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First Spectre Teaser Trailer Arrives

27 March 2015 9:43 AM, PDT

With a poster reveal and behind-the-scenes video already online, it was clearly time for the first teaser from James Bond’s new adventure, Spectre, to hit the web. Which is why we’re not completely surprised to be bringing you the following footage.Yes, here is Daniel Craig once more throwing himself around the world on the track of a mystery, one tied to the events of Skyfall and the eponymous pile he once called home. In the brief tease, we re-visit Jesper Christensen's Mr. White, get glimpses of some of the other characters and, finally, meet Christoph Waltz's shadowy sort.So what do we really know about the plot so far? Here’s the official synopsis… “A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organisation. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back »

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New Quicksilver And Scarlet Witch Avengers: Age Of Ultron TV Spot

27 March 2015 9:29 AM, PDT

Ultron's one thing - big bad robot who likes doing big bad things - but Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch... who are they? Really? Perhaps a minute-long TV spot isn't the perfect answer to that question, but it's the best around for now, featuring some new quips and clips from the upcoming Marvel superhero mash-up, Avengers: Age Of Ultron. So remember, if you're avoiding all kinds of spoilers, you're best off clicking away... now. Still here? Press play Asap.The plot, as you’ll likely know by now, finds malevolent machine intelligence Ultron (voiced and performed by James Spader along with a team of CG experts) posing a terrible threat to Stark, Cap, Banner and the rest – not only is it powerful enough to reduce large swathes of the world to rubble, it also helps sprout the lingering seeds of discontent between the Avengers themselves, which could well tear them apart from within. »

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New Terminator Genisys TV Spot Lands

27 March 2015 9:27 AM, PDT

As Arnold Schwarzenegger explains in the new issue of Empire, Terminator Genisys is untethered from the fiddly business of having to dot all the 'i's and cross the 't's of previous films in the franchise. But swerving that timeline tangle doesn't mean that the sci-fi actioner won't be paying homage to Terminator lore. This new TV spot distills a fair few of them into 30 seconds of cybernetic showcasing. There's a first proper look at J.K. Simmons as Detective O'Brien, a corner of officialdom a lot more willing to take all the doomsday prophesying at face value than, say, Dr. Silberman in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Never mind rushing and dragging, here's J.K. scarpering. For those not already in the know, Genisys starts in 2029, with the war between the human rebels and Skynet’s malicious machines is in full swing. Present and correct – though played now by different actors – are »

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The First Look At Ryan Reynolds' New Deadpool Is Here

27 March 2015 9:16 AM, PDT

Clearly more than a little enthusiastic about getting to portray what he hopes we’ll all embrace as a proper version of snark-tastic Marvel antihero Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds has been the new movie’s biggest champion, sharing insights into pre-production via social media. Today he brings a first look at the Merc with a Mouth in full gear and in action… Sorry… inaction… posing on a bearskin in front of a roaring fire. Por qué? Because he’s Deadpool, that’s por qué. Deadpool, as you may already know, features former Special Forces warrior-turned-mercenary Wade Wilson, who undergoes a rogue experiment as part of the Weapon X plan that leaves him brutally scarred but also boasting Wolverine-like healing powers. Armed with his new abilities and his pitch-dark sense of humour, he hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life, while taking on other bad guys as he does so. »

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Southpaw Trailer Hits

27 March 2015 8:54 AM, PDT

If you saw the excellent Nightcrawler, you’ll know that Jake Gyllenhaal lost weight to play the sunken, ghoulish Louis Bloom. Now, for his next cinematic trick, he’s piled on pounds of muscle and become a brawler for Southpaw, the story of a boxer who must fight not only his opponents, but to hold on to his life as it starts to fall apart. Gyllenhaal is Billy Hope, the reigning junior middleweight boxing champ whose trademark “Southpaw” stance is a brutal, powerful style of fighting. He’s driven by an ever-present need for fame, money and love even while blessed with a wonderful family in Rachel McAdams as his wife Maureen and Clare Foley as daughter Alice. But then tragedy strikes and he faces losing everything. He’ll have to start punching his weight, and not just in the ring. Can he make a comeback? Hope is a role »

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Shrek To Return For Puss In Boots 2?

27 March 2015 6:59 AM, PDT

Shrek Forever After may have proclaimed itself ‘the final chapter’ back in 2010, but the jovial green swamp-dweller may not be finished on the big screen. According to Antonio Banderas, the man behind DreamWorks Animation’s feline-focused spin-off, a return for Mike Myers and Shrek is on the table for Puss In Boots 2. "I heard some rumours that Shrek my be coming back,” Banderas tells the Empire podcast.Puss In Boots was of course, a Shrek-free affair that spun out of the series to the tune of $550 million worldwide. A sequel has been germinating for some time already, although, as Banderas points out, “the process for these movies are way longer than people think”."They are restructuring the script now," he reveals. "We started… but that’s the process. A lot of people participate in the creation of the script and the story and the narrative, everything. And they include you! »

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Ralph Fiennes To Receive Empire Legend Award

27 March 2015 3:45 AM, PDT

The 20th Jameson Empire Awards takes place in London this Sunday in a flurry of red carpet glamour and confetti-strewn celebration of the medium we all love. At the heart of the festivities will be acting great and national treasure Ralph Fiennes, the newly-announced recipient of this year’s Empire Legend award. The Suffolk-born actor follows in the footsteps of Helen Mirren, Tim Burton and Tom Cruise in collecting the accolade.Even by the vaulted standards of his 25-year career, Fiennes is experiencing a purple patch. A Golden Globe nominee for his exceptional comic turn as M. Gustave in The Grand Budapest Hotel, he’s also kicked-started his directorial career in fine style with contrasting period pieces, Coriolanus (2011) and The Invisible Woman (2013), in recent years.Fiennes, of course, is twice Oscar-nominated. He was first recognised by the Academy for his indelible depiction of SS commandant Amon Goeth in Schindler’s List, »

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Simon Pegg Discusses Star Trek 3

27 March 2015 2:15 AM, PDT

Out on the rounds for Kill Me Three Times, Simon Pegg is, naturally enough, fielding a lot of questions about Star Trek 3. As revealed back in January, he's not only returning to the Enterprise as Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, but has also stepped up to the plate to co-write the next instalment with Doug Jung (Confidence). "It's terrifying!" he laughs."It was a difficult decision," Pegg told Collider. "I hemmed and hawed about it, a little bit, because it felt like a big responsibility. I owe J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burke an awful amount. I love those guys. I want to do right by them, so I felt like I should man up and do it. It’s weird to walk into something and take ownership of it, in a way. Everything else that I’ve written has been mine, from the very germ of the first idea, or shared »

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Matthew McConaughey Attached to The Billionaire's Vinegar

26 March 2015 5:51 PM, PDT

Having won an Oscar last year for based-on-true-life tale Dallas Buyer’s Club, Matthew McConaughey has been seeking several reality-spawned stories for some of his follow-up films. He’s now attached to The Billionaire’s Vinegar for Sony and Will Smith’s Overbook company.Based on Benjamin Wallace’s book – full title The Billionaire’s Vinegar: The Mystery Of The World’s Most Expensive Bottle Of Wine – the eventual film will unspool a tale set in 1985 when a member of the wealthy Forbes family shelled out $156,000 at auction house Christie’s in London for what they thought was a bottle of 1787 Château Lafite Bordeaux wine, supposedly part of a cache once owned by former Us President Thomas Jefferson. But though billionaire Bill Koch originally bought the cache for $500,000, he later became suspicious and paid double that to have the bottles checked and discovered they were big ol’ fakes. He sued Hardy Rodenstock, »

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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Finds Force Majeure

26 March 2015 5:37 PM, PDT

Force Majeure is a movie you might have heard of following its win at Cannes last year. Empire caught it at the Glasgow Film Festival this month and UK audiences will see it from next month. But thanks to that award win and a lot of positive buzz, Fox Searchlight has bought the rights to remake it for Stateside, subtitle-averse audiences. And the company has Veep’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus in talks to star. Written and directed by Ruben Östlund, the film (Aka Turist) follows a family who are staying in a resort in the French Alps. They’re worried when an avalanche threatens to bury the place, and the father skedaddles like a coward and heads for safety. But when the avalanche passes with minimal impact and the family is reunited, huge, somewhat understandable cracks have appeared in their relationship, and things are unlikely to be the same again...It »

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Podcast #154: Kenneth Branagh

26 March 2015 5:04 PM, PDT

Don't worry everyone, there will be two interviews from the Empire Podcast team unleashed on the world this week - it's just that one, with Antonio Banderas, comes in its own special episode (up soon), while Kenneth Branagh is allowed to be king of the regular pod without any competition.So, in short, Sir Ken is the guest on this week's show, a show where one of us nearly dies, and there's a good deal of thought given to ways that Tom Cruise could die, depending on what happens with the next Mission Impossible movie. As ever, it makes sense in context, promise.P.S. You can check out our podcast photo gallery here and subscribe to the Empire Podcast via our iTunes page or this handy RSS feed. You can subscribe to the magazine here if you like it in paper form, or here if you prefer things digitally. »

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Antonio Banderas Empire Podcast Interview Special

26 March 2015 5:01 PM, PDT

Antonio Banderas and his beautiful voice take centre stage in this appropriately-named Antonio Banderas interview special Empire Podcast. In town to talk about the delightfully bonkers The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, we took the time to not only ask about his character in it, Burgerbeard, but also much, much more, from Expendables 3 to The Skin I live In, not forgetting a certain Puss In Boots...P.S. You can check out our podcast photo gallery here and subscribe to the Empire Podcast via our iTunes page or this handy RSS feed. You can subscribe to the magazine here if you like it in paper form, or here if you prefer things digitally. »

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Orphan Black Season 3 Trailer Brings On The Clones

26 March 2015 1:41 PM, PDT

For the past two seasons of sci-fi drama Orphan Black, we’ve largely been treated to the sight of Tatiana Maslany nimbly portraying six very different – if genetically identical – women (and Tony, who is transgender), the clones at the central of a medical mystery. With the series due back next month, the latest trailer for the new season has arrived, and fleshes out the concept that was sprinkled into last season – that there was another clone programme out there...Ari Millen plays the varied psychopaths of Project Castor, four military-raised clones known as Rudy, Mark, Seth and Miller who have been brought up to be highly-trained soldiers tasked with causing trouble or carrying out whatever their bosses need. But though they were schooled together, they, like series focus Sarah and her sisters, also show little differences, which might be the key to helping stop their nefarious plans. The series has »

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Warner Bros. Puts Sundays In Its Diary

26 March 2015 1:40 PM, PDT

Crafting an impressive short with ideas to burn is becoming an ever-more popular means for first-time filmmakers to get their foot in the studio door. Dracula Untold’s Gary Shore got his start that way, and this year’s Pixels was born from Patrick Jean’s video game-referencing work. Now Dutch ads and short film director Mischa Rozema has scored a deal with Warner Bros. on the back of his pitch film, Sundays, which you can watch below. Rozema’s concept, which he wrote with Kevin Koehler, finds Brian Petsos as a man who begins to realise that he himself and the world around him are not what they seem – indeed, the whole universe appears to be slowly falling apart. But can he trust even his own senses? The short definitely has overtones of The Matrix, Inception and even District 9 in its use of grungy visual style and dystopian ideas. »

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Viola Davis Takes Custody

26 March 2015 1:32 PM, PDT

Although he’s more normally known for his theatre work, Into The Woods writer James Lapine does have some history behind the camera, though his last directorial job was 1993’s Life With Mikey. He’s back for a courtroom drama called Custody, which will star Viola Davis and Catalina Sandino Moreno.Custody, as you might predict from that title, sees Davis as the judge overseeing an emotional custody case, which finds Moreno desperate to keep her children. And, somewhat understandably given the fraught conditions of the case, Davis’ official finds it’s taking an emotional toll on her. According to The Wrap, there’s no set start date for Lapine and the film, although he’s written the script and is ready to get back to directing. It will likely have to wait for everyone’s schedule to clear up, particularly as Davis is about to start work on David Ayer »

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New Trailer For Spooks: The Greater Good

26 March 2015 6:04 AM, PDT

We’ve had protocols, ultimatums, even then the odd quantum, but now it’s time to embrace the notion of ‘the greater good’. The Spooks motion picture – Spooks: The Greater Good to give it its full title – gets bundled blindfolded out of an unmarked van and into our cinemas in May and it has a new trailer to share with the world. Click below for some helter-skelter lunchtime fun. Die-hard Spookies might have given up on seeing a big-screen version of the BBC spy series but here it is, promising all the unsparing character drama and tension that made the show so beloved. It mixes zeitgeisty currency and Spooks heritage with Kit Harington’s Will Holloway and Peter Firth’s Harry Pearce, the old MI5 warhorse, working in concert to stop a terrorist threat. That menace is represented by the magnetic and ruthless Adam Qasim (Elyes Gabel), whose motives are »

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Jake Gyllenhaal And Amy Adams On For Nocturnal Animals

26 March 2015 3:13 AM, PDT

Whether you appreciated the elegance of his filmmaking debut, A Single Man, or are one of the four people who can afford his clothes, Tom Ford is a compelling figure. He’s returning to filmmaking circles shortly with a thriller called Nocturnal Animals and is tapping the ex-Nightcrawler Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams for parts in the film.Ford’s follow-up to the 2009 Christopher Isherwood adaptation is another interpretation of a novel, this time an Austin Wright tale called Tony And Susan. The set-up involves the intriguingly meta-sounding device of a book-within-a-book. The first part sees a woman, Susan (Adam’s character, if she signs up), sent a manuscript by the husband she left two decades earlier, requesting her feedback.The second element dives into the manuscript itself. It’s called Nocturnal Animals and follows a family holiday that goes violently wrong, before reverting back to Susan’s recollections of her past marriage. »

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New Moomins On The Riviera Trailer Arrives

25 March 2015 11:47 PM, PDT

Birthed on screen in 1959, the Moomins are as old as Barbie and Ben-Hur (the Charlton Heston one) and with a movie in the pipeline, almost as enduring. The cute hippo-like critters are starring in their own movie, Moomins On The Riviera, and have a new trailer full of Moomin-y antics.  brightcove.createExperiences();Runs the synopsis (because it’s way beyond our understanding): "In search of adventures, the Moomins, Snorkmaiden and Little My set sail for the French Riviera. After a perilous journey, they reach their dream destination where Snorkmaiden is dazzled by the attentions of a playboy leaving Moomin consumed by jealousy. When Moominpappa befriends an aristocrat and adopts the name ‘de Moomin’, an exasperated Moominmamma retreats to the calm of their trusty old boat, to wait for her family to come to their senses and to remember their motto: 'Live in peace, plant potatoes and dream.’"The Moomins »

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Ben Mendelsohn Circling Rogue One

25 March 2015 6:36 PM, PDT

While he’s usually found classing up smaller indie movies such as The Place Beyond The Pines, Starred Up, Killing Them Softly and Animal Kingdom, Ben Mendelsohn is not exactly a stranger to blockbuster fare, having appeared in The Dark Knight Rises and last year’s Exodus: Gods And Kings. But a potential new job could rocket him even further into the public consciousness as Deadline reports he’s circling a role in Gareth EdwardsStar Wars spin-off film Rogue One.Naturally, this has to fall into the category of rumour (signalling that we must also link here), since no official announcement has been made and it appears that no deal has been hammered out as of yet. But he’s certainly a fine choice to star alongside Felicity Jones, as he brings a lot to every role.Edwards’ film, the first of the “stand-alone” Star Wars entries, is somewhat naturally still cloaked in secrecy. »

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Sony Scores Rights To Robotech

25 March 2015 5:02 PM, PDT

Having stalled at Warner Bros over the last couple of years, the rights to the '80s anime franchise Robotech have now been snapped up by Sony. Producers Mark Canton and Gianni Nunnari (300, Immortals) have big things planned, and they're not just talking about giant mecha. In development at Warners since 2007 when Tobey Maguire and Akiva Goldsman were involved at that point), Robotech was born out of the 1980s Japanese anime, bought by Harmony Gold USA and Japan’s Tatsunoko Productions, which re-edited and redubbed three different series to make into a daily syndicated ‘toon for audiences in the Us and elsewhere.In the series, mankind builds machines using technology developed from a crashed alien spaceship to fend off three different alien invasions, including one race of huge warriors none too happy about us pinching their tech and power source."When the rights to Robotech became available we jumped," says Nunnari. »

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