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Damages Series Finale Promo: But You Don't Do That Anymore

9 September 2012 9:00 AM, PDT

Never trust anything said or done on Damages. If you assume that someone's being fully upfront about their motives or telling the absolute truth, be prepared to be smacked in the face by the cold, harsh reality of the world of Patty Hewes. It can make for a sometimes frustrating viewing experience, trying to decipher all the double-talk and keep track of who's making a move against who, but when it works, it's extremely thrilling and quite often brilliant. Now that we're heading into the series finale of the legal drama, it's time to find out who will come out on top once and for all - Patty or Ellen.

Deciphering it from the latest promo for the episode, titled "But You Don't Do That Anymore", won't be possible, though. For as deceptive and murky as the show can be, its preview material tends to exemplify those concepts even more - in the promo, »

- Shilo Adams

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Doctor Who 7.02 Recap - "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship"

8 September 2012 8:28 PM, PDT

I can’t speak for every single Doctor Who fan, but the second Steven Moffat introduced a clip for “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” at the San Diego Comic-Con panel, I was overjoyed. All I’ve ever asked for was a dinosaur episode. They teased me with a shot of pterodactyls in “The Wedding of River Song,” but that was it. Until now.

It’s 1334 BC, and the Doctor and Queen Nefertiti, or Neffie as he calls her, have just finished saving Egypt from aliens. He’s trying to leave, as he always does, when the psychic paper does something it’s never done before – honks like a car horn. The Doctor giggles excitedly and they travel to 2367 Ad, where Indira and her crew are protecting Earth. They’ve discovered a spaceship hurtling towards Earth that will crash if someone can’t stop it. They’ve tried to communicate with the ship, »

- Laura Morrell

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Private Practice: Matt Long and Alfre Woodard Sign On For Season 6

8 September 2012 2:15 PM, PDT

It appears that the doctors of Private Practice will be welcoming two new cast members for appearances during season 6!

According to TV Guide, actor Matt Long has officially joined the cast of the Grey’s spin-off in a recurring role.  Best known for his portrayal of one of the title characters of Jack & Bobby, Long will be playing a new doctor at St. Ambrose hospital this coming season.  A new love interest for one of our cast members?  Or perhaps a rival?

Long’s credits also include The Deep End, Mad Men, and most recently an appearance on The Newsroom.

Also guest starring this season is Desperate Housewives alum Alfre Woodard.  The actress is slated to appear in a November episode of the drama, as Sam Bennett’s (Taye Diggs) mother.  Will the doc have engagement news to share?

Known for playing less-than-stable mothers on Desperate Housewives and True Blood, »

- Shelli W

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Parenthood Sneak Peeks: Sarah Gets a Job and Doesn't Fight for Mark

8 September 2012 9:30 AM, PDT

Of all the Bravermans (and there are a lot of them), I think that I root for Sarah the most. Her flightiness, lack of direction, and general inability to remain stable, financially or otherwise, might all be character flaws, but they're also reasons to pull for her on every episode of Parenthood. You want Sarah Braverman to finally put it all together and get to live her life for herself, not her children, not her parents, and not her lover. However, each time that you think that the mother of two might have unlocked the secret to happiness, she finds some way to set herself back.

The season premiere of Parenthood, titled "Family Portrait", finds Sarah going in opposite directions with her professional and personal lives. The former will be on the up-and-up, as she'll be going from a writing career that stalled to having a new job at a photography studio. »

- Shilo Adams

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Web Therapy Season Finale Sneak Peek: Air Austen

8 September 2012 9:00 AM, PDT

You can argue that the entire second season of Web Therapy has been about Dr. Fiona Wallice attempting to find her way back to Austen Clarke. The two seemed to be ready to jump into a relationship at the end of the first season, Fiona having snagged someone that could help web therapy explode, when Kip came to her regarding the political campaign and the need to keep up appearances. Rather than dumping her powerful new love interest, their affair got put on the back-burner, with Austen helping to bankroll Kip's campaign and Fiona agreeing to stay with her husband through the election.

On the season finale of Web Therapy, titled "Electile Dysfunction", Kip has withdrawn from the race, moving to the southwest to be with Ben and leaving Fiona once and for all. This should be a cause for celebration for Dr. Wallice - her chances of being a political wife may be over, »

- Shilo Adams

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America's Next Top Model 19.03 "The Girl Who Wants Out" Recap

7 September 2012 7:37 PM, PDT

The Top Model makeover episode is still, more often than not, one of the highlights of each cycle. It may not have the same initial trainwreck-y type of fascination to it than it did during the show's heyday, but you can usually count on the episode to produce at least one major breakdown and at least one impressive transformation. Depending on what goes on during the makeover episode, a cycle can be made, undone, and flipped completely upside down, confidence issues and perceived favoritism tending to be the leading culprit. The girls that come out of the makeover the strongest are the ones that take the change of direction in stride and use the different look in order to flex their modeling skills and grow before out very eyes.

Smart Girls Never Quit...or Do They?

Harvard girl Maria decided to do the complete opposite of that. Cycle 19 of Top »

- Shilo Adams

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Suburgatory: Wilmer Valderrama to Return as New Age Guru Yoni

7 September 2012 1:07 PM, PDT

After bad timing, jealousy, divorce, bad timing, children, careers, and more bad timing got in the way of their apparent chemistry in the first season of Suburgatory, George and Dallas will be trying to take their relationship to the next level this season. It's an exciting yet scary time for the two, neither having had much success in the romance department recently with George a lonely single dad and Dallas having been trapped in a loveless marriage. Now that Dallas is divorced and they've both tried to date other people to avoid addressing their feelings, it's time for them to lay all their cards out and try to be together.

However, they might run into problems, as TV Guide is reporting that Wilmer Valderrama will be reprising his role as new age guru Yoni in an episode this season. Yoni, a rebound guy that Dallas clung to after separating from her husband, »

- Shilo Adams

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Scandal: Debra Mooney to Play a Supreme Court Justice

7 September 2012 12:23 PM, PDT

Olivia Pope has always fought for justice for her clients and now she might have to fight for justice and fight a Justice.

TVLine is reporting that Debra Mooney has signed on for a recurring role on ABC political fixer drama Scandal this season. Mooney will be playing a Supreme Court Justice in multiple episodes of the show, though nothing about her character has been revealed. She could just as easily become an asset to Olivia as she could a detriment, not even accounting for the possibility of her becoming a client or a key component in the search for the truth behind Quinn Perkins.

Debra Mooney might be best known to TV audiences as Edna Harper on The WB's medical dramedy Everwood, a role she played for the show's duration. The actress has made appearances on Weeds, ER, Bones, and The Mentalist, while Scandal will be her third character »

- Shilo Adams

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Supernatural: Can The Winchesters Achieve The Season 8 Goal...And Should They?

7 September 2012 11:36 AM, PDT

Have you seen the preview for Supernatural's eighth season?  Of course you have (if you haven't, watch it here).  It apparently reveals the season-long arc that's only been teased until now: find a Word of God tablet, decode it using Kevin, and close the Gates of Hell (thus, banishing all demons) forever.

A pretty lofty goal for the season, right?  And one that goes to the heart of Supernatural mythology, because they've been dealing with demons since the pilot episode.  It also harkens back to the end of season 2, when the Devil's Gate was opened, or the apocalypse, which wanted to unleash Hell on earth.  Overall, I think it's a good goal for the Winchesters to have. 

But that doesn't mean I think: (a) they'll actually accomplish it, and (b) am I even sure I want them to accomplish it.  Let's think about the various outcomes should they succeed or fail in this task. »

- Clarissa

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Strike Back Sneak Peek: Scott Asks an Old Friend for Help (Exclusive)

7 September 2012 11:31 AM, PDT

We're firmly into the second season of Cinemax's high octane thriller Strike Back and an all new episode is airing tonight.  What's in store?  The episode synopsis provides a few clues: "The trail of the missing nuclear triggers leads to Cape Town, South Africa, where kidnappers abduct the children of an expatriate munitions expert to force him to cooperate."

Want to see a kick-ass clip from tonight's episode?  Scott heads to an old friend for help and gets beaten up for his troubles.  Yikes!  Watch it below.

Tune in to an all new Strike Back, tonight at 10:00 p.m. Et/Pt on Cinemax.


- Clarissa

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Supernatural Season 8 Preview: What's in Store for the Winchesters After Purgatory?

7 September 2012 11:08 AM, PDT

I don't know about the rest of you Supernatural fans, but I'm very excited about the upcoming eighth season.  Season 7 ended with the Winchester brothers in a familar, and separated, state.  Sam was left back on earth all alone after his brother, Castiel and Kevin had disappeared (and after Bobby's ghost had - presumably - moved on).  Meanwhile, Dean and Castiel were trapped in Purgatory after having killed Dick Roman (or, more specifically, the final seconds had Dean all alone in Purgatory after Castiel disappeared).

When Supernatural returns in early October, the Winchesters will be reunited quickly.  Time will have passed while they were apart, but we'll learn what they were up to through the use of flashbacks over several episodes.  Sam got out of the hunting life and settled down with a girlfriend, while Dean managed to not only survive Purgatory, but escaped with the help of a new »

- Clarissa

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Parenthood Preview: New Jobs and Empty Nests

7 September 2012 11:02 AM, PDT

When Parenthood returns for its fourth season, the Braverman family will be adjusting to a multitude of change. Granted, they're pretty darn resilient and have made it to the other side of problems that might have decimated many other families, but the end of the third season saw a lot of drastic movement in each of their lives. The Bravermans are going to have to figure out how to incorporate that movement into their new lives while managing to stay on their feet.

In the five sneak peeks from the season premiere, titled "Family Portrait", you get one final snapshot at the families of Adam, Crosby, Julia, and Sarah before it all becomes different. Adam and Kristina are having a little bit of the pre-college blues, as Haddie is gearing up to head from California to New York to attend Cornell University. Meanwhile, both Julia and Crosby are adjusting to new additions in their lives, »

- Shilo Adams

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American Horror Story: Asylum Teaser: Veiled

7 September 2012 10:21 AM, PDT

Thus far in its run of teasers for the upcoming second season, American Horror Story has focused a lot of its attention on color, particularly black, white, and red. From the all-white room where several teasers took place to the white padded room, the dualing black/white-clad nuns, the hint of a red dress under a nun's habit, the white bath, the white/red raves, it's been a decidedly color-centric campaign focused on the dichotomy between good and evil.

The latest teaser for the second season of American Horror Story finds another nun taking the spotlight, but it's not the macabre duo that have popped up on multiple occasions nor is it the devilish holy sister from the last teaser. This nun, clad in a long light blue habit, has her head bowed as if caught up in a religious moment...only to have some person/force pull the end of her habit, »

- Shilo Adams

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The Voice Vs X-Factor - Who Will Win?

7 September 2012 8:56 AM, PDT

Someone is smelling a wounded animal, and how apropos is it that this someone is Survivor creator Mark Burnett who also happens to head up a little show called The Voice, that has turned out to be one of NBC's biggest prime-time successes in ... forever. Although Burnett claims it had nothing to do with him,  NBC has added a third episode of The Voice to next Wednesday, which will air against the premiere of X-Factor.

On The Voice side of things, the series is continuing with their intact formula, including the coaching panel of Christina Aguilara, CeeLo Green, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine. Everything audiences loved from last year will be included in this season.

X-Factor has gone under the knife in a big way.  Simon Cowell and his foil L.A. Reid are joined by Demi Lovato and Britney Spears.  To top-off the tabloid factor, it now appears that Khloe Kardashian »

- Jon Lachonis

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Big Brother Spoilers 9/7/2012 - And the New Hoh is ... Again?!

7 September 2012 8:19 AM, PDT

Last night's double eviction was a definite nail biter.  Frank was unsuspectingly evicted in the first round, and Dan nominated Ian and Joe in the second.  Who was Dan's actual target at this point?  If Dan was targeting dangerous Big Brother players, there is little doubt Ian was his target.  However, Ian slithered free of the block by winning the power of veto competition.  If the talk around the Big Brother house has been any indicator at all, Ian most definitely would have been sent packing.  That, of course, is no surprise.  What might surprise you a bit is who won Hoh when Big Brother went off the air.

In the second Hoh competition of the night, Ian won.  That's right Hamster fans, Ian is now Hoh and you can be totally assured of one of his nominees: Dan.  But how would Ian guarantee Dan be evicted?  Here's a possible »

- Jon Lachonis

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Morgan Freeman Isn't Dead, Either

7 September 2012 6:48 AM, PDT

Seems these days it would be easier to publish a daily list of actors that are still alive than to try to dispel all of the false death rumors.  Morgan Freeman is the latest actor to be declared dead by the internet.  Thankfully, he's alive and well.

As usual, this rumor circulated because someone saw a Facebook page titled "Rip Morgan Freeman" and by the time the existence of the page made it down the grapevine someone had forgotten the disclosure on the page that stated that Morgan Freeman was actually alive and well, and a full blown rumor was born.



- Jon Lachonis

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Big Brother 14 Second Double Eviction Review: It's (Finally)A Wrap For Two House Guests

7 September 2012 5:49 AM, PDT

Note to Big Brother producers and CBS: every eviction night should be a double eviction. Hell, make it next season's twist if you must, because Double Eviction nights are hands down the best episodes of Big Brother ever.

Even though it was clear as Julie Chen's skin that Frank was definitely going home last night, the shock on his face and his reaction afterwards was pure Big Brother gold. Frank's interview afterwards with Julie Chen was a bit much, only because it was clear either production or Julie herself didn't want Frank to go. Yes, Frank was a popular player this season, but seriously, weren't they pressed for time? Moving on...

While Frank's departure was seen a mile away, it was complete torture to see Dan pretty much doing everything in his power except produce Frank's walking papers to make sure the guy took the walk of shame out »

- Mark O. Estes

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One Direction Leads 2012 MTV Video Music Award Winners

6 September 2012 8:15 PM, PDT

British boyband One Direction may not have entered the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards with the most nominations, but they ended up having the most wins, taking home each of the three awards they were nominated for. In addition to taking home Best New Artist, the quintet picked up Best Pop Video and Most Share-Worthy Video, a new award this year meant to draw social media voting. Following close behind One Direction were Chris Brown, Calvin Harris, and M.I.A., each winning two awards for their respective videos. Brown earned Best Male Video and Best Choreography for his uptempo dance single "Turn Up the Music", while Harris picked up a solo award and an award for his collaboration with Rihanna and M.I.A. received two wins in technical categories for "Bad Girls".

Other winners included Rihanna for Video of the Year, Drake, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Coldplay, Katy Perry, »

- Shilo Adams

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Hart of Dixie Season 2 Promo: You Are a Walking Country Song

6 September 2012 5:02 PM, PDT

Zoe Hart was in a bit of a pickle at the end of the first season of Hart of Dixie. After finally consummating her physical chemistry with Wade, thanks in part to a thunderstorm and a goat or two, you'd think that she'd be on top of the world. George was going to get married to Lemon and live happily ever after and there was nothing she could do about it, so it was time to move on with her life. But the thing is, George didn't marry Lemon. He came back for Dr. Hart instead, nearly interrupting her encounter with Wade in the process.

What's a girl to do?

If the first promo for the second season of Hart of Dixie is to be believed, she handles it in about as awkward a fashion as you could imagine. Complete with karate chops, Lemon Breeland holding something that could be used as a weapon, »

- Shilo Adams

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Glee Season 4: Teasers from the Premiere

6 September 2012 4:10 PM, PDT

I was lucky enough to get a peek at the Glee season 4 premiere episode and I wanted to share some teasers with all of you.  My first impression is that the show has successfully managed to relate the two individual storylines, although, as a viewer since the pilot, it's a bit strange to see many of the original cast members separated.  And it's a shame that several cast members don't show up in the premiere at all.  But all the pieces of the show are still there.

The New Rachel.  The episode title doesn't only refer to Rachel's new life in New York (more on that soon), but it also refers to the competition to "be" the new Rachel.  Now that Ms. Berry has departed from McKinley, four glee club members (Tina, Brittany, Blaine and 'Unique') are in competition to headline the glee club.  Will doesn't want the members to »

- Clarissa

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