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The Final Season Of 'Breaking Bad' Looks Really Weird

8 February 2013 1:00 PM, PST

I can't say that I saw this change coming, but if Vince Gilligan thinks it's smart for Walter White to be played by a cat in the final season, I have to trust him.

Also, "Death Proof" finally gets a Transformer in today's Dailies!

» "Death Proof" Transformer [/Film]

» George the Kat as Walter White [Instagram]

» Oscar nominees by the numbers [The Playlist]

» Trailer for "Simon Killer" [Indiewire]

Welcome to the Dailies, where the MTV Movies team runs down all the film and television news, odds and ends that are fit to print! From awesome fan art to obscure casting news, this is your place to feast on all the movie leftovers you didn't know you were hungry for.


- Kevin P. Sullivan

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Another 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas' In Development For Some Reason

8 February 2013 11:00 AM, PST

Is nothing sacred? It doesn't seem like it, as "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," one of the best animated Christmas movies around, is reportedly getting remade.

Variety is reporting that Universal Pictures, Illumination Entertainment and Dr. Seuss' widow Audrey Geisel are working together to reboot the classic Seuss story. In 1966, Chuck Jones made a version of the tale that has definitely lasted the test of time, and then Jim Carrey starred in a live-action version from Universal called "The Grinch" in 2000.

Apparently two attempts isn't enough, and nothing can just be left alone. It's worth noting that there are plenty of other Seuss tales to cull from ("Hop on Pop," anyone?), but for some reason this seems to be the one that is being brought to the big screen. Illumination is also working on an animated adaptation of "Cat in the Hat."

Chris Meledandri, man behind "Horton Hears A Who" and "The Lorax, »

- Terri Schwartz

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We Imagine 'Star Wars' Romance Novels Because They're Inevitable

8 February 2013 9:43 AM, PST

Yesterday, Marvel announced a new partnership with book publisher Hyperion on a series of "action and adventure romance novel" targeting a female readership. "The She-Hulk Diaries" and "Rogue Touch" will supposedly explore the female protagonists of the comic book world in a way that's more relatable to the modern woman reader.

While we're not totally shocked by an apparent cash-grab for that sweet, sweet "Fifty Shades of Grey" money, it's a little upsetting to see such a revered brand stooping to that level. But hey, it's just business, and when it's business, nothing sentimental can last.

With Marvel going down the road of the romance novel, it's only a matter of time before we start seeing the same for "Star Wars," so we beat Lucasfilm to the chase. Here's how we imagine a series of "Star Wars" romance novels going down.

"My Only Hope"

A young rebel leader must seek »

- Kevin P. Sullivan

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Happy Birthday, John Williams! Listen To Some Of The Composer's Best Scores

8 February 2013 8:04 AM, PST

No composer has changed how we listen to movies quite like John Williams. Over the course of his 50-year career, the man behind the iconic sounds of "Star Wars," "Harry Potter," and "Indiana Jones" has been responsible for more classic scores than anyone else.

So in honor of his 81st birthday today, throw in your earbuds or crank up the speakers, and take a trip back through some of John Williams' most memorable scores in the playlist embedded after the jump.

And for more Williams goodness, check out the video above, an exclusive look at the "E.T." Blu-ray in which he and Steven Spielberg work through the film's main theme.


- Kevin P. Sullivan

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An Infographic Guide To Creepy Movie Children

8 February 2013 6:46 AM, PST

From Film.Com

Fans of horror movies know that sometimes there is nothing creepier than a precious little child. They're small. They can move quickly. Oh Lord, don't even mention when they start singing slowly in unison.

But not all children in movies are creepy, so the folks over at Film.com have compiled a helpful scale to place the youthful characters of the world, ranging from "cute" to "demonic."

And while we take issue with a few of the classifications—Li'l Dice is "precious"?—you should find the scale helpful when thinking of adopting the silent kid whose hair hangs in front of her face.

Click here to check out the full infographic!


- MTV Movies Team

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Find The Hidden Message Of 'Jurassic Park' In Dailies!

7 February 2013 3:05 PM, PST

A very dedicated redditor noticed that there are two cases of "nature finding a way" in "Jurassic Park."

Also, watch "Back to the Future" in 60 seconds in today's Dailies!

» A cool bit of foreshadowing in "Jurassic Park" [reddit]

» Minka Kelly is totally down for a "Friday Night Lights" movie. [Parade]

» A trailer for "Big Ass Spider" [YouTube]

» "Back to the Future" animated in 60 seconds [/Film]

» A perfect picture of Nic Cage in David Gordon Green's "Joe" [The Playlist]

» First image from "Behind the Candelabra" [Collider]

» Tom Hardy will star in a real-time thriller "Locke" [Screen Daily]

Welcome to the Dailies, where the MTV Movies team runs down all the film and television news, odds and ends that are fit to print! From awesome fan art to obscure casting news, this is your place to feast on all the movie leftovers you didn't know you were hungry for.


- Kevin P. Sullivan

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90 Years, 9 Days: 'Bullitt' (1968)

7 February 2013 2:28 PM, PST

Writing about a movie will always fall short of the experience of sitting down and watching set film in the viewing mode of your choice. I could describe a single scene as elegantly and thoroughly as possible, and I would still be nowhere close to replicating the thrill and the craft of a well-made movie.

That's the problem when trying to write about "Bullitt," Steve McQueen, and Peter Yate's direction.

There's enough mood and style in the opening credits of the 1968 story of a San Francisco cop who's tough as nails and can drive like nobody's business to justify an immediate viewing of "Bullitt," but if you happen to pick up "The Best of Warner Bros" box set and instantly collect the 50 films of the collection, you can do just that.

If you haven't seen "Bullitt" or don't have the box set within reach, I'll do a favor and share »

- Kevin P. Sullivan

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'Portal' And 'Half-Life' Movies: What We Need To See If They Happen

7 February 2013 11:30 AM, PST

Before you get out your crowbar and storm the internet in a fury about potential "Half-Life" and "Portal" games, let's take a breather.

The Dice talk between director of everything J.J. Abrams and Valve co-founder/internet deity Gabe Newell included no explicit talk of developing film projects based on either of the popular video games, but rather an intention to make movies and games together.

But let's say that both "Portal" and "Half-Life" movies ramp up into production today. There are obviously a few things the fans are going to require and things they absolutely do not want to see. These are just a few...

Do not make Gordon Freeman talk.

If you're looking for a quick way to destroy all good faith from the passionate "Half-Life" fanbase, make the ever-silent Gordon Freeman the main character of your movie, and make him talk. To fair, the topic of Freeman's lack »

- Kevin P. Sullivan

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'Doctor Who''s Matt Smith Joins Ryan Gosling's Directorial Debut

7 February 2013 10:30 AM, PST

Ryan Gosling's directorial debut "How To Catch A Monster" is acquiring quite a fan-favorite cast. In addition to "Mad Men" star Christina Hendricks, the upcoming flick is said to have gained "Doctor Who" lead Matt Smith.

Variety has the news, saying that Gosling's girlfriend Eva Mendes also has a role in the movie. Smith will take the male lead in the flick, while Hendricks plays Billy, the central female. It's unclear what role Mendes has, and if Gosling will also pick a part in his first directorial effort.

Though he starred in a variety of other projects prior to 2010, Smith's like has been primarily "Doctor Who" all the time since he took the role of the Doctor. It's exciting that he of all people has joined this movie, and his involvement will likely draw the attention of Whovians worldwide.

Fortunately, "How To Catch A Monster" seems like a film »

- Terri Schwartz

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Daniel Radcliffe Needs A Place To Crash On After Hours

7 February 2013 9:30 AM, PST

Part of the trouble of taking on the Sundance Film Festival is finding a place to stay. Unfortunately for "Kill Your Darlings" star Daniel Radcliffe, he did't quite lock anything in and had to consider rooming with the one person left: MTV News' Josh Horowitz.

Over the course of their afternoon together, Josh and Dan test out their compatibility. Their bonding activities included sitting too closer to each other, cooking up some potato chips, and sharing secrets before lights out.

Check out the latest episode of After Hours above, if only to hear Daniel Radcliffe utter the phrase "sleep wank." It's truly magical.


- MTV Movies Team

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Fall Out Boy Endorse J.J. Abrams For 'Star Wars'

7 February 2013 8:30 AM, PST

Lightsabers, Force-throws and Wookiees are no longer things of the past. "Star Wars" is returning to theaters as soon as 2015, and in a big way, with a brand-new trilogy beginning with J.J. Abrams' "Episode VII," and the promise of spinoff films to come.

But "Star Wars" isn't the only thing that's back in pop culture. Punk band Fall Out Boy is staging a comeback, too, ending their four year hiatus with the announcement of a brand-new album. Though we wouldn't bet on seeing Pete Wentz and company replacing Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes at the Mos Eisley Cantina any time soon, you can be sure that at least one member of Fall Out Boy will be first in line when the new "Star Wars" movies hit.

"I'm pro-Abrams doing 'Star Wars,'" said the band's Joe Trohman when MTV News asked for his thoughts on the upcoming "Star Wars" sequels. »

- Josh Wigler

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Horror Bites Dissects This Year's SXSW Midnight Lineup

7 February 2013 7:30 AM, PST

The feature film slate for Austin's South by Southwest festival (SXSW) was revealed last week, but as most genre fans know, the real cinematic treasures are lurking in the festival's midnight lineup. As SXSW Programmer Jarod Neece put it: "This year we scoured the globe and brought back a batch that we knew would truly satisfy the gore hounds of SXSW. Full of scares, sex, madness, laughs, chills and major mind f--ks, we hope there's a little something for everyone."

Browsing the titles, it's hard to tear our eyes away from a film called "Big Ass Spider" (directed by Mike Mendez of "The Gravedancers"), but the addition of Rob Zombie's "Lords of Salem," sequel "V/H/S/2," a movie from "Splice"'s Vincenzo Natali ("Haunter"), and vampire tale "Kiss of the Damned" from Xan Cassavetes certainly helps.

Earlier this week, a full trailer was released for Zombie's witchy opus, »

- Alison Nastasi

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Unexpected 'Star Wars' Spin-Offs That Would Be Better Than Young Han Solo

7 February 2013 6:38 AM, PST

By Ryan Rigley

Turns out the galaxy far, far away is actually a lot closer than we thought. Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly broke the news of several "Star Wars" spin-off films scheduled to be released at the same time as Episodes VII, VIII and IX. "I can confirm to you today that in fact we are working on a few standalone films," reveals Disney CEO Bob Iger. "Larry Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are both working on films derived from great "Star Wars" characters that are not part of the overall saga."

Chief amongst these standalone "Star Wars" films are solo movies for fan-favorite characters Han Solo and Boba Fett; with the "Young Han Solo" movie taking place between "Revenge of the Sith" and "A New Hope" and the "Bobba Fett" film taking place sometime during the original trilogy. While it comes as no surprise that these two characters in particular are getting their own films, »

- MTV Movies Team

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Check Out The Young Han Solo That Almost Was

6 February 2013 3:00 PM, PST

Talk of a spin-off isn't the first time the concept of a young Han Solo has been floated. He was originally scheduled for an appearance in "Revenge of the Sith," but was eventually (thankfully) cut. However, there is some concept art for the character, which you can check out below.

Also, find out what would "Return of the Jedi" have looked like if J.J. Abrams directed it in today's Dailies!

» If J.J. Abrams directed "Return of the Jedi" [/Film]

» Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce begin production on "The Rover." [ComingSoon]

» First image from Henry Selick's "The Shadow King" [Bleeding Cool]

» Michael Keaton is joining "Need for Speed" [THR]

» Wally Pfister talks "Transcendence" [Collider]

» Christopher McQuarrie is still considering "Mission: Impossible 5." [The Playlist]

» Concept art for young Han Solo [/Film]

Welcome to the Dailies, where the MTV Movies team runs down all the film and television news, odds and ends that are fit to print! From awesome fan art to obscure casting news, »

- Kevin P. Sullivan

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90 Years, 9 Days: 'Singin' In The Rain' (1952)

6 February 2013 2:02 PM, PST

On the first day of "Intro to Film," the professor walked into the classroom, turned to the class, and said "Hi. Welcome to 'Intro to Film.' Today, we're going to watch 'Singin' in the Rain' because it's perfect and it makes me happy." With that, the movie started, and it was perfect.

There's a reason that given a choice of essentially any movie he could think of the professor chose Gene Kelly's ode to the Busby Berkeley era of musicals in the 1930s. It's because "Singin' in the Rain" is just about everything a movie should be.

"Singin' in the Rain" tells the story of Don Lockwood (Kelly), a silent film star who struggles with a transition to talking pictures. Along the way, he meets Kathy Selden, a talents chorus girl who deserves her big break. What follows is pure movie magic.

On the Blu-ray included »

- Kevin P. Sullivan

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'Skyfall' Versus 'Honest Trailers': A Point-By-Point Rebuttal

6 February 2013 12:04 PM, PST

For a while now Screen Junkies has been producing a series of videos called "Honest Trailers" that originally intended to live up to its title and present previews in a way that more accurately represented the actual films. Somewhere along the way, "Honest Trailers" has devolved into a series of nit-picky video essays that seemingly hates every aspect of the movies.

The Screen Junkie's latest declaration of war against fun, "Honest Trailers -Skyfall," takes one of the best Bond movies and attempts to dismantle it, but utterly fails. To show you everything that's wrong with "Honest Trailers," here's a point-by-point rebuttal of their "Skyfall" trailer.

Sam Mendes has no experience directing action.

While it's true that Mendes has never directed anything like "Skyfall," every action director has to start somewhere. Does Screen Junkies take into account that he knocked it out of the park on his first attempt? No. »

- Kevin P. Sullivan

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Other 'Anchorman' Comedian Cameos We Want To See

6 February 2013 10:30 AM, PST

By Joel Hanek

With the announcement of Kristen Wiig officially on board, the line-up of comedians already slated for "Anchorman: The Legend Continues" is starting to make the impressive star-power number of "This is the End" feel small.

The 2004 cult movie "Anchorman" was already chock-full of the best of the best when it comes to comedy with supporting roles from Fred Willard and Chris Parnell to the marquee cameos of Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, and many more. There's no telling how much larger the Burgundy-verse will expand — but a boy in polyester suit and mustache can dream, can't he?

Looking at the rogue's gallery of McKay's players, here are some cameos we'd love to see in "Anchorman: The Legend Continues."

1. Danny McBride

Frequent Ferrell collaborator Danny McBride would be a great addition to the cast, having already played friend and foe to the lead anchor. Between Ron Burgundy and Kenny Powers, »

- MTV Movies Team

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Enough Talk, Let's Make A Boba Fett Movie

6 February 2013 9:30 AM, PST

Probably for as long as he's been lingering in the background and making fanboys' imaginations run wild, Boba Fett has been the dream character for a spin-off in the "Star Wars" universe. One of the people credited with creating him, "Captain America" director Joe Johnston, has even mentioned on numerous occasions that he wants to make a Fett movie a reality.

Now that Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed that standalone, character-based "Star Wars" movies are in development alongside the new episodic installments, Fett comes to mind as the most obvious choice for Lucasfilm. He' s an outrageously popular character, small enough to focus a new film on and with enough mystery to not interfere with the main saga. Maybe that's why, as Entertainment Weekly is currently reporting, there's word of a Boba Fett movie in development.

How do you do it? Let me tell you.

When do you set it? »

- Kevin P. Sullivan

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Paul Wallker Is Your New Agent 47 In 'Hitman' Reboot

6 February 2013 8:30 AM, PST

When it comes to video game adaptations that have been made in Hollywood, it's easy to forget the 2007 Timothy Olyphant-starring flick "Hitman." That's likely what commercial director Aleksander Bach is hoping most people do, because his feature film — called "Agent 47" — is going to bring the "Hitman" film series back from the grave.

This new flick has a new leading man as its titular hitman: Paul Walker. Deadline has the news about the Square Enix game being brought back to the big screen, and also has the news that the movie is being based on a script written by "A Good Day To Die Hard's" Skip Woods and Michael Finch.

"Agent 47" is being touted as a new start to the "Hitman" series, ignoring the movie that came before. Considering the fact that video game adaptations are having a resurgence in Hollywood, it makes sense that someone would want to take another stab at "Hitman. »

- Terri Schwartz

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'Breaking Bad' And Walter White Take Over Toy Fair

6 February 2013 7:31 AM, PST

From MTV Geek

The folks over at MTV Geek have headed out to Toy Fair in New York City to see what must-have items will be hitting shelves in the coming months, and among their many exclusive looks, one has got us jonesing for another hit.

Mezco's new line of "Breaking Bad" figures is about as awesome as Toy Fair gets, and MTV Geek has your exclusive first look at the many forms of Heisenberg.

There's the hazmat suit bobble head of Walter White and a more traditional action figure of Bryan Cranston in full Heisenberg mode. Plus, you can snuggle up with one of the plush dolls, also available in hazmat and casual wear.

Head over to MTV Geek for their full Toy Fair coverage.


- MTV Movies Team

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