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Facebook To Update The Look, Features Of Pages’ Video Sections

19 hours ago

With its big push into video this past year, Facebook now has to deal with displaying all those videos in a user-friendly manner. As such, the social media site plans to take an updated, YouTube-esque approach to the video section on Facebook Pages by introducing a featured video, playlists, and more.

Soon, all Pages on Facebook will have several new features available to help them streamline and organize their videos. Pages will be able to highlight a featured video at the top of the “Videos” tab, complete with a live comment feed, likes, and video view count. Businesses will also be able to create playlists of their videos on their Pages.

TechCrunch spotted the new, coordinated look of ABC News’s Page (which ties in well to the media conglomerate's new Facebook-only video newscast). The redesign is in stark contrast to the current grid-like structure of video clips. At the moment, »

- Bree Brouwer

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Global Mobile Ad Spending Will Hit $159 Billion By 2018

21 hours ago

Brands who haven’t paid much attention to mobile advertising could soon be in the minority, according to eMarketer. The marketing research company believes that by 2018, mobile ad spend across the world will reach $159 billion, or 63% of the total digital ad spend.

Emarketer has an interactive worldwide spend tool on its website which spits out the numbers as calculated by the research company. The tool allows users to filter results by year, country, and category (total media ad spend, digital ad spending, and mobile ad spend). The spend tool from eMarketer shows digital ad spending will hit roughly $171 billion in 2015, and jump all the way to $252 billion by 2018.

A lot of that growth will be driven by mobile, eMarketer believes. The company’s tool shows global mobile ad spending will hit $64.3 billion in 2015, roughly 38% of the total global digital ad spend for the same year. However, in 2018 mobile spending is »

- Bree Brouwer

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Countdown: Top Seven YouTube Videos For Christmas 2014

22 hours ago

Merry Christmas, Tubefilter readers! As per usual, the holiday spirit has taken YouTube by storm, turning the world's most popular video site into a winter wonderland. We've already shared a few Yuletide videos on the blog, and while this Guinness World Record-setting performance is hard to top, we've found seven other videos that give The Piano Guys (and their 1,000 collaborators) a run for their money.

7. Epic Christmas Caroling by Improv Everywhere

The channel known for its intricate flash mobs returned this holiday season with an impressive caroling video that goes far beyond a couple merry well-wishers on your porch. From this point on, I refuse to let any carolers sing for me unless they are accompanied by a full brass band.

6. Gift Wrapping Hack By Todd Tripp

I hope you haven't waited this long to wrap your presents, but if you still need to send out some last-minute gifts, this »

- Sam Gutelle

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It’s Official: You Can Rent Or Buy ‘The Interview’ On YouTube, Google Play

23 hours ago

If you wanted to see The Interview this Christmas without leaving your home, you’re in luck. Google has just confirmed it will let the online video masses rent or buy The Interview from Sony Pictures from various digital outlets.

Online users can access The Interview on YouTube Movies, Google Play, Xbox Video, and seetheinterview.com starting at 10 Am Pst/1 Pm Est on December 24, 2014. It seems news outlets were correct when they reported earlier this morning that Google and Sony Pictures were in talks about distributing the James Franco and Seth Rogan comedy about the assassination of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

Google made the rental/purchase announcement for The Interview via its official blog. David Drummond, Svp Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer at Google, noted how the tech giant was “eager to help” distribute the film despite the security implications.

“Of course it was tempting to hope that »

- Bree Brouwer

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Sony Wanted ‘The Interview’ On iTunes, Aims For YouTube Rental

24 December 2014 9:09 AM, PST

In recent days, Sony Pictures mustered the courage to distribute The Interview, but apparently still wanted help doing so. The entertainment studio asked the U.S. Government to help get its Seth Rogan and James Franco comedy about the assassination of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un onto iTunes.

According to The New York Times, Sony wanted to allow The Interview to be purchased and streamed via video-on-demand on iTunes. The entertainment company asked the White House to help it broker a deal with Apple to distribute the comedy on iTunes. Apple was apparently “not interested,” and a rep for the company declined to provide a comment to the Nyt.

Apple has always been a top distribution platform for many VOD titles. YouTubers like Shane Dawson and Kurt Hugo Schneider have even used it to get their films out into the world when Hollywood-level distribution deals weren’t possible. But these »

- Bree Brouwer

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Facebook Lands A Significant Video Deal With The NFL

24 December 2014 8:03 AM, PST

As the National Football League enters the final weekend of its regular season, Facebook users figure to see more of the league's clips in their news feeds. Facebook has signed a valuable deal that will bring NFL videos to the site and will allow the social media giant to rake in some ad revenue from those videos.

The videos will include game highlights as well as news items and fantasy football updates (although it must be said that if your fantasy football league is still playing during Week 17, you're doing it wrong). In other words, it sounds a lot like the library the NFL distributes via its own NFL Now platform, which it launched earlier this year. The most important difference here is that the NFL and Facebook will split ad revenue, which will be generated from Verizon ads that will roll after each video ends.

While the NFL has made deals like this before, »

- Sam Gutelle

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Top 50 Most Viewed U.S. YouTube Channels • Week Of 12/19/14

24 December 2014 7:58 AM, PST

It's another installment of the weekly Tubefilter Chart of the Top 50 Most Viewed U.S. YouTube Channels and a channel for tots is still in the top spot.

Chart Toppers

DisneyCollectorBR is in first place on the U.S. charts for its unprecedented 13th week in a row. The premiere YouTube destination featuring videos of adults playing with children's saw a 4% bump in views to end the week just shy of 88.7 million of them. Taylor Swift is up next in second place for her second week in a row. The international pop star's channel is still getting plays weeks after the release of her latest album 1989 and amassed more than 81 million views in the last seven days.

YouTube is in third place. The world's largest video sharing site's very own Spotlight channel had a huge 409% week-over-week increase in views thanks to its epic Rewind video and racked up more than 54.2 million views on the week. »

- Joshua Cohen

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Fund This: Contract Killers Take Brooklyn In ‘The Messengers’

23 December 2014 4:17 PM, PST

Project Name: The Messengers

Asking For: $20,000 on Kickstarter

Amount Raised Thus Far (At Time Of Post): $12,762

Days Remaining In Campaign (At Time Of Post): 8

Description: The Messengers is a web series about a young couple adjusting to life in the gentrified part of Brooklyn. That, on its own, sounds like a web series idea we've heard a million times, but luckily, The Messengers has a twist. Its heroes, Liza and James, are contract killers who must carry out hits across the borough. Each episode will bring Liza and James to some yuppie haven (a brunch restaurant, a Fairway supermarket, a yoga class, etc.), where they must fit in while also successfully taking out each of their targets. It's "Grosse Pointe Blank meets Girls, or Louie meets Mr. and Mrs. Smith," according to the project's Kickstarter description.

Creator Jamie Effros, who also co-stars as James, gives more details about »

- Sam Gutelle

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‘Annoying Orange’ Creator Files Lawsuit Against Collective Digital Studio

23 December 2014 3:31 PM, PST

The man behind one of YouTube's biggest web series believes his partner network is about to go belly up, and before that happens, he wants to get paid. A lawyer representing Dane Boedigheimer, the creator of The Annoying Orange, has filed a petition in Los Angeles Superior Court ordering The Collective Digital Studio to arbitration.

The news of Boedigheimer's lawsuit comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which shared some choice excerpts from the relevant court papers. In them, Boedigheimer, who is one of the most successful creators within the Collective Digital Studio multi-channel network, claims the McN is not holding up its end of the deal. "For months, The Collective has refused to pay Boedigheimer and his production company, Annoying Orange, Inc., any revenue generated from the exploitation of The Annoying Orange and other content and has kept all of the revenues for itself," reads the suit.

Why would The Collective »

- Sam Gutelle

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Rooster Teeth Plans In-Person Gaming Event ‘Let’s Play Live’

23 December 2014 3:16 PM, PST

Rooster Teeth believes people will pay to watch some of their favorite digital stars play video games in person. The production company, recently acquired by multi-channel network Fullscreen, is planning a Let’s Play Live event, which will premiere at the Moody Theater in Austin, Texas, on February 20, 2015.

Let’s Play Live will feature members from Rooster Teeth’s Achievement Hunter brand in a live setting for their fans to attend and watch in person (not unlike gatherings such as DigiTour which bring digital stars directly in front of their fans). The site for Let’s Play Live says the Achievement Hunter members will be “doing what they do best, having an awesome time playing your favorite video games.” The event is also separate from the entertainment company’s Rooster Teeth Expo (Rtx), which will celebrate its fifth year in 2015.

According to Achievement Hunter’s Jack Patillo, the Let’s »

- Bree Brouwer

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Vine Personalities Encourage Fans To Do Good Deeds This Christmas With #Givemas

23 December 2014 1:53 PM, PST

A group of Vine celebrities wants to spread some impromptu holiday cheer. Thomas Sanders, Taylor Shrum, Brittney Kelly, and Michael Tremaine have partnered in an initiative to leverage their audiences and promote random acts of kindness during the Christmas season.

The four stars are collectively known by their fans as the Fanders Army. Each person in the Army published a Vine video on their accounts and showing themselves committing an impromptu act of charity to a random stranger. Each Fanders Army Viner is encouraging their fans to do the same and share their videos using the hashtag #Givemas. Here’s the “good deed” explanation video from Sanders himself:

Sanders is known for his “Story Time” Vines where he ambushes a random person in public and “narrates” their life at that moment in time. On Christmas day, the Viner with over 4.6 million followers will pick five of the best holiday giving »

- Bree Brouwer

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Netflix’s Newest Ad Campaign Highlights Family Movie Nights

23 December 2014 1:24 PM, PST

With the new year coming up fast, Netflix has put out a new ad campaign to garner interest in its monthly subscription service. However, the focus of the ads isn’t placed on Netflix’s features or offerings, but rather on one of the most traditional events in American households: family movie night.

Netflix put out a series of ads for the “Watch Together” campaign featuring different families. The streaming service worked with Los Angeles-based R/Ga agency and directors The Mercadantes to create the completely unscripted, unstaged spots by filming family movie nights inside real people’s homes. There’s a heavy focus on children in particular, who always seem to approach movies with a sense of wonder no matter how long it takes a family to decide on a film to watch together.

Netflix decided to stay away from directly promoting its titles (though some are mentioned in a few of the spots, »

- Bree Brouwer

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Tumblr Celebrates Festivus To Promote ‘Seinfeld’ Episodes On Crackle

23 December 2014 11:39 AM, PST

Crackle could emerge as the ultimate landing spot for The Interview, but in the meantime, Sony's digital video platform already possesses a strong library of content. For example, it houses full episodes of Seinfeld, and during the holiday season, that's where Sony is attempting to draw viewers. It has partnered with Tumblr for a promotion through which the blogging platform is celebrating Festivus, "the holiday for the rest of us."

Tumblr uses will notice that the company logo in the top left corner of the screen has been edited to look like the Seinfeld title. Clicking on that logo reveals several options, including a "Festivus Mode" that plays Seinfeld's distinctive theme song as you scroll through the site. It's an easy way to add some funky slap bass to your social media experience.

A second option in the top left corner directs users to Seinfeld's official Tumblr page, »

- Sam Gutelle

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Smosh.com Gets Insane Traffic, Over 60 Million Page Views Per Month

23 December 2014 11:21 AM, PST

It’s hard to be a YouTube star off YouTube.

Gaining a substantial audience on the world’s largest video sharing site that now sees upwards of 300 minutes of new video uploaded every 60 seconds is doable. It’s not easy, for sure. Increasing competition in an ever-evolving landscape in which more production and advertising dollars are invested each quarter means it’s exponentially harder to stand out on the platform today than it was in the years immediately following April 23, 2005, when Jawed Kareem uploaded the first ever YouTube video (an uneventful 18-second clip of himself at the zoo). But it’s still doable. Consistent programming, on-camera appeal, social media savvy, sincere audience interactions, sometimes corporate sponsorship and/or studio support, and a lot of who knows what else have helped a growing number of online video stars achieve success on YouTube.

It’s the transition of that success to other »

- Joshua Cohen

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Netflix, Women Of ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Celebrate 12 Days Of Christmas

23 December 2014 10:23 AM, PST

Netflix decided to be a little cheeky with a new video short featuring Orange Is the New Black women. The streaming service released a clip on YouTube on December 18, 2014, called Holidays at Litchfield, a rendition of “The 12 Days of Christmas” as performed by the cast from Netflix’s hit original series.

The primary cast members of Orange Is the New Black appear in character in the 46-second video set within Litchfield Penitentiary. Each woman sings a line, but with a decidedly prison-inspired twist. For example, one inmate cheerfully mentions “ten bitches cutting” while another sings about “four stalking girls” while she uses her hands to imitate claws.

Netflix started work on Orange Is the New Black in the summer of 2013, with all thirteen episodes of season one released on July 11. The dramedy prison series was a hit with audiences and reviewers alike. Netflix greenlit the second season for release on »

- Bree Brouwer

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‘Game Theory’ Explains Why PewDiePie’s YouTube Subscriptions Are “Broken”

23 December 2014 9:41 AM, PST

Matthew Patrick is best known as the main host of The Game Theorists, a YouTube channel that trains a critical eye on video games and pop culture. On the side, Patrick works as a consultant for YouTubers, whom he advises on best practices for channel optimization. In his latest video, Patrick has combined his two professions by explaining the drawbacks of YouTube's subscription system.

Patrick was inspired to create his new video after PewDiePie, who has more YouTube subscribers than anyone else, post a video where he complained that his fans were not seeing his new videos. As Patrick explains, this lack of delivery isn't a glitch in the system; instead, it's the result of a phenomenon he calls "subscriber burn."

Here, in a nutshell, is Patrick's argument: YouTube chooses which videos to present on homepages and sidebars based on the previous videos each user has watched. For example, if »

- Sam Gutelle

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Netflix Could Distribute Pee-Wee Herman Film By Judd Apatow

23 December 2014 8:59 AM, PST

Netflix seems to like picking up TV shows and movies no one else will give a home to. The streaming video-on-demand service is reportedly working on a distribution deal for the upcoming Judd Apatow-produced Pee-wee Herman flick.

A Netflix spokesperson told The Wrap the distribution deal isn’t in place yet, but for all intents and purposes the film moved to Netflix “a gazillion months ago.” The spokesperson also said though the Pee-wee Herman film was originally set up at Universal Pictures, it’s “no longer with” that studio.

The film will see comedian Paul Reubens reprise his role as Pee-wee, the fictional, child-like character the actor developed for a stage performance in the early 1980s. No director has been announced for the new Pee-wee film, and the script (which is also very much under wraps) was written by Reubens and fellow funny-man Paul Rust. Apatow will develop the »

- Bree Brouwer

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‘Mozart In The Jungle’ Draws More Strong Reviews For Amazon

23 December 2014 7:59 AM, PST

In September, Amazon Video announced itself as a strong competitor in the streaming video on-demand industry by releasing the critically-acclaimed dramedy Transparent. Now, the original programming arm of the online retailer has returned with a new series, Mozart in the Jungle, and most critics consider it to be another hit.

Mozart in the Jungle is based off a memoir of the same name by Blair Tindall. Tindall, an oboist who has played with the New York Philharmonic, subtitled her memoir Sex, Drugs, and Classical Music, which tells you everything you need to know about the content of Amazon's new series. Lola Kirke stars as Hailey, a TV version of Tindall who must navigate her way through the bacchanalian world high-caliber classical music gigs. Gael Garcia Bernal co-stars as a genius conductor, while Bernadette Peters portrays the director of the New York Symphony's board of trustees.

The pilot episode of Mozart in the Jungle »

- Sam Gutelle

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YouTube Could Soon Have A Billion Dollar Lawsuit On Its Hands

22 December 2014 4:46 PM, PST

YouTube has finally debuted its long-delayed Music Key feature, but the launch of the music streaming service has come with some degree of controversy. YouTube is currently engaged in a legal battle with Global Music Rights (Gmr), a powerful startup that could launch a billion-dollar lawsuit if its clients songs are not removed from the video sharing site.

Gmr is a company founded by Irving Azoff, a manager who Billboard named the most powerful man in the music industry in 2012. Gmr has partnered with some big-name acts in its first few months, perhaps none bigger than Pharrell Williams, who teamed with the rights organization back in July.

As YouTube has moved forward with the launch of Music Key, it has sought licenses from labels big and small in order to stock its new service with a competitive library of songs. This has caused friction with Azoff's team, which believes YouTube »

- Sam Gutelle

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Pitbull Courts PewDiePie On YouTube To Help Promote New Year’s Bash

22 December 2014 2:56 PM, PST

Mr. Worldwide aka Pitbull decided to seek some help from none other than YouTube gaming superstar PewDiePie. The globally-recognized singer and the Swedish digital star (who boasts over 33 million subscribers) created a “Lets Play”-style video to promote Pitbull’s New Year’s Eve Revolution show on Fox.

The one-minute video leverages PewDiePie’s massive audience by placing Pitbull into a Grand Theft Auto-esque game called Pitbull Dale! PewDiePie must work to navigate the singer through all the parties, engagements, travelling, and women so he arrives in Miami in time to perform for the New Year’s Eve bash. The video also features some classic 8-bit visual effects and (of course) PewDiePie’s goofy style of video game commentary as he “plays” as Pitbull.

Mr. Worldwide is no stranger to the digital realm. Though the international star is most well-known for his music and live performances, he partnered with multi-channel »

- Bree Brouwer

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