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Movie Night On Us Giveaway! $50 Movietickets.com Gift Card + Sour Jacks!

2 October 2015 9:19 AM, PDT

It’s time for us to treat you to a movie night, and we want to open the options by giving you a $50 Movietickets.com Gift Card. Plus, as a special bonus, we’re going to send you 4 bags of Sour Jacks® that you should not enjoy while watching the movie (because that would mean sneaking your own food into the theater!).

Just check out the giveaway widget below, and use any (or all) of the many ways to enter.

You’ll have time to jump in on something by Halloween, or save it for any of the many big names heading your way over the holiday season!

As much as going to the movies free is always a win, I have to tell you, these Sour Jacks® are good, and they have three new flavors: Lemonade, Wildberry, and Green Apple. The candy has also upgraded itself to a new Wedge shape. »

- Marc Eastman

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Paul Walker’s Estate Files Suit Against Porsche

2 October 2015 7:17 AM, PDT

It’s been nearly two years since the death of actor Paul Walker in a fiery car crash that also claimed the life of Roger Rodas. Walker was a passenger in the Porsche Carrera Gt when it left the road and crashed into a tree. According to the police investigation, the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed at the time of impact. The actor was on his way to a charity event in Santa Clarita, California at the time of the accident.

Now his estate and his daughter, Meadow, are suing the car’s manufacturer. Porsche is named as the defendant in the lawsuit filed in California Superior Court. The estate is seeking uncapped damages for loss of future earnings due to Walker’s untimely death.

According to a copy of the suit obtained by ABC News, the plaintiffs are contending that the vehicle was unsafe due »

- Jeff Bricker

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The Way Way Back Blu-ray Review

2 October 2015 7:10 AM, PDT

The coming-of-age genre has taken a few steps back since the 80’s. Studios aren’t putting the same amount of money into the genre as they used to. So, the genre has slowly drifted into indie territory. This is viewed as a bad thing, but my natural dissenting attitude disagrees. In fact, this is better for the genre. As an indie, there’s total creative control, there won’t be a suit saying to make it more generic or broad, as it’s easier to sell overseas. It’s just the filmmaker, their cast, and crew all collaborating on making the best possible product. Afterward, they can enter the film into Sundance, receive some positive buzz, then sell the movie to a distributor like Fox Searchlight. Just like what happened with The Way Way Back.

Our story follows awkward teen Duncan (Liam James) who is spending the summer with his »

- Alex Kuhn

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Burnt Releases Three New Clips To Sell The Many Sides Of Bradley Cooper

2 October 2015 6:45 AM, PDT

Burnt, which hits on October 23rd, has an uphill battle when it comes to getting extra seats filled upon release. While the food genre is on the upswing generally, and Bradley Cooper is in a very good place to draw a crowd right now, this isn’t a film that easily persuades the maybes.

In an interesting twist of marketing, the film has released three clips that hope to show off the multi-faceted character that is Adam Jones. He’s a very dedicated and dictatorial chef when he’s in the kitchen, an irresistibly charming smile when out on the street, and rather smug for someone who took a huge fall when mingling with the culinary community at large.

The question is, does any of this help you decide that you need to see it?

The trick is that this is a film that needs you to like a fairly unlikable character, »

- Marc Eastman

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Trainspotting 2 Is Coming

1 October 2015 7:15 AM, PDT

On the heels of its 20th anniversary, Trainspotting is getting a sequel. Director Danny Boyle confirmed that the project is moving forward and all three of the film’s original stars – Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle, and Jonny Lee Miller – are coming back.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Boyle confirmed they are aiming for a May/June shoot with a release in late 2016.  The symmetry would be nice since 2016 will be the film’s 20th anniversary. While the confirmation is likely good news for most fans, Boyle admitted that the original cast had some trepidations about doing a sequel.

“The actors were understandably worried about its reputation and not wanting to let people down or to just be cashing in,” he said.

McGregor was one who had been on record stating he had no desire to revisit the film. His attitude apparently changed and earlier this summer at the Edinburgh Film Festival, »

- Jeff Bricker

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FilmReview Podcast Ep. 157 – The Visit Review, News, And More

1 October 2015 6:42 AM, PDT

Marc and Shane take a look at The Visit, and let you know if it’s worth your ticket money.

Can M. Night Shyamalan redeem himself, assuming he needs to (he does)? Lots of people are loving this found footage effort, and while there isn’t exactly a twist in the usual sense of Shyamalan efforts, there is still something of surprise to keep his biggest fans happy.

The film is getting mixed, though generally positive reviews, which makes for a change, but is it enough to get the director back on a more serious track? We’ll let you know.

Don’t miss Marc’s Review, and be sure to email us any questions about past or future films/reviews at marc (at) wn dot com, and catch the show live next week, call in, or chat with us during the show at – http://www.blogtalkradio.com/filmreviewpodcast

Check »

- Marc Eastman

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Critics’ Choice Movie & Television Awards Combined Into One Show

30 September 2015 2:25 PM, PDT

Big news today in the world of movie/television awards. It was announced that the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, and the Critics’ Choice Television Awards will be combined into The 21st Annual Critics’ Choice Awards.

The event will air live on A&E, Lifetime, and Lmn on Sunday, January 17 at 8Pm Et/Pt immediately following a live Red Carpet show at 7Pm Et/Pt.

This is very exciting news, because the show will now turn into an incredible extravaganza, featuring both types of screens and all the stars you could ever want.

It’s also very exciting for me personally, being a member of both the Broadcast Film Critics Association, and the Broadcast Television Journalists Association. Moving to A&E last year seemed to be a great fit, and it’s great to see the CCTAs progress so quickly from something that Jon Hamm semi-famously mocked (during his acceptance speech) a few years ago. »

- Marc Eastman

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Truth Trailer Tries To Hook You With Intensity Of Repercussions

30 September 2015 12:47 PM, PDT

Truth is about to hit theaters (October 16), and it seems both surprising and curiously ironic that it isn’t getting a bigger marketing push. Anything with Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett demands a serious effort to get people into seats, and if you then add Topher Grace, Elisabeth Moss, and Dennis Quaid, you have to wonder why you haven’t been hearing about this one almost non-stop for months.

Then you realize it’s a movie about Dan Rather and the news story about the President’s alleged Awol status during Vietnam, and it dawns on you that you’re probably going to this, or not, no matter who they cast and/or how much marketing they throw at you.

The film is written and directed by James Vanderbilt, which is somewhat telling in itself. While Vanderbilt has penned some interesting screenplays (Zodiac), he’s also put out some that »

- Marc Eastman

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Hotel Transylvania 2 Sets September Weekend Record

30 September 2015 7:08 AM, PDT

Hitting theaters at the right time seems to have paid off for Hotel Transylvania 2. The animated comedy featuring the voices of Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg set a new September record with a $47.5M opening weekend. The film arrives at theaters with no competition for family-friendly fare and dominates. Early data shows 60% of filmgoers were under the age of 25 and 38% were parents, confirming the boost from younger audiences.

Timing isn’t the only factor that appears to be helping Hotel Transylvania 2. According to Rotten Tomatoes, 82% of surveyed filmgoers “liked” the film signaling the sequel delivered what most fans were looking for. The film’s box office returns mark a North American record for the month of September.

“We had a great date, and this is a big win for Sony Pictures Animation,” said Sony president of marketing Josh Greenstein. “And the movie is exploding.”

The film’s success »

- Jeff Bricker

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Furious 7 Racing Through the Home Video Market

30 September 2015 6:25 AM, PDT

Furious 7 looks to be taking a victory lap. After grossing $1.5B globally, Universal is now reporting that the film has taken in another $52.5M from the home video market. It was released approximately one week ago on DVD and Blu-Ray and has already sold nearly 2.5 million units. That’s the highest home video sales numbers for any live-action film in 2015.

Furious 7 shattered records around the world at the box office and continues to reach incredible heights in home entertainment, an extraordinary achievement for the seventh installment of any franchise,” Uphe president Eddie Cunningham said. “Such astonishing results in both theatrical and home entertainment are a true testament to the enduring appeal of The Fast and the Furious films and underscore the strong demand amongst both physical and digital consumers to have instant access to one of the year’s greatest must-own movies.”

To date, the film is the »

- Jeff Bricker

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Colin Trevorrow Working On The Book of Henry

29 September 2015 3:15 PM, PDT

Colin Trevorrow has some big films on his “to-do” list. The Jurassic World director has been tapped to direct the next Jurassic installment, as well as conclude the new Star Wars trilogy with Episode IX. Before he starts on these colossal projects, Trevorrow has a pet project he’s finally getting started.

The Book of Henry is a film that the director has wanted to make for some time now. The plot details of the film are being kept a secret.  What we know is that the film will be based on an original script by novelist Gregg Hurwitz. He is a New York Times Bestselling author of fifteen novels as well as an acclaimed comic book writer (Wolverine, Punisher, Batman and others).  His latest novel, Orphan X, is due in January and the film rights have already been purchased by Warner Bros.

Naomi Watts is set to star in »

- Jeff Bricker

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Angry Birds, Because Of Course, Gets A Wacky Trailer

29 September 2015 3:01 PM, PDT

It might have surprised you that Angry Birds managed a movie, or it might not have surprised you at all, but the crew assembled for this curious, based-on-an-app-game effort is a little surprising, even for those too jaded to bat an eye at this money grab.

It’s a cast that would make you think you’re in for something amazing, but the trailer doesn’t exactly flesh out what it is that makes these birds so angry, except that Red (Jason Sudeikis) seems to have stumbled out of Inside Out.

It’s bound to make a ton of money (and have virtually nothing to do with the game), but the general irritation at film adaptations just for the sake of raking in dough could win out if this one doesn’t give us a lot more info in a hurry.

Check it out, and let us know what you think. »

- Marc Eastman

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Goodfellas Producer Taking WB To Court

29 September 2015 12:38 PM, PDT

In what should be a time of celebration for the whole “family”, Warner Brothers is getting sued over royalties connected to the Martin Scorsese classic Goodfellas. Filed in La Superior Court, 25 years to the day of the film’s theatrical release, Irwin Winkler is accusing the studio of breach of contract and fraud over home video sales of the film. He is seeking $18 million in damages.

Winkler is a noted Hollywood producer who, in addition to Goodfellas, has produced several other major motion pictures including The Right Stuff, The Rocky films, and The Wolf of Wall Street.  In the complaint, filed by attorney Bert Fields, Winkler claims “Warner’s conduct in carry out this deceitful scheme to hide and pocket the lion’s share of home video receipts (more than $140 million in the case of Goodfellas) and to exclude that vast sum from the computation of plaintiff’s contingent compensation, »

- Jeff Bricker

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New The Revenant Trailer Leaves Leonardo DiCaprio For Dead

29 September 2015 7:48 AM, PDT

The Revenant doesn’t exactly need a lot of hype to build up before its release, because having Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, and director Alejandro G. Iñárritu is all you need to know, but the new trailer finally details a bit more of the story’s arc, and shows a very cool bear attack.

Besides, having a very crazy story that gets to say “Inspired by true events,” usually draws a decent crowd.

It’s been a while since we had a film that, apparently, just stuck to some serious revenge, and the lengths people are willing to go to when they don’t have anything else they feel is worth focusing on. Frankly, I’m not sure how well DiCaprio can pull off everything this film will ask of him, but he sells it pretty well in the trailer here.

Take a look below, and let us know what you think of this one. »

- Marc Eastman

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Evans and Leto Both Checking Out “The Girl on the Train”

29 September 2015 6:34 AM, PDT

The latest NY Times Bestselling novel to be creating a lot of Hollywood buzz is Paula HawkinsThe Girl on the Train. Major female leads have already been cast with Emily Blunt (The Edge of Tomorrow) and Rebecca Ferguson (Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation). Now insiders are reporting that two Hollywood actors from competing comic universes may be circling the project.

Chris Evans (Avengers: Age of Ultron) and Jared Leto (forthcoming Suicide Squad) are apparently both considering roles in film. It’s unclear at this point if Evans and Leto are considering the same role or two different ones. The addition of either actor would only continue to cement a strong cast.  Casting both would give audiences a chance to see both men play supporting roles without their comic costumes or makeup.

The story follows Rachel (Blunt) as a daily commuter who often watches Tom and Megan (Ferguson) through her passing train window. »

- Jeff Bricker

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Norm Of The North – Possible Surprise Animated Hit Releases Teaser Poster

29 September 2015 6:23 AM, PDT

You may not have heard much about Norm of the North yet, but the animated adventure about a polar bear who heads to New York City may turn out to be a surprise hit. It has a great voice cast, including Rob Schneider, Heather Graham, and has the potential to add miles of fun with Ken Jeong, Colm Meaney and Bill Nighy.

It’s also an interesting story, or it could be anyway, which centers on Norm’s effort to keep a developer from building in the Arctic. Of course, that’s the sort of thing that could go heavy on the preachiness, and it’s always tough to guess the outcome of animated features that A) don’t include characters we already know, and B) aren’t Disney/Pixar, but this is a cast that can spin a lot of charm into a voice role, and don’t turn »

- Marc Eastman

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New Steve Jobs Images Show Off The Film’s Bts Theory

28 September 2015 3:21 PM, PDT

It’s almost October 9th, which is when we find out if you can throw everything into a film and get people to show up who don’t particularly care about the subject of a biopic.

Steve Jobs has an amazing cast, and brings together Danny Boyle as director and a screenplay by Aaron Sorkin. With Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, and more, the film is a somewhat unique effort at combining demographics. Steve Jobs, and Apple, have fans enough to hopefully sell a decent amount of tickets, and for those who aren’t overly impressed in watching the company get off the ground, Boyle has fans as well, and etc.

If all of that isn’t enough, the story is a somewhat odd view of a life, which might intrigue a number of cinephiles looking to take in a different way of getting a story on film.

The movie gives »

- Marc Eastman

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New Burnt Trailer Spells Out Just How Much You Can Hate A Chef

28 September 2015 2:18 PM, PDT

Burnt is a strange film that nevertheless has a lot going for it, and Bradley Cooper is in a good spot in his career to take on a role that demands he be largely unlikable, while evoking a certain sympathy.

We get a lot more information with this trailer, and apparently Chef Adam Jones (Cooper) isn’t just a chef who has annoyed a lot of people, he’s apparently a chef that burned so many bridges that he all but disappeared for three years. He’s back, and he’s hoping to turn his life around with a new restaurant, but he’s created a lot of hurdles for himself.

In addition to Cooper, the film stars Sienna Miller, Omar Sy, Daniel Brühl, Matthew Rhys, Uma Thurman and Emma Thompson.

Take a look at the new trailer, and let us know what you think about this one.

Burnt Trailer »

- Marc Eastman

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Keanu Reeves To Begin Filming John Wick 2 This Fall

28 September 2015 10:03 AM, PDT

Good news for fans of the 2014 film John Wick, which featured Keanu Reeves as a “retired” hitman out for revenge. Thunder Road pictures just announced that the sequel (working title of John Wick 2) will begin filming later this year. Lionsgate/Summit Entertainment will handle worldwide distribution.

Reeves is scheduled to make a return as the titular character although no other casting announcements are available at this time. David Leitch and Chad Stahelski are also scheduled to return as co-directors of the film.  Derek Kolstad has once again asked to pen the screenplay.

The original film was made for a mere $20 million, a modest budget for a Hollywood action picture, and made over $78 million worldwide. That return on investment plus strong results in video and on-demand sales helped make the decision for a sequel to be an easy one.

For Reeves, this won’t mark his first or last entry »

- Jeff Bricker

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