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Top 50 Most Viewed U.S. YouTube Channels • Week Of 10/02/15

7 hours ago

It's another installment of the weekly Tubefilter Chart of the Top 50 Most Viewed U.S. YouTube Channels and an American entertainment organization is still in the top spot.

Chart Toppers

At the top of the chart yet again this week is WWE. The YouTube home of clips and video highlights from World Wrestling Entertainment events held onto its championship belt, slamming down more than 96.3 million views on the week. Next up is FunToyzCollector (aka the channel previously known as DisneyCollectorBR). The most well-known of all the children's toys and unboxing channels online opened up nearly 84.3 million views during the seven-day time period.

In third place is BuzzFeedVideo. The premiere YouTube offshoot of the popular social website known for its hard news and listicles ended the week with more than 77.4 million views. Up next in the #4 spot is FamilyFunPack. The YouTube home of the family video exploits of a Alyssa, David, »

- Joshua Cohen

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Top 50 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide • Week Of 10/02/15

3 October 2015 1:14 PM, PDT

It's another installment of the weekly Tubefilter Chart of the Top 50 Most Viewed YouTube Channels Worldwide and a classic American sport is still in the top spot.

Chart Toppers

WWE maintained its position at the top of the charts this week. The YouTube home for all videos related to World Wrestling Entertainment witnessed a slight 2% decrease in its weekly view count to bottom out with more than 96.3 million views. In second place is LittleBabyBum. The YouTube destination for all of your favorite English songs to sing to your children racked up more than 92.7 million views during the week.

In third place, one again, is ItsBabyBigMouth. The Canadian YouTube channel all about whatever one finds inside Kinder Surprise Eggs ended the week with more than 90.7 million views. Up next in the #4 spot is FunToyzCollector. The progenitor of all popular YouTube channels featuring videos of adults playing with children's toys scored nearly 84.3 million views in the week. »

- Joshua Cohen

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Snapchat Will Start Selling Sponsored “Lenses” To Brands, Starting at $450,000

2 October 2015 4:07 PM, PDT

In mid-September 2015, ephemeral messaging app Snapchat added the ability for users to use sticker-like “Lenses” to decorate their snaps. These Lenses made it possible for users to place hearts over their eyes or essentially regurgitate a rainbow. Now, the Financial Times reports Snapchat will start selling sponsored Lenses as an ad unit, with Hollywood studios as the app company’s initial target clients.

According to the Times’ sources, Snapchat will design the sponsored Lenses for brands and release them alongside the regular Lenses. Sponsored Lenses will debut on October 31, 2015. The Times’ sources claim Snapchat will reportedly charge brands $750,000 per on-peak day (like Halloween or Christmas) to reach the app’s entire 100 million-strong userbase, which watches four billion video views per day. Off-peak advertising days will cost brands less (but still a significant chunk of change) at $450,000.

Snapchat confirmed with Variety the app company would start selling Lenses-based ads, but Snapchat »

- Bree Brouwer

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Indie Spotlight: ‘The Compendium Of Terror’ Riffs On ‘The Twilight Zone’

2 October 2015 3:26 PM, PDT

The Twilight Zone may be a classic TV show, but it’s episodes are full of hammy acting, over-the-top music, and ridiculous plot twists. For those reasons, it is ripe for satire, and The Compendium of Terror provides just that. Fresh off some screenings at New York’s Channel 101 showcase earlier this year, Compendium of Terror is a hilarious parody web series from sketch comedy group Faster Human.

The Compendium of Terror’s characters tend to oversimplify and misread their situations, leading to plenty of humorous moments. The jokes here are pretty simple--there’s a lot of classic setup/punchline combinations--but they’re funny, and you may find yourself laughing out loud a few times per episode.

Faster Human also thickens the Compendium of Terror plot by adding in a Review-esque host character, played by Jacob Wilson. The presence of the host allows The Compendium of Terror to riff »

- Sam Gutelle

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Celebrities Stand With Lizzie Velasquez To Fight Back Against Bullies

2 October 2015 1:17 PM, PDT

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and that distinction is very important to Lizzie Velasquez. Velasquez, a YouTube vlogger and motivational speaker, has a rare congenital disease that prevents her from accumulating body fat and dramatically impacts her physical appearance. As a result, she has become a regular target for cyberbullies, who have in the past dubbed her the “world’s ugliest woman.”

Velasquez has dedicated her life to standing up to her bullies and speaking out against bullying in all its forms. Now, she’s getting some help. In a new video posted by the Women Rising organization, celebrities recognize National Bullying Prevention Month and vow to “stand with Lizzie.”

Many of the stars who stand with Lizzie, such as iJustine, Michelle Phan, and Felicia Day, are her peers on YouTube. Others, such as Kristen Bell, Chris Hemsworth, and Katie Couric, and known for their work in TV and film. »

- Sam Gutelle

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Tyler Oakley, Lilly Singh Get Their Own Digital Greeting Cards From Someecards

2 October 2015 12:33 PM, PDT

Two YouTube celebrities can now say they have their own digital greeting cards. Tyler Oakley and Lilly Singh (aka IISuperwomanII) are the main focus of a new selection of online e-cards, thanks to a partnership between YouTube and Someecards.

A Someecards rep said in an email the online e-cards company worked closely with its in-house team to create cards which captured the spirit and character of both Oakley and Singh. For example, one digital greeting has a picture of the ever-polite and cheerful Oakley with his eyes closed and a cheesy grin on his face next to the words, “Sometimes I wish I could just close my eyes and make you agree with me.”

The greetings were created with shareability in mind, which has worked out well for a few of the cards in particular. One digital e-card featuring Singh garnered over 37,000 shares, while another with the 27-year-old Canadian vlogger pulled in 33,000 shares. »

- Bree Brouwer

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Amazon Picks Up Fashion Competition Series ‘The Fashion Fund’ From Condé Nast

2 October 2015 11:55 AM, PDT

Amazon has a new reality series to add to its slate of digital content. The streaming video service and home to Prime Instant Video has ordered a new season of the show The Fashion Fund, an original unscripted series from Condé Nast Entertainment (Cne).

Produced by Cne and Break Thru FilmsRicki Stern and Annie Sundberg, The Fashion Fund follows ten novice and/or burgeoning designers as they compete for a chance to win $400,000 and tutelage under some of the top names in couture today. The first two seasons of Cne’s The Fashion Fund ran on the cable TV channel Ovation. The Fund competition itself was originally launched by Vogue and Council of Fashion Designers of America (Cfda) in 2003 to discover and develop American designers. Amazon will release ten new episodes of Cne’s unscripted The Fashion Fund series starting in November 2015 on a weekly basis. The 2015 Fund judges, »

- Bree Brouwer

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YouTube Stars Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg Launch Their Own Production Company

2 October 2015 11:06 AM, PDT

Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg are YouTube vloggers, roommates, and the co-stars of an upcoming movie called Joe and Caspar Hit The Road. Now, they're business partners, too. They have established a studio called Raucous Productions, through which they will create projects both on and off-YouTube.

Lee and Sugg co-founded Raucous alongside Dom Smales, the managing director of social media management agency Gleam Futures. “This is a first step but represents a line in the sand,” said Smales. “It’s part of our commitment to partner with our talent to help them make original IP.”

Raucous Productions already has its first project lined up: It's a feature film called Joe and Caspar Hit the Road, which the new studio is co-producing alongside BBC Worldwide. In the film, Lee and Sugg will chronicle their adventures across Europe. This formula has been used for several other "YouTube influencer films," and like other projects of its ilk, »

- Sam Gutelle

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PewDiePie Schmoozes With Stephen Colbert On ‘The Late Show’

2 October 2015 8:23 AM, PDT

A week ago, we learned that Felix Kjellberg, the gamer who makes YouTube videos under the name PewDiePie, would appear on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Sure enough, we turned on the TV on October 1st, and there he was. The ultra-popular Swede sat down with Colbert to chat about the success he’s seen online.

Anyone who has heard PewDiePie talk to the media knows he is eloquent and charming. The only question surrounding his Late Show appearance concerned the tone Colbert would adopt in interviewing a YouTube star. One of his late night competitors, Jimmy Kimmel, recently came under fire for belittling YouTube’s Let’s Play community (of which PewDiePie is a member) during a segment on his show.

Compared to Kimmel, Colbert brought a completely different attitude to his discussion of Let’s Play videos. He was respectful toward PewDiePie and cognizant of the manner »

- Sam Gutelle

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France’s Fifth Annual Marseille Web Fest Will Take Place On October 9 And 10

2 October 2015 6:15 AM, PDT

The Marseille Web Fest is back for a fifth year of celebrating digital productions. The France-based web series festival, the biggest international event of its kind in Europe, will take place on October 9 and 10 at the Théâtre de la Joliette.

Over the course of two days, the Marseille Web Fest will screen a roster of 25 digital series to audiences who attend the festival. Among the titles showing at the fifth annual event are Ridley Scott’s Halo Nightfall series and Looking for Maman by actor Jonathan Lambert. These 25 web series, hailing from ten different countries, will compete for the chance to win eight awards from a jury of judges led by Jean-Pierre Dionnet. French Svod Canalplay and Canadian digital production company TreeCircle Media will present the Coup de Coeur and Innovation Prizes, respectively.

Additionally, the 2015 Marseille Web Fest will feature events and programming for attendees to learn more about the digital series industry. »

- Bree Brouwer

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Verizon Officially Launches Mobile Video Service Go90 For Free

1 October 2015 5:31 PM, PDT

Verizon’s new mobile video service is finally here. The telco giant released its free-to-use Go90 video platform for iOS and Android users on October 1, 2015.

Announced back in March 2015, the Go90 app boasts over 8,000 clips from digital and traditional TV creators, which viewers can clip and share with friends. The content is all supported by ad revenue through a deal with Publicis Groupe. According to Variety, the new Verizon video app is compatible with all wireless carriers so data users ranging from T-Mobile to At&T can watch Go90 on their phones.

However, not all the Go90 content will be available to consumers outside of the Verizon network. Verizon has deals in place with brands like AwesomenessTV, Vice, Machinima, and New Form Digital for exclusive series and content. Go90 will even boast live streams of NFL games, but again, these will only be available to Verizon customers.

Some critics are »

- Bree Brouwer

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Netflix’s New ‘Jessica Jones’ Teaser Reveals A Fighting, Drinking Super Heroine

1 October 2015 4:33 PM, PDT

Netflix is showing viewers more of its next superhero-themed series. The streaming platform released a new teaser trailer for Marvel's Jessica Jones on October 1, 2015.

Jessica Jones is based on the early-2000's Marvel comic book series Alias by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos and stars Krysten Ritter as the titular ex-superhero working as a private investigator on cases involving similarly super-powered beings. In the new teaser for the Netflix series (which also stars names like David Tennant and Carrie-Anne Moss of Matrix fame), viewers see Jones select Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” on a jukebox before walking across a bar full of beat-up foes and taking a shot of liquor.

Netflix previously released a first teaser for Jessica Jones on September 26. That clip showed Jones’ New York City apartment littered clothes, alcohol bottles, and newspapers while Jones sleeps heavily in bed. When her alarm goes off at 3 Pm to »

- Bree Brouwer

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YouTuber Kevin Droniak (And His Grandma) Explore Technology With PBS

1 October 2015 3:09 PM, PDT

The newest series from PBS Digital Studios features a pair of stars who are several decades apart. It’s called The ChatterBox, and it will follow Kevin Droniak and his grandmother Lil as they explore current Internet, tech, and culture trends.

Droniak, whose YouTube channel has more than 462,000 subscribers, is known for pranking his grandmother, soliciting reactions from his grandmother, and, in general, making videos that somehow involve his grandmother. When you listen to Lil speak, it’s easy to understand the appeal. She’s hilariously blunt, filter-free, and very opinionated.

For The ChatterBox, PBS Digital Studios is bringing Droniak and his grandmother to the world of tech. In each episode, the two co-hosts will tackle a youthful topic, such as gifs, unboxing videos, and Dubsmash. An array of experts will join the fun to weigh in with their own opinions alongside those of Kevin and Lil. The first episode »

- Sam Gutelle

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YouTube Millionaires: Siena Mirabella Has “Got A Rhythm Going” Online

1 October 2015 1:34 PM, PDT

Last months, schools resumed in the United States, and many young girls got their back-to-school advice from Siena Mirabella. For Mirabella, a 17-year-old YouTube star, back-to-school videos are just one offering on a personal YouTube channel that also features her opinions on beauty, fashion, home decor. Mirabella, who is partnered with BroadbandTV, has accomplished a lot at a young age, and she can now add one million subscribers to her list of achievements. Here's our discussion with her:

Tubefilter: How does it feel to have one million subscribers? What do you have to say to your fans?

Siena Mirabella: It feels absolutely surreal. It’s difficult to wrap my brain around the fact; it feels like just yesterday I was ecstatic to reach 1,000 subscribers! I could have never reached this point without my viewers. I owe them everything. I can’t say thank you enough, and I am eternally grateful »

- Sam Gutelle

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AOL Debuts New Live Event Production Service Live by AOL

1 October 2015 11:22 AM, PDT

AOL has a new way for brands to get their live events online. The media conglomerate, now owned by Verizon, has launched Live by AOL, an all-in-one solution to help content partners produce, stream, distribute, and monetize live events.

The Live by AOL tool provides AOL partners with a complete content production and creation system accessible via the cloud across multiple devices. The live event solution uses Verizon Digital Media Services to broadcast the event, and provides monetization through sponsorships and advertising options. Events created through Live by AOL can be streamed and distributed across all of AOL’s owned properties, including sites like The Huffington Post and TechCrunch.

A company rep said while Live by AOL is an open platform, AOL has "strict parameters" about the kind of "premium partners" that will be given the okay to the use the new service and what kinds of content those premium partners will live stream. »

- Bree Brouwer

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YouTube Kids Adds New Videos, Addresses Inappropriate Content

1 October 2015 10:59 AM, PDT

YouTube Kids launched a little more than seven months ago, and it’s growing up so fast! The app, which gives children and their parents a selection of age-appropriate videos to their fingertips, has announced several new features, including new videos, a collection of playlists, and new controls that help filter out inappropriate content.

Several of YouTube’s most kid-friendly creators have joined the channels already available on the app. Among other newcomers, HooplaKidz and DreamWorksTV will now share videos on YouTube Kids. Other content creators, such as Kid President and National Geographic Kids, have rolled out playlists based around specific themes. In addition, YouTube has expanded to the living room, as all these videos are now available on digital TV services like Chromecast and Apple TV.

The most important change, however, concerns the responsibility YouTube Kids bears for the inappropriate content users may find on the app. Since its launch, »

- Sam Gutelle

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Lionsgate, Tribeca’s ‘Shortlist’ Streaming Service Brings Acclaimed Movies To Subscribers

1 October 2015 8:52 AM, PDT

Nearly a year after we first heard about it, Tribeca and Lionsgate’s cinematic streaming service has arrived. The two companies have teamed up to debut Tribeca Shortlist, which offers a curated selection of films selected by actors, writers, and directors.

Here’s how Shortlist works: Tribeca (which has deep roots in the film industry thanks to its Tribeca Film Festival) will seek the advice of its “shortlisters,” who help build a selection of films to feature on the platform. At launch, Shortlist includes 150 films, and the plan is to replace 50 of them each month with a new crop. The shortlisters who have contributed to the platform’s initial slate include John Leguizamo, Matthew Modine, and Morgan Spurlock.

"We're taking a more human approach to movie discovery for viewers who want to escape the search spiral and find a great movie fast," said Jeff Bronikowski, President of Tribeca Shortlist, in a press release. »

- Sam Gutelle

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Amy Poehler’s ‘Smart Girls’ Debuts New Makeup, Supernatural Mashup Series With Annamarie Tendler

1 October 2015 6:38 AM, PDT

What do you get when you combine makeup tutorials with stories of ghosts? Thanks to Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls at the Party digital network, we now have the answer. The female-centric network launched the new web series The Other Side with Annamarie Tendler on September 29, 2015.

The Other Side is hosted by Annamarie Tendler, a professional makeup artist and author of the book The Daily Face: 25 Makeup Looks for Day, Night, and Everything in Between. In each episode, Tendler welcomes a guest onto her show and demonstrates a makeup routine on one-half of her guest’s face. Tendler’s guest then finishes the look on the other side of her face while discussing supernatural happenings and sometimes even Leonardo DiCaprio (Tendler’s favorite actor).

In the debut episode of The Other Side, Tendler and comedienne Nicole Byer (of Girl Code fame) show viewers how to do the perfect red lip look. »

- Bree Brouwer

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NBC, YouTube Reach Agreement To Monetize Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ Channel

30 September 2015 4:28 PM, PDT

In March 2015, video analytics firm OpenSlate determined NBC was losing up to $10 or $12 million per year on advertising on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon YouTube channel. At the time, the Peacock network hadn’t opted to monetize the channel to avoid losing 45% of the ad revenue to YouTube.

Now, all that’s changing. NBC has finally come to an agreement with YouTube on adding pre-roll video ads on the Jimmy Fallon channel to monetize the digital vertical. Revenue split information wasn’t released, but according to AdAge, NBC will be in charge of selling the ad inventory.

"We have been trying to figure something out for quite some time," said Linda Yaccarino, NBCUniversal’s President of Advertising Sales. "It's the next logical step and makes sense for YouTube to be our next distribution partner."

AdAge notes that earlier in 2015, NBCU CEO Steve Burke said about 70% of the TV network »

- Bree Brouwer

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Made Man, Rob Riggle Invite Men To ‘Gentleman Up’ For Second Year In A Row

30 September 2015 3:41 PM, PDT

Made Man’s yearly, man-powered charity drive is back. The Defy Media-owned entertainment destination, which focuses on content aimed at men, has announced its second annual Gentleman Up campaign to support Career Gear.

Gentleman Up debuted last November, when Rob Riggle implored all men to dress up nice on a Friday to support charity. This year, the campaign has been moved up a month, but the spokesperson and the message are the same. On October 9th, Riggle will say no to casual Friday and instead don formalwear. For everyone who joins him--and posts a picture of their attire on social media with the hashtag #FormalFriday--Made Man will make a $1 donation to Career Gear, which provides clothing and job counseling for men in need.

#FormalFriday is just one part of an entire slate of Gentleman Up programming. Five series will arrive on the Made Man channel, and they all home »

- Sam Gutelle

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