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‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ is a massive, breathtaking open-world RPG

4 hours ago

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD Projekt Red

PC, PS4 (reviewed), Xbox One

About forty-five hours into playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, I was tasked with tracking down an old companion of mine who had gone Awol. The mission began as I met up with another old friend and we discussed the best way to track our missing ally down. Knowing that our mutual friend in question was somewhat of a Lothario, we ran through his diary, split up the names of the women he’d been meeting with, and each went out into the city to begin questioning his various conquests. The quest is partly played for laughs, as the jilted lovers make their anger quite clear, and the women who saw through his lecherous act and spurned him comment on his appalling behaviour.

What was most striking about the quest was how it was structured. In any other game of this ilk, »

- John Cal McCormick

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Best Films of 2015 so far (part 3)

15 hours ago

Picking the best movies that come out in any given year is no easy feat. With over 800 movies released theatrically, there’s plenty to digest. As we reach the halfway point of the year, we decided to publish a list of our favourite movies thus far, in hopes that our readers can catch up on some of the films they might have missed out on. Below, you shall find the list of the top 30 films of 2015 to date, a list that ranges from independent horror films to documentary to foreign films and so much more. Here is part three of our three part list.


10. Clouds of Sils Maria

The meditative Clouds of Sils Maria weighs the passing of time and the cumulative effect of art in the life of an aging actress. Internationally renowned starlet Maria Enders (Juliette Binoche) goes into an introspective tailspin following the sudden death of the »

- Ricky

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Best Films of 2015 so far (part 2)

15 hours ago

Picking the best movies that come out in any given year is no easy feat. With over 800 movies released theatrically, there’s plenty to digest. As we reach the halfway point of the year, we decided to publish a list of our favourite movies thus far, in hopes that our readers can catch up on some of the films they might have missed out on. Below, you shall find the list of the top 30 films of 2015 to date, a list that ranges from independent horror films to documentary to foreign films and so much more. Here’s is part two of our three part list.


20. The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared

Eccentrically layered yet simple in plot, the Swedish adaptation of Jonas Jonasson’s novel does a fine job in balancing satire with tenderness. Telling the story of Allan Karlsson (Robert Gustafsson), a 100-year-old explosive enthusiast »

- Staff

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Best Films of 2015 so far (part 1)

15 hours ago

Picking the best movies that come out in any given year is no easy feat. With over 800 movies released theatrically, there’s plenty to digest. As we reach the halfway point of the year, we decided to publish a list of our favourite movies thus far, in hopes that our readers can catch up on some of the films they might have missed out on. Below, you shall find the list of the top 30 films of 2015 to date, a list that ranges from independent horror films to documentary to foreign films and so much more. Here is part one of our three part list.


25. Predestination 

Effective time travel films must be able to set clear, established rules and be a means of achieving greater, emotional weight . Without the two, a film can be eviscerated by plot holes or become an unruly, empty spectacle. Predestination, an adaptation of an Robert A. Heinlein’s short story, »

- Staff

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Game of Thrones Podcast #38: “Hardhome”

17 hours ago

The best episodes of Game of Thrones give viewers a bit of everything they’ve come to love about the show: betrayal, family values, justice, judgement, principles, politics, love, death and a some well choreographed fight scenes. This week we get all that, and then some. Joining us to discuss the “Hardhome,” is guest Cooper Beckett, the author of My Life on the Swingset: Adventures in Swinging & Polyamory and host of the Damn Good Podcast about Twin Peaks.

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The post Game of Thrones Podcast #38: “Hardhome” appeared first on Sound On Sight.


- Ricky

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Watch a teaser for Sion Sono’s ‘All Esper Dayo’

18 hours ago

Japanese filmmaker Sion Sono has garnered a reputation for himself as  a prolific filmmaker in the international movie community, releasing atleast one film a year since 1997, and often releasing multiple, such as in 2005, which saw four films from Sono become available to the public. Sono looks to top himself in 2015, with six features from the filmmaker poised to be released, including Tag, Love & Peace, and Shinjuku Swan.

Another of the entries in that collection is All Esper Dayo. Also known as The Virgin Psychics, the film is an adaptation of the manga Minna! Esupa Dayo!, which already has a tv adaptation. The story focuses on a group of teenagers who get telepathic powers overnight, and use them to comedic effect. Sometani Shôta will be reprising his role for the film from the tv adaptation of the story, and the first teaser for the film has now been released. With the »

- Deepayan Sengupta

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Dwayne Johnson to headline ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ remake

21 hours ago

Another remake of an 80s classic? Meh. Oh, wait. The Rock!

Cue another remake, but this one may have some promise. The Wrap reported on Monday that 20th Century Fox is planning a remake of the classic John Carpenter film, Big Trouble In Little China. While no director is attached, Dwayne Johnson has been pegged to lead the film.

X-Men: First Class screenwriters Ashley Miller and Zack Stenz will take over writing duties with Johnson is set to play Jack Burton, an all-American trucker who gets dragged into a centuries-old mystical battle in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

While another remake sounds boring, the prospect of having this property made with The Rock sounds a lot more appealing. Even when the movie isn’t great (cough cough San Andreas), he is still a fun action star that is able to make you laugh and blow your mind with his stunts. Putting »

- Zach Dennis

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Pixar asks ‘what if?’ in first trailer for ‘The Good Dinosaur’

22 hours ago

Two Pixar films this year? What did we do right to deserve this?

The first teaser for the second Pixar film of 2015 was released today and offered our first true glimpse at the long in production, The Good Dinosaur. The film is directed by Peter Sohn and stars Judy Greer, Neil Patrick Harris, Bill Hader, Frances McDormand, and John Lithgow.

The film takes place after a traumatic event unsettles a lively Apatosaurus named Arlo, who sets out on a remarkable journey, gaining an unlikely companion along the way – a human boy.

Originally expected to hit theaters last year, it seems like The Good Dinosaur is going the route of Wall*E or Up and giving us a teaser that doesn’t share much plot or dialogue. It gives us a vague idea of what the film will be about and sells us on the tag that it will be from Pixar. »

- Zach Dennis

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Indiegogo looks to fund fantasy feature from 1980s with ‘Lotr’ star attached

22 hours ago

Another Star Wars spin-off? Not so fast.

While Disney plans to push the sci-fi franchise down our throats for the rest of our lives, it seems like an Indiegogo campaign will bring back a short that was attached to Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back in the 1980s. Titled Black Angel, the project is looking to get funded and is referred to as Game of Thrones meets Valhalla Rising.

While not related to Star Wars in any way, the project was a short film that played before Empire Strikes Back when it came to Europe and Australia in 1980.

It is still looking to get funded, with the campaign starting today, but it already has two big name cast members. Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones star John Rhys-Davies and Blade Runner star Rutger Hauer are set to play King Aeolus and High Priest Sirdar.

According to Variety, the film »

- Zach Dennis

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There are some unexpected guests in first trailer for horror, ‘We Are Still Here’

22 hours ago

Don’t you just hate when undead beings stick around in your house? It is always a big bummer.

This is the case for the household in the indie horror, We Are Still Here. The film comes from writer/director Ted Geoghegan with a cast that includes: Barbara Crampton, Andrew Sensenig, Lisa Marie, and Larry Fessenden.

The film takes place in the cold, wintery fields of New England where a lonely old house wakes up every thirty years – and demands a sacrifice. You know, just New England things!

The trailer looks pretty generic, but the word out of SXSW (where the film premiered) seems to say that We Are Still Here is a refreshingly scary horror film that has a lot of personality to it. Geoghegan has been a festival darling and this could be his big breakout horror flick that brings the public to him.

We Are Still Here »

- Zach Dennis

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Things are tense in the Golden Bear-winning noir, ‘Black Coal, Thin Ice’

23 hours ago

It is hard to trust a cop in a noir.

This is still true in the U.K. trailer for Black Coal, Thin Ice. The film won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival last year and is starting to make its way to both U.K. and U.S. distributions. It comes from writer/director Diao Yinan.

The film follows an ex-cop who looks for redemption when a serial killer, at the heart of gruesome coal-plant murder he couldn’t solve years before, strikes again. It stars Liao Fan, Gwei Lun, Mei and Wang Xuebing.

Our own Neal Dhand caught the film at Tribeca and called it ‘a gorgeous, meticulous, wryly funny police critique couched in thriller terms.’

The first trailer seems to sell that idea also as the stylish film noir look seems to play well with this thrilling story. Yinan seems to have captured the despair »

- Zach Dennis

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‘Jupiter’s Circle’ #3 is a married superhero story done right

23 hours ago

Jupiter’s Circle #3

Written by Mark Millar

Art by Wilfredo Torres, Davide Gianfelice, Francesco Mortarino

Colors by Ive Svorcina

Published by Image Comics

Since 2007, when Joe Quesada and Marvel editorial broke up the marriage of Peter Parker and Mary-Jane Watson in “One More Day”, superhero marriages (happy or unhappy) have become exceedingly rare with initiatives, like the New 52, bringing in younger, unattached versions of iconic characters, like Superman, The Flash, and Green Arrow. In Jupiter’s Circle #3, writer Mark Millar and artist Wilfredo Torres (with help from artists Davide Gianfelice and Francesco Mortarino) say, “To hell with this” and tell the story of Flare, a superhero with a wife and kids who love him. But he meets a blonde, 19 year old grocery clerk’ wannabe crime fighter named April Kelly, who turns his world upside down. The tension in this issue isn’t between superheroes and the government, like in the previous two issues, »

- Logan Dalton

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The Televerse #196- The Wire, Part 2 with Dennis Perkins

2 June 2015 11:17 AM, PDT

Summer is finally upon us, giving us a lighter episode list and shorter podcast once again. First we look at the comedies, including the finale of Louie, and we follow that with the week’s genre offerings, including a preview of Hannibal s3 and Outlander finale talk. Afterwards, Dennis Perkins of the Av Club returns to the podcast to help us with just a bit more discussion of one of television’s greatest series, The Wire.

Our Week in Comedy (6:16-28:21): Louie finale, Inside Amy Schumer, Silicon Valley, Veep

Our Week in Genre (29:25-59:45): Preview Hannibal, Outlander finale, Orphan Black, Game of Thrones, Penny Dreadful

DVD Shelf (1:02:27-end): The Wire Part 2 with Dennis Perkins

Download the chaptered m4a version in a new window

Download the unchaptered mp3 version in a new window

- Listen to the m4a version on »

- Kate Kulzick

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Hard as a Rock: What the Box Office for ‘San Andreas’ means for The Rock

2 June 2015 8:09 AM, PDT

This past weekend, one of the most important and breakthrough-caliber events happened in the personal history of The Rock, even bigger than when he got into filmmaking and took the stage name “Dwayne Johnson” (I cannot verify this theory, just trust me though). The Rock’s disaster movie San Andreas was released, and it did something that no film that The Rock lead had done before – it made the box office explode to the tune of $53 million.

As of this writing I have not seen San Andreas, but I want to clarify that I do plan on seeing it at least 5 times in theaters then another 15 on DVD. This writing will not discuss the quality of the film (though it’s probably a masterpiece, let’s be real), because that doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. The most important thing is the key moment this represents in The Rock’s career. »

- Dylan Griffin

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Fox looking to spin off ’24’ with a new lead character

2 June 2015 8:07 AM, PDT

Fox’s thriller series 24 came on to the scene in 2001 with a unique concept that set it apart from most shows; each episode took place in real-time, with a clock ticking down to denote the hour in each episode, and the events of each season taking place over the course of one day. The show spawned a movie in 2008, titled 24: Redemption, before its cancellation in 2010. However, the series did not end there, as it was brought back in 2014 for a shortened ninth season, titled 24: Live Another Day. Now news has emerged that the series will be returning, but without its main ingredient, lead character Jack Bauer.

In a discussion with TVLine at the Critics Choice Television awards,  24‘s executive producer Howard Gordon said that a spinoff of the series was currently in the works, this time focusing on a twentysomething leading male character who is being called a »

- Deepayan Sengupta

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100 Essential Action Scenes: Shootouts

2 June 2015 8:00 AM, PDT

Sound on Sight undertook a massive project, compiling ranked lists of the most influential, unforgettable, and exciting action scenes in all of cinema. There were hundreds of nominees spread across ten different categories and a multi-week voting process from 11 of our writers. The results: 100 essential set pieces, sequences, and scenes from blockbusters to cult classics to arthouse obscurities.    

Shootouts, unlike any other type of action scenes, put death in the forefront of the audience’s mind. Whereas a car chase draws the attention onto the race, or a fight scene onto the pursuit of victory, shootouts test the mortality of our protagonists and anti-heroes. It’s more than just a hail of bullets that matters on screen, it’s who those bullets are clipping down or propping up. Legends can be made in a flurry of lead. The last man standing after the fray isn’t always the best or »

- Shane Ramirez

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Video of the Day: Watch a mashup of ‘The Shining’ and ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’

2 June 2015 7:02 AM, PDT

Over the years, filmmakers Stanley Kubrick and Wes Anderson have garnered critical and commercial acclaim for their work, with each of them having their distinctive style. However, the similarities between the two mostly end there, with the two having worked in different time periods, dabbling in different genres, and possessing different strengths.

There is another notable similarity between the two as of last year, however; both filmmakers have made movies about hotels. Kubrick’s 1980 film The Shining, the adaptation of the Stephen King novel, follows the Overlook Hotel and its caretakers, the Torrance family, during its off-season of winter, when the trio are the only humans in the place. Anderson’s 2014 film The Grand Budapest Hotel, on the other hand, deals with the trials and tribulations of M. Gustave, the concierge at the titular hotel who gets embroiled in issues surrounding a family’s inheritance.

Youtube user Steve Ramsden has »

- Deepayan Sengupta

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John Sayles to shoot new film ‘To Save the Man’

2 June 2015 6:30 AM, PDT

Wonder what one of the writers of the original Piranha movie is up to now? Well, he’s been writing scripts for several films and directing his own work over the years, and now writer/director John Sayles has a new project in the works. The independent filmmaker, as been reported by the Peninsula Daily News, will start shooting his new film To Save the Man in Fort Worden State Park in Washington State next summer.

The film will be about the Carlisle Indian Industrial School that ran from 1879 to 1918. It was the first federally funded school for Native Americans and was founded by Captain Richard Henry Pratt, who wanted Native American youths to be assimilated into “white” society. Of course, he had an extremely skewed view of race, and his true intentions were to keep other races from surpassing “white” culture in any way. Captain Pratt and the school »

- Sarah

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Watch the sketch comedy group Bellevue create a new episode of ‘Seinfeld’

2 June 2015 6:00 AM, PDT

A defining series of the 90s was the Jerry Seinfeld-Larry David created sitcom Seinfeld. Famously billed as “a show about nothing”, the series ran for nine seasons on NBC, gathering numerous Emmys and Golden Globes throughout its run along with other accolades. While the show went off the air in 1998, it continues to remain popular, recently closing a deal to appear on Hulu.

Fans of the series are in for a treat, however, as the Ucb sketch comedy group Bellevue has created a “new” episode of the series. Featuring a core cast doing their impressions of the main characters Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer, the plot of the new episode revolves around George’s ex-fiance Susan returning from the dead to resume their engagement, while Kramer comes up with a new invention and Elaine’s perfect hairdresser situation hits a snafu. The sketch team has Noah Forman playing Jerry, »

- Deepayan Sengupta

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‘ActRaiser’ lets you play a gleeful warrior god

2 June 2015 5:20 AM, PDT


Developed by Quintet

Published by Enix

Available on Snes, Wii

You know what happens when you don’t check in on your Animal Crossing town for a while? Replace a little village with the whole world, and switch out those pesky weeds with nasty monsters, and you’ve got the basic state of things at the start of the Snes classic ActRaiser. Running all of civilization takes dedication and constant vigilance to beat back the forces ready to invade upon the slightest lapse in attention. Let down your guard only just a little and suddenly everything’s gone to hell in a hand basket, with overgrown forests teeming with demon spawn, once fertile land now arid desert, and a terrified population, their numbers greatly diminished, lost without their leader. Quintet’s 1991 multi-genre masterpiece takes that enormous mess and tasks a newly returned god with cleaning it up, by both »

- Patrick Murphy

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