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Samuel L. Jackson, Sofia Boutella on 'Kingsman' and a Nick Fury movie

51 minutes ago

Few actors have a history with Comic-Con as long as Samuel L. Jackson. A fixture of the convention ever since he played Mace Windu in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, Jackson has come back year after year, usually with another comic-book role under his belt each time. This time around, it’s Kingsman: The Secret Service, based on a comic by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons. Jackson swung by the EW Hideout with co-star Sofia Boutella to talk a bit about their villainous roles and why he wants to do a Nick Fury solo movie. Check it out below:


- Joshua Rivera

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Box-office update: 'Lucy' defeats 'Hercules' with $17.1 million Friday

1 hour ago

Dwayne Johnson’s brawn was no match for Scarlett Johansson’s brain at the box office on Friday, as Johansson’s new action film Lucy took the top spot. With an estimated $17.1 million on Friday, Lucy may bring an unexpected boost to this year’s weak July box office and is now on track to pass its estimated $35 million opening, further cementing Johansson’s star power.

Though he definitely has a lot of power in his own way, Dwayne Johnson didn’t have enough strength as Hercules at the box office; Brett Ratner’s poorly reviewed adaptation of Steve Moore »

- Jake Perlman

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20th Century Fox Comic-Con panel: Colin Firth kicks butt in 'Kingsman'

5 hours ago

20th Century Fox took control of Hall H for two hours on Friday to unveil some of their upcoming films. The big surprise? No talk of (or footage shown from) next summer’s Fantastic Four or of X-Men: Apocalypse. But there were plenty of other highlights:

- During the panel for September’s The Maze Runner, star Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf) accidentally revealed that a certain character dies in the film after he was asked what was the most difficult scene to shoot. “This is going horribly,” he (sorta) joked later. Fans also got a look at a new »

- Tim Stack

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Critical Mass: The drug-fueled mayhem of 'Lucy' has a buzz

21 hours ago

Luc Besson loves his lady warriors. Beginning with the original La Femme Nikita, and then in action movies like The Professional, The Fifth Element, and The Messenger, he’s introduced his own brand of memorable action heroines. Scarlett Johansson’s Lucy might be the most hardcore of the bunch. She goes from party girl to super-evolved sorceress when the experimental drug an Asian gangster has smuggled in her body spills into her bloodstream, raising her brain activity to 100 percent capacity. “Lucy is a thinly drawn character, just someone who needs to survive,” writes EW’s Jeff Labrecque. “But Johansson vividly »

- EW staff

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'Bates Motel' actress Olivia Cooke debuts shaved head at Comic-Con

25 July 2014 10:03 AM, PDT

Like Olivia Cooke’s new look?

The 20-year-old actress, best known for playing Norman Bates’ pal Emma on A&E’s Bates Motel, has shaved her head for her next role—one of the title parts in the upcoming film Me & Earl & the Dying Girl, an adaptation of Jesse Andrews’ Ya novel. (Think The Fault in Our Stars, but with less romance and more swearing.)

Want to see the cueball in action? Check out this gif from EW’s Comic-Con social photo booth: »

- Hillary Busis

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'The Judge' to open Toronto International Film Festival

25 July 2014 9:32 AM, PDT

It looks like a big year for Robert Downey, Jr., and not just in terms of profit.

The Toronto International Film festival announced today that David Dobkin’s The Judge, which stars the Iron Man actor, will open the festival on September 4. The film follows big-city lawyer Hank Palmer (Downey) as he returns to his childhood home, where his estranged father (Robert Duvall)—the town’s judge—is suspected of murder. Vera Farmiga, Vincent D’Onofrio, Jeremy Strong, Dax Shepard, and Billy Bob Thornton also star.

The festival also marks the premiere of Dobkin’s film, which will run in »

- Jackson McHenry

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Will Arnett and Megan Fox weigh in on why the fifth Ninja Turtle left

25 July 2014 9:26 AM, PDT

Sometimes, playing the humans in a world full of crime-fighting turtles is pretty cool. At least, that’s the impression Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stars Will Arnett and Megan Fox gave when they stopped by EW’s Comic-Con video hangout. Chatting with Darren Franich, they discussed the sometimes-forgotten fifth turtle, Venus, and the real-life actors who played the Turtles during filming. Fox also dropped a line about April’s yellow jumpsuit, which didn’t make the film and perhaps is part of the “girl power” that she said largely hit the cutting room floor.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is in »

- Samantha Highfill

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Jeff Bridges talks filming 'The Giver' with his dad 20 years ago

25 July 2014 9:13 AM, PDT

Jeff Bridges is a really big fan of The Giver—so much so that he once filmed his own adaptation of the book, starring his dad, Llyod Bridges, as the title character and Bud Cort as the narrator. Bridges joked that if he ever found that tape, “it would be a good auxiliary thing on the DVD.”

Bridges told the tale of the “first” Giver movie Thursday, when he dropped by EW’s hideout at Comic-Con—along with Giver author Lois Lowry and Brenton Thwaites and Odeya Rush, who star in the film adaptation coming to theaters this August. The »

- Jackson McHenry

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Documentary about the time Nic Cage almost played Superman gets trailer

25 July 2014 9:12 AM, PDT

Remember that time Nicolas Cage was going to be Superman?

In the long period between 1987′s Superman IV: The Quest for Peace and 2006′s Superman Returns, the Man of Steel was stuck in development hell, with several projects failing to launch. Of those projects, one of the strangest was 1996′s Superman Lives!, an adaptation of the Death and Return of Superman written by Kevin Smith (who has talked about this project before) and directed by Tim Burton.

Filmmaker Jon Schnepp has spent the past year making a Kickstarter-funded documentary on the failed project. In an effort to raise more funds »

- Joshua Rivera

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Enid Blyton's 'Famous Five' series may become a film franchise

25 July 2014 9:06 AM, PDT

Deadline reports that Working Title Films has acquired the theatrical rights to Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series, paving the way for a possible family-friendly film franchise. The deal was settled through the publisher Holder, a subsidiary of Hachette.

In the pre-j.K. Rowling days, Enid Blyton was the great British children’s novelist; her series, which began with Five on a Treasure Island in 1942 and followed the adventures of five kids of various school holidays, ran through 21 novels and received immense critical success.

There have been several film and television adaptations of the Famous Five series, including two British »

- Jackson McHenry

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Iron Man and Captain America make a wager in new 'Heroes United' movie

25 July 2014 9:00 AM, PDT

While the Avengers won’t return as a unit until next summer’s Age of Ultron, Marvel has had fun pairing them up in the animated world. Last year, Iron Man and Hulk reluctantly joined forces for the first Heroes United movie; this time, Tony Stark welcomes Captain America to the fray as they battle Red Skull and his Hydra henchman, Taskmasker.

As demonstrated in The Avengers, Steve Rogers and Tony aren’t exactly always on the same page. Their drastically different personalities often mean they get on each other’s nerves. In this clip from Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United, »

- Jeff Labrecque

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'Expendables 3' leaks online 3 weeks before theatrical release

25 July 2014 7:21 AM, PDT

A copy of The Expendables 3—the latest in a series of all-star action movies starring major Hollywood figures like Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford, and Jason Statham, among others—leaked online Wednesday on various BitTorrent piracy websites. The film has been downloaded nearly 200,000 times since it leaked, according to Variety.

Movies frequently leak online, but the Expendables 3 scenario is a big deal for two reasons. First of all, it leaked before the movie hit theaters—three weeks before its scheduled premiere, to be exact. And secondly, the quality of the leak is unusually high. The earliest movie leaks are usually “cam” copies, »

- Jacob Shamsian

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'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' red-band trailer goes into the future

25 July 2014 6:46 AM, PDT

Turns out the hot tub time machine can do more than go back in time.

In the new red-band trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine 2, the sequel to the 2010 comedy Hot Tub Time Machine, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, and Clark Duke are living the life after they traveled back in time and used their knowledge of the future to get rich. But when Lou (Corddry) gets shot (in a very sensitive place), they return to the hot tub to save his life. Only this time, they end up in the future—2024, to be exact. From there, we get a little Adam Scott, »

- Samantha Highfill

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Megan Fox says 'a lot of girl power' was cut from 'Ninja Turtles'

25 July 2014 6:36 AM, PDT

Megan Fox has a history of sharing her opinions, no matter how bold, and during her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles press circuit at Comic-Con she did just that.

In an interview with HitFix, Fox gave a little insight into her character, April O’Neil, who she described as an “ambitious journalist,” though she wasn’t afraid of throwing a little of her opinion in with the news.

“There was a lot of girl power that ended up on the cutting room floor, unfortunately,” Fox said. She specifically mentioned a “really awesome” scene fighting the Foot Clan, but the production team »

- Jackson McHenry

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See a clip from the new, serious 'Leprechaun' reboot 'Origins'

24 July 2014 7:30 PM, PDT

Comic-Con may be one of the biggest movie-related shindigs on the face of the planet, but it still makes space for some of life’s smaller—not to mention Irish-er—things. That’s in reference, of course, to Leprechaun: Origins, the horror reboot starring WWE wrestler Dylan “Hornswoggle” Postl as the titular Emerald Isle monster.

To mark today’s Leprechaun-featuring WWE Studios and Lionsgate panel at Comic-Con, EW is exclusively debuting a sequence from the film which boasts the first look at the new Leprechaun himself. At last year’s New York Comic-Con, Leprechaun: Origins director Zach Lipovsky described his movie as “terrifying. »

- Clark Collis

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Casting Net: Uma Thurman signs on for 'Adam Jones,' Parker Posey and Jamie Blackley join Woody Allen project

24 July 2014 6:32 PM, PDT

Uma Thurman will be joining Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller in The Weinstein Co.’s Adam Jones, originally titled Chef (and then John Favreau happened). John Wells directs this story of a rock-star chef (Cooper) who hopes to run his own kitchen and eventually earn the coveted third Michelin Star. Helene (Miller) will help him achieve his goal. Stacy Sher, Michael Shamberg, and Erwin Stoff are producing. Dylan Sellers, Julie Rapaport, and Negeen Yazdi are overseeing production for The Weinstein Co. The film just began principal photography. It will shoot in New Orleans for two days before moving on to London from July 27 to Sept. »

- C. Molly Smith

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Christopher Nolan and Matthew McConaughey make Comic-Con debut with 'Interstellar'

24 July 2014 4:06 PM, PDT

Comic-Con fans may want to spin a top to make sure they’re not dreaming: The man behind Inception and The Dark Knight trilogy, Christopher Nolan, made his first-ever appearance at the San Diego fan convention Thursday to show off his upcoming sci-fi epic Interstellar.

Entertainment Weekly editor Matt Bean introduced the film’s leading man, Matthew McConaughey, to the crowd of more than 6,000 con-goers packed into the event’s fabled Hall H—the biggest venue at the biggest entertainment gathering of the year. After coaxing some cheers from the audience, responding with his signature “Alright, alright, alright …” the Oscar »

- Anthony Breznican

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Nicole Kidman tries to remember in 'Before I Go to Sleep' trailer

24 July 2014 12:30 PM, PDT

In the new teaser for Before I Go to Sleep, Nicole Kidman plays a traumatized woman who can’t remember the violent attack she suffered 10 years ago. Her husband (Colin Firth) and doctor (Mark Strong) say they only want to help her recover, but every morning, when she wakes up, her memory of everything is gone. So she starts to document her days, Memento style, so that each day slowly brings her closer to the truth.

The debut 2011 novel from S.J. Watson was a best-seller, and Ridley Scott’s production company quickly nabbed its rights. Rowan Joffe, who wrote 28 Weeks Later, »

- Jeff Labrecque

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Miles Teller can't find the right beat in 'Whiplash' trailer

24 July 2014 11:58 AM, PDT

“There are no two words in the English language more harmful than ‘Good job.’”

That’s the fault line on which writer/director Damien Chazelle has built Whiplash. His Sundance sensation stars Miles Teller as a jazz-drum prodigy who earns the attention of his prestigious school’s notorious music maestro (J.K. Simmons). Is genius simply born, or does it need to be forged? How far is a teacher supposed—or allowed—to go to bring out the best in a student, and what are the risks and consequences for such methods?

In the new trailer for the film, Teller’s »

- Jeff Labrecque

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Let's all ogle Batman's new cowl, which is now on display at Comic-Con

24 July 2014 9:40 AM, PDT

Should you decide to walk the show floor of San Diego’s Comic-Con International, you might come across a bat-themed surprise: the actual cowl that will be worn by Ben Affleck in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is on display at the convention today.

It may seem like just a cape, but there’s much to be gleaned from its appearance. As DC co-publisher Jim Lee stated in an interview with USA Today, the cape has “a very low drag coefficient,” and suggests “a boxer’s physique.” (A refresher, in case you’re a little rusty on your »

- Joshua Rivera

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