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John Stamos Congratulates Mary-Kate Olsen on Wedding With Adorable Pic

7 hours ago

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen may not be joining the rest of the Tanner clan on "Fuller House," but they're still part of the "Full House" family -- and their Uncle Jesse has nothing but love for them, especially when it comes to big life moments.

John Stamos proved that this weekend when he shared a sweet throwback photo of him with the Olsen twins from back in their "Full House" heyday, in celebration of Mary-Kate's recent wedding to boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy. The adorable photo features Stamos sandwiched between the twins, wearing matching Mickey Mouse sunglasses and making goofy faces for the camera.

"In the blink of an eye." Congrats Mk. X

A photo posted by John Stamos (@johnstamos) on Nov 30, 2015 at 4:49pm Pst

"In the blink of an eye," Stamos captioned the snap. "Congrats Mk."

Stamos wasn't invited to the wedding -- and it doesn't appear that any other "Full House" castmates were, »

- Katie Roberts

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The 9 Best New TV Shows of 2015

7 hours ago


So much TV, so little time. As every year passes, more and more new television shows are offered up to hungry viewers for sampling. But what deserves a bite? In a sea full of superheroes, hackers, crazy ex-girlfriends and more, it's hard to choose what's worth checking out.

From "Jessica Jones" to "Better Call Saul," 2015 was great year the small screen. Here are nine new TV shows that stood out amongst the freshman pack.


- Alana Altmann

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'Mad Max: Fury Road' Named Best Film by National Board of Review

8 hours ago

The National Board of Review is known for its eclectic decisions comes awards season, handing unconventional choices its top honors year after year. But this year's selection of best film may truly be the organization's boldest pick yet.

"Mad Max: Fury Road" landed Nbr's best film distinction for 2015, beating out more high-profile (and more conventional) candidates like "Spotlight," "Carol," "Room," "Joy," "The Revenant," and "The Martian." All those flicks have been in the Oscar conversation for months, but not many expected "Fury Road" to get much awards season love, despite critical and audience adoration.

And that may not change, either. Last year, the Nbr awarded its best film prize to "A Most Violent Year," which was completely shut out of the Academy Awards nominations. It's also hailed a bunch of Oscar also-rans in the past, including Best Picture nominees (and losers) "Her" (2013), "Zero Dark Thirty" (2012), "Hugo" (2011), "The Social Network" (2010), and »

- Katie Roberts

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Check Out the Cheeky New 'Deadpool' Poster

9 hours ago

Like its previous promos and social media posts, the latest bit of "Deadpool" advertising is playful and funny -- and quite cheeky, too.

A new international poster for the flick was released by 20th Century Fox UK, and features our hero in a coy pose modeled after the famous vintage Coppertone Baby ads. Ryan Reynolds's Merc With a Mouth has his hand on his posterior and is turned ever-so-slightly to the camera, a finger raised to his lips in mock innocence.

Finally, a hero with worthwhile assets. Check out the all-new international #Deadpool poster. pic.twitter.com/cjw0pXHLZ4

— 20th Century Fox UK (@20CenturyFoxUK) December 1, 2015The tagline, however, is anything but, touting the hero as "Bad ass. Smart ass. Great ass." Fox UK's tweet takes the derriere wordplay one step further, citing Deadpool as "a hero with worthwhile assets." Indeed.

Despite the lighthearted campaign it's been waging so far, »

- Katie Roberts

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9 Things to Expect in the Epic 'Arrow' and 'The Flash' Crossover Event

9 hours ago

The lines between "Arrow" and "The Flash" have blurred before, but this week's CW crossover event is bigger, bolder, and better integrated than ever.

Moviefone previewed the massive superhero merger, which sets the stage for the network's upcoming spinoff "Legends of Tomorrow" and will air over two nights this week. The story follows Teams Flash and Arrow as they try to protect two new heroes, Hawkgirl and Hawkman, from a brand new villain in Vandal Savage.

According to the showrunners who answered questions after the screening, putting it all together was one hell of a challenge.

"I don't think its possible to overstate the incredible amount of difficulty it was for just about everyone involved," Marc Guggenheim, executive producer of "Arrow" and "Legends of Tomorrow" told Moviefone.

"We love that kind of challenge," Greg Berlanti, co-creator of all three series, added. "You can try and guess how large it's going to be, »

- Travis Reilly

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Tom Hiddleston Channels Hank Williams in 'I Saw the Light' Trailer

11 hours ago

Hey, good-looking! And great-sounding. Tom Hiddleston shows off more than his chiseled features in the first trailer for the Hank Williams biopic "I Saw the Light." Guy can sing, too!

"I Saw the Light" chronicles Williams' life and country music career, in much the same way that "Walk the Line" did with Johnny Cash. As Williams gains fame and success, he also indulges in the typical vices of musicians on the road — alcoholism and infidelity. His marriage to wife Audrey (Elizabeth Olsen) starts to crumble. "I am a professional at making a mess of things," he says.

But out of the darkness can come light — and Williams wants to do better by his wife and children. The story is familiar, of course, but the performances look to elevate the movie beyond the typical. Hiddleston's singing sounds like it stands up to the legendary Williams, which is no small feat.

"I »

- Kelly Woo

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'Hamilton' Creator Wrote New Cantina Music for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

12 hours ago

Two of the biggest sensations in pop culture right now are coming together — the hotly-anticipated "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and the hugely popular Broadway musical "Hamilton."

On "The Tonight Show," director J.J. Abrams revealed that "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote new music for a cantina scene in "Force Awakens." It happened after Abrams met Miranda after a performance of the Broadway show.

"He says, 'If you need music for the cantina, I'll write it,'" Abrams said. Little did MIranda know that Abrams did, in fact, need new music for the cantina!

"I end up emailing Lin Miranda, and I say, 'I know you were kidding, but if you actually want to write this music, I'm actually working on something,'" Abrams explained. "He's like, 'I'll drop everything.'"

The normally spoiler-averse Abrams pointed out that nobody knew about MIranda's involvement. And even the "Hamilton" creator didn't know the »

- Kelly Woo

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George Lucas Explains Changing 'Han Shot First' Scene in 'Star Wars'

12 hours ago

When George Lucas re-released the original "Star Wars" trilogy in 1997, he altered some scenes, but it was a change to the cantina scene in "A New Hope" that really set fans howling.

In the original version of the scene, Han Solo (Harrison Ford) shoots bounty hunter Greedo under the table with no warning. In the re-release, it's Greedo who shoots first.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Lucas defended the controversial change as keeping in line with the principles of "Star Wars."

"Han Solo was going to marry Leia, and you look back and say, 'Should he be a cold-blooded killer?'" he explained.

"Because I was thinking mythologically — should he be a cowboy, should he be John Wayne? And I said, 'Yeah, he should be John Wayne.' And when you're John Wayne, you don't shoot people [first] — you let them have the first shot. It's a mythological reality »

- Kelly Woo

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'Batman v Superman' TV Teaser Unmasks Dark Knight

14 hours ago

Superman, meet Batman — or, as only a few know, Bruce Wayne.

A new teaser for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" aired during last night's episode of "Gotham," and it showed some tantalizing footage. Batman (Ben Affleck) finds himself chained up with some other rogues — and his captor is none other than Superman (Henry Cavill).

An angry Superman rips the mask off the equally pissed-off Batman, revealing his identity as Bruce Wayne.

Aside from the question of how Batman got caught, we're intrigued by the soldiers who kneel down to Superman. What's that about? The official synopsis doesn't give much away:

Fearing the actions of a god-like Super Hero left unchecked, Gotham City's own formidable, forceful vigilante takes on Metropolis' most revered, modern-day savior, while the world wrestles with what sort of hero it really needs. And with Batman and Superman at war with one another, a new threat quickly arises, »

- Kelly Woo

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The 8 Best Movies You Didn't See in 2015

14 hours ago


More than 600 movies have opened in theaters in 2015, so if you missed a few while you were seeing "Jurassic World" a second time, don't feel too bad.

Some of this year's most noteworthy movies never played on more than a few screens. Others, like "Room" and "Carol," may expand into wider release before the end of the year. Here are eight 2015 releases you almost certainly didn't see but should; if you can't find them in theaters, keep an eye out for them on streaming, VOD, and cable.


- Gary Susman

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Best of Late Night TV: Pink's Thanksgiving Horror Story and James Corden's Time With 5 Seconds of Summer

16 hours ago

If you're like us and value your sleep, you probably nodded off into your Ambien dreamland before the party started on post-prime time TV. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here's the best of what happened last night on late night.

It was a light night on late night (everyone's still recovering from pie consumption, no doubt), but Pink dished a Thanksgiving horror-story on the "Tonight Show" that's a must-watch. The short version: She set the house on fire, stabbed her husband's car tires in a rage, and then accidentally stabbed herself in the hand and went to the ER. Good, holiday fun.

Over on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," the cast of "The Ridiculous Six" showed up and Adam Sandler mounted a horse. Because why not? *No horses were harmed in the filming of this. At least not physically, we can't speak to their emotional trauma.

Finally, and most importantly, "The Late Late Show »

- Mehera Bonner

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'Supergirl' Gets Full Season 1 Pickup From CBS

30 November 2015 12:30 PM, PST

"Supergirl" fans have gotten some super news to start their week: CBS has ordered additional episodes of the freshman superhero drama, picking up the series for a full-season order.

CBS revealed the pickup on Monday morning, announcing that an additional seven episodes would be shot, bringing "Supergirl"'s first season to a total of 20 episodes. The drama stars Melissa Benoist as the titular heroine, who's struggling to adjust to her powers while also juggling a demanding day job working for a media mogul, played by Calista Flockhart.

The series has performed decently for the network, averaging 11.24 million viewers since its debut in October. While those aren't exactly blockbuster numbers, especially for the ratings powerhouse CBS, the show has gotten great buzz from critics and viewers alike, and Variety reports that the network is a fan of the show and is eager to support it. Ordering a full season is one way of doing that. »

- Katie Roberts

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'The Walking Dead' Prologue Teases the Arrival of Negan

30 November 2015 11:00 AM, PST

Warning: This post contains Spoilers about last night's "Walking Dead" midseason finale and storylines from the "Walking Dead" comics.

If you didn't tune into AMC's new show, "Into the Badlands," after "The Walking Dead" last night, you may have missed an important clue from the second half of "Twd"'s sixth season: The very first mention of Negan, the notorious villain from the "Walking Dead" comics who's set to join the show soon.

The clip, which AMC released online shortly after it aired last night, features Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham driving the abandoned fuel truck Daryl found in the woods, on their way back to Alexandria after getting jumped by a mysterious gang. That group returns to antagonize them once more in this scene, blocking the roadway with their motorcycles; one of them demands that they turn over everything they have -- including their truck -- because "Everything belongs to Negan now. »

- Katie Roberts

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Comedians Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti Are Engaged

30 November 2015 10:30 AM, PST

Two of our favorite comedians, Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti, are about to become one of our favorite married couples: The duo announced their engagement over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Peele and Peretti, who have been dating for two years, spent Turkey Day with Peretti's family, and it was there that Peele proposed. Peele announced the engagement on his Twitter page, tagging Peretti's name with an engagement ring emoji. Peretti filled in some of the details with her own tweet, writing that Peele popped the question "during the family talent show." Sounds about right for this hilarious couple.

.@chelseaperetti »

- Katie Roberts

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Amy Schumer Poses Nearly Nude (With Coffee) for 2016 Pirelli Calendar

30 November 2015 9:42 AM, PST

Yep, there's a real woman for ya! Amy Schumer wasn't required to bare (almost) all for her Annie Leibovitz photo shoot, but that's what Pirelli models usually do, so she did it for the 2016 calendar.

The "Trainwreck" and Comedy Central star is proud of her natural curves, and you may recall seeing them in her controversial "Star Wars" GQ photos and this tweet about her not-quite-model, not-quite-plus-size figure.

That was then, and it's still the case now, as Amy just showed off on Instagram, signalling a major tone shift for Pirelli's new calendar.

Don't miss the caption. Amy seems to be anticipating some negative feedback, but hopefully she gets Much more applause. It's refreshing to see more diverse kinds of beauty in a prominent showcase, instead of Pirelli's typical Barbie-esque models on the beach.

According to People, this year's Pirelli calendar honors 13 women "of outstanding professional, social, cultural, sporting and artistic accomplishment. »

- Gina Carbone

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Peter Jackson Teases 'Doctor Who' and 'Lotr' Fans in One Brilliant Video

30 November 2015 9:30 AM, PST

While you were busy stuffing your face this Thanksgiving weekend, Peter Jackson was in New Zealand whipping multiple fandoms into frenzies.

On his Facebook page, the "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" director posted a very cheeky video, with his daughter reading off his work e-mails while he polished his Oscars. (You know every winner does this every weekend. They must.) She said he got an e-mail from Steven Moffat, asking if he'll direct an episode of "Doctor Who"'; and while Pj was busy insulting Moffat's scripts, in walked another Peter, Peter Capaldi:

"I'm the Doctor."



Home Invasion

This was an interesting weekend...

Posted by Peter Jackson on Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nice. The whole video is pretty clever, and includes a nod to "The Walking Dead" in the end, but what was the objective? Not only does it renew hopes that Peter Jackson, a "Doctor Who" fan, »

- Gina Carbone

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Will Ferrell Slam Drunks in This Hilarious Exclusive 'Daddy's Home' Clip

30 November 2015 9:00 AM, PST

Well, at least he loves his kids...

Will Ferrell plays the stepdad of wife Linda Cardellini's two children in "Daddy's Home," with Mark Wahlberg as the biological father. This forces Ferrell's mild-mannered executive Brad and Wahlberg's badass free spirit Dusty to compete for the affection of the kids, which already sounds like comedy gold. And now you can see some of that gold in action in this exclusive clip from the movie, which comes out on Christmas Day.

In the scene, all five extended family members -- wife Sarah, kids Megan and Dylan, and both dads -- are at a basketball game when Ferrell's Brad gets a chance to shoot from half-court and potentially win a family vacation to Disney World. All he has to do is sink a basket, and even though he slurs "Nothin' but net!" before shooting, you can see that he does hit something other than net. »

- Gina Carbone

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What's New on TV, Netflix Streaming, Digital, and DVD/Blu-ray This Week: November 30-December 6

30 November 2015 8:30 AM, PST

At a loss for what to watch this week? From new DVDs and Blu-rays, to what's streaming on Netflix, we've got you covered.

New Video on Demand, Rental Streaming, and Digital Only

"Imba Means Sing"

This heartwarming documentary follows the journey of 20 Ugandan children in the African Children's Choir who spent 500 days on tour singing their way to better lives. The doc debuts globally On Demand on December 4, with 100 percent of the filmmaker profits going back to the choir.

Here's an exclusive clip of the kids sharing what they want to be when they grow up:"Ted 2"

The foul-mouthed teddy bear is back! In this sequel, Ted marries his girlfriend, then they hit a snag with the birth of their child, since the law sees Ted as property, not a person. Cue Amanda Seyfried and Morgan Freeman as attorneys getting all "Legally Blonde" for Ted's cause. Mark Wahlberg returns as John, »

- Gina Carbone

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J.J. Abrams Called Daisy Ridley's 'Star Wars' Acting 'Wooden' on Her First Day

30 November 2015 8:16 AM, PST

Why is it that an insult tends to have a longer shelf life than a compliment? J.J. Abrams directed "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," and he cast mostly unknown actress Daisy Ridley for the star-making lead role of Rey, probably because he saw that she was a great talent with incredible potential. But she remembers a comment he made on her first day of filming that darn near killed her off.

"I was petrified," Daisy told Glamour, in a cover story for the magazine's January 2016 issue. "I thought I was gonna have a panic attack on the first day. J.J. ... he probably doesn't remember telling me that my performance was wooden. This was my first day! And I honestly wanted to die. I thought I was gonna cry, I couldn't breathe."

Maybe that was part of J.J.'s hazing process? Just watching the trailers and clips and TV spots, »

- Gina Carbone

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The 'Civil War' Trailer Is Even Better as a Bromance Set to Adele's 'Hello'

30 November 2015 7:00 AM, PST

Just when you think Adele song mashups must be played out by now, another win like this emerges. The "Captain America: Civil War" trailer was just released last week, showcasing the lost love between Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.). So one fan remixed the entire trailer, setting it to Adele's "Hello" and calling it "Hello - The Civil War Bromance Version."

In the trailer, poster Anthony Meadows notes, "Cap says hello to Tony from the other side." Here's the emotional missed connection:

Hello - The Civil War Bromance Version (Adele) from Anthony Meadows on Vimeo.

Sniff. He's sorry for breaking your heart, man!

Unlike most "mashups" videos, this one doesn't re-edit footage to fit the theme, it just rolls with Marvel's actual trailer. You could probably do the same thing for "Batman v Superman" and a bunch of other superhero and action movies. Maybe »

- Gina Carbone

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