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'Survivor' recap: Dramatic tribe switch ruins some peoples' games, saves others'

1 hour ago

"This is perfect. I'm in a beautiful spot right now," said an unassuming Jeremy Collins on Night 10 in San Juan del Sur after having just voted out snake wrangler Drew Christy. Unfortunately for Jeremy, Day 11 came to "Survivor" and brought with it the dreaded tribe switch. "All right, let's get ready for another shock," said host Jeff Probst. "Everybody, drop your buffs." Cue the theme music. Psst: Here's how to predict reality TV shows and win bragging rights And prizes! -Break- For those keeping track at home, here's how the tribes were divided after this season's random grab-bag switch: The Hunahpu tribe is now composed of Josh Canfield and his boyfriend Reed Kelly, Wes Nale, Alec Christy, Jeremy Collins, Julie McGee and Natalie Anderson. That's one couple and five singles. And the Coyopa tribe is now home to Kelley Wentworth and her dad Dale Wentworth, Baylor Wilson and her mom Missy Pa. »

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'The Voice' predictions: Will Pharrell Williams crush Adam Levine, Blake Shelton?

5 hours ago

Rookie coach Pharrell Williams has been lighting up the seventh season of NBC's reality program "The Voice." Along with fellow newcomer Gwen Stefani and the returning Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, who is the frontrunner to prevail this time around? Last season's winner of our predictions contest, Brian Clores, joins me in a new video slugfest (watch or listen below) to discuss the artists and coaches to beat for fall 2014. -Break- Battle rounds have concluded after four nights over the past two weeks. Clores and I agree that the reason so many of the top contenders want to work with Team Pharrell is that he is hugely respected as the reigning Producer of the Year at the Grammys. Levine and Shelton have strong support because they have won five of the past six seasons combined. Meantime, Stefani has struggled to choose the right artists and to use her steals wisely. »

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Is it possible to win Best Actor Oscar without taking SAG first?

8 hours ago

Less than half of the Best Ensemble winners at the SAG Awards have gone on to win Best Picture at the Oscars, but SAG has much greater predictive power in the acting races. Consider Best Actor: 81% of nominees (81 out of 100) line up with the Oscars, as do 80% of winners (16 out of 20). That makes SAG a crucial stop on the campaign trail for leading men. -Break- Past SAG champs do battle for Best Actress: Julianne Moore, Reese Witherspoon ... Click here  to start entering your predictions in all five of SAG's top races, or use our easy drag-and-drop menu below to get started. Your predictions determine our racetrack odds, and you can keep editing them right up until the day SAG nominations are announced. You score points based on how accurately predict the nominees (you get more points if you correctly predict a long-shot candidate before anyone else does), and if you're »

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News Nuggets: Tina Fey remembers fellow 'SNL' alum Jan Hooks

13 hours ago

In a new red carpet interview, Golden Globes host Tina Fey honors the late "Saturday Night Live" star Jan Hooks, who died at age 57 this month. Fey cast Hooks as the mother of Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski) a few years ago. She says, "Jan was so funny and the crew was so mesmerized. It made me sad when she passed and it made me mad at the time that how available she was. Jan should have had a bigger career. Jan deserved a big movie career, certainly as big as Rob Schneider. E! Online -Break- ABC is bringing back the retired Barbara Walters to host her annual special about the "most fascinating people" of the year. The 2014 edition will air on December 14 featuring Neil Patrick Harris, Chelsea Handler, Scarlett Johansson, Oprah Winfrey, and several others not yet revealed. Last year's special featured former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the top overall choice. »

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Oscars news: Matthew McConaughey lauded by 'Interstellar' director Christopher Nolan

17 hours ago

. Kris Tapley takes us inside the International Ballroom at the Beverly Hilton where Matthew McConaughey was being honored by the American Cinematheque on Tuesday. Among those singing the praises of last year's Best Actor Oscar champ ("Dallas Buyers Club) was "Interstellar" helmer Christopher Nolan: "There's no question that this is a performer who can't say, 'Pass the salt,' without it being truthful, without meaning something …I've never worked with an actor so relentless in his pursuit of truth in everything he does." In Contention -Break- And this year's Best Actor Oscar frontrunner, Michael Keaton ("Birdman"), is to be feted at the Santa Barbara filmfest the weekend before final voting by academy members commences. He will pick up the Modern Masters prize on Jan. 31. Last year, Bruce Dern collected this kudo just after reaping an Oscar bid for "Nebraska." Emma Thompson was to h..."' »

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Amanda Valentine vs. Kini Zamora: Our top users clash over who will win 'Project Runway'

20 hours ago

Season 13 of "Project Runway" ends on Thursday night, and for a while it seemed like Kini Zamora would win in a cakewalk. He led our racetrack odds for three consecutive weeks leading up to the two-part finale that started on October 16. But his preview collection was ripped to shreds by judges, and now our users are divided over who will prevail. Does Kini have any hope of salvaging a win? Or will one of his competitors take advantage of his rare misstep? -Break- Psst: Here's how to predict reality TV shows and win bragging rights And prizes! "I'm currently predicting Kini to win," says user Ryan Lapierre, who currently leads our "Project Runway" predictions contest. "I'm a little worried because he had the worst critiques this week. But Kini's storyline and track record throughout this season makes me feel that Kini can still win." But not so fast. Umur Cagin Tas, »

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Did Gwen Stefani use her steal on the wrong artist for Tuesday's 'The Voice'?'

21 October 2014 7:25 PM, PDT

The only coach with a steal remaining on Tuesday's "The Voice" was newcomer Gwen Stefani. Did she make a rookie mistake by stealing the wrong artist? 'The Voice' recap: Battle for the ages (10/13/14) -Break- Battle rounds concluded after four nights over the past two weeks. The other three coaches -- Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Pharrell Williams -- had already used up their steals, so that left Stefani with a lot of power. There were only three battles actually seen by the home audience out of six that were conducted (the other three were relegated to montages only). The best of those was for Team Pharrell between Brittany Butler and Ricky Manning on the George Benson classic "On Broadway." Coach/judge Williams chose to keep Manning, but Stefani completely passed on obtaining Butler for her team. The second battle of the evening for Team Blake had him choosing »

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'Survivor: San Juan del Sur' preview: Does Jon Misch go crazy after tribe switch?

21 October 2014 5:07 PM, PDT

"Drop your buffs," exclaims Jeff Probst in CBS's new preview for Episode 5 of "Survivor: San Juan del Sur," titled "Blood is Blood." The tribe switch we wondered about last week is finally here, but presumably not everyone in the game will benefit from this shake-up. Also in the trailer (which you can watch below), Jon Misch appears to go crazy after the switch, threatening, "If you're not with me, you don't know what's going on." Meanwhile, Dale Wentworth gets in a fight over his bowl of rice and Natalie Anderson worries that the singles will all be voted out. Let the games begin. Psst: Here's how to predict reality TV shows and win bragging rights And prizes! -Break- Sure, Jon may not have a lot of friends left in Nicaragua, but how long do you think he'll last in this game? Let's examine Jon's winning and losing odds »

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Meet our top scorers: Best reality TV predictions at Gold Derby

21 October 2014 4:37 PM, PDT

Congratulations to the Derbyites who lead our TV contests for best predictions. There's still time for You to compete and win prizes that include $100 Amazon gift certificates and a chance to chat directly with the reality TV stars and hosts. Log in here and start making your picks. You can change them as often as you wish up until a few hours before the event. Don't forget, there are two sets of leaderboards for each show we predict. One leaderboard shows which user reaped the highest score when predicting the most current episode, and the other one reveals who has the best overall total score. -Break- 'Dancing with the Stars: Season 19'   Top Score Last Episode (Week 6: 'Pitbull Night') Ryan Lapierre: 3,650 points See leaderboard   Best Total Score (So Far) alokin: 14,468 points See leaderboard     'Survivor: San Juan del Sur'   Top Score Last Epis »

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'Top Chef' predictions: Why we're rooting for 'quiet force' Mei Lin to win Season 12'

21 October 2014 12:59 PM, PDT

It's no secret that Contributing Editor Ralph Galvan and myself are sworn enemies here at Gold Derby. In fact, we disagreed so much when predicting the Emmys that we ended up writing competing articles over who'd win the various acting races. (Here's one, and here's another.) When Ralph and I sat down to discuss our new obsession -- "Top Chef" Season 12 -- you could cut the tension with a butcher's knife. Below, read our feisty Q&A about the current season and see why we're both predicting Mei Lin as this year's winner. -Break- Psst: Here's how to predict reality TV shows and win bragging rights And prizes! Marcus: Hello Ralph. We meet again. So tell us, what keeps you coming back to “Top Chef” year after year? Ralph: How's it goin, MD? What keeps me coming back to "Top Chef"? Well, it's the ultimate reality competition program. »

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'Dancing with the Stars' mystery: Why is Michael Waltrip still on despite two left feet?

21 October 2014 10:10 AM, PDT

This season of "Dancing With the Stars" continues to defy expectations. With contestants trading the lead back and forth on the judges' leaderboard and viewers at home voting in unexpected ways, our users are facing a tough battle to predict the results, leading to major changes in our own leaderboard. Among this season's big surprises: Would you have expected race car driver Michael Waltrip to still be in the competition going into week seven? -Break- Psst: Here's how to predict reality TV shows and win bragging rights And prizes! Our users sure didn't. This week, he led our predictions as the likeliest contestant to be sent home with 3/1 odds. That dire prediction came despite the fact that no last-place dancer has been eliminated so far this season. However, our predictors thought the rhythmically challenged Waltrip's luck finally had run out after he finished with the lowest judges' score when the last two wee. »

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15 hottest forums posts: What are the Oscar chances for Amy Adams, Steve Carell?

21 October 2014 8:25 AM, PDT

Join the fiesty discussion going on right now in our infamous message boards where Hollywood stars, directors, execs and other honchos hide behind cyber-nicknames. Sample comments below with links to those hot threads. See more here. -Break- Amy Adams and 'Big Eye's might be a 'bust' ibbster: More bad news for Amy from Jeff Sneider. Word on the street is Big Eyes is a bust and Amy Adams will be hard-pressed to land that Oscar nomination everyone assumes she will get. A Frustrated Everything: I refuse to accept this. They like Adams too much not to nominate her in this so-so year for Best Actress. Etchie: If Amy Adams in Big Eyes knows that she's not competitive even for a nomination, why not throw support and endorse instead her Bff Emily Blunt's 1st Oscar nomination bid for Into the Woods?  Adams likewise played the same Baker's Wife role Summer 2012 @ Central Park NY. »

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News Nuggets: Is Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hiddleston the hotter Brit star?

21 October 2014 8:00 AM, PDT

Susan Wloszczyna cheekily asks which British star is hotter: Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hiddleston? She says each of the rising stars has "their own passionate supporters" that stir up deep rivalries among those fans. Maybe it was back in the 1960s for the last such excitement over hunky Brits like Peter O'Toole, Alan Bates, Oliver Reed, and Albert Finney. She offers up dueling video interviews to support her evidence about each man. Cumberbatch recently won an Emmy Award for playing Sherlock Holmes and is a strong Oscar contender for the upcoming "The Imitation Game." Hiddleston is most known as the villain in "Thor," Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris," and "The Deep Blue Sea." Thompson on Hollywood -Break- HBO releases a new trailer for the much-anticipated return of "The Comeback." It shows actress Valerie Cherish (Lisa Kudrow) as she "claws her way back to the middle" of the entertainment indus. »

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Oscars flashback: 5 reasons I predicted Meg Ryan to win Best Actress for 'When a Man Loves a Woman' in 1994

21 October 2014 6:36 AM, PDT

Twenty years ago I was still a journalism student, there was no Gold Derby, and I hadn’t even met Tom O’Neil. It was kind of like beginning of “The Wizard of Oz.” Dorothy was still in Kansas, everything was in black and white, and she had yet to encounter the Wicked Witch of the West. But like O’Neil (and most Gold Derby readers born before the fall of the Berlin Wall) I was already obsessed with the Academy Awards. -Break- And with just a few months remaining in 1994, I felt fairly confident about many of the major races. The Best Picture category seemed to have four locks – “Forrest Gump,” “Pulp Fiction,” “Quiz Show” and “The Shawshank Redemption.” The fifth slot was up for grabs, with the surprise hit British comedy “Four Weddings and a Funeral” looking like a real possibility. Even though he had just won Best Actor for 1993’s “Philadelphia, »

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Creator Adam Reed teases upcoming sixth season of FX hit 'Archer'

21 October 2014 3:03 AM, PDT

After a sneak peek at the upcoming sixth season premiere of “Archer” at the Vancouver International Film Festival Industry Conference, Indiewire critic Liz Shannon Miller interviewed creator Adam Reed about its origins and his “big, big idea” for a companion show that never came to fruition. “Archer" recently reaped its first-ever Emmy bid for Best Animated Program but lost to "Bob's Burgers." -Break- Reed revealed that he pitched the spy comedy to several networks, including ABC Family, which he wryly noted was “obviously a bad fit.” With regard to the animating, he said that his company uses Adobe Illustrator and After Effects and admitted, “That is the most cumbersome and ungainly way to make a cartoon, but it’s too late to change now!” He revaled he had initially hoped to differentiate the animation by regularly varying character outfits, but executive producer Matt Thompson convince..."' »

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Oscars news: 'Birdman' academy screening reax, Documentary Short field narrowed to eight

21 October 2014 2:08 AM, PDT

Pete Hammond has the inside scoop on this weekend's official academy screening of "Birdman," observing: "The good news for distributor Fox Searchlight is that much of that crowd stayed for the Q&A following the film with director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, sure-fire Supporting Actor contender Edward Norton, and actress Andrea Riseborough. That’s a good sign as it isn’t always the case ever since the fickle Academy voters started getting the Q&A treatment a couple of years ago. So in this instance, it’s not the attendance figure or even birdmanthe audible response, it’s that they didn’t bolt for the exits afterwards. Deadline -Break- Oscars predictions update: Experts still backing 'Boyhood,' Michael Keaton, Julianne Moore, ... The academy has winnowed a field of 58 entries down to eight semi-finalists for Best Documentary Short. Among these are three films about the terminally ill, including "Th...' »

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Did Pharrell Williams make two critical mistakes on Monday's episode of 'The Voice'?'

20 October 2014 8:25 PM, PDT

Since he first joined "The Voice" this season, Pharrell Williams has been something of wizard. The reigning Producer of the Year at the Grammys has basically taken almost every artist he has desired for his team. But on Monday's episode, Adam Levine stole his thunder... twice! 'The Voice' recap: Battle for the ages (10/13/14) -Break- With battle rounds on stage for a third time, the audience saw 12 remaining contenders face off in six challenges. It is very possible Team Pharrell chose the wrong winner not once but twice, with Team Adam reaping the results. The first of these had the soulful Blessing Offor and 15-year-old Katriz Trinidad performing the Stevie Wonder song "Do I Do." Williams selected Trinidad as his champ, so Levine immediately hit his buzzer and brought Offor over to his team. In the last battle of the evening, it was a Team Pharrell effort again in »

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'The Walking Dead' contest: One-legged Bob Stookey predicted to die next

20 October 2014 6:00 PM, PDT

Poor Bob Stookey (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) just can't catch a break on "The Walking Dead," can he? First, his leg was removed and served up as BBQ to the Termite cannibals, and now our Gold Derby contest users think that Bob is going to be the next character killed off the show. Do You think Bob will die in next week's episode? Be sure to make your own predictions by using our easy drag-and-drop menu below, as those will factor into our official racetrack odds that are pored over by other "Walking Dead" fans and AMC execs who want to know which characters you think'll be killed off next. -Break- Psst: Here's how to predict reality TV shows and win bragging rights And prizes! In our weekly "Walking Dead" prediction contest, we've separated the "Who Will Die?" discussion into two categories: by main character and by recurring character. Below are »

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'Survivor' contest frontrunner on why he's jumping on the Jeremy Collins bandwagon'

20 October 2014 2:04 PM, PDT

While I'm personally rooting for Baylor Wilson to win "Survivor: San Juan del Sur," one of our contest frontrunners, Ryan Lapierre, says he's jumping on the Jeremy Collins bandwagon. "He is a firefighter and he is very smart," explains Lapierre. "I can see him blindsiding a lot of people, like he did with Drew Christy, to get to the very end." After previously giving us his thoughts on "Project Runway," this young movie-theater worker from Massachusetts now sets his sights on "Survivor." Below, our new Q&A with Lapierre. Psst: Here's how to predict reality TV shows and win bragging rights And prizes! -Break- Hello again, Ryan! Congratulations on accurately predicting the past two eliminations of John Rocker and Drew Christy. How did you do it? Lapierre: Like I said, next week's previews. The previews showed John Rocker throwing a fit at the challenge. And Drew acting like an idiot going ar. »

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Oscars predictions update: Experts still backing 'Boyhood,' Michael Keaton, Julianne Moore, ...

20 October 2014 12:50 PM, PDT

The 22 members of our Oscars Experts panel have updated their predictions in light of the boffo box office this weekend of both the new #1 film "Fury" and the continuing success of "Gone Girl". And they factored in the stellar performance of limited release "Birdman (which racked up $100,000 on each of four screens in its first weekend) as well as building buzz on two more contenders ("American Sniper" and "Unbroken"). -Break- At this point in last year's race, our Experts had already predicted 22 of the eventual 34 nominees in the top six races. And it is time to make your early picks too: Click Here. Your predictions impact the notorious Gold Derby's official racetrack odds that give heart attacks to Hollywood execs and stars. How can you not join the fun? Especially when there is a prize of $1,000 up for grabs. And don't fret, you can change your predix as often as you wish. »

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