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Jack Huston Is ‘Ben-Hur’

16 September 2014 11:37 PM, PDT

After a stunning turn in Boardwalk Empire Jack Huston is pretty hot property. He was recently cast in Pride And Prejudice And Zombies and now he taking on the lead role in a true epic. Ben-hur is set to be remade by Wanted and Night Watch director Timur Bekmambetov, for MGM and Paramount Studios. Based on the classic novel ‘Ben-Hur: A Tale Of The Christ’, it follows a nobleman falsely accused of murdering a Roman soldier who endures years of slavery in order to return for his vengeance.

Originally starring Charlton Heston, the film is one of those rare occasions where a strong religious theme regarding faith doesn’t become too preachy nor encroach on a riveting story. The film set the bar for Academy Award wins with 11, a number that has only been equalled by Titantic and Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King. Huston joins Morgan Freeman »

- Luke Ryan Baldock

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Thn Speaks To Hollywood Director Paul W.S. Anderson

16 September 2014 11:01 PM, PDT

From Aliens, to pre-historic pyramids, post-apocalyptic wastelands and swashbuckling saviours…few men in Hollywood have conquered as many different variations of the action genre. Paul W.S Anderson however, has managed to bring his unique style and visual flare to each of these vastly different sequels, crossovers, and video game adaptations. Although some may occasionally question the energetic film maker’s curious directorial choices, few can argue with the huge box office returns his productions receive.

Interestingly, Anderson is also responsible for the only two video game adaptations to spawn successful film franchises, with upcoming instalments currently in the pipeline. With that in mind however, it’s probably a good thing that the fantastic director skilfully sets himself apart from other A-list directors, with his secondary occupation as the husband of Milla Jovovich arguably earning him just as much attention.

Thankfully, Anderson managed to find time in his busy schedule of Zombie shooting, »

- Ben Read

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Chris Hemsworth To Produce And Star In ‘I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive’

16 September 2014 1:34 PM, PDT

He’s just been cast in a massive movie; the planned Legendary backed Skull Island, and he’ll also be playing Hank Williams in an upcoming project named I Saw The Light, and now it looks like his on-screen brother in the Thor movies, Chris Hemsworth, is all set to star in a similarly themed project named I’LL Never Get Out Of This World Alive.

The film will be based on the novel of the same name by Steve Earle. Here’s the synopsis.

Doc Ebersole lives with the ghost of Hank Williams—not just in the figurative sense, not just because he was one of the last people to see him alive, and not just because he is rumored to have given Hank the final morphine dose that killed him.

In 1963, ten years after Hank’s death, Doc himself is wracked by addiction. Having lost his license to practice medicine, »

- Paul Heath

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The ‘Vacation’ Reboot/ Sequel Has Started Shooting! Full Synopsis Here

16 September 2014 1:18 PM, PDT

We reported yesterday that the role of Audrey Griswold was potentially heading into the hands of Leslie Mann (that still hasn’t been confirmed), and today we bring you the news that the remake/ sequel of the classic 1980s comedy Vacation, has started shooting.

Ed Helms leads the film’s cast as Rusty, who takes his wife and two children across country to visit the famous Walley World theme park. Christina Applegate plays his wife, with Charlie Day starring as Rusty’s pain-in-the-ass brother-in-law, while both Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelommreprise their roles as Clark and Ellen.

Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley direct.

Here’s the full press release, put out to the media today as shooting begins.

Burbank, Calif.–(Business Wire)–The next generation of Griswolds is at it again. Shooting has begun in Georgia on New Line Cinema’s “Vacation,” starring Ed Helms (“The Hangover” films »

- Paul Heath

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Win ‘A Walk Among the Tombstones’ Merchandise!

16 September 2014 12:52 PM, PDT

To celebrate the release of A Walk Among The Tombstones this week, starring Liam Neeson, we have 3 merchandise packs to giveaway that include a holdall, t-shirt, money clip, phone case with voice recorder case and a copy of the book.

A Walk Among the Tombstones’ stars Liam Neeson as Matt Scudder, an ex-nypd cop who now works as an unlicensed private investigator operating just outside the law. When Scudder reluctantly agrees to help a heroin trafficker (Dan Stevens) hunt down the men who kidnapped and then brutally murdered his wife, the Pi learns that this is not the first time these men have committed this sort of twisted crime.. nor will it be the last. Blurring the lines between right and wrong, Scudder races to track them through the backstreets of New York before they kill again.

Check out the trailer:

Find ‘A Walk Among the Tombstones’ on Facebook, and »

- Dan Bullock

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Odyssey DVD Re-Launch 6 Classic Films Including ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’, ‘Julia’ & ‘Electra Glide In Blue’

16 September 2014 11:45 AM, PDT

Thn are pleased to share the news that renowned independent distributor Odyssey DVD is re-launching in the UK and returns with a fantastic slate of cult and classic films. Including box office hits and all-star casts, the first six films are Grey Owl, Glengarry Glen Ross, Drums Along The Mohawk, Electra Glide In Blue, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry and Julia, released through September to October.

Up first is the still astonishingly-impressive Glengarry Glen Ross (1992), with the all-star cast of Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Alan Arkin, Ed Harris, Kevin Spacey, and Alec Baldwin. The acclaimed film is based upon David Mamet’s award-winning and follows a group of desperate real estate agents in Chicago. Think of it as a low-key Margin Call or Wolf Of Wall Street of its day. When a hotshot executive (Alec Baldwin) from the head office arrives and proposes a vicious sales competition, in which the losers are fired, »

- Dan Bullock

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5 And A Half Hour Director’s Cut Of Lars Von Trier’s ‘Nymphomaniac’ Set For October U.S. Release

16 September 2014 11:12 AM, PDT

I haven’t had the ‘pleasure’ of watching either of director Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac as yet, but I did manage to catch most of the clips leading up to release. None shocked me more than the 23-second ‘director’s cut’ teaser that debuted just over a couple of weeks ago. I’m not easily shocked, and truly believe that I’m quite liberal, but this is very, very hard stuff. It really does not get much more Nc-17 than this, a rating I’m sure that it will receive upon release, which we’re told will be in October. The release will be both in cinemas, and VOD, and will also expand to Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic and Denmark. Notice the exclusion of the UK in that list. I really don’t know how they’re going to get around the, let’s face it, pornographic content over here. »

- Paul Heath

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Spike TV Clicks On Gary Oldman’s ‘Deep Web’

16 September 2014 11:00 AM, PDT

Gary Oldman’s exec producer credits are getting a boost courtesy of a deal struck between the Spike TV network, Flame Ventures and Flying Studio Pictures (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), which the actor runs alongside Douglas Urbanski. Deep Web is about a Silicon Valley computer expert who becomes the mastermind behind a globe-spanning illegal web portal, landing him on the Most Wanted list from the comfort of his own office. Sounding like a variation on Breaking Bad with megabytes instead of meth, the project is written by Scott Gold from Under The Dome. Drew Comins and Tony Krantz of Flame were instrumental in optioning Deep Web (inspired by a Time magazine cover story about the Silk Road cyber enterprise) and bringing Flying Studio to the table. Krantz is producing.

It’s Oldman’s first TV production job and whether he steps in front of the camera or not this is »

- Steve Palace

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Tom Hiddleston Is Heading To ‘Skull Island’

16 September 2014 10:35 AM, PDT

Britain’s own Tom Hiddleston is to star in Legendary’s Skull Island, according to reports this afternoon. The news comes via Legendary and their new studio partner Universal Pictures. The film, which was announced at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, will focus on the cinematic origins of the King Kong character, and the mystical world in which he originates. Expect dinosaurs.

The Kings Of Summer helmer Jordan Vogt-Roberts has also been officially announced as the director of the film, which the studio will release in North American territories on November 4th, 2016. Max Borenstein, who scripted this year’s Godzilla remake, will write the screenplay for the film.

What a gig for Hiddleston, whose biggest hit to date is the collossal Avengers movie. We’re so pleased for the guy. We tip our hat sir.

Legendary have a big slate of movies lined up, including Duncan JonesWarcraft, »

- Paul Heath

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5 Reasons Pride’s Paddy Considine Is Cooler Than You

16 September 2014 10:29 AM, PDT

Paddy Considine has returned to the big screen in Pride as a Welsh miner welcoming the Lesbian and Gay supporters of the mining cause. In the film, he becomes something of an intermediary between the groups and his role is integral in the message of tolerance and understanding.

Considine has proven his skills over the years with as many dramatic and emotional performances as hilarious ones. So just what is it about Considine that makes him so much cooler than the rest of us?

1. He gives the very best stares

Just try and out-stare him. It’s the stare that just keeps giving.


- Amanda Keats

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Judd Apatow Signs To Netflix With ‘Love’ For Gillian Jacobs

16 September 2014 10:09 AM, PDT

Comedic supremo Judd Apatow is the latest big name to yield to the Netflix digital chequebook for relationship comedy Love. Co-created with Girls writer Lesley Arfin and Parks And Recreation‘s Paul Rust, the show will concern couple Mickey and Gus, a pair struggling to keep their relationship on track in typical Apatow fashion. The lead roles are going to Rust and Community‘s Gillian Jacobs. Co-produced with Legendary TV, the series is off to a flying start with a two season order up front following a bidding war for the concept. Netflix are clearly anxious to showcase their latest willingly-acquired scalp and Apatow himself is as pleased as plundered punch over the arrangement:

Netflix has been supportive in ways I couldn’t create in my wildest fever dreams.

Described as “innovative”, Love‘s initial ten episode run should line up the lenses soon.  Critics’ knives are no doubt being »

- Steve Palace

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A New UK Poster Lands For ‘Into The Woods’

16 September 2014 10:08 AM, PDT

We’re very much looking forward to the new year here at Thn, most of all because of this movie. Into The Woods is a new feature adaptation of the classic musical by Tony®-winner James Lapine, and legendary composer Stephen Sondheim, who provides the music and lyrics. Rob Marshall (Chicago), writes and directs the feature version, which is headlined by Meryl Streep, who also features on this brand new UK poster.

Into the Woods” is a modern twist on the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tales, intertwining the plots of a few choice stories and exploring the consequences of the characters’ wishes and quests. This humorous and heartfelt musical follows the classic tales of Cinderella (Anna Kendrick), Little Red Riding Hood (Lilla Crawford), Jack and the Beanstalk (Daniel Huttlestone), and Rapunzel (MacKenzie Mauzy)—all tied together by an original story involving a baker and his wife (James Corden & Emily Blunt »

- Paul Heath

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James Cameron To Film ‘Avatar’ Sequels At 120fps?

16 September 2014 9:22 AM, PDT

Remember when The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey came out? Remember the while who-ha in regards to film being shot at a whopping 48-frames-per-second? The world was in uproar as to why the new technology was being used, despite the fact that you could march on down to your local multiplex and still have the choice of viewing the film in the new higher frame rate format or the old 24-frames-per-second one. Very much like you have a choice of viewing a film in 2D or 3D. Well, as much as Peter Jackson got excited about projecting at a higher frame rate, another has gone one step further? James Cameron.

The word around the campfire is that Cameron’s people are holding meetings with tech folk about potentially screening the two planned Avatar sequels at a huge 120-frames-per-second. Take that Internet. A guy named Douglas Trumbull has developed a new way of projecting a 3D, »

- Paul Heath

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A Walk Among The Tombstones Review

16 September 2014 8:30 AM, PDT

Director: Scott Frank

Cast: Liam Neeson, Dan Stevens, Boyd Holbrook, David Harbour

Certificate: 15

Running Time: 113 Minutes

Synopsis: Private investigator Matthew Scudder is hired by a drug kingpin to find out who kidnapped and murdered his wife

If waiting until January 2015 for the next instalment of Liam Neeson putting the world to rights in Taken 3 seems like a wait you just can’t handle, A Walk Among The Tombstones could just be the intermediary tonic you need.

This is director Scott Frank’s second foray as the main man behind the camera following 2007’s The Lookout, his main experience lies in screenwriting. Interestingly, Frank also wrote the screenplay for A Walk Among The Tombstones, which is one possible explanation for the timer being allowed to hit the 113 minute mark when a 90 minute non-stop action thriller may have suited the storyline better.

Matt Scudder (Neeson) is an unlicensed private detective who, »

- Victoria Bull

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UK Jewish Film Festival Announces Schedule

16 September 2014 5:45 AM, PDT

Numerous film festivals are well underway and the UK Jewish Film have now added their impressive schedule of events and screenings to the list. Highlights include the London Film Festival selection Self-made, a comedy which sees an Israeli and Palestinian woman swap places, and Victor Young Perez, an epic historical drama charting the story of Victor Perez, boxing world champion in 1930’s Paris.

The festival opens with The Art Dealer on 6th November and includes 150 screenings of feature films, TV, shorts and documentaries from over 27 countries. Screenings will take place at fourteen cinemas across London as well as various venues in Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham and Glasgow.

Gala screenings at the festival include Zero Motivation, winner of the Nora Ephron prize at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, and acclaimed documentary The Green Prince.

Tickets for this year’s festival (which runs from 6th – 23rd November) will go on sale from »

- Amanda Keats

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Sony Release A New Featurette For ‘Fury’

16 September 2014 5:23 AM, PDT

As we know, David Ayer’s Fury Will close this year’s BFI London Film Festival in October, and the likes of Ayer and star Brad Pitt will be lining up to promote the film in the flesh. Over the past couple of weeks, Sony have been treating us to a numbered of featurettes and today we have a brand new one entitled ‘Into The Tiger’s Jaw,’ and features brand new interviews with the production crew and props team.

April, 1945. As the Allies make their final push in the European Theatre, a battle-hardened army sergeant named Wardaddy (Brad Pitt) commands a Sherman tank and her five-man crew on a deadly mission behind enemy lines. Outnumbered and outgunned, and with a rookie soldier thrust into their platoon, Wardaddy and his men face overwhelming odds in their heroic attempts to strike at the heart of Nazi Germany.

This one hits cinemas on October 22nd (Oct. »

- Paul Heath

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There’s A Brand New Poster For Chris Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ Out There

16 September 2014 5:10 AM, PDT

Not long to go now until the release of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. The film, which we believe has something to do with space travel, is set to debut in standard cinemas and ones with the big IMAX screen on the 7th November, and we’re really, really excited.

Today, the UK’s Empire magazine debuted the new poster for the film, which will also appear on the cover of their next issue, due at the end of the month.

Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Ellen Burstyn, John Lithgow, Michael Caine, Casey Affleck, Wes Bentley, Bill Irwin, Mackenzie Foy, Topher Grace and David Gyasi star.

This looks spectacular.

Check out the new poster below.

Source: Empire »

- Paul Heath

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Lego Star Wars Announces Oscar-Style ‘Golden Brickie’ Awards For Fans!

16 September 2014 4:15 AM, PDT

Oh, Lego – You know we love you at Thn! The master-builders have announced their  first ever intergalactic national ‘Oscar-style’ awards just for fans and Lego® Star Wars™! The ‘Golden Brickies’ Awards have launched on the Lego Facebook page to celebrate the best fan created content for all the creative Jedi builders, budding photographers and film makers out there.

In homage to the legendary movie franchise and upcoming Episode VII, Lego® is inviting families across the UK to take part in this epic event which will culminate in an exclusive red carpet celebration event at Legoland® Windsor Resort Hotel with other amazing prizes up for grabs.  Whether you choose the dark or light side, humour is at the very heart of Lego® Star Wars™, so this is your chance to show us your best photo and filming skills with your vehicles and minifigures. We want to see what you can do! »

- Dan Bullock

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Watch An Extended Clip From ‘The Equalizer’

16 September 2014 2:40 AM, PDT

I saw Antoine Fuqua’s The Equalizer a couple of days ago now (read my review here), and I was literally blown away by it. The film bears little resemblance to its 1980s TV series original, but it certainly brings back Denzel Washington to the forefront of kick-ass action entertainment. Brutal as hell too.

Anyway, Sony Pictures have today released a brand new, extended look clip from the movie, which clocks in at nearly 5 minutes long.

In The Equalizer, Denzel Washington plays McCall, a former black ops commando who has faked his death to live a quiet life in Boston. When he comes out of his self-imposed retirement to rescue a young girl, Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz), he finds himself face to face with ultra-violent Russian gangsters. As he serves vengeance against those who brutalize the helpless, McCall’s desire for justice is reawakened. If someone has a problem, the odds are stacked against them, »

- Paul Heath

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Sony Pictures Are Rebooting ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’

16 September 2014 1:46 AM, PDT

They were one of the most successful horror series of films from the tail end of the 1990s, and now Sony Pictures are looking to revive the I Know What You Did Last Summer movies for modern audiences.

The films, which started in 1997 with I Know What You Did Last Summer, before spawning sequels I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and the direct-to-dvd hit I’LL Always Know What You Did Last Summer as recently as 2006, were hugely successful and starred the likes of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ryan Phillippe and Freddie Prinze, Jr.

The story, adapted from a 1970s novel by Scream writer Kevin Williamson, revolved around a group of high school students who are involved in a hit and run accident late one summer’s evening. Believing that the man they run over died, the students go about everyday life, only to discover that »

- Paul Heath

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