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New Trailer for Seventh Son

18 hours ago

We saw the first footage from Seventh Son over a year ago at the 2013 ComicCon. Since then it's had a somewhat leisurely journey to the screen thanks to the divorce proceedings between Warner Bros. and Legendary. But having now settled into its new Universal custody, here's a celebratory new trailer for the fantasy adventure. Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Ben Barnes and Alicia Vikander star, and the director is Sergei Bodrov.The film is an adaptation of The Spook's Apprentice, the first of Joseph Delaney's best-selling kids series The Wardstone Chronicles. Barnes plays seventh-son-of-a-seventh-son Tom, Luke Skywalker to Bridges' Ben Kenobi, learning the ropes of witch-hunting and coming to terms with his supernatural abilities. Their first major adversary is Moore's Mother Malkin, although it's not the first time Gregory has encountered her: he buried her in a pit covered with magic-countering iron bars years before (that kind of half-arsed temporary »

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Second Shaun The Sheep Teaser Is Here

18 hours ago

Following on from the first teaser earlier this year, here’s a longer and more complete look at footage from Shaun The Sheep’s movie, following the adventurous ovine and his buddies as they hit the nearby metropolis. There’s a definite flavour of Wallace And Gromit at the start here, especially given that regular Shaun character Blitzer reminds us strongly of Aardman’s most famous canine.In this expanded adventure, Shaun and his pals decide to take the day off. Which would be fine, except they don’t bother to tell the Farmer where they’re going, causing no end of trouble and leading to the poor, put-upon bloke being carted off to the big city. Shaun and co must travel to the confusing, chaotic city and help him out.We’re promised the usual sheep-powered chaos plus a few new characters including animal warden Trumper and Slip, an »

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Rosewater Trailer Hits The Web

28 August 2014 11:58 AM, PDT

Usually found cracking wise and dishing out snark about American politics from behind his desk at The Daily Show, Jon Stewart took a sabbatical last summer to film his directorial debut, Rosewater, which he adapted from Maziar Bahari’s best-selling memoir. The trailer for the film is now online courtesy of Apple.Gael Garcia Bernal stars as Bahari, a Tehran-born journalist who has settled outside of his home country, gotten married and is eagerly awaiting the birth of his first child. In June 2009, he accepts an assignment to return to Iran and interview Mir-Hossein Mousavi, the challenger to president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the upcoming elections.With vote rigging rife and protests rising against the corrupt regime, Bahari is initially hesitant to get involved, but shoots footage of street rioting for the BBC. He’s arrested and spends 118 days being interrogated and tortured by a man who identifies himself as “Rosewater »

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New Foxcatcher Trailer Arrives

28 August 2014 11:56 AM, PDT

Following rave reviews and early awards buzz at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Moneyball director Bennett Miller’s latest, Foxcatcher is headed towards cinemas, bringing another compelling blend of real-life sports drama and complicated characters. The brief new trailer has landed and can be seen below. Foxcatcher, written by E. Max Frye and Dan Futterman, tells the gripping, real-life story of Olympic Wrestling Champion brothers Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) and Dave Schultz (Mark Ruffalo). They’re invited to launch a wrestling academy funded by the eccentric John du Pont (Steve Carell), heir to the du Pont Chemical fortune.Though it seems like a great opportunity, things turn darkly tragic when the paranoid schizophrenic du Pont lashes out. This latest teaser offers a glimpse into the darker, more driven heart of du Pont, and gives a clearer indication of just how different a performance this is from Carell.With Vanessa Redgrave, »

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First Footage From Pixar's Short Film Lava

28 August 2014 11:50 AM, PDT

A couple of months ago, director Pete Docter and producer Jonas Rivera brought some footage from Pixar’s next film Inside Out to premiere in Los Angeles. Also included in the presentation was a full look at Lava, the short that will screen before the movie, introduced by director Jim Murphy. The first look at a scene from the short is online via Yahoo. While we’re loathe to say too much about the plot (we’d much rather you experience the whole thing for yourself and let the charm wash over you), Lava focuses on Uku, a lonely, three-mile-wide Hawaiian volcano. Yes, you read that right: the romantic lead in the film is a lava-spewing natural formation. The story is told musically, using the singing voice of musician Kuahna Torres Kahele to tell Uku’s tale of longing for love in an ocean where everyone around him – the birds, »

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Exclusive New Poster For '71

28 August 2014 8:00 AM, PDT

Set over one terrifying night during a pivotal period of the Troubles, '71 is a thriller that will make your nerves audibly jangle and even your popcorn break out in a light sweat. It stars man-of-moment Jack O'Connell in another life-and-death military turn to add to his work in Angelina Jolie's Unbroken. This time, he's a British soldier left to fend for himself in territory that, as the film's new poster suggest, is hardly rolling out the red carpet for squaddies. O'Connell is Gary Hook, a newbie infantryman who is separated from his comrades when a raid goes horribly wrong. Like Carol Reed's Odd Man Out in reverse, Hook is left to negotiate a deadly rabbit warren of alleys, houses and darkened streets as he seeks to evade the Ira men hunting him down. But will he make it through the night? Frankly, we don't know, but we're strapping in for the ride. »

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The Rewrite Trailer Arrives

28 August 2014 6:32 AM, PDT

Hugh Grant and director Marc Lawrence have worked together three times before in the past, and it appears they’re channelling at least one of their previous projects, Music And Lyrics, for new rom-com The Rewrite. Check out what we mean by watching the first trailer for the film below.Grant swaps being a songwriter for a screenwriter in this one. He’s Keith Michaels, a man who once ruled the world in Hollywood with awards aplenty, a hit film on his resume and a beautiful wife. But cut to 15 years later and he’s divorced, broke, depressed and hasn’t written a successful film in ages.When his agent suggests he take a job as a screenwriting teacher at a small town university, he initially scoffs at the idea before realising he needs a paying job – any job. Grouchily taking the gig because he thinks it’ll be a »

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Steve Oram Says Its Walls Were Blood

28 August 2014 6:31 AM, PDT

Steve Oram offered horror and laughs in equal measure as the homicidally angry Chris in Ben Wheatley’s Sightseers. For a future film, he’s planning to cut out even the dark comedy and focus solely on the horror, as he’s set to star in Its Walls Were Blood alongside Edward Hogg and Pollyanna McIntosh.Blood, a title that reads like the worst ever TripAdvisor hotel review, is planned as a portmanteau film with four stories set in the same house. The writer/directors – Sean Hogan, Paul Hyett, Tom Shankland and Paul Davis – will chronicle the haunted residence’s dark history from the 19th century to the present day.Conner Chapman, Ruth Bradley, Rosie Day, Sam Gittins, Scott Chambers and Belinda Stewart-Wilson make up the rest of the cast for the horror, which should be cranking its cameras later this year.Oram is also part of the cast for »

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First Poster For Kill Me Three Times

28 August 2014 6:30 AM, PDT

We’ve seen Simon Pegg kill a lot of people on screen – but those were largely zombies or villains. For comic thriller Kill Me Three Times, he’ll play a more morally dubious type. The first poster for the film has arrived, complete with a smoking gun. Sorry, smoking matchbook. Pegg plays Charlie Wolfe, a mercurial assassin hired to take out a beautiful woman (Alice Braga) in a sun-baked surfing town. But he soon discovers that he’s not the only person trying to kill her and he’s quickly entangled in three strange tales of murder, blackmail and revenge. There’s Sullivan Stapleton as a gambling addict who is looking to score a hefty pay-out to settle his debts through a risky life insurance scam, Teresa Palmer as a Lady Macbeth type scheming her way through a small town, Callan Mulvey as a jealous beach club owner, Luke Hemsworth »

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Exclusive First Look At Marco Polo

28 August 2014 6:00 AM, PDT

Explorer, trader and inventor of swimming pool and hide-and-seek games, Italian adventurer Marco Polo is the subject of a new TV miniseries that charts his 13th century exploits. The show lands on Netflix on December 12, and, like a merchant laying their spicy wares at our feet, it has some first-look stills revealing the Oriental treasures in store. Click on the photos for a closer look. The Venetian, whose permanent gap year took him as far as China and was recounted in his epic travelogue The Travels Of Marco Polo, is played by newcomer Lorenzo Richelmy. The ten-part series, produced for the on-demand service by Harvey Weinstein and company, will see his traveller discovering that the intriguing and betrayals of Kublai Khan’s court is even more fiddly to negotiate than whatever A-road connects Venice with Ancient Mongolia.Joining Richelmy are Zhu Zhu (Cloud Atlas’s Megan Sixsmith) as alluring siren Kokachin, »

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Scorsese Attached To Ramones Biopic?

28 August 2014 3:07 AM, PDT

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the formation of seminal New York punk rockers The Ramones, and in another two years it'll be the 40th anniversary of their first album. There is, as you might expect, considerable activity beginning to bubble in the form of planned Ramones celebrations, not least of which, according to Billboard, is a biopic that Martin Scorsese may be attached to direct.Billboard drop the information almost casually into a larger piece about last weekend's Johnny Ramone tribute at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, attended by Guns N'Roses' Duff McKagen and The Clash's Steve Jones, and hosted by Rob Zombie. There are no further details, but The Wrap have since chimed in with their own unnamed source confirming Scorsese's interest in the film.There's no writer involved yet, and development is only at its earliest stages, but if the Scorsese intel isn't exactly solid, it's certainly plausible. »

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Exclusive New Pictures From Gone Girl

28 August 2014 2:00 AM, PDT

Leading the winter preview in the October issue of Empire this week is David Fincher's Gone Girl, adapting Gillian Flynn's bestselling thriller. Fincher promises us that this is a date movie that will "end 15 million marriages", and while we can hope he's wrong about that, we're definitely in for a discomfiting ride.It's all the story of Nick and Amy Dunne (Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike), and what happens when she goes missing and suspicion falls on him. Says Affleck, "I actually think this is the perfect date movie, not because I think it'll result in divorce - I think that's just David's fantasy - but because it's the kind of movie that a husband and wife could talk about afterwards. I think a man and a woman would have different takes on what happens. The last time I was in a movie that I thought polarised men »

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New Images From Exodus: Gods & Kings

28 August 2014 1:59 AM, PDT

The new issue of Empire brings the latest report from Ridley Scott's none-more-epic Exodus: Gods And Kings, with Aaron Paul and Sir Ben Kingsley talking to us about their roles as we watched the director part the Red Sea. Check out the pictures and read a little taster below. Aaron Paul plays Joshua, a Hebrew held in bondage by the Egyptians. In this month's issue Paul tells us, "Moses is an Egyptian general, and Joshua tends to stay away from those types of people. It's not appropriate to approach them or talk to them or even make eye contact. But then Nun [Joshua's father, played by Kingsley] persuades Joshua to give Moses a note saying Nun would like to speak to him. Later we find out that Moses is a very special human being. Moses is the one who can bring us to salvation. It's a wild, messy ride."Kingsley tells us that Nun »

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Charlie Hunnam In Line To Be King Arthur

27 August 2014 8:52 PM, PDT

From the looks of it, Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur and his valiant Knights of the Round Table could be cancelling an apocalypse or two. How so? Well, with Idris Elba already circling a role, Deadline reveals that Ritchie has picked Charlie Hunnam to play Arthur himself.No contracts have been hammered out just yet, so it appears Hunnam isn’t a lock for the role, but it’s certainly the sort of thing he could do well after his years sitting at tables with modern-day knights. Even if they were actually criminal road warriors riding metal steeds into battle in TV’s Sons Of Anarchy…It seems the film is currently called Knights Of The Round Table: King Arthur, and Warner Bros. is hoping that it’ll spawn a franchise that lasts for six planned films, sprung from the brains of Ritchie and Edge Of Tomorrow producer Joby Harold, »

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Cory Goodman Writing Underworld Reboot

27 August 2014 8:50 PM, PDT

There has been talk for months now about Screen Gems developing a new Underworld film, one that will offer a reboot and pass the torch to a new cast. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Priest writer Cory Goodman has landed the job of scripting the new film, which was at one point called Underworld: Next Generation.It might seem odd to reboot a series that only began in 2003 and has run successfully for four films, with the last, 2009’s Underworld Awakening, earning the most of the franchise so far. But a new cast offers a chance for fresh stories, assuming they’re going in a different direction and not hiring someone to simply play a new Selene, the vampire warrior played by Kate Beckinsale in all the movies so far. Awakening introduced her daughter, Eve, so that's one avenue that could be explored.Nothing has been confirmed about the plot, »

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Podcast #126: Jon Hamm, Richard Ayoade

27 August 2014 6:52 PM, PDT

After several weeks' of hype, the Richard Ayoade interview you've been waiting for is finally here, accompanied by some Mad Man - you see? Because of the TV show? And humour? - called Jon Hamm, with the former here to talk about The Double's Blu-ray release and the latter discussing Million Dollar Arm's cinema release. And beards.Elsewhere, the issue issue has its trumpet blown, Doctor Who gets a brief going over, and the villainous lairs of villainous movie villains are given the Location, Location, Location treatment. Why? Because you asked for it.P.S. You can check out our podcast photo gallery here and subscribe to the Empire Podcast via our iTunes page or this handy RSS feed. You can subscribe to the magazine here if you like it in paper form, or here if you prefer things digitally. And to make use of our SquareSpace sponsor offer, »

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Anthony Russo Talks Captain America 3

27 August 2014 5:11 PM, PDT

While it's no surprise, given the hanging plot threads and post-credits teasing, that Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes might continue to be a presence in Captain America 3, co-director Anthony Russo has once more confirmed his immediately ongoing presence. He's also provided some musings on the issues that are currently energising the production team."Is the Winter Soldier the world’s most dangerous assassin that’s ever lived or the world’s longest serving P.O.W.?” Russo asked MTV. “Is he responsible for his actions since he was turned into the Winter Soldier, or is he innocent by reason of insanity? Where does this character live now? Is he ever going to be acceptable again to Cap in the way he once was, before he was the Winter Soldier? Those are the really complicated relationship questions and philosophical questions and emotional questions that intrigued us moving forward.”Plot specifics are, »

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New Poster For The Judge

27 August 2014 5:01 PM, PDT

A few weeks on from the first trailer and poster, here's a new bit of promo imagery for The Judge, courtesy of Robert Downey Jr. himself. Downey co-stars with Robert Duvall in David Dobkin's comedy drama and posted this latest image on Twitter.The Judge follows big shot lawyer Hank Palmer (Downey Jr.), who reluctantly returns to his childhood home when his mother dies. There, he discovers that his estranged father (Duvall), the town’s judge, is being investigated for murder. So the man who walked away from his family years ago now finds himself having to reconnect with the man he’s tried to avoid. Cue drama!{The Judge First Look}Alongside Downey Jr. himself, the cast includes Vera Farmiga, Billy Bob Thornton, Vincent D’Onofrio, Dax Shepard, Jeremy Strong, Melissa Leo, Leighton Meester, David Krumholtz and Sarah Lancaster. The Judge arrives in the UK on October 24.   brightcove. »

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New Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 Posters

27 August 2014 12:42 PM, PDT

The marketing campaign for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 is fashioned as a propaganda battle between those stylish, ruling-class despots from The Capitol and the scrappy rebels of the various outlying Districts ready to throw off the diamond-encrusted yoke of dictatorship. New posters for District 13 popped up earlier this month, and now there are some new, militaristic images from the rebels online. Once again, they don’t feature either Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss or Josh Hutcherson’s captured Peeta Mellark, but we do see Natalie Dormer’s Cressida, Liam Hemsworth’s Gale, Elder Henson’s Pollux, Wes Chatham’s Castor, Mahershala Ali’s Boggs and Evan Ross’ Messalla.Directed by Francis Lawrence and adapted by Danny Strong from Suzanne Collins' third novel, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2 make up the third and fourth installments of heroine Katniss Everdeen’s journey to overthrow the Capitol and its smug, »

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Jamie Dornan Will Live The Ninth Life Of Louis Drax

27 August 2014 11:49 AM, PDT

Apparently destined to forever star in films with numbers in the title after his work in Fifty Shades Of Grey, Jamie Dornan is leaning into his tragic destiny by taking on a lead role in The Ninth Life Of Louis Drax.Okay, okay, so it’s just a coincidence – and Dornan is already at work on John Wells’ new culinary film, which doesn’t have a title but probably won’t end up with a numerical one – and this has an interesting history. Actor Max Minghella wrote the script, adapting Liz Jensen’s novel, and is carrying on a project that his father, director Anthony Minghella, had wanted to make for years before his death in 2008.The plot follows the titular 9-year-old boy, who suffers a near-fatal accident on his birthday. When a doctor (Dornan) starts treating the lad, he discovers a mystery that snaps the boundaries between reality and fantasy. »

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