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Amazon Reportedly In Talks To Bundle Other Video Services With Prime Subscriptions

22 hours ago

Amazon is interested in giving its Prime subscribers some more video options. According to Bloomberg, Amazon is reportedly talking with TV networks and third-party streaming video providers to bundle more streaming services with its own Prime Instant Video offering.

Insiders told Bloomberg, who originally broke the news, Amazon will start offering Prime subscribers the option of adding on other on-demand subscriptions (possibly like HBO or Showtime’s streaming services) to their accounts. Prime subscribers will also be able to select pre-made bundles created by Amazon. Sources said the online retail giant and streaming video platform might be ready to launch its bundled streaming packages as early as December 2015.

Additionally, Amazon will feature videos from its programming partners on Prime, and build individual landing pages for each service so subscribers can differentiate between Amazon’s videos and those of its partners. The streaming video platform reportedly plans to act as a »

- Bree Brouwer

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Snapchat Discover Adds Temporary Holiday-Themed Content From Brit & Co.

27 November 2015 11:36 AM, PST

Snapchat is getting into the spirit of the winter season. The popular messaging app, which deletes texts and videos after 24 hours, added a holiday-themed channel from Diy lifestyle company Brit & Co. to its branded content platform Discover.

Sponsored by Google, Brit & Co.’s holiday channel will feature about 14 pieces of new content each day, ranging from videos, animated GIFs, and text with photos. The Diy company’s publishings will center on different themes (like preparing holiday food, giving gifts, and decorating ideas), with Brit & Co.'s Discover icon changing to reflect the theme of the day. Brit & Co. CEO Brit Morin told AdAge her company has created almost 300 pieces of content for release on Snapchat.

However, Brit & Co.’s holiday content doesn’t follow the traditional publishing format of the Discover platform. Where most of Discover’s partners release content on a regular basis, Brit & Co.’s content will only »

- Bree Brouwer

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Video Artists To Host ‘Ten Years At The Zoo’ Art Exhibit Inspired By YouTube

27 November 2015 8:33 AM, PST

The first video ever posted to YouTube was co-founder Jared Kawim’s “Me at the zoo” clip from April 2005. Now, more than ten years after YouTube’s inception, a group of video artists will explore the impact Google’s online video site has had on the world of new media, communication, and contemporary video art through an exhibit called Ten Years at the Zoo.

From December 13, 2015, through January 16, 2016, Ten Years at the Zoo will be on display in a hexagonal-shaped quartz room at Las Naves in Valencia, Spain. The curated show will host audiovisual displays from artists Andrés Galeano, Claudia Maté, Emilio Gomariz, Lorna Mills, Katie Torn, and Vince McKelvie. These creators’ works will study how YouTube has changed over the last ten years, how the site has impacted information sharing through its audiovisual format, and especially how YouTube has changed society’s ways of communication and behavior.

Probably the »

- Bree Brouwer

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CollegeHumor Interviews Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Celebrities On The ‘Confetti Carpet’

26 November 2015 12:17 PM, PST

CollegeHumor is getting a comical behind-the-scenes look at the yearly Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. The comedy brand will release a series of interview videos called Macy’s Confetti Carpet on Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 2015.

Hosted by TV personality Ross Mathews, CollegeHumor’s Macy’s Confetti Carpet interviews will feature various Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade celebrities and performers before they head out onto the parade route. This is the second year CollegeHumor has hosted the seasonal series. In 2014, Jena Friedman and Pat Cassels stopped well-known names like Sesame Street’s Elmo, Frozen’s Idina Menzel, and YouTube a cappella group Pentatonix to ask them inane questions about their careers or their involvement in the Macy’s parade. This video of last year’s Confetti Carpet will give you a taste of what to expect on CollegeHumor’s channel today:

Macy’s Confetti Carpet may be only a temporary series of clips, »

- Bree Brouwer

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National Geographic Ramps Up Production On Three Original Series, Launches ‘Best Job Ever’

26 November 2015 8:00 AM, PST

National Geographic is working to improve its digital presence through online video. The science and nature-based media publisher has increased the production of three of its original series. National Geographic will also launch an all-new series called Best Job Ever on November 26, 2015.

National Geographic previously launched three series -- Expedition Raw, Campfire Stories, and Today I Learned -- on its YouTube channel. Expedition Raw features unseen footage from some of the nature media company’s top explorers during their adventures, while Campfire Stories highlights National Geographic reporters and their most unusual incidences in the field. Today I Learned is a trivia series where explorers provide viewers with interesting facts about the world.

Episodes of each series were released sporadically over the last few months. However, National Geographic is now solidifying a more regular production and debut schedule for each episode. The media brand will also add to the schedule the new series Best Job Ever, »

- Bree Brouwer

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Top 7 Videos For Thanksgiving 2015 On YouTube

26 November 2015 6:09 AM, PST

When you're done stuffing your face this Thanksgiving, you might need a playlist of videos to fit the passivity of your digestion process. If you like to binge watch while you binge eat, the YouTube community has once again provided a big helping of videos themed around Turkey Day. Here are some of our favorites:

7. “The Daily Show - Trevor's Thanksgiving Thankstacular Round-Up” by Comedy Central

When Trevor Noah became the host of The Daily Show earlier this year, he marked the web video world--which Jon Stewart had barely explored during his regime--as a place where he could make his mark. In this video, a Daily Show web exclusive, Noah draws in bonus viewers by sharing some of the most awkward Thanksgiving-related clips from major news networks.

6. "Native Americans Review Thanksgiving Storybooks" by BuzzFeedYellow

As American society becomes more progressive, representation has become an important part of holiday traditions, and in the Thanksgiving story, »

- Sam Gutelle

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Top 50 Most Viewed U.S. YouTube Channels • Week Of 11/20/15

25 November 2015 2:47 PM, PST

Justin Bieber maintained his YouTube dominance. The international pop star (who just killed it at the American Music Awards) stayed in top spot on the U.S. chart for the third week in a row. New music videos from his latest studio album propelled his channel to more than 163.1 million views in the week. In a very distant second place is The Ellen Show. The YouTube home of Ellen DeGeneres' eponymous daytime syndicated talk show ended the week with over 102.8 million views.

Ryan ToysReview jumped up to the #3 spot. One of the world's biggest unboxing channels for kids shut up 28% in views to close out the week with more than 100.5 million of them. WWE is next up in fourth place. The YouTube repository for clips and highlights from World Wrestling Entertainment was up 4% in views to top out at nearly 99.6 million views on the week.

And rounding out the »

- Joshua Cohen

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YouTube Launches Offline Viewing Mode In Egypt, Other Select Middle Eastern Countries

25 November 2015 2:21 PM, PST

YouTube has a new way for some Middle Eastern viewers to watch videos on the platform. Google’s online video site has officially introduced its long-awaited offline viewing mode in the YouTube mobile app for users in Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Yemen, and Algeria.

According to a company blog post, citizens of these five Middle Eastern countries have increased their smartphone adoption and usage. However, local data providers haven’t been able to keep up with the demand. Plus, the expensive cost of internet in places like Egypt means the less fortunate can’t afford regular internet access (Egyptian Streets reports the average cost of internet in that country is $16.83 Usd per megabits per second, as opposed to the global average of $5.58 Usd per mbps). As such, YouTube decided to try reducing the speed and data requirements for people “using its platform in places where there are challenges to access.”

YouTube »

- Bree Brouwer

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Whistle Sports To Provide Original Content For Over 26 Dailymotion Channels

25 November 2015 11:46 AM, PST

Whistle Sports has a new deal that will help expand its brand to more online video viewers. The sports-focused multi-channel network has teamed with online video site Dailymotion to produce original content for distribution across more than 26 of the video sharing site's digital channels.

Under the Dailymotion deal, Whistle Sports will work with over 20 creators to provide original content for their channels. The sports-based YouTube stars Whistle is slated to work with includes Air Japes, Baller Bootcamp, OfficialBarstarzz, Daniel Cutting, Dirty Mike, DoubleAVideo, f0rtress, Freestyle Factory, Harlem Globetrotters, ILoveBasketball TV, ImPossible Training, Indi Cowie, Me and My Golf, Norwegian Crab Pots, ProTips4U, Pwg Freestyle, Stronger Team, Team Flight Brothers, The Courooons, The Hockey Movement, theFC, The Lacrosse Network, Top Speed Tennis, Venom Trickshots, and Whistle Sports’ own brand.

On Dailymotion’s end, the deal with Whistle Sports will help the online video platform expand its reach in the sports and athletic communities, »

- Bree Brouwer

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Sarah Penna Raises Awareness For Groceryships Food Education Fundraising Campaign With Epoxy

25 November 2015 10:51 AM, PST

Since September, video marketing platform Epoxy has released a series of videos called Creator Spotlight, which features various YouTube creators from all walks of life. For its most recent Spotlight, the video marketing company went charitable, just in time for Thanksgiving. Epoxy interviewed Big Frame co-founder and Head of AwesomenessTV's Awestruck network Sarah Penna, who’s working with the food education non-profit Groceryships to raise money for needy Los Angeles families.

The first few minutes of Epoxy’s Creator Spotlight covers Penna’s history with online video and her video-making endeavors with her husband and fellow YouTuber MysteryGuitarMan. The former Big Frame Cco and mother of baby Jonah believes YouTube creators have a responsibility to use their channels for good, “whether that’s making somebody smile or that’s a cause you’re passionate about.” Penna then says Groceryships, a cause she’s passionate about, is working to end the problem of food deserts, »

- Bree Brouwer

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AOL Survey Found 20% Of Ad Buyers Increased Their Mobile Video Spend In 2015

25 November 2015 10:26 AM, PST

Mobile video advertising spend will reportedly hit $159 billion across the globe by 2018. And a new survey by AOL Platforms found ad buyers are already shifting more dollars to the mobile video format. In its “Crossing the Programmatic Buyer-Seller Divide” survey, AOL Platforms discovered 20% of ad buyers increased what they spent on mobile video advertising in 2015.

AOL polled 31 of the media company’s top publisher clients, as well as 18 partners who run demand-side platforms (which are systems to help ad buyers manage their ad exchange accounts). A solid 20% of these respondents increased mobile video spend in 2015. This figure ties in to previous AOL findings in its recent “State of the Video industry” report, which found mobile video spending had increased 18% across roughly 300 advertisers since 2014.

AOL’s survey respondents also said they considered viewability as the most important factor in the success of a video ad, with audience targeting actually coming in second. »

- Bree Brouwer

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CollegeHumor Premieres 52-Episode Series On Verizon’s Go90 Service

25 November 2015 8:38 AM, PST

Since its launch in October, Verizon’s Go90 video service has turned heads by striking a number of exclusive content deals. It has unveiled series from Vice, Astronauts Wanted, New Form Digital, and several other notable production studios. Its latest partner is CollegeHumor, which has premiered a 52-episode series called Fatal Decision exclusively on Go90.

Fatal Decision comes from CollegeHumor’s Big Breakfast studio and relates to a previous series released on the CollegeHumor YouTube channel in 2008. In both versions, the hero is an office worker who bugs his coworkers by living out a double life as a secret agent. As evidenced by the first episode of the original series, Fatal Decision wears its action-comedy label loudly and proudly.

“Fatal Decision, which is loosely based on the CollegeHumor web series of the same name, is the ultimate movie within a movie,” said Sam Reich, President of Big Breakfast and Head of Video at CollegeHumor, »

- Sam Gutelle

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Netflix To Remake 1960’s ‘Lost In Space’ TV Series

25 November 2015 7:41 AM, PST

Netflix will soon have another series to add to its ever-expanding list of originals. The streaming giant will remake the classic 1960’s sci-fi TV show Lost in Space.

Created by renowned film and TV producer Irwin Allen, Lost in Space originally aired on CBS from 1965 to 1968. The series follows the challenges and adventures of the Robinsons, a family of Earth explorers charged with colonizing deep space but lost in alien territory. The Netflix remake of Lost in Space will follow a similar plot line, written by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (of Dracula Untold fame). Lost in Space will be produced by Sazama and Sharpless, alongside Synthesis Entertainment’s Kevin Burns and Neil Marshall and Marc Helwig of Legendary TV’s Applebox banner.

Lost in Space is the most recent series Netflix has picked up for its streaming platform. The Svod ordered the six-part adventure series Frontier, starring Jason Momoa, »

- Bree Brouwer

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Sony Hides Easter Egg Within Digital Video Ad

24 November 2015 3:50 PM, PST

On November 18th, Sony uploaded a new ad to YouTube. The video, which promotes the electronics company’s Xperia family of tablets and smartphones, at first glance appears to be a fairly standard spot. Pay close attention at the four-second mark, however, and you’ll find the ad’s special gimmick. At that time stamp, a one-frame message pops up, and the viewer who first noticed it ended up winning an Xperia Z5.

The message, which displays for only a brief moment before the ad resumes its normal playback, reads “The new Sony Xperia Z5 has an autofocus of just 0.03 seconds. That’s the exact length of time this frame is visible. You could win a brand new Xperia Z5 if you’re the first one to find this message.” An email address listed below the message directed viewers to the proper place for them to share their discovery.

Sure enough, »

- Sam Gutelle

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DigiTour Brings Social Media Stars Around North America With ‘Slay Bells’ Tour

24 November 2015 3:05 PM, PST

DigiTour, which organizes live events the feature social media stars, has a diverse lineup planned for its next set of gigs. More than a dozen performers will take to stages across North America as part of Slay Bells Fire & Ice, a pair of nationwide tours operated by DigiTour.

Fire & Ice refers not to a single entity, but rather two distinct shows that feature completely different lineups and touring schedules. Creators who will participate in the Fire tour include YouTube star Sam Pottorff as well as several performers--including Maddie Welborn, Diegosaurs, and Andrew Fontenot--who entertain fans on the live streaming social network YouNow.

Ice, on the other hand, will feature performances from musicians who have built up strong followings on platforms like YouTube. Rebecca Black will be there, as will Dylann Dauzat.

One similarity between Fire and Ice is their price. Tickets to both legs of the Slay Bells tour cost »

- Sam Gutelle

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Study Finds Over Half Of Americans Now Use And Watch Netflix

24 November 2015 1:56 PM, PST

Netflix has always been one of the top streaming video selections among consumers. But now the streaming service’s dominance in the market has reached a new milestone. According to Rbc Capital Markets, 51% of Americans have used Netflix at least once in the past 12 months to watch movies and TV.

Rbc Capital surveyed 1,077 internet users, more than half of which indicated they had picked Netflix to meet some of their streaming video needs in the last year. This 51% figure marks the highest level Rbc has tracked since the bank and investment firm started polling U.S. audiences back in 2011. Rbc’s last stat for Netflix consumption comes from a May 2015 survey, which found 50% of American respondents had used Netflix.

Netflix’s popularity puts the streaming service firmly ahead of competitors. YouTube briefly surpassed Netflix in September 2014 in a Frank N. Magid Associates study, as well as in Rbc’s August 2015 survey. »

- Bree Brouwer

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Where Are These Web Series Stars Now: ‘Oz Girls’ Sophie Tilson

24 November 2015 1:19 PM, PST

When the web series format burst on the scene in the early days of Youtube, it brought with it a great deal of promise for young creatives looking to break into the competitive entertainment industry. The shorter format and smaller budget requirements allowed Diy film-makers the opportunity to create, free of interference from studio gatekeepers, while the democratized distribution ensured that every series, good or bad (Oh, so many bad ones), had the ability to find an audience. Those series that did manage to cut through the clutter, gave the creative individuals involved opportunities they might not have had otherwise.

As the tenth anniversary of the web series draws near, now is the perfect time to see what impact they have had on careers. First up, Sophie Tilson.

In 2009, Sophie Tilson starred in the Streamy award winning, Australian web series, OzGirl, which Tilson also co-created and produced. The story centered on Sophie's character, »

- Mathieas McNaughton

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Mashup Producer Melodysheep Signs With Talent Agency Wme

24 November 2015 12:09 PM, PST

Talent agencies are racing to link up with online video notables, and the latest content creator to sign up with one of them is John Boswell. Boswell, who is best known for the mashup videos he creates on his melodysheep YouTube channel, has joined forces with Wme.

Boswell first rose to digital prominence in 2009, when he created “A Glorious Dawn,” which auto-tunes famous astrophysicists like Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking to create an oddly catchy musical number. “A Glorious Dawn,” along with the other chapters in Boswell’s Symphony of Science series, has become an unlikely tool for educators.

In recent years, Boswell has also teamed up with a number of media companies to produce memorable tracks. He promote a National Geographic TV special with a track called “Window on the Universe,” turned Disney Channel shows into music in a series of “DJ Melodies,” and, most successfully, scored tens of »

- Sam Gutelle

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Endemol Is Making A Multiplatform Series About Holograms

24 November 2015 10:35 AM, PST

Spurned on by the launch of its own multi-channel network, international production company Endemol has created a large amount of interesting web content. Now, it has announced a new subject, and a look inside a futuristic industry: Endemol will create multiplatform videos about holograms.

The videos are born out of a content deal between Endemol and Hologram USA, which burst onto the scene three years ago when its Tupac Shakur hologram appeared on stage at Coachella. Since then, Hologram USA has created more holographic images of famous performers, and through its partnership with Endemol’s Just Entertainment studio, it will share its work.

“Hologram USA has proven to be the world’s leader in this space and we’re truly excited by the myriad options that both their technology and celebrity relationships offer us in developing unprecedented TV programming with the team at Just Entertainment,” said Endemol Shine COO Ben Samek »

- Sam Gutelle

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‘Marvel 101’ Educates Newcomers On The Comic Book Brand’s Superhuman Stars

24 November 2015 9:40 AM, PST

Marvel Entertainment has a new series to help inform the uninitiated about the brand’s roster of super-powered characters. The Disney-owned comic book entertainment company launched the web series Marvel 101 on November 23, 2015.

Marvel 101 helps viewers understand the current state of the comic book versions of several top-tier Marvel characters. The 20-episode series of shorts highlight superheroes audiences may already be familiar with (thanks to Marvel’s yearly slate of hit films and TV shows), but aims to provide context and a deeper level of understanding about the cast of superhuman characters. Marvel 101 episodes currently feature Ant-Man, Avengers, Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Captain America (Sam Wilson), Captain Marvel, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy, Hulk, Iron Man, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel, Nova, S.H.I.E.L.D., Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man and Thor.

Marvel is not the only brand working on a digital series related to its owned characters. »

- Bree Brouwer

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