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Vox writes David Chase article, Internet clings to closure that Tony Soprano officially didn’t die

11 hours ago

Update: In response to the firestorm of news that came out of the Vox article, David Chase responded to Vulture via a publicist: “A journalist for Vox misconstrued what David Chase said in their interview. To simply quote David as saying,” Tony Soprano is not dead,” is inaccurate. There is a much larger context for that statement and as such, it is not true. As David Chase has said numerous times on the record, “Whether Tony Soprano is alive or dead is not the point.” To continue to search for this answer is fruitless. The final scene of The Sopranos raises a spiritual question that has no right or wrong answer.” So there.

People, being stupid, annoying, and stupid, cannot seem to cope with ambiguity, least of all when it is in an art form. Whether it’s a question of where Javier Bardem walks off to at the end »

- Brian Welk

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Fantastic Fest: Second wave of film lineup announced

13 hours ago

The lineup for the second wave of films at 2014′s 10th Annual Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas has arrived, and with it a potential Oscar contender, Dan Gilroy’s Nightcrawler. The film, a pulpy crime film about an embedded journalist (Jake Gyllenhaal), will make its U.S. premiere at the festival with Director and Writer Gilroy in attendance.

Fantastic Fest has also released a lineup that includes John Wick, an action/thriller starring Keanu Reeves (Reeves will be in attendance), Takashi Miike’s latest Over Your Dead Body and the Studio Ghibli film The Tale of Princess Kaguya. This announcement comes on the heels of the first wave of films, including Sundance horror film The Babadook.

Fantastic Fest takes place September 18-25 in Austin. View the first lineup of films here. And view the full lineup of films and descriptions from this second wave below via a press release.


The Absent One

Denmark, »

- Brian Welk

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Refresh Your Memory with this 7-Minute Recap Of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Season 4

15 hours ago

Boardwalk Empire has received widespread critical acclaim, particularly for its visual style and basis on historical figures, as well as for Steve Buscemi’s lead performance. Sure the series has dipped in quality ever since the epic season two finale, but the show still ranks among one of the best out there right now. And while HBO may be disappointed in not taking home any gold at the Emmys this week, the creators of Boardwalk Empire can still be proud of their remarkable achievement. Season Five premieres next week and so HBO has released the following seven minute video narrated by show-runner Terrence Winter that recaps the entire fourth season to help refresh the memories of fans everywhere.

Boardwalk Empire premieres on Sunday, September 7th at 9Pm on HBO. Enjoy!

The post Refresh Your Memory with this 7-Minute Recap Of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Season 4 appeared first on Sound On Sight. »

- Ricky

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Wide World of Horror: ‘Hell’ – the sun brings death just as readily as it does life

16 hours ago


Screenplay by Tim Fehlbaum, Oliver Kahl, & Thomas Wöbke

Directed by Tim Fehlbaum

Germany/Switzerland, 2011

Dirty, grimy, and dusty, that’s how best to describe Hell. The heat can be felt, the dryness of the film comes off of the screen like a hot summer day in Chicago. Tim Fehlbaum takes a very tactile approach with his film, daring the audience to feel what his characters are feeling. The horror of Hell is that when the characters are hot the viewer feels hot. When the characters are struggling with thirst the audience feels like it needs a drink of water. Herr Fehlbaum asks a lot out of the characters he, and his screenplay compatriots, have created for Hell. He asks just as much, if not more, out of his films audience.

The first ten or so minutes of Hell are the most important minutes in the film. They establish this world, »

- Bill Thompson

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All-New X-Men #31 Shows Bendis’ Knack for Teen Dialogue

16 hours ago

All-New X-Men #31

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Mahmud Asrar

Colored by Marte Gracia and Jason Keith

Published by Marvel

One of Brian Michael Bendis’ unique gifts as a writer is crafting believable teenage dialogue. This can mostly be seen in his 14 year run on Ultimate Spider-Man, but he also uses it to great effect in All-New X-Men. Even though they are the original X-Men, these characters are still learning about their powers as well as their strengths and weaknesses as mutants and humans. Jean just discovered a power that she didn’t originally have as well and is having issues staying out of peoples’ minds. Beast isn’t too good on the public relations front (asking a frightened new mutant if she’s on her period), Iceman jokes at inopportune times, and  Angel is navigating the perils of dating a Wolverine clone. All-New X-Men #31 digs into these characters »

- Logan Dalton

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VOD: Watch Every ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Easter Egg

16 hours ago

Despite a few minor issues I have with the script, I believe Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a superior entry in the Avengers canon. Beneath the expensive, computer-generated effects and giant battles of this second installment is an old-style conspiracy thriller that overcomes its plot holes and 3D by placing emphasis on character first and raising the stakes for both our heroes and supporting players. And as with all Marvel movies, Captain America: The Winter Soldier contains many easter eggs, so Youtube user Clarkkent999 put together the following two videos spotting just about every one of them buried deep within the film. Enjoy.

The post VOD: Watch Every ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Easter Egg appeared first on Sound On Sight. »

- Ricky

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Awesome Mix Tape Volume 4: Best Soundtracks & Scores of 2014 (Part One)

27 August 2014 12:30 AM, PDT

I’m back with another mix tape, only this time the compilation consists solely of the best music from movies released in 2014 (January to the end of August). As per usual, I’ve also included some fun movie clips. Here are tracks from the best soundtracks and scores of the year so far. Be sure to check back in December for part two.


Phase 1

Guardians of the Galaxy Clip

The Band – “The Weight” (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes)

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Clip

Superhuman – “Where It Ends” (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes)

Alexandre Desplat – “Godzilla Main Theme”

Marco Beltrami – “We Go Forward” (Snowpiercer)

Snowpiercer Clip

Hot Blood – “Soul Dracula” (Only Lovers Left Alive)

Only Lovers Left Alive Clip

James Brown – “Papas Got A Brand New Bag” (Get On Up: The James Brown Story)

Get On Up Movie Clip

Elvis Presley – “You’re »

- Sound On Sight Podcast

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‘The November Man’ is all filler and no killer

27 August 2014 12:09 AM, PDT

The November Man

Written by Michael Finch & Karl Gajdusek

Directed by Roger Donaldson

USA, 2014

Back in February, it seemed almost unfathomable that 2014 could produce a more listless spy thriller than 3 Days to Kill.  Oh, for a return to those bygone days of innocence.  There’s a new kid on the block and he looks a lot like the guy who used to be James Bond.  Based on a popular series of ‘80’s espionage novels, The November Man feels less like an adaptation and more like the outtakes from some mediocre made-for-television movie.  It’s a Frankenstein creation of re-cycled plots and villains, pieced together with lethargic pacing and turgid action sequences.  Where are the invisible cars when you need them?

We open things with Devereaux (Brosnan) dutifully training a gifted but undisciplined protégé, Mason (Luke Bracey).  As often happens with gifted but undisciplined protégés, something goes horribly wrong and people get dead. »

- J.R. Kinnard

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The Televerse #156- Fishing With John with Tyler Smith

26 August 2014 9:09 PM, PDT

It’s another week of TV season and series finales here on the podcast, giving us plenty to discuss. First we kick things off with a light Week in Comedy and some reality, including a brief check-in on Top Chef Duels and another lengthy Sytycd chat. Then it’s over to a robust Week in Genre, including the series finale of True Blood, some much overdue Legend of Korra s3 discussion, and a look at the Doctor Who premiere. Then we wind down our Week in TV with the dramas, including another strong Masters of Sex and the season finale of Rectify. Afterward, we make our long-awaited return to the DVD Shelf, as Tyler Smith of Battleship Pretension and More Than One Lesson joins us to discuss the fantastic, and under-seen, one season wonder, Fishing with John.

Our Week in Comedy and Reality (7:58-24:29): Garfunkel and Oates, »

- Kate Kulzick

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Trailer for Eduardo Sánchez’s bigfoot movie ‘Exists’

26 August 2014 7:51 PM, PDT

“The director of The Blair Witch Project takes you back to the woods” in the first trailer for Exists. Eduardo Sánchez returns to found footage, the genre that kicked off his career. The film follows five friends on an excursion in the woods, but their hopes of sex and drug filled vacation are dashed when they encounter a very unhappy sasquatch. Though not even the first found footage bigfoot movie this year, the film looks like it could be a fun ride. Sánchez’s last go-around with found footage was the A Ride in the Park segment in V/H/S/2, but this marks his first found footage feature since Blair Witch in 1999. Since his debut he’s directed several horror films including the atmospheric Lovely Molly in 2012. Check out the trailer for Exists below and see the film when it is released in theater and iTunes on October 24th. »

- Max Molinaro

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David Lynch adds a Double Shot Express to his Ice Bucket Challenge while Playing ‘Over The Rainbow’ on his Trumpet

26 August 2014 6:59 PM, PDT

Patrick Stewart, Kermit the Frog and the Foo Fighters all entertained us with their Als Ice Bucket Challenges, and just when I was ready to stop posting these videos, David Lynch came along and accepted his challenge from both Laura Dern and Justin Theroux. Lynch doesn’t do anything incredibly challenging here, but I couldn’t resist posting the video because … well … it’s David Lynch. Enjoy!

via WelcomeToTwinPeaks

The post David Lynch adds a Double Shot Express to his Ice Bucket Challenge while Playing ‘Over The Rainbow’ on his Trumpet appeared first on Sound On Sight. »

- Ricky

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Trailer for ‘They Have Escaped’ – A Surreal Road movie that Looks Very Promising

26 August 2014 6:33 PM, PDT

The plot synopsis for J.-P. Valkeapää’s contemporary road movie They Have Escaped reads like a clichéd story about teenage runaways, but the trailer suggests something deeper, surreal and far more disturbing. They Have Escaped is hopefully another fine work from a director who is quickly emerging as one of Finland’s brightest young talents. The trailer manages to maximize the impact of cinematographer Pietari Peltola’s visuals and the sound and heterogeneous music selection, also helps in peeking my interest. For more info, head over to the Tiff site. Here’s the trailer. Enjoy!

The post Trailer for ‘They Have Escaped’ – A Surreal Road movie that Looks Very Promising appeared first on Sound On Sight. »

- Ricky

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Watch the First Stunning Slow-Mo Clip from Undercover Cop Thriller ‘Hyena’

26 August 2014 5:43 PM, PDT

Writer-director Gerard Johnson’s sophomore feature, starring Peter Ferdinando as a corrupt London cop, is set to screen at Tiff next month, and the first stunning clip from the film has been released. According to THR, the pic owes a heavy debt to Gaspar Noe in one violent encounter; meanwhile Michael Mann and Nicolas Winding Refn duly pop up elsewhere in the palette. Tiff programmer Colin Geddes says director Johnson gives us a worthy UK cousin to Abel Ferrara’s Bad Lieutenant and The Guardian calls it an ambitiously scaled police-corruption thriller. Watch the clip below. The film also stars Stephen Graham (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), MyAnna Buring (Downton Abbey), Neil Maskell (Wild Bill), Elisa Lasowski (Somers Town) and Richard Dormer (Good Vibrations). Watch the clip below. Enjoy!

The post Watch the First Stunning Slow-Mo Clip from Undercover Cop Thriller ‘Hyena’ appeared first on Sound On Sight. »

- Ricky

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Bojack Horseman is an argument for binge watching

26 August 2014 4:32 PM, PDT

Despite all the suggestions that we’re in a new golden age of television, there’s still plenty of hand-wringing and pearl clutching over the phenomenon of binge watching. Some argue simply that it undermines the experience. It’s also been suggested that binge watching can kill.

That a lot of us are binging, particularly on streaming content, is clear. The health scare aspect seems to ignore that concerns over how much is too much go back to at least the 1980s. The argument that we’re somehow depriving ourselves by not seeing a series as originally intended (complete with months-long, between-seasons hiatuses) ignores the very basic human tendency to want more of what we like. Binge watching is perhaps the highest compliment that can be paid to an ongoing series.

Which brings us to Netflix’s latest original series, Bojack Horseman. It’s so elegantly conceived and wonderfully written that, »

- Steven Fouchard

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‘The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears’ – Provocative and Lush

26 August 2014 4:24 PM, PDT

The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears

Written & Directed by Bruno Forzani and Hélène Cattet

Belgium, 2013

The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears is a truly cinematic experience, utilizing all the elements of film to embody complicated feelings and concepts. It is not a simple homage but a mutation where the syntax of giallo serves as the base DNA, but it is a new creation altogether. Centering around a man who comes home to find his wife has disappeared, The Strange Color… delves deep into the cerebellum to locate that place where sexual stimulation and violent urges convene and projects it on to the screen like a flaring synapse. What we see is the expressionistic collage of sight and sound that is intoxicatingly alluring in its mystery and dangerous sensuality.

Directed by the husband and wife team of Bruno Forzani and Hélène Cattet, The Strange Color… isn’t »

- Jae K. Renfrow

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Trailer for Takashi Miike’s ‘Over Your Dead Body’ a classic tale of murder, betrayal and vengeance

26 August 2014 4:10 PM, PDT

As per usual, Takashi Miike is releasing a handful of movies this year. We recently caught The Mole Song – Undercover Agent Reiji at the Fantasia Film Festival, and now the prolific filmmaker has another new release for us to see.

Originally produced in 1825 as a kabuki play, Yotsuya Kaidan is arguably the most famous Japanese ghost story of all time, and has been adapted for film over 30 times since. It continues to be a major influence on Japanese horror and now Miike is taking a shot in telling the tale of betrayal, murder and ghostly revenge.

Over Your Dead Body will screen at the Toronto International Film Festival, making its International Premiere in the Vanguard Section. Judging by the brief trailer, Miike, a veteran theatre director, mounts the action on a number of dazzlingly elaborate sets. Here’s the synopsis:

A star, Miyuki Goto (Ko Shibasaki) plays Oiwa, the protagonist »

- Ricky

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‘The Leftovers’, Ep. 1.09, “The Garveys at Their Best,” reveals the show behind the show

26 August 2014 11:46 AM, PDT

The Leftovers, Season 1, Episode 9, “The Garveys at Their Best”

Written by Kath Lingenfelter & Damon Lindelof

Directed by Daniel Sackheim

Airs Sundays at 10pm Est on HBO

Well, that was a neat trick.

Not the final reveal, no, that is something that (I hope) will become almost beside the point. But what I’m really talking about is the episode itself. That is something that I did not expect the show to pull off so well this late in the game.

Nine episodes after the fact, we are now getting who Tommy is and what he means to Kevin. We get what Jill has lost. And we see where Kevin’s head has been at, and where it might go, all in an absorbing, if necessarily stuffed hour. This flashback to flesh everyone out is absolutely invaluable as we head into the finale and the second season. It is also pivotal »

- Michael

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Masters of Sex Ep. 2.07 “Asterion” pulls the series out of the ’50s

26 August 2014 10:23 AM, PDT

Masters of Sex, Season 2, Episode 7, “Asterion”

Written by David Flebotte and Michelle Ashford

Directed by Michael Dinner

Airs Sundays at 10pm (Et) on Showtime

It seems this is the year creative time skips became an unexpected fashion in television. Both True Detective and Fargo pulled off the unprecedented move of jumping forward in time in the middle of an episode, and now Masters of Sex has one-upped them both by performing several jumps in the same episode! My knowledge of TV history is far from comprehensive, but I can’t think of any other show that’s done something like this before (except for a few episodes of The Simpsons, in which time is a… malleable concept, to say the least). Of course, multiple series have ended on greatest hits montages in their final episodes (Six Feet Under, for instance), but to my knowledge, no one has plopped an episode »

- Dan Schindel

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Watch some of the highlights of the 66th annual Primetime Emmys, including Weird Al and Billy on the Street

26 August 2014 8:44 AM, PDT

The 66th annual Primetime Emmy awards were unveiled last night, with Jim Parsons, Breaking Bad, and Allison Janney among the big winners of the night. However, the event itself was dedicated to a celebration of television among the awards handed out, and previous years have seen a number of highlights emerge from the ceremonies. This year was no different in that regard, and here are some of the highlights of the 2014 Emmy award ceremonies.

Billy Crystal pays tribute to Robin Williams: Robin William’s death earlier this month came as a shock to many, and his friend and fellow comedian Billy Crystal shared a few anecdotes before a sampling of William’s many standup and talk show appearances.

Weird Al adds lyrics to popular tv theme songs: Fresh of the heels of new album release “Mandatory Fun”, hitting the top spot on the charts, marking a first in his career, »

- Deepayan Sengupta

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New on Video: ‘Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!’

26 August 2014 8:31 AM, PDT

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

Written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar

Spain, 1989

No matter if his protagonists are deranged or distraught, happy or sad, or if his stories are light or dark, comedic or tragic, the films of Pedro Almodóvar are usually at the very least enjoyable. Even at their most disturbing, there is something inescapably jubilant about his lavish use of color, his vibrant characters, and his unceasing passion for life and filmmaking. And when he aims to make something purely amusing, the results can be astonishing. It is for all of these reasons that Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!, surprisingly the first Almodóvar film released by the Criterion Collection, is such a treat.

In this 1989 feature, made just after Almodóvar’s award-winning breakthrough Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Victoria Abril stars as junkie porn star turned respectable leading lady Marina Osorio, the object »

- Jeremy Carr

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