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Neil Patrick Harris Meets the Freaks in New 'Ahs: Freak Show' (Video)

19 December 2014 8:10 AM, PST

"American Horror Story: Freak Show" is taking a little holiday hiatus, but FX has offered us a little Christmas treat to tide us over until January 7. This teaser introduces Neil Patrick Harris as Chester, a puppet-loving performer who takes over Elsa's freak show. It looks like Dot and Bette (Sarah Paulson) will finally get a chance at love, or at least lust, thanks to Chester, which opens up a few cans of worms.

First, Dandy (Finn Wittrock) finds out about their new paramour and is super upset, which is cool because it's been at least a week since Dandy's had a huge tantrum. Second, where the heck is Elsa off to? How in the world is this Hollywood plan coming to fruition? Third, it looks like Chester's sidekick isn't just some wooden dummy; we get a little glimpse of "Ahs" alum Jamie Brewer made up just like Chester's puppet, and »

- Jenni Miller

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Kate Winslet is No Shrinking Violet in 'A Little Chaos' (Video)

19 December 2014 7:20 AM, PST

Who knew landscape gardening could be such a cutthroat biz? In "A Little Chaos," Kate Winslet stars as a female landscape artist who's recruited to work on King Louis Xiv's majestic garden at Versailles. Sabine De Barra is a rather unorthodox choice, and not just because her slightly wild floral style clashes with the fancy French standard. As a woman and someone from a lower class than most of the people she'll encounter at Versailles, Sabine sticks out like a sore (green) thumb, but maybe that's part of her charm. It certainly seems to interest the head landscape architect André Le Nôtre, played by Matthias Schoenaerts.

Severus Snape himself, Alan Rickman, stars in and directs this period piece, which promises tons of eye candy and romance. Stanley Tucci also co-stars, with a wardrobe that would make Caesar Flickerman envious.

"A Little Chaos" hits theaters on March 27, 2015.


- Jenni Miller

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Check Out This 'Star Wars' Christmas Light Show (Video)

19 December 2014 6:15 AM, PST

It's hard not to get a little Grinchy right around this time of year, but perhaps this "Star Wars"-themed Christmas lights extravaganza will warm the cockles of your heart.

Tom BetGeorge, who teaches at the Conservatory in Oakland and Centerville Presbyterian Church in Fremont, decorated his home with approximately 100,000 lights carefully choreographed to John Williams's epic themes for "Star Wars." There's a giant piano and guitar that light up with the correct notes, as well as candy canes, a giant Christmas tree, singing faces, a working drum set, and beams of light that change colors and blink in time with the themes.

BetGeorge told Yahoo that the entire display took around 1,000 hours to build, which included building the various props by hand. If you're wondering what his neighbors think about this wild holiday display, BetGeorge wrote on YouTube, "The beams can be seen for miles but I went »

- Jenni Miller

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'The Imitation Game' Review: Almost There, But Not Quite

19 December 2014 5:45 AM, PST

"The Imitation Game" is one of those movies that feels important and groundbreaking, yet falls apart the more you know about the events it portrays. It's a movie that's perfectly fine, yet could have been extraordinary, and that generates a level of disappointment that might mask what for many is one of the best films they've seen all year.

The film tells the story of the remarkable scientist and inventor Alan Turing, a man with great internal conflict and a vast intelligence. Along with his colleagues, Turing helped change the outcome of the Second World War, as his mathematical prowess and the construction of an early computation device could be used to crack what was thought to be unbreakable Nazi Codes.

The film stars Benedict Cumberbatch in a role sure to see many plaudits at awards time, with a very real possibility he'll be taking home the Best Actor trophy at the next Oscars. »

- Jason Gorber

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Most Shocking 2014 Mid-Season TV Finales

19 December 2014 5:30 AM, PST

Our favorite shows are officially on mid-season hiatus, and as usual we're left wanting more. TV dramas have a pesky habit of ending the mid-season on a major cliffhanger, and this year was no different. Actually, it was a little different: the cliffhangers were even more shocking than usual, and we've rounded up the best of the best. From an unexpected murder on "Revenge" to a shocking reveal on "The Blacklist," Moviefone has you covered with a full finale rundown.

Note: it goes without saying that this entire list qualifies as one giant "spoiler alert," so consider yourself warned!


- Mehera Bonner

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'Get Hard' Trailer: Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart Prep for Prison (Video)

19 December 2014 5:15 AM, PST

The trailer for "Get Hard," a new comedy starring Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, has finally arrived.

The film focuses on James (Ferrell), a hedge fund manager who's convicted of fraud and set for a prison sentence. With only 30 days before his stint behind bars begins, James wants to learn how to "get hard," and enlists Darnell (Hart) for help. Unfortunately, Darnell is a small business owner who knows nothing about life in prison.

If that set-up sounds ripe for disaster, the comic talents of Ferrell and Hart should save "Get Hard" from being too insensitive; it seems more silly than anything else. According to the flick's official synopsis, James and Darnell work together to "do whatever it takes for James to 'get hard' and, in the process, discover how wrong they were about a lot of things - including each other."

We'll see just how successful that mission is. »

- Katie Roberts

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Josh Brolin Talks 'Inherent Vice,' Paul Thomas Anderson, and His Career (Video)

19 December 2014 4:45 AM, PST

Josh Brolin stopped by AOL this morning to discuss the film adaptation of Thomas Pynchon's acclaimed novel "Inherent Vice." Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, the film stars Joaquin Phoenix as the affable Larry "Doc" Sportello and Josh Brolin as his counterpart (of sorts) on the police force, Christian "Bigfoot" Bjornsen. Watch as Brolin discusses the production, his career, and much more.

"Inherent Vice" is in theaters today.


- Moviefone Staff

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Saying Farewell to Stephen Colbert, Craig Ferguson, and David Letterman's Christmas Show

19 December 2014 4:00 AM, PST

We must not be treating our late-night talk show hosts very well. To lose both Stephen Colbert (or at least the "Stephen Colbert" he plays on "The Colbert Report") and "The Late Late Show"'s Craig Ferguson is a misfortune, but to lose them both within 24 hours smacks of negligence.

There's a lot of mourning, hand-wringing, rending of garments, and gnashing of teeth to be done, what with Colbert's departure on Thursday, December 18, and Ferguson's the next night. To add insult to injury, Friday the 19th also marks David Letterman's last Christmas show, highlighted by Darlene Love belting out "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)," a tradition that dates back to 1986 on Dave's old NBC series.

It feels like the end of an era, and not just because these long-time hosts are all quitting their shows (though Letterman will still be on for another five months), but also for what »

- Gary Susman

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Quvenzhané Wallis Facts: 10 Things You (Probably) Don't Know About the 'Annie' Star

19 December 2014 2:00 AM, PST

Quvenzhané Wallis is still in the throes of adolescence, but that hasn't stopped the youngster from leaving her mark on film history.

At just five years old, Wallis beat out nearly 4,000 other children to play the tenacious Louisiana toddler Hushpuppy in "Beasts of the Southern Wild" (2012). The indie film gave Wallis the role of a lifetime and catapulted the newcomer to fame overnight -- even earning her an Oscar nomination along the way. This holiday season, Wallis lights up the screen opposite Jamie Foxx in the beloved musical "Annie."

1. Quvenzhané Wallis was born August 28, 2003 in Houma, Louisiana to Qulyndreia Jackson and Venjie Wallis, Sr.

2. Her mother is a teacher, while her father is a truck driver.

3. Wallis has one sister, Qunyquekya, and two brothers, Vejon and Venjie Jr.

4. The first half of Wallis's first name is a combination of her parents' first names. The other half, "Zhané," means "fairy" in Swahili. »

- Jonny Black

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Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens on 'The Hobbit,' a Missing Elf, and What's Next (Exclusive)

19 December 2014 1:00 AM, PST

All good things must come to an end. And this is certainly the case with Peter Jackson's "Hobbit" trilogy. Originally supposed to only be two films, the adaptation of the "Lord of the Rings" prequel was then stretched into three, each one more terrifically entertaining than the last. This latest film, "The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies," sees the titular armies clashing in spectacular fashion, a dragon with the voice of Benedict Cumberbatch raining hellfire down on a small lake town, and Ian McKellan hilariously packing a pipe.

We got to sit down with Peter Jackson, who has directed not only ever "Hobbit" film but every "Lord of the Rings" film (and is presumably the second biggest Tolkien nerd in the world after Stephen Colbert) and his co-writer, Philippa Boyens, for a discussion about what original director Guillermo del Toro contributed to the series, the move away from practical orcs to computer-generated orcs, »

- Drew Taylor

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Best of Late Night TV: Orlando Bloom Wants 'Hobbit' Porno, Amy Adams Struggles at 'Holiday Flip Cup' (Video)

18 December 2014 11:10 PM, PST

If you're like us and value your sleep, you probably nodded off into your Ambien dreamland before the party started on post-prime time TV. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Here's the best of what happened last night on late night.

Amy Adams played "Holiday Flip Cup" with Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show" on Thursday, and ... she did her best. She's hosting "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, with One Direction as the musical guest, so hopefully Amy is better at hosting than playing drinking games. But her little "ack!" sound when things go wrong is pretty cute.

The amazing Nick Offerman, also a guest on "The Tonight Show," read a "shortened, more casual version" of ''Twas the Night Before Christmas." Love his Christmas sweater. Honestly.

Jimmy Kimmel - and yes he really wore that red Christmas suit - welcomed Mel Brooks, who didn't want to sit in the chair next to the desk. »

- Gina Carbone

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Chris Pratt Poses with Velociraptor in 'Jurassic World' Holiday Greeting

18 December 2014 10:00 AM, PST

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the cast of season three of "True Detective."

In it, Chris Pratt plays an ethical detective who is partnered with a raptor, whose ruthless interrogation methods grate on his sense of honour.

He doesn't like, for example, that the raptor tends to question people by biting and clawing at them.

Ok, not really.

Seriously though, "Jurassic World" director Colin Trevorrow posted an awesome picture of Pratt and a prehistoric co-star on his Twitter account Wednesday.

Happy Holidays from the editing room. Do not try this at home. pic.twitter.com/cL755EHExw

- Colin Trevorrow (@colintrevorrow) December 17, 2014

It only has us more excited to see what is certain to be a major summer blockbuster.

The movie hits theatres on June 12, 2015.


- Jesse Ferreras

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Here's Chris Pratt - and Some Raptors - in 'Jurassic World' (Photo)

18 December 2014 9:30 AM, PST

After the epic, eye-popping first trailer for "Jurassic World" dropped last month, fans have been chomping at the bit for more intel about the sure-to-be-awesome flick. Now, Entertainment Weekly has debuted a new photo from the film, as well as a handful of details about the plot and characters.

In the image (which you can check out below), we see Chris Pratt's character, a dinosaur researcher named Owen, riding a motorcycle. Oh yeah, and he's being chased by a pack of raptors, too.

While director Colin Trevorrow didn't drop any details about just what is happening in that specific scene, he did tell EW that moviegoers can expect to see lots more chasing in the hotly-anticipated fourth installment of the "Jurassic Park" series.

"There are dinosaurs and there's the other-there's this thing that is not one of them, that is not of them," Trevorrow told EW of the hybrid »

- Katie Roberts

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'The Walking Dead' and 'Pretty Little Liars' Dominated Twitter in 2014

18 December 2014 8:45 AM, PST

Riding some of its highest ratings ever, "The Walking Dead" has dominated another medium, too.

According to Nielsen research, the AMC zombie drama was the most talked about show on Twitter in 2014, racking up an average of 576,000 tweets per episode throughout the latter half of its fourth season and the first half of its fifth season. It also accrued an average audience -- the number of individual people viewing tweets about the show on the social media platform -- of 4.934 million distinct Twitter accounts per episode.

And while "The Bachelor" had a higher per-episode average number of people viewing its tweets in 2014, it still fell behind ABC Family teen mystery series "Pretty Little Liars" when it came to mentions. Nielsen's numbers reveal that the veteran ABC dating show scored an average of 3.842 million Twitter audience members per episode, but only generated an average of 215,000 tweets per episode; "Pll," meanwhile, more than doubled that number, »

- Katie Roberts

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Luke Evans on 'The Hobbit,' Deleted Scenes, and Dracula's Next Move (Exclusive)

18 December 2014 8:30 AM, PST

In movies as furiously energetic and visually embellished as Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies," it's hard to single out a specific performance or actor, who could be deemed for future super-stardom. But that's exactly what has happened with Luke Evans, the charismatic British actor who essays the character of Bard the Bowman in Jackson's "Hobbit" trilogy, which finally wraps up with "Battle of the Five Armies," a film that kicks off with a thrilling sequence pitting Evans and his son against the horrible dragon Smaug (voiced deliciously by Benedict Cumberbatch).

Evans is a lovely guy, and we got a chance to sit down with him in London, during the final big press push for the final movie of the trilogy. We talk about what it was like finally seeing the sequence with Smaug, what he'd like to see in the extended edition of the movie, »

- Drew Taylor

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'American Sniper' Trailer: Bradley Cooper Is Ready to Come Home (Video)

18 December 2014 7:45 AM, PST

The new trailer for "American Sniper," based on Navy Seal Chris Kyle's memoir, focuses on Kyle's (Bradley Cooper) internal struggle over his roles as both the deadliest sniper in U.S. military history and a husband and father.

With over 160 kills to his name, Kyle must have seen and done things he's not proud of. But when prodded on that fact, he responds that he's at peace with his actions.

"I'm willing to meet my creator and answer for every shot that I took," he says, while the trailer cuts to a heart-wrenching scene in which he softly pleads with a young boy not to pick up an assault weapon.

That moment represents the duality of Kyle's life: grappling with the difficult decisions and actions required of his position, while also juggling his sanity and his home life.

"American Sniper," directed by Clint Eastwood, is due in theaters on Christmas Day. »

- Katie Roberts

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Cameron Diaz and Bobby Cannavale Talk 'Annie,' Karaoke, and Playing the Lovable Jerk (Exclusive)

18 December 2014 7:30 AM, PST

Sometimes you've just got to tap into your inner jerk.

All right, all right, maybe not in real life, but Bobby Cannavale certainly gets in touch with his bad side in "Annie." Mr. Moviefone sat down with Mr. Cannavale, and the actor admitted he was excited to craft a bad guy that audiences couldn't help but love. Castmate Cameron Diaz had a few things to say about playing another cruel character, Ms. Hannigan, though it didn't take long for "Something About Mary" -- and Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" -- to wiggle their way into the conversation.

"Annie" dances its way into theaters Friday, December 19.


- Moviefone Staff

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Paramount Pictures Bans Showings of 'Team America: World Police'

18 December 2014 7:27 AM, PST

"America! F**k ... no?"

After the Alamo Drafthouse movie theatre in Dallas, Texas promised showings of "Team America: World Police" in response to Sony Pictures' cancelling of "The Interview" release on December 25, Paramount Pictures has now made things even more volatile.

The studio has cancelled any and all showings of "Team America: World Police" in any theatre in response to "The Interview" situation.

Due to to circumstances beyond our control, the Team America 12/27 screening has been cancelled. We apologize & will provide refunds today.

- Alamo Drafthouse Dfw (@AlamoDFW) December 18, 2014

The Capitol Theatre and Cleveland, Ohio, and Plaza Atlanta Theater had also planned screenings, which are now cancelled. No Canadian theatres had planned a "Team America: World Police" screening, but Cineplex yesterday issued the following statement:

"Cineplex takes seriously its commitment to the freedom of artistic expression, but we want to reassure our guests and staff that their safety and security is our number one priority. »

- Chris Jancelewicz

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The 10 Worst Movies of 2014

18 December 2014 7:00 AM, PST

This time of year is full of critics' top ten lists and award nominations, but there's a flip side to this glittering coin. That's right folks -- we're here to talk about the very worst movies of the year, the ones that left us standing by the exit, patiently tapping our toes because we had a train to catch; the films that made us want to hurl our 3D glasses at the screen; the one that made us contemplate whether God was singling us out for divine punishment (and, if so, what we had done to deserve this).

These are the worst of the worst -- the movies that should still be sitting on a shelf somewhere, collecting dust, to be quietly released on home video or VOD, or that we should have never had to actually visit a theater to endure.

Above, in no particular order, are the worst »

- Drew Taylor

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F--k Yeah! 'Team America' to Replace 'The Interview' at Texas Theater (Updated)

18 December 2014 6:15 AM, PST

Update: Paramount Pictures, which owns the rights to "Team America: World Police," has cancelled planned screenings of the film, which was to be shown in place of Sony's now-cancelled release of comedy "The Interview." (Our original report is below.)

Alamo Drafthouse's Dallas/Forth Worth location was one of the theaters that had planned on showing the 2004 flick, which features Kim Jong-il (the father of "The Interview" subject Kim Jong-un). But the chain tweeted on Thursday that the screening, planned for December 27, had been cancelled "due to circumstances beyond our control."

Due to to circumstances beyond our control, the Team America 12/27 screening has been cancelled. We apologize & will provide refunds today.

- Alamo Drafthouse Dfw (@AlamoDFW) December 18, 2014

The Capitol Theater in Cleveland, Ohio also tweeted Thursday that Paramount had yanked the film.

Please note: Our Late Shift screening of Team America: World Police has been canceled by Paramount Pictures. pic.twitter. »

- Katie Roberts

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