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Watch The Trailer For HBO Films TV Drama Feature ‘The Normal Heart’

4 hours ago

Last Year, HBO Films brought us the superb Behind The Candelabra, a film that was released theatrically in the UK, and one that went on to be nominated for a BAFTA. In 2014, the celebrated cable network is releasing Ryan Murphy’s TV movie The Normal Heart, which will almost certainly get a cinema bow overseas as well, and possibly grab some awards attention come next year too.

The film, written by Larry Kramer, based on his Tony award winning play of the same name, tells the story of the onset of the HIV-aids crisis in New York City in the early 1980s, and the gay activist (played by Mark Ruffalo), who attempts to raise awareness of it.

Ruffalo joins Matt Bomer, Taylor Kitsch, Jim Parsons and Julia Roberts in the superb cast of this film, Murphy’s first feature since the Roberts vehicle Eat, Pray, Love.

Check out the first trailer for the film, »

- Paul Heath

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Check Out The Trailer & Poster For Upcoming Horror Film ‘Animal’

5 hours ago

Animal, another one of the ‘cabin-in-the-woods’ style horror movies, albeit this time with a great, big creature rather than and form of living or evil dead after a group of horny teenagers, is coming to screens in the Us in June, and today the trailer for the film debuted over at Entertainment Weekly.

The film is actually produced by Drew Barrymore’s production company Flower Films, and directed by Brett Simmons.

Keke Palmer, Amaury Nolasco, Parker Young, Joey Lauren Adams, Elizabeth Gillies, Paul Iacono, Thorsten Kaye, and Jeremy Sumpter star.

Not sure what to make of this one, but I personally dig this kind of horror flick, and that monster (see below) sure looks dangerous, and hungry for some meat.

Check out the trailer and poster for this film below. This one opens in the Us in cinemas and on VOD on June 17th, 2014. There is no UK release date set as yet. »

- Paul Heath

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Check Out The First Official Images From ‘Macbeth’ Starring Michael Fassbender

5 hours ago

There have been many adaptations of William Shakespeare’s classic story of MacBeth, both on screen, and most recently on the London stage in recent years. In 2015, a new cinematic version hits screens, starring Michael Fassbender in the lead role, and French actress Marion Cotillard as Lady Macbeth.

Unlike some of the more recent film adaptations of Shakespeare’s work, the new film will be set in the 11th century, the play’s original setting, and will apparently use the original dialogue.

Snowtown director Justin Kurzel wields the megaphone for the new film, which will see the light of day next year. Check out the first two official images from it, courtesy of the Daily Mail, below.

Source: Daily Mail

The post Check Out The First Official Images From ‘Macbeth’ Starring Michael Fassbender appeared first on The Hollywood News. »

- Paul Heath

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From Dusk Till Dawn The Series Blog: ‘Blood Runs Thick’ Review [Spoilers]

6 hours ago

Written By: Robert Rodriguez, Diego Gutierrez

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Cast: D.J. Cotrona, Zane Holtz, Jesse Garcia, Robert Patrick, Madison Davenport, Brandon Soo Hoo, Wilmer Valderrama, Don Johnson

Synosis: With Richie’s visions becoming stronger, the Gecko brothers make a swift escape from the liquor store bloodbath.

After the fun-packed pilot, we take things down a notch with a more character-establishing episode. That’s not to say this episode is a snooze, but it’s a little more sedate.

It seems this episode is all about the brotherly bond, or lack of, a bank robbery and introducing the Fuller family. The robbery almost has a Point Break feel about it as Seth and Richie seem to take over the bank with ease as things don’t go quite to plan. Those brothers can never catch a break and with a lady bank-teller now tied up in the car boot, they drive »

- Lucinda Holt

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First Clip & Image From ‘Loitering With Intent’ Featuring Marisa Tomei & Sam Rockwell

11 hours ago

We’ve got the first look and clip for Adam Rapp’s Loitering With Intent that premieres today at the Tribeca Film Festival and stars Michael Godere, Ivan Martin, Marisa Tomei, Sam Rockwell and Brian Geraghty.

This one sees Sam Rockwell seemingly innocently setting up some chairs to meet someone, but when Tomei’s character arrives – we get a little insight to what’s going on and the character of both. As it’s premiering tonight, there’s only this screening so far but with a great cast and an already interesting premise, this is one I’ll be keeping an eye out for!

Check out the clip now, then scroll down for the official synopsis and image:


Through a chance encounter, out-of-work-actors Raphael (Ivan Martin) and Dominic (Michael Godere) hustle a prominent New York producer into believing they’ve written a hot movie script. She takes the bait and »

- Dan Bullock

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From Dusk Till Dawn The Series Blog: ‘Pilot’ Review [Spoilers]

11 hours ago

Written By: Robert Rodriguez

Director: Robert Rodriguez

Cast: D.J. Cotrona, Zane Holtz, Jesse Garcia, Wilmer Valderrama, Don Johnson

Synopsis: The fugitive Gecko brothers face a bloody stand-off during a routine stop at a liquor store.

When I first heard that Robert Rodriquez was planning to turn his film From Dusk Till Dawn into a series, I was a little dubious.  The film has become a bit of a cult classic and I just couldn’t see how anyone could take this story into a ten-episode show, let alone portray those parts played so well by George Clooney and Harvey Keitel.

Like the film, the pilot begins a liquor store with the ever entertaining Don Johnson as Texas ranger Earl McGraw. If you know the film, you can guess what happens next.

However, this is where immediate changes are noticeable because unlike the film, this show delves into more of supernatural feel very early on. »

- Lucinda Holt

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Michael B. Jordan On Target For ‘Men Who Kill’

11 hours ago

With a career accelerating faster than a cheetah slipping on soap, Michael B Jordan has added another high profile project to his sizeable “to do” list.

Already making waves in comic book circles due to his casting as The Human Torch in the rebooted Fantastic Four, the young actor will team up with prolific producer Greg Berlanti (The Tomorrow People) for CIA thriller Men Who Kill. Cementing Jordan’s working relationship with Four studio Fox, this latest movie has an as-yet undisclosed plot. However, the paying out of a six figure sum for the pitch and that ferociously snappy title tells us everything we need to know perhaps.

Continuing the tradition of shoehorning up and comers into franchise roles – Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye & Hansel, Karl Urban as McCoy & Dredd – Jordan is also associated somewhat bizarrely with a Rocky spin-off called Creed. I’d much prefer a Mr T vehicle called Clubber Lang myself, »

- Steve Palace

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Thn’s Top Five Stan Lee Cameos

14 hours ago

This year is an incredibly busy one for Marvel and as a result it’s a great time to be either a geek or film fan, as 2014 will see the release of four different Marvel productions on the big screen (not to mention a whole host of television projects). We have already caught up with Steve Rogers in the excellent Captain America: The Winter Soldier and next month we will be travelling back to the seventies to prevent a cataclysmic future in X-men: Days Of Future Past.

This week UK theatres has seen the highly anticipated return of our favourite web-slinger in Sony’s The Amazing Spider-man 2 and to celebrate the release, Thn will count down the top five cameos made by the man who started it all…I am of course referring to the creative genius and superhero godfather that is Stan Lee.

It’s now a treat »

- Ben Read

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Thn’s Godzilla Countdown #26: Godzilla, Mothra & King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack (2001)

15 hours ago

On 15th May 2014, Toho’s greatest monster will return to the big screen in an American reboot. With just 4 weeks to go, we here at Thn are counting down the Godzilla back catalogue.

Director: Shusuke Kaneko

Starring: Chiharu Niiyama, Ryudo Uzaki, Masahiro Kobayashi, Shiro Sano, Takashi Nishina, Kaho Minami, Shin’ya Ohwada, Kunio Murai, Hiroyuki Watanabe

Plot: Godzilla returns, but this time there is some mystical force motivating him. While he goes on a rampage of destruction, a young reporter investigates rumours of three guardian monsters that will defend Earth.

With the previous effort not doing so well at the box office, it was time to bring in some of Godzilla’s better known friends…although that wasn’t always the case. Mothra and King Ghidorah may have eventually joined the line-up of monsters to take on the big G, which also included Baragon, who is sadly absent from the title, »

- Luke Ryan Baldock

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The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty DVD Review

16 hours ago

Director: Ben Stiller

Starring: Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig, Sean Penn, Kathryn Hahn, Shirley MacLaine, Adrian Matinez, Patton Oswalt

Running Time: 114 minutes

Certificate: PG

Ben Stiller’s latest directorial outing starts magnificently. A simple scene involving lead character Walter Mitty (Stiller) checking his eHormony account is portrayed in silence but captures all the miniscule subtleties you may not expect from the director of Tropic Thunder and Zoolander. It’s an enchanting moment which captures the comedy and bittersweet heart warming moments of the entire film in just a few minutes of footage. This scene also demonstrates the spectacular cinematography on display courtesy of Stuart Dryburgh. It may not be striking in comparison to the most meticulously crafted arthouse efforts, but if one is expecting the traditional broad comedy antics of Stiller and Wiig, you can’t help but be surprised.

If it sounds as though there’s a ‘but’ coming on, »

- Luke Ryan Baldock

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‘The Hobbit: There And Back Again’ To Be Renamed?

16 hours ago

The final chapter in Peter Jackson’s trilogy adaptation of J.R.R Tolkien’s The Hobbit is arriving at cinemas at the end of this year. Originally, The Hobbit was only meant to be made into two films, with the second film being named The Hobbit: There And Back Again; however back in 2012 Peter Jackson announced that the adaptations would become a trilogy, resembling the style of The Lord Of The Rings

The third and final chapter was supposed to be titled: The Hobbit There And Back Again; however TheOneRing.net has recently been told that New Line Cinema has registered two new, alternative titles: The Hobbit: Into The Fire and The Hobbit: The Battle Of Five Armies.

The first of these is perhaps inspired by The Hobbit chapter ‘Out of the Frying-Pan Into the Fire‘, and the second is reminiscent of the events that occur at the end of J. »

- Henry Nash

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First Featurette For Stromberg’s ‘Maleficent’ Starring Angelina Jolie & Elle Fanning

16 hours ago

The first featurette for Disney’s Maleficent has been released! The re-imagining of the classic Sleeping Beauty tale stars Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Sharlto CopleySam RileyImelda StauntonJuno Temple, and Lesley Manville.

Maleficent explores the untold story of Disney’s icon villain from the timeless classic Sleeping Beauty. The film explores the legacy of  Maleficent (Jolie), and reveals why she is driven into a world darkness. The film follows her quest for revenge, after she is betrayed. Obsessed with her desire for retribution she places a curse on the king’s newborn infant Aurora (Fanning).

The featurette features Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, screenwriter Linda Woolverton (The Lion King), and director Robert Stromberg (the two-time Oscar winning art director of Avatar and Alice In Wonderland). All share their thoughts on the legacy of one of Disney’s most iconic villains, all whilst revealing some unseen footage.

Check out the »

- Ciham Messouki

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Watch: First Trailer For Clint Eastwood’s ‘Jersey Boys’

17 hours ago

Straight from Warner Bros UK, we’ve got the first trailer for Clint Eastwood’s big-screen adaption of the Tony-award winning Jersey Boys, and it’s looking pretty darn good.

The film tells the tale of four young fellows from New Jersey, who came together from difficult backgrounds to form the 1960′s group The Four Seasons. This is set to be the story of their ups and downs through the early days, up to success with songs such as “Sherry,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Walk Like a Man,” “Dawn,” “Rag Doll,” “Who Loves You” and so many more.

After running on Broadway for more than eight years and touring successfully across the world, this is surely a perfect time for the film version and – although I don’t know their specific history that well – this gives me a good sense in the mix of personal tribulations and that feel-good factor. »

- Dan Bullock

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Zhang Yimou’s ‘Coming Home’ Gets Stunning Teaser

20 hours ago

Zhang Yimou’s latest offering, Coming Home, looks to be a very powerful and unforgettable film, and that’s based solely on this subtle and moving teaser trailer. Yimou, director of Hero, House Of Flying Daggers, Riding Alone For Thousands Of Miles and The Road Home, has had a very prolific career where he has mixed martial arts with calm dramas, and even found time for a Blood Simple remake in the form of A Woman, A Gun And A Noodle Shop.

His latest stars Gong Li and Chen Daoming. Chen stars a husband forced into marriage, who soon escapes to America, only to return to face his family and the consequences. Coming Home is all set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and will hopefully get international distribution soon after. The use of simple but stunning shots, backed up by a beautiful piano score, have placed this high on my Watch List. »

- Luke Ryan Baldock

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Ryan Gosling’s ‘Lost River’ To Screen At Cannes & First Image!

17 April 2014 12:18 PM, PDT


Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut Lost River is to screen in the Un Certain Regard category as part of this year’s Cannes Film Festival.  Formerly known as How To Catch A Monster, the highly-anticipated dark fantasy stars Mad Men siren Christina Hendricks and former Doctor Who Matt Smith.

Gosling has never been known to shy away from taking risks, and an edgy concept combined with an eclectic cast, including Saoirse Ronan, Ben Mendelsohn and Eva Mendes, combined with the prospect of a definitive actor’s actor in the driving seat could make this something special. Also, hot off the press, is the first image right here:

The festival will also see British directors Mike Leigh and Ken Loach go head to head for the Palme d’Or. Leigh has made Mr Turner, a biopic of the artist Jmw Turner with Timothy Spall and Loach is contending with Jimmy’S Hall, »

- Steve Palace

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First Poster For Clint Eastwood’s ‘Jersey Boys’ Released

17 April 2014 12:14 PM, PDT

Ladies and gentlemen it’s time to get those Frankie Valli high notes at the ready, as Warner Bros. are gearing up for the promotion of Jersey Boys, Clint Eastwood’s film adaptation of the Tony-Award winning musical.

Jersey Boys tells the story of four young boys from the wrong side of the tracks in New Jersey who join forces to create the iconic 1960s group The Four Seasons. The story of their struggles and successes are accompanied by some of the biggest songs to come from the band, including  “Sherry,” “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Walk Like a Man,” “Dawn,” “Bye Bye Baby” and more.

The film sees original Broadway cast member John Lloyd Young reprising his Tony-award winning role as Frankie Valli, while Erich Bergen, Michael Lomenda and Vincent Piazza play remaining Four Seasons members Bob Gaudio, Nick Massi and Tommy DeVito. The film also stars Christopher Walken, »

- Lucy Cave

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Three New Spectacular ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Featurettes

17 April 2014 12:00 PM, PDT

Yesterday we were treated to the final trailer for X-men: Days Of Future Past, but today 20th Century Fox have rewarded fans with a surprising three featurettes!

The mutant heroes will be taking over cinemas next month and fans are anxiously counting down the days. The beloved characters from the original X-Men series will join their younger selves fromX-men: First Class, in an epic battle that must change the past – to save our future.

With a release set for May 23rd, the film stars Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Halley Berry, Nicholas Hoult, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Daniel Cudmore, Fan Bingbing, Boo Boo Stewart, Adan Canto, Evan Peters, Josh Helman, Lucas Till and Evan Jonigkeit.

Watch the amazing featurettes below:

Source: ComingSoon

The post Three New Spectacular ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Featurettes appeared first on The Hollywood News. »

- Ciham Messouki

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Thn’s Part 2-o-Rama

17 April 2014 8:19 AM, PDT


Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-man 2 hits cinemas this week, and while it’s probably possible to piece together the entire thing from the mammoth amount of promo clips and trailers that have been released, we here at Thn still recommend seeing it in cinemas.

And just in case you need any more motivation, welcome to our Part 2-o-rama! What follows is a run through of the five best immediate sequels in film history, and five that weren’t as good – but are still great films in their own right. So even if you do believe the sequel is never as good as the original, you can take solace in the fact that we’ve still got some pretty damn good films out of franchises.

Click to the next page to begin the countdown…

The post Thn’s Part 2-o-Rama appeared first on The Hollywood News. »

- Chris Wharfe

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Check Out The Trailer For ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season Two

17 April 2014 7:07 AM, PDT

Are you excited about the new season of Orange Is The New Black as much as we are? Then you might be happy to know that Netflix has just released a brand new trailer…and boy, does it look amazing!

Orange Is The New Black follows the story of Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) as she is sentenced to 15 months in prison for smuggling drug money into another country for her ex-girlfriend Alex (Laura Prepon). The series follows her time at Lichfield Prison, dealing with the crazy prisoners, trying to have a relationship with her fiancé Larry (Jason Biggs) and dealing with her feelings for Alex. The series also stars Taryn Manning, Kate Mulgrew, Laverne Cox, Natasha Lyonne and Danielle Brooks.

Orange Is The New Black has been a huge smash for Netflix and when the series returns June 6th it will definitely carry on that reign. If you can’t wait until then, »

- Lucy Cave

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Kosinski Confirms ‘Tron 3′ Still Being Written

17 April 2014 6:54 AM, PDT

After the somewhat disappointing Tron Legacy it seems that a third outing is still in the works. Whilst doing some promotion for Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski has revealed that a follow-up is still on the cards.

Tron Legacy was a sequel to the 1982 classic Tron. The story followed Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), son of Jeff BridgesKevin Flynn the designer of the Tron world. Sam was desperately searching for his father who has not been seen since the events of Tron. He also found himself transported to the virtual environment where he met Olivia Wilde’s Quorra. The film ended with the pair escaping the Tron universe.

The third film would follow on from this with Quorra adjusting to life in the ‘real’ world. Cillian Murphy’s brief appearance in Tron Legacy would be upgraded to the villain of the piece in a bid to continue the rivalry of the Flynn’s and Dillingers. »

- Kat Smith

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