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Actor Salman Khan reportedly announces his wish to remain single

26 July 2014 7:10 AM, PDT

New Delhi, July 26: Finally, in the talk show Ek Mulaqat of Dd News, Salman Khan did not shy away from accepting that may be he will never marry in his life.

The actor reportedly also said that he has no interest in politics; neither does he wish to direct movies but will continue acting.

It was in the same talk show in the year 2010, Deepika Padukone considered Salman is the real 'Lafanga' though he has many good qualities that can be inspiration for others.

In his full length interview which will be featured on Dd News today at 9:30 pm and tomorrow at 11:30pm, the versatile actor has freely opened himself and. »

- Diksha Singh

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'The Expendables 3' leaked prior to its release

26 July 2014 4:07 AM, PDT

Washington, July 26: 'The Expendables 3' has been leaked nearly a month before its official release on piracy sites, which could be a real problem for distributor Lionsgate.

The upcoming movie, which was co-written by Sylvester Stallone, was downloaded over 100,000 times within a day, the Verge reported.

The film had been already attached to a single torrent by over 66,000 people, and if the leak proved to be a major crisis, the film's production company, Nu Image, could sue torrent pirates. (Ani) »

- Meeta Kabra

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Britney Spears flashes diamond ring, sparks engagement rumours

26 July 2014 4:06 AM, PDT

London, July 26: Britney Spears sparked engagement rumours recently when she decided to step out wearing a new bling on her finger.

The 32-year-old singer was spotted with beau David Lucado and made no efforts to hide the huge sparkling diamond jewel on her left hand finger as she smiled and waved to the photographers, the Daily Express reported.

Spears, who had was sipping a refreshment as she strolled, looked pretty toned and lean in her casual shorts, a vest top.

The beauty, who would resume her 'Britney: Piece Of Me' residency show in August, had been previously married twice, to Kevin Federline, with whom. »

- Shiva Prakash

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RiRi's homeless stalker arrested post being caught on camera

26 July 2014 4:05 AM, PDT

New York, July 26: A homeless man, who had been leaving weird handwritten notes at Rihanna's swanky Lafayette Street apartment, was arrested after being caught on surveillance camera.

The cops said that 53-year-old man, named Kevin McGlynn had delivered the creepy notes for the 27-year-old three different times, which contained threats and insults and had used the word 'b-ch', the New York Post reported.

The man was taken in charged for stalking, menacing, and harassment charges by the Manhattan Criminal Court and has been held without bail. (Ani) »

- Leon David

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Joaquin Phoenix may star in 'Doctor Strange'

26 July 2014 4:04 AM, PDT

Washington, July 26: Joaquin Phoenix is in talks to star in the upcoming Marvel project 'Doctor Strange.'

Though it is not confirmed if the 39-year-old actor would accept the role, a source claimed to the Hollywood Reporter, that the deal for the Scott Derrickson directed project was already ahead of the offer stage.

The film, which is being scripted by Jon Spaihts, centers on the former neurosurgeon who serves as the chief protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats, Sorcerer Supreme.

The character 'Doctor Strange' was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and introduced in the Marvel Universe more. »

- Diksha Singh

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'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' star Charisma Carpenter poses naked on 44th b'day

26 July 2014 3:32 AM, PDT

London, July 26: 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' star Charisma Carpenter recently stripped down completely for a photo-shoot to celebrate her 44th birthday and shared the snap with her fans.

The 44-year-old, actress can be seen in the shot seductively posing by arching her back and pushing out her nude chest to display her curves, the Daily Star reported.

Carpenter shared the black and white snap of her perching naked on a window ledge among 170,000 online followers.(Ani) »

- Meeta Kabra

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I like to do psychedelic drugs in outdoors, says Susan Sarandon

26 July 2014 3:31 AM, PDT

New York, July 26: Susan Sarandon has revealed that she is not new to the idea of mushrooms but likes to do psychedelic drugs in the outdoors.

The 67-year-old actress said that she was not into chemical things really, though she had done Ayahuasca, mushrooms and things like that before and she preferred mushrooms to acid, since she did not like to feel speed, the New York Post reported.

She further added that Timothy Leary, known for advocating psychedelic drugs, was her friend, so that acid was nice and pure, but now she was not looking for chemicals.

The Academy Award winner suggested that people should not. »

- Rahul Kapoor

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How swimmers can rule the pool revealed

26 July 2014 2:14 AM, PDT

London, July 26: A new study has revealed that swimmers should concentrate working on their kick with flexible ankles in order to swim faster in the pool.

Australian sport scientists have established that elite swimmers should use their backstroke and freestyle kick to make themselves go faster, not waste it trying to keep them upright if they wanted to get an edge in the pool. The findings were based on a new computer model of the rotational effects of buoyancy on drag.

David Pease, from the Australian Institute of Sport, said that kicking would be very inefficient at generating propulsion so every little bit that people could get out of the kick would be going to be a good thing.

He further explained that they. »

- Anita Agarwal

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Posting pals' 'drunk passed-out snaps' new rage on Twitter

26 July 2014 2:13 AM, PDT

Melbourne, July 26: A new craze has recently taken over Twitter world, where students post snaps of each other passed out while drunk, on the "pass-out pages".

Photographs of drunken American University students passed-out on the toilet, under desks, on couches, in libraries and even in the snow, appeared on the micro-blogging site under the hashtag "#passouts", news.com.au reported.

According to Mark Johnson, the marketing director for an addiction centre in Minnesota, this "harmless fun" for students could be life-taking. (Ani) »

- Smith Cox

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'Hopefully' pussycat dolls will get back together, says Nicole Scherzinger

26 July 2014 1:22 AM, PDT

London, July 26: Nicole Scherzinger has recently hinted that pussycat dolls might reunite in the future.

The 36-year-old singer said that nobody could ever replace the Pussycat Dolls and it was a unique time and nothing else had ever come out like that before, the Daily Star reported.

The Dolls hold a special place in her heart and nobody can touch them, so hopefully they will get back together, she added.

Scherzinger broke away from the band in 2010 and has since enjoyed solo chart success, a spot on one of the largest UK television shows and even has her own fashion line with online fashion retailer Missguided.. »

- Shiva Prakash

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Peaches Geldof's 'grieving' hubby still can't return to family home

26 July 2014 12:35 AM, PDT

London, July 26: Peaches Geldof's grieving hubby is still too traumatized because of her death and still hasn't been able to go to their family home after 15 weeks.

Thomas Cohen "gets his mum to pick up items" as the house still holds too many memories of his dead wife, the Mirror reported.

The couple's children Phaedra and Astala are staying with his parents at Eltham, South London.

According to the neighbours, Cohen hasn't been back to the house for a long time and is still by what has happened and is constantly reminded of Geldolf and the happy times they shared, as well as the moment he found her.

The. »

- Arun Pandit

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Daniel Radcliffe held by Us border guards over visa problems

26 July 2014 12:35 AM, PDT

London, July 26: Daniel Radcliffe was stopped by Us guards while crossing over the border from Canada to the Us because he failed to upgrade his visa.

The 'Harry Potter' star had been in Toronto to attend the premiere of 'What If' with co-star Zoe Karan plus to celebrate his 25th birthday and he was also in the process of upgrading his P-2 visa, for foreign actors and entertainers, to an O-1 visa for the individual who possesses extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics, the Daily Express reported.

An O-1 grants the holder a three-year stay in the Us, while the P-2 only gives a. »

- Arun Pandit

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Susan Sarandon had an affair with 'extraordinary' David Bowie

26 July 2014 12:34 AM, PDT

London, July 26: Susan Sarandon recently admitted that she dated "extraordinary" music icon David Bowie in the 1980s.

While speaking to an American website, the 67-year-old Oscar winning actress said that it was an interesting phase and she still thought that Bowie, 67, was worth "idolizing", the Mirror reported.

She added that they parted ways since she didn't want to settle or have children at the time.

Sarandon, who's a mother-of-three, had her daughter with Italian filmmaker Franco Amurri, and two sons with former partener Tim Robbins, both of whom she had dated post Bowie.

Before dating the "rock. »

- Anita Agarwal

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Abhishek Bachchan unveils official jersey of Jaipur Pink Panthers in Mumbai

26 July 2014 12:17 AM, PDT

New Delhi, July 26: Abhishek Bachchan, who has invested in Pro-Kabaddi League, recently unveiled the official jersey of his team Jaipur Pink Panthers at an event in Mumbai.

Speaking at the event, Bachchan announced the players of his team and told how he selected players for his team.

The 38-year-old actor said, "Players are already very confident. As I have already said in press conference, that we have selected our players through an auction."

The Pro-Kabaddi league has started today, with the first match between Mumbai and Jaipur. (Ani) »

- Anita Agarwal

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'Fifty Shades' trailer sends sex toys sales soaring

26 July 2014 12:16 AM, PDT

London, July 26: The trailer of the upcoming erotic film 'Fifty Shades of Grey' is set to spark a 1 million pound boom in the UK sex toy industry, it has been revealed.

The film, which stars stunning Jamie Dornan and upcoming actress Dakota Johnson as the kinky lovers, have had "the Fifty Shades effect", as a sex toy has estimated that Brits will spend an average of 2 pound each on toys over the next year, the Daily Star reported.

Lovehoney, who is the official supplier of all Fifty Shades sex toy merchandise, approved by the books' author E L James, will be releasing a new range of toys to tie in with the movie which is out on Valentine's Day and are expecting a surge in sales and a "bondage bonanza". (Ani) »

- Machan Kumar

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Now adult-themed restaurant in Taiwan that serves 'raunchy meals'

26 July 2014 12:15 AM, PDT

Washington, July 26: An erotically themed eatery in Taiwan serves their meals in a sexual way.

The restaurant, Funny Sex Restaurant, has been furnished with decorations that look like some body parts, adult toy or sexual object and it serves food in the erotically-designed crockery, Fox News reported.

The restaurant for adults has life-sized dolls handcuffed to the posts and wall posters that compare penis sizes.

The eatery was first in April and aims at getting some "giggles and a little gastric pleasure". (Ani) »

- Smith Cox

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Benedict Cumberbatch wants to be Batman

26 July 2014 12:14 AM, PDT

London, July 26: Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that he wants to play the role of Batman.

The 'Sherlock' star said that he would love to swap his deerstalker hat for a long dark cape to fight crime as Batman, the Daily Star reported.

The British actor, who revealed his superhero aspirations while at the DreamWorks Animation Comic-Con panel, said that as far as he is aware, it couldn't work out because he's doing a little play called Hamlet in London.

Cumberbatch added that he doesn't think he could even if that was on the cards, though it sounds like a fantastic project and its a shame if he misses. »

- Rahul Kapoor

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`Fifty Shades` trailer slammed for `glamorizing violence against women`(Amended)

26 July 2014 12:13 AM, PDT

Washington, July 26: The 'Fifty Shades of Grey' trailer has sparked a lot of outrage among the anti-porn groups over "glamorizing violence against women".

Gail Dines, a professor of sociology and women's studies at Wheelock College in Boston and a founding member of Stop Porn Culture, said that the trailer is "absolutely a misrepresentation" of what is in the book, and that it is been advertised as a love affair and erotic sex, when it's really about abuse and violence, and the grooming of a young girl into sadistic sex, the Washington Post reported.

Dawn Hawkins, executive director of Morality in Media and PornHarms.com, said that media reports are "glamorizing" the movie and Americans may not realize it, but bondage, sadomasochism. »

- Meeta Kabra

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TriStar wins Jodie Foster's 'Money Monster' starring George Clooney

25 July 2014 11:29 PM, PDT

Washington, July 26: TriStar Pictures has acquired the worldwide rights of Jodie Foster's thriller 'Money Monster' movie.

George Clooney will portray the role of TV personality who would be held hostage on air by a man who lost all his money on a bad tip, the Hollywood Reporter reported.

Jamie Linden wrote the screenplay, while Jim Kouf and Alan Difiore penned previous drafts. Led by Tom Rothman, TriStar has become competitive in scooping up prime hot properties. Money Monster would be made for 30 million dollars. (Ani) »

- Diksha Singh

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TV Batman Adam West believes Ben Affleck will be great in 'Batman vs Superman'

25 July 2014 11:28 PM, PDT

Washington, July 26: Adam West, who earlier played Batman in the TV series from 1966 to 1968, has said that Ben Affleck will be a great Batman.

Whilst talking about the movie "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", the 85-year-old actor told People magazine that his feeling was that Affleck will be really good simply because he was a great talent and he would be very interested in seeing Affleck in the role, CNN reported.

West said that Affleck just need to make the costume work for him. (Ani) »

- Meeta Kabra

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