick Boddington

Vincent Powell


Complete Top 20 Girls And Guys

Adriana Latonio

Amber Holcomb

Angela Miller

Aubrey Cleland

Breanna Steer

Candice Glover

Janelle Arthur

Kree Harrison

Tenna Torres

Zoanette Johnson

Burnell Taylor

Charlie Askew

Cortez Shaw

Curtis Finch, Jr.

Devin Velez

Elijah Liu

Lazaro Arbos (pictured)

Paul Jolley

Nick Boddington

Vincent Powell

Oof, I did not think Lazaro sounded very good tonight. »

- Annie Barrett

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EW's Bite of the Night: Submit your favorite quote from tonight's best TV!

28 February 2013 6:00 PM, PST

As you tune in to your favorite TV shows tonight, we think it’s only fair that You decide the night’s best sound bite.

After you’ve watched, submit your choice sound bite in the comments section of this post. Did someone say something hilarious on Community, 1600 Penn, or the series premiere of Nathan for You? How about something from Zero Hour or Kathy?  Let us know!

Leave a comment with your favorite quote of the evening and the name of the character who said it or vote for someone else’s by hitting “Like” next to their submission. »

- EW staff

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Happy Birthday, Bernadette Peters!

28 February 2013 3:08 PM, PST

Today is Bernadette Peters’ birthday. Peters has taught theater geeks everywhere  to embrace both their comic and dramatic sides, to sing their hearts out, and to wear their curly hair as big as they want to. Even if you only know her as Sophie in Anastasia, you know she’s got a voice.  Here are five reasons we’ll always love the Broadway darling:

1. She can still make us cry singing “Rose’s Turn.”

When Peters performed a short version of “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” on Smash it was wonderful, but when she performed as Mama Rose in Sam Mendes’ Gypsy, »

- Sarah Caldwell

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Guillermo Del Toro voices support for 'Golem' videogame Kickstarter campaign

28 February 2013 3:03 PM, PST

Videogame studio Moonbot has been working on a videogame called The Golem, which allows you to control a giant monstrous creature, a character based on folklore given a modern twist. You might think that that sounds like something that might appeal to Guillermo Del Toro, director of such monstrous-creatures-based-on-folklore-given-modern-twists classics as Hellboy 2 and Pan’s Labyrinth, not to mention the upcoming monster-mash spectacle Pacific Rim. Well, Del Toro not only digs The Golem — in a new video just released on Vimeo, he offers his support for the project. Check out the video below:

Read More:

Star Trek’s original Green »

- Darren Franich

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