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‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Breaking Bad’ lead 66th Annual Emmy Nominations

1 hour ago

HBO’s Game of Thrones is king, leading the 66th Annual Emmy Nominations with 19 in total, including for Outstanding Drama, Outstanding Lead Actor Lena Headey and Supporting Actor Peter Dinklage.

Breaking Bad‘s final season is also heading out on a swan song, earning a grand total of 16 nominations, including nods for Outstanding Drama, Outstanding Lead Actor Bryan Cranston, Supporting Actor Aaron Paul, Supporting Actress Anna Gunn and Outstanding Writing and Directing for creator Vince Gilligan.

Among the other nominees for Outstanding Drama were Downton Abbey, House of Cards, Mad Men and True Detective, all of which, with the exception of new series True Detective, have appeared in this category before.

HBO’s drama likewise picked up acting nominations for both Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey in the Lead Actor in a Drama category. The new show scored a total of 12 nominations, just behind Netflix’s House of Cards with »

- Brian Welk

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The Bridge Ep. 2.01 “Yankee” a premiere overcrowded with new stories

11 hours ago

The Bridge Season 2, Episode 1 “Yankee”

Written by Elwood Reid

Directed by Keith Gordon

Airs Wednesdays at 10pm Et on FX


Unexplained pools of blood, assassins, break-ins, and sexcapades mark the opening of The Bridge‘s second season, an uncomfortably scattered hour that only seems to prove this show still hasn’t figured out what it wants to be. A jumbled mess of familiar and new faces dealing with both new and familiar problems, “Yankee” is an hour that ignores major plot threads from last season (if only for the time being) in order to introduce a plethora of new ideas, without giving the audience much sense of direction as to what this seemingly random collection of scenes actually means. Is it intriguing? Sure, there are parts of “Yankee” that suggest this season of The Bridge could head in some interesting directions: but surrounded by so many other plots and characters, »

- Randy Dankievitch

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Harry Potter’s back but not here to stay

11 hours ago

If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard the news, J.K. Rowling has recently released a new Harry Potter story exclusive to users of her website Pottermore. The short story, which is called “Dumbledore’s Army Reunites,” centres around the now 34 year old Harry at the Quidditch World Cup final with his youngest son, his wife Ginny, both Ron and Hermione, and Neville Longbottom who, according to MTV News is “quietly nursing a possible drinking problem.”

This marks the first Potter related work to come from Rowling since the release of The Tales Of Beedle The Bard in December of 2007. While this story may have fans screaming for more, don’t get your hopes up. According to MTV, Rowling’s reps say she has no intentions of writing any more novels set in the Potter-verse.

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them


Rowling is currently working »

- Caitlin Marceau

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‘The Wolf Among Us’ Completes an Engaging Tale with a Mixed Conclusion

11 hours ago

The Wolf Among Us

Telltale Games

PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Osx

Fresh on the tails of their highly praised and critically lauded The Walking Dead: S1/S2, Telltale Games has finally finished up their latest episodic opus, The Wolf Among Us. Released on July 8, the final chapter, “Cry Wolf”, closes off the story with a somewhat mixed conclusion, while simultaneously leaving the game open for a possible second season.

Beginning last October, The Wolf Among Us explored the story of dozens of fictional characters based on, and inspired by, popular nursery rhymes, classic fables, and even urban legends. Exiled from their homeland following a sort of nameless cataclysm, the “Fables” live among the humans, disguised by magic, deception or trickery, to blend into their new roles.

Bypassing the unique premise, the game’s central arc revolves around the Big Bad Wolf, reimagined here as a lycanthropic »

- Mike Worby

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A Look into ‘Memories of Underdevelopment’

13 hours ago

Memories of Underdevelopment

Directed by Tomás Gutiérrez Alea

Written by Edmundo Desnoes

1968, Cuba

A film directed by Tomas Gutierrez Alea in 1968, Memories of Underdevelopment looks at imperial influence in Cuba during the Cold War. Imperial influences referring to the United States and Russia as both countries believed that Cuba was vulnerable due to its status as a developing nation. Because of the United States’ close proximity, Alea emphasized their capitalistic impact through the character, Sergio, an upper class writer who never quite lived out his passion, as he struggles to define who he is, what he loves, and where he is placed within his own country amidst its Revolution. Because Alea filmed this during a time of political turmoil, he mixed low budget, documentary footage of the revolution with a fictional narrative in order to distract those who had the power to ban it. Which is typical for Cuban cinema during the 1960s. »

- Samantha Ladwig

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New Suicide Squad #1 is a Waste of Potential

14 hours ago

New Suicide Squad #1

Written by Sean Ryan

Art by Jeremy Roberts

Colors by Blond

Published by DC Comics

The lineup up for the New Suicide Squad assembled by Mr. (Vic?) Sage is quite the Murderer’s Row. There’s Task Force X veterans Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Black Manta back for another go as well as newcomer (and another Joker groupie) Joker’s Daughter and new team leader Deathstroke, whose costume is colored in a particularly striking way by Blond. The first few pages of New Suicide Squad #1 show this team in action in big wide screen panels with shattered glass, bullets, and explosions. Unfortunately, this ends up being the whole comic with Sage and Amanda Waller providing color commentary over the mayhem. Artist Jeremy Roberts shows some flashes of nice artwork, like Deathstroke and Deadshot squaring off before the big mission and any scene with Joker Daughter’s ruthlessly »

- Logan Dalton

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My 2014 Emmy pipe dream (Part 2): 5 long-shot Drama nominations that should happen

14 hours ago

(Note: I only considered nominees for the categories to which they were actually submitted. For example, I could not select Alan Cumming for The Good Wife, since he did not submit himself as a Best Supporting Actor in a Drama.)

Best Drama Series: The Killing

After it controversially failed to resolve its storyline in its first season and then meandered to the case’s conclusion in its second, many viewers gave up on The Killing. What had once seemed to be AMC’s best bet for a post-Breaking Bad critical hit was now forgotten and seemed destined to be canceled. But the show was brought back for one final season on AMC and easily bested itself in quality. By exploring groups rarely showcased on television, like street kids and death row inmates, The Killing recaptured what made it unique in its first season: it was a cop show that »

- George Morvis

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My 2014 Emmy pipe dream: 5 long-shot Comedy nominations that should happen

15 hours ago

Emmy nominations will be announced on Thursday, July 10 by Mindy Kaling and Carson Daly. The pundits and critics have come to a consensus on the most likely nominees out of the numerous television shows on the air: a showdown between Breaking Bad and True Detective in Best Drama Series, Modern Family accruing a number of nominations at the cost of other comedy series. But what about the long shots? These performers and series would make deserving nominees, but for various reasons, are not expected to hear their names called. Here are five dream nominations in each of the major Comedy categories.

(Note: I only considered a nominee a long shot if it was actually submitted to that category. For example, I could not select Bob’s Burgers as Best Comedy Series, since it was submitted in the Animation categories instead. I also considered nominees only in the category they were submitted; for example, »

- George Morvis

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The 6 Best Film Scores of 2014 (so far)

16 hours ago

Far be it from me to make any grand sweeping statements on the year in film this early, but as of July 2014, I would argue it’s already been a fascinating year for scores. Just look at blockbusters. We’ve heard both the invigoratingly new and the depressingly dull. Ambitious combinations have even produced a commendable failure here and there. Hollywood studios almost always take the safe road in their big-budget franchises, but the music attached to those tentpoles feels less restrained and not nearly as beholden to manageable cliches.

Thus far we’ve had a tremendous grab bag in film music (and I say this as someone who hasn’t yet seen Under the Skin), but what’s been the best to come out of it? Without further ado…

6. Captain America: The Winter SoldierHenry Jackman (Intrada)

Captain America: The Winter Soldier isn’t a great movie, but it »

- David Klein

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‘Starred Up’, with Ben Mendelsohn, gets a Us trailer

18 hours ago

Performer Ben Mendelsohn has, over the course of his 30-year career, garnered acclaim for supporting turns in numerous movies, including The New World, Australia, Animal Kingdom, Killing Them Softly, and The Place Beyond The Pines. His involvement in a feature thus raises interest in it for many film fans, and this held true for his latest project as well. Titled Starred Up, the film is directed by David Mackenzie, and marks the screenwriting debut of Jonathan Asser. Mendelsohn stars alongside Jack O’Connell, Rupert Friend, and David Ajala, and a Us trailer for the film has now been released. The trailer can be seen below. Sound on Sight was able to see the film at Tiff 2013, and our review can be read here.

The post ‘Starred Up’, with Ben Mendelsohn, gets a Us trailer appeared first on Sound On Sight. »

- Deepayan Sengupta

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‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1′, the latest entry in the franchise, releases a new teaser

19 hours ago

Many fans of Suzanne Collins’ dystopian novel trilogy The Hunger Games were excited to learn that the series was set to be adapted for the big screen. With the first film garnering commercial acclaim, the sequels were soon greenlit, with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire going on to become the highest domestic grossing film of 2013. Catching Fire director Francis Lawrence returns for the third entry in the movie franchise, titled The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1. Taking over screenplay duties are Peter Craig and Danny Strong, and newcomers Natalie Dormer and Robert Knepper join returning castmembers Jennifer Lawrence, Jeffrey Wright, Donald Sutherland, and Stanley Tucci. A new teaser trailer for the film has now been released, and can be seen below.

The post ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1′, the latest entry in the franchise, releases a new teaser appeared first on Sound On Sight. »

- Deepayan Sengupta

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Wide World of Horror: ‘Aenigma’ – recycling ideas without any of the fun

21 hours ago


Screenplay by Lucio Fulci & Giorgio Mariuzzo

Directed by Lucio Fulci

1987, Italy/Yugoslavia

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. By this point in his career Lucio Fulci was severely running out of steam. His titles were no longer met with any fanfare and even his most ardent supporters had begun to think less of his newer creations. With his best days behind him  the once acclaimed director turned towards two different pathways to help keep his filmmaking career afloat.

The first path Signore Fulci chose was to get more violent, bloodier, and gorier. This pathway produced mixed returns. At times the gore was outstanding, enough to keep a viewer interested and wanting more. In other instances the gore was in service of a paltry story and left the viewer wondering the point of all the brutality. Either way this pathway has very little bearing on Aenigma.

The second pathway chosen »

- Bill Thompson

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‘Borgman’ eerily intrigues, but fails to leave a lasting impression

9 July 2014 4:41 AM, PDT


Written and directed by Alex van Warmerdam

Netherlands/Belgium/Denmark, 2013

An odd and malevolent spell is cast over complacent suburban life in Dutch filmmaker Alex van Warmerdam’s latest. Borgman is a home invasion thriller about a bearded vagrant who takes on the mold of evil incarnate, with plans of invoking pitiless ruin upon a family of five who find themselves embedded in his cross-hairs. With a descriptor like ‘home invasion thriller,’ one might instantly refer to images of forced entry and stock brutality; the subversion and style seen here is the opposite, however, as the film develops slowly with its own signature and literal brand of poison and decay which spill out with mixed results. With its opening upside-down title card which quickly shapes itself into legibility, Borgman almost immediately announces itself as an unforgiving and lopsided affair. An ominous quote reading, “And they descended upon the earth to strengthen their ranks, »

- Ty Landis

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Open Source #2: With 100% More Lindsay Lohan

9 July 2014 2:06 AM, PDT

Open Source returns! We run through the big stories of the last two weeks, including Rockstar’s latest lawsuit, the worrying state of some developers, and whether or not the introduction of Bioware’s newest Dragon Age character could have been handled better. And have female gamers been getting a raw deal?

Also making its debut this week is the official Open Source email! Any questions, comments or suggestions, please send them into opensource@soundonsight.org, and enjoy becoming a superstar on our next episode.

Follow Tariq on Twitter

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The post Open Source #2: With 100% More Lindsay Lohan appeared first on Sound On Sight. »

- Tariq Ashkanani

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New on Video: ‘Caught’

8 July 2014 7:07 PM, PDT


Directed by Max Ophüls

Written by Arthur Laurents

USA, 1949

Max Ophüls’ third feature in America, Caught, from 1949, is an evocative amalgam of a domesticated melodramatic tragedy and a dynamic film noir sensibility. The picture stars Barbara Bel Geddes as Leonora Eames, a studious adherent to charm school principles who dreams of becoming a glamorous model, or at least marrying a young, handsome millionaire. She gets the latter when she meets Smith Ohlrig (Robert Ryan), a wealthy “international something” who gives her the superficial materials she desires but little else. Their marriage is an arduous sham. He works late hours on unclear projects while she is left to dwell uselessly in their extravagant mansion. He’s cruel to her and careless. A way out of the stifling relationship comes in the form of a job as a doctor’s receptionist. Leonora leaves Ohlrig and moves into Manhattan, where she eventually »

- Jeremy Carr

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‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’, the newest feature from Ridley Scott, gets its first trailer

8 July 2014 5:48 PM, PDT

Over the course of a career going back nearly 50 years, director Ridley Scott has garnered a large amount of commercial and critical acclaim, helming classics such as Alien, Blade Runner, and Thelma and Louise alongside other well-regarded films such as Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, Kingdom of Heaven, and American Gangster. Many were thus excited to learn that Scott had already begun work on a new project. Titled Exodus: Gods and Kings, Scott directs from a screenplay by Steven Zaillian, Bill Collage, and Adam Cooper, working with a cast that includes Christian Bale, Aaron Paul, Sir Ben Kingsley, Joel Edgerton, and Sigourney Weaver. The first trailer for the film has now been released, and can be seen below.

The post ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’, the newest feature from Ridley Scott, gets its first trailer appeared first on Sound On Sight. »

- Deepayan Sengupta

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‘Caliban’ #1- Horror in Space

8 July 2014 5:00 PM, PDT

Caliban #1

Written by Garth Ennis

Art by Facundo Percio

Published by Avatar Press

I’ve been really digging on this comic the past few months, so I’ll be running through the first four issues to get readers all caught up with it. Caliban is written by Garth Ennis and is a horror story set in space. The series owes a great deal of inspiration to Alien in its depiction of human beings entering the universe and finding out that it’s a much more disturbing, chaotic, and dangerous place than they had expected. In the future, humanity has mastered interstellar travel and is exploiting the cosmos for natural resources. Unfortunately for all of the starry-eyed dreams out there, space is much more boring than people had ever been led to believe, and humanity has yet to encounter any evidence of any life in the galaxy.

On board the Caliban, »

- Zeb Larson

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‘Spread’ #1- A Promising New Series

8 July 2014 4:50 PM, PDT

Spread #1

Written by Justin Jordan

Art by Kyle Strahm

Published by Image Comics

Imagine what the world could have ended up as if John Carpenter’s The Thing got out of Antarctica, but a small segment of the population was immune to it. That’s the basic premise of Spread. Sure, the Spread is easier to kill, but it’s every bit as gruesome as to look at as The Thing, and spreads with alarming rapidity. Justin Jordan wrote that one of his inspirations was to tell a story set after an apocalypse, which puts this story right in the vein of The Walking Dead.

At some point, a violent organism known as the Spread effectively demolished civilization. The organism resembles a sort of protoplasm that takes various grotesque shapes and can infect human beings to create more of it. A small percentage of human beings were naturally immune, and »

- Zeb Larson

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‘Red City’ #2 – The Plot Thickens

8 July 2014 4:22 PM, PDT

Red City #2

Written by Daniel Corey

Art by Mark Dos Santos

Published by Image Comics

In the tradition of good film noir, this is a very confusing story to unravel. Even with the reference sheet detailing all of the characters and their various motivations, there are still a lot of alien species, political movements, and characters to keep track of in this sordid tale. This is not a comic for everybody, largely because of the amount of effort you have to expend watching each plot thread. That said, if you’re willing to invest the time keeping track of every name and all the different movements, this is a fun comic to read.

When last we saw Talmadge, he was standing in the room of the murdered Elderd Deamos. Of course, it’s obvious that Talmadge didn’t do it, as the body was stiff when it was found, but »

- Zeb Larson

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Kid’s Corner: Top 10 Steven Spielberg-Directed Child-Centric Films

8 July 2014 3:06 PM, PDT

Oscar-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg has taken movie audiences on extravagant adventures of a lifetime during his lengthy course behind the camera when impacting the film industry with his captivating on-screen imagination. Spielberg has shown an amazing range of vision and scope when tackling various movie genres that tap in the collective consciousness of moviegoers. Science fiction, social issue dramas, action and adventure, period pieces, family-oriented fantasies, comedies, war movies–you name it and Spielberg has done it on the big screen in his illustrious film career in directing, producing, writing and promoting.

Although Spielberg has done his share of adult-oriented films that cater to the sophisticated masses he is primarily known for his whimsical kid-friendly fare or at least releases that feature children in some of his escapist gems that may not necessarily be considered kiddie-coated. In Kid’s Play: Top 10 Steven Spielberg-Directed Child-Centric Films we will take a »

- Frank Ochieng

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