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Sketchy Episode 95 – ‘Halo’

1 December 2013 1:46 PM, PST

In closing out Nerdvember, Sketchy reviews “Halo: Legends” and the Halo webseries “Red vs Blue.” There is also a healthy dose of discussion about the video game. So, this is a very Halo-heavy episode. Enjoy!

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Holding Out For A Hero/Careless Whisper (mashup)

by 3 Angry Nerds

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- Ryan Clagg

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This Week in Comics: 04/12/13

1 December 2013 11:31 AM, PST

Week after week, the shelves of local comic book stores nationwide are packed to brim with shiny new comics. Sure you’re a smart cookie and probably have tonnes of grabs already but many books do go unnoticed and its my job to make sure you are getting your moneys worth. I could ramble on for a bit but I sincerely doubt you’re still reading this paragraph and have long since scrolled down to the good bits– So without further to do, enjoy and note this is preference, what’s exciting to me may not be exciting to you and hey friend, I’m Ok with that:



Hellboy in Hell #5 | Pick Of The Week!

While Mignola and company have been pumping out Bprd after Bprd, its always a special occasion when the main man returns to his flagship franchise. With the end of the world really flippin’ nigh, it »

- Sean Tonelli

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Steven Soderbergh Month: ‘Behind the Candelabra’ a glitzy and disquieting deconstruction of a hidden relationship in Hollywood

1 December 2013 11:05 AM, PST

Liberace (Douglas) basks in the spotlight

Behind the Candelabra

Written by Richard Lagravenese

Directed by Steven Soderbergh

USA, 2013

Steven Soderbergh thoughtfully details the purported destructive indulgence of Liberace’s most intimate relationship in Behind the Candelabra. A film replete with the salacious dirt and glamorous high living of a legendary celebrity, this project is perfectly tailored to Soderbergh’s nuanced flair for revealing the conceits behind success.

It isn’t difficult to believe that living such a loud life under constant public scrutiny could take its toll and lead Liberace’s story to reckless places. These places entertain as much as they convey a deep restlessness and melancholy that comes with the drive to be in the spotlight at any cost. Matt Damon plays Scott Thorson, a sweet young man unaccustomed to fame and fortune who is drawn in by the magnetic talent of Liberace. As the flamboyant Liberace, Michael Douglas »

- Lane Scarberry

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50 Best Movie Posters of 2013

1 December 2013 10:00 AM, PST

Movie poster artists are without a doubt some of the most vital yet overlooked contributors to cinematic history. Long before the invention of the television and the internet, filmmakers relied on movie posters to persuade audiences to watch their films. Ever since the late 19th century, posters (or then simple 8 x 10 inch lobby cards) enticed audiences to spend their hard earned dollars, and even today, a movie poster can go a long way in helping build excitement and anticipation for a film. Posters occupy a space between art and advertising and have a clear commercial purpose – to promote an event or product – but they also have artistic value and find clever and creative ways to include a sensational one line description of the films; these tag-lines acting much like a newspaper headline. Over the years movie posters have found more value outside their initial purpose of promoting motion pictures. People »

- Ricky

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Sunday Shorts: ‘Welcome’, starring Winona Ryder

1 December 2013 8:46 AM, PST

Today’s film is the 2007 short Welcome. The film is written and directed by Kirsten Dunst, and stars Alexandra Gold Jourden, John Hawkes, and Winona Ryder. Ryder first came to public attention with a key supporting role in 1988′s Beetlejuice, before garnering the lead role in Heathers in the following year. Her filmography includes features such as Edward Scissorhands, Reality Bites, The Crucible, Girl, Interrupted, and A Scanner Darkly. Her newest film, titled Homefront, opened in wide release in American theatres in the past week.


The post Sunday Shorts: ‘Welcome’, starring Winona Ryder appeared first on Sound On Sight.


- Deepayan Sengupta

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How ‘Akira’ is a cautionary tale about the dangers of anger

1 December 2013 4:57 AM, PST

More than fifteen years after its release, Katsuhiro Otomo’s adaptation of his own magna Akira has rightfully taken its place as a 20th Century classic, a fantastical and hypnotic flight of imagination serving both as a two hour journey of escapism and as a portal into the then booming world of anime based storytelling. By bridging the gap between Japanese spiritualism inspired thematic imagery and plotting familiar to a Western audience – as well as the unmistakable style of animation – it introduced a niche genre to a huge new market across the world, paving the way for universal success enjoyed by the likes of Hayao Miyazaki and the late Osamu Dezaki. Already a cult success abroad, Otomo made anime a globetrotting dynasty. Finding the reason for Akira’s resonance with all manner of audiences is not particularly difficult, since it is the zenith of great narrative-meets-dreamlike philosophical reality bending. However, »

- Scott Patterson

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Doctor Who Profile: The Eleventh Doctor

30 November 2013 10:46 PM, PST

The Eleventh Doctor

Portrayed by: Matt Smith

Companion(s): Amy Pond, Rory Williams, River Song, Clara Oswald

Tenure: 39 stories (44 episodes), from “The Eleventh Hour” (April, 2010) to “The Time of the Doctor” (Dec, 2013)

Signature look: The Eleventh Doctor’s look gets a few tweaks during his run. He starts with a tweed jacket, which later becomes a long purple (all together now) frock coat (the Doctor loves his frock coats), button-down shirt, bowtie (they’re cool), suspenders, lace-up boots, and, to go with his purple coat, a purple waistcoat and pocket watch with chain. And of course, if possible, he will accessorize with whatever distinctive headware is handy.

Catchphrase: The Eleventh Doctor has several catchphrases, particularly, “Geronimo”, “Come along, Pond”, and “I like <fill in the blank>s now. <Fill in the blank>s are cool.”

Personality: The Eleventh Doctor is whimsical and energetic, but also brooding and manipulative. His number one rule for his Companions is that the Doctor always lies, »

- Kate Kulzick

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Doctor Who Companion Profile: Clara Oswald

30 November 2013 8:55 PM, PST

Clara Oswald

Portrayed by: Jenna Coleman

Doctor(s): Eleventh Doctor

Tenure: 11+ stories, first “Asylum of the Daleks” (Sept, 2012), then from “The Snowmen” (Dec, 2012) to present

Background: Many versions of Clara have existed in the Doctor’s timeline. The first incarnation that we meet is Oswin Oswald (“The Asylum of the Daleks”), the Junior Entertainment Manager of a spaceship that crashed onto the Asylum of the Daleks who has been turned into a Dalek herself, but has created a fantasy/coping mechanism that she is hidden in her ship making souffles. Next is Clara Oswin Oswald (“The Snowmen”), a governess in nineteenth century London who moonlights as a barmaid. The final version we meet is Clara Oswald (“The Bells of Saint John” onward), the original and a babysitter in 21st century London. All three have had adventures with the Doctor, during which the first two both died. The Doctor brings »

- Drew Koenig

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Doctor Who Ally Profile: Kate Stewart

30 November 2013 8:51 PM, PST

Kate Stewart

Portrayed by: Jemma Redgrave

Doctor: Eleventh Doctor

Story: 2 stories, “The Power of Three” (Sept, 2012) and “The Day of the Doctor” (Nov, 2013)

Background: Kate Stewart is one of the leaders of Unit, rising through its ranks to become the Head of Scientific Research and working to restructure it to follow her father’s advice that, “science leads”.

Family/Friends: Kate is the daughter of classic series Companion Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart and his first wife, Fiona. Though she speaks of her father fondly (he passed away fairly recently), we know very little else about her family or friends.

Personality: Kate is intelligent, thoughtful, and very professional. She is efficient and somewhat brusque in her demeanor, but she also has a quiet smile and a playful, if dry, sense of humor and much like her father, is made of stern stuff, willing to go to great lengths to protect humanity. »

- Kate Kulzick

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Doctor Who Ally Profile: The Jones Family

30 November 2013 7:43 PM, PST

The Jones Family

Portrayed by: Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Tish), Adjoa Andoh (Francine), Trevor Laird (Clive), Reggie Yates (Leo)

Doctor: Tenth Doctor

Story: 2 stories, “The Lazarus Experiment” (May, 2007) and “The Sound of Drums”/“Last of the Time Lords” (June, 2007), though they also appear in other stories as Martha’s family, rather than as part of the larger adventure of the week

Background: Francine and Clive Jones are the bitterly divorced parents of Martha, Tish, and Leo. Almost nothing is known of their married life or really anything before Martha met the Doctor, other than that Clive has a much younger girlfriend named Annalise. Tish is the head of PR for an experimental scientist who creates a de-aging machine that winds up turning him into a horrific monster, which she helps Martha and the Doctor defeat. Leo has a far more adventure-adjacent life, managing to avoid both the more traumatic events of “The »

- Kate Kulzick

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Doctor Who Companion Profile: Jo Grant

30 November 2013 4:57 PM, PST

Jo Grant

Portrayed by: Katy Manning

Doctor(s): Third Doctor

Tenure: 15 stories, from Terror of the Autons (Jan, 1971) to The Green Death (1973)

Background: Jo is a young woman brought in by the Brigadier to replace Liz Shaw as the Doctor’s assistant. Her uncle, who has ties to Unit through the United Nations, is also partially responsible for her assignment. Initially the Doctor is displeased with her appointment and skeptical of her abilities, but eventually her skill set proves to be incredibly valuable, despite being decidedly different from her predecessor’s.

Family/Friends: We hear briefly of Jo’s uncle, but never actually meet him and the rest of Jo’s family don’t come up during her time on the show. During most of her tenure, however, the Doctor is grounded by the Time Lords and unable to fly his Tardis, causing him and Jo to investigate Earth-based »

- Kate Kulzick

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Doctor Who Profile: The War Doctor

30 November 2013 3:59 PM, PST

The War Doctor

Portrayed by: John Hurt

Companion(s): He doesn’t have any. The closest he comes is Clara in “The Day of the Doctor”, but she’s much more the Eleventh Doctor’s Companion in this story

Tenure: 2 stories, his brief appearance in the minisode “The Night of the Doctor” (Nov, 2013) and “The Day of the Doctor” (Nov, 2013)

Signature look: Leather jacket, loose ascot or bandana, waistcoat with pocket watch and chain, bandolier with sonic screwdriver, and shin coverings or boots of a sort

Catchphrase: “No More”, alternatively “Gallifrey falls” or “Gallifrey stands”. He says each either several times or very prominently

Personality: The War Doctor is cagey and a little cranky. He is tired after what appears to have been a long, long life of trying to resolve the Time War. Though he is battle-scarred, he still feels very young when compared to his successors, the Ninth, »

- Kate Kulzick

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Nikita, Ep 4.02: “Dead or Alive” reveals more about The Shop

30 November 2013 3:31 PM, PST

Lyndie Greenwood

Nikita, Season 4, Episode 02: “Dead or Alive

Written by Albert Kim

Directed by John Badham

Airs Fridays at 9pm (Et) on the CW

While the inconceivably massive size of The Shop was hinted at last season, last week’s season premiere showed just how far their reach can go, making them a more fearful enemy for Nikita and her allies in the process. With a re-energized Amanda in cahoots with them, as well as an injured Nikita once again on the run alone at the end of last week’s episode, the fight against The Shop was clearly going to be anything but easy. This week delves into how The Shop operates, as well as their grand plan, in a pulse-pounding episode that helps remind the audience why the ex-Division crew is also a formidable one, especially when working together.

The return of Sam is a compelling addition »

- Deepayan Sengupta

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Doctor Who Ally Profile: Craig Owens

30 November 2013 2:33 PM, PST

Craig Owens

Portrayed By: James Corden

Doctor(s): Eleventh Doctor

Tenure: 2 stories, “The Lodger” and “Closing Time”

Background: Craig is an everyman from the small town of Colchester. When we meet him, he is stuck in a rut, constantly just on the verge of confessing his love for his close friend Sophie (Daisy Haggard), but always afraid of rejection. Looking to rent out an extra room in his apartment, he is surprised to hear a knock at the door before he has even advertised the room. And on the other side of that door is his new roommate: The Doctor.

Family: Craig is first friends with and later married to Sophie and in “Closing Time” we meet his son Alfie,who initially prefers to go by the name Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All (the Doctor speaks baby). By the end of the story, though, he decides he’s good »

- Jordan Ferguson

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Doctor Who Companion Profile: Polly

30 November 2013 2:29 PM, PST


Portrayed by: Anneke Wills

Doctor(s): First Doctor, Second Doctor

Tenure: 9 stories, from The War Machines (June, 1966) to The Faceless Ones (May, 1967)

Background: We meet Polly when she’s out at the Inferno nightclub, where she meets Ben, a sailor who’s shipping out the next day. They become embroiled in the Doctor’s battle against Wotan when he comes looking for Dodo at Inferno and at the end of the story, they end up entering the Tardis just before it takes off, becoming Companions. Polly is a contemporary young woman who is very fashionable and, for the time, independent.

Family/Friends: Polly doesn’t mention much about her family, but she develops a very strong bond with Ben, who she eventually leaves with. It’s implied they will stay together when they leave and perhaps get married.

Personality: Polly is fun and lighthearted, intended as an audience »

- Kate Kulzick

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Shaw Bros. Saturday: ‘Crippled Avengers’ is a fit, energetic, acrobatic adventure with a strong heart

30 November 2013 2:00 PM, PST

The Crippled Avengers (a.k.a. Return of the Five Deadly Venoms)

Written by Chang Cheh and Ni Kuang

Directed by Chang Cheh

Hong Kong, 1978

By taking a moment to look at Chang Cheh’s career as a director at the Shaw Brothers studio, one might come to notice that several of the stories he shared employed unorthodox protagonists, namely for their physical attributes. In the late 1960s, there was The One Armed Swordsman, which told the exploits of a talented young student whose misfortune in love led to his arm being chopped off. Determination, practice, and spirit proved doubters wrong as he became a great hero, bringing justice back to the land. Then came the many films starring David Chiang. While true that his characters were never hampered by any physical deficiency resulting from an accident or the malfeasance of others, he was by nature short and lean. Upon first glance, »

- Edgar Chaput

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Doctor Who Ally Profile: Kazran Sardick

30 November 2013 1:42 PM, PST

Kazran Sardick

Portrayed by: Michael Gambon, Danny Horn, Laurence Belcher

Doctor: Eleventh Doctor

Story: “A Christmas Carol” (Dec, 2010)

Background: Kazran Sardick was raised by an abusive father, Elliot, who was absolutely focused on profit. Kazran, like his father before him, controls the airspace of Sardicktown and has grown into a very Ebenezer Scrooge-like character when he first meets the Doctor, who needs his permission so the crashing ship Amy and Rory are on can safely land. The Doctor, presumably inspired by A Christmas Carol (he is a Dickens fanboy, after all), decides to give Kazran the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future treatment, rewriting much of his childhood, to turn him into the kind of man who will allow the ship to land.

Family/Friends: We meet Kazran’s physically and emotionally abusive father, but we don’t find out about any other family members, implying that Kazran grew up incredibly isolated. »

- Kate Kulzick

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Doctor Who Companion Profile: K-9

30 November 2013 12:54 PM, PST


Portrayed by: John Leeson, David Brierly

Doctor(s): Fourth Doctor, Tenth Doctor

Tenure: 18 stories, from The Invisible Enemy (Oct, 1977) to Warriors’ Gate (Jan, 1981), plus “School Reunion” (April, 2006)

Background: There have been several versions of K-9 (Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, as well as another version on K9, an Australian spinoff series). When Leela decided to stay behind on Gallifrey rather than continue traveling with the Doctor, Mark I stayed with her. Mark II stayed with Romana when she left the Tardis to stay in E-Space rather than return to N-Space and become President of the Time Lords. The Doctor sent Mark III to Sarah Jane, care of her aunt, and it’s this version we meet in “School Reunion”. After K-9 Mark III sacrifices himself to allow the Doctor, Sarah Jane, Rose, and Mickey to escape, the Doctor leaves K-9 Mark IV with Sarah Jane »

- Kate Kulzick

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Doctor Who Profile: The Eighth Doctor

30 November 2013 11:48 AM, PST

The Eighth Doctor

Portrayed by: Paul McGann

Companion(s): Grace Holloway, plus many others in the audio dramas, comics, and novels

Tenure: 1 story, Doctor Who, also called “The Enemy Within” (May, 1996) and 1 minisode, “The Night of the Doctor” (Nov, 2013)

Signature look: The Eighth Doctor has two distinct looks, one for each of his stories. In his first, he wears a white shirt, gray cravat, embroidered waistcoat, and a dark green velvet frock coat. In his second, he wears a dirty, more relaxed white shirt, loose bandana or cloth tie, battered waistcoat, leather belt, dark grey or black frock coat, and high leather lace-up boots

Catchphrase: The Eighth Doctor isn’t around enough to develop a catchphrase, at least in his televised adventures

Personality: The Eighth Doctor is romantic and easy going, one of the most human of his incarnations and certainly an ardent admirer and appreciator of humanity. He »

- Kate Kulzick

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Saturday Shorts: ‘Scripted Content’, starring Jessica Chastain

30 November 2013 11:16 AM, PST

Today’s film is the 2013 short Scripted Content. The film is written and directed by Matthew Frost, and stars Jessica Chastain. Chastain has been in the acting industry for nearly 10 years, with guest roles on Veronica Mars and Law & Order: Trial by Jury, before having a breakout year in 2011 with leading roles in Terence Malick’s Tree of Life and Jeff NicholsTake Shelter. Her newest feature, titled The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, made its debut at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival, and she is currently working on Christopher Nolan’s next feature, titled Interstellar.


The post Saturday Shorts: ‘Scripted Content’, starring Jessica Chastain appeared first on Sound On Sight.


- Deepayan Sengupta

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