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Tweeks: ComicMix’s Challenged Comics Summer Reading Challenge

18 June 2015 10:00 AM, PDT

It is officially summer for us! Yay!  So, we thought this would be the perfect time to tell you about our summer reading plans.  In this week’s episode, we tell you about the Cbldf and announce our Challenged Graphic Novel Reading Challenge.  Our hope is that kids and parents (and everyone else) will read along with us.  Because you seriously can’t question that book be suitable for library shelves if you haven’t read it, right?

This summer we will be reading 8 graphic novels that have been challenged or banned in school libraries and then every week we will discuss one of the titles.  We’ll talk about why it was challenged, how to best talk about the questioned topics or themes in the book with your kids.  We’ll also tell you from a kid’s perspective how we viewed the appropriateness of the books for us, »

- Maddy and Anya Ernst

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Dennis O’Neil: Crisis On Infinite Superheroes

18 June 2015 5:00 AM, PDT

Cozy down on your couch and wait for it: A Supergirl series coming soon – well, in the fall – to a television set near you. And a new superhero on The Flash and what looks like some supering up of already existing character or characters on Arrow and and and…

I’ll bet the corridors of the media giants in Hollywood and New York (and Chicago? London?) are absolutely buzz with plans and proposals for more stories about that congregation who wear peculiar costumes and bash. I think they call it extending the franchise, and it is nothing new. My current favorite example from antiquity is the King Arthur saga which was kind of inspired by rales of a fifth or sixth century British ruler who fought Saxon invaders. (Did he really exist? Was he compounded of several rulers? Let us shrug and get on with it.)

Anyway, it wasn’t »

- Dennis O'Neil

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Arrow: The Complete Third Season Releases on September 22

17 June 2015 4:44 PM, PDT

Burbank, CA (June 17, 2015) – Just in time for Arrow’s fourth season on The CW, viewers can catch up with the action-packed series as Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DC Entertainment release Arrow: The Complete Third Season on Blu-rayTM and DVD on September 22, 2015. Averaging 4.2 million viewers weekly for each original episode, Arrow is The CW’s #2 show among Total Viewers, behind only The Flash! The release contains all 23 thrilling episodes from the third season that will have you on the edge of your seat, plus almost three hours of extra content, including episode commentaries, featurettes, deleted scenes, and a gag reel. Arrow: The Complete Third Season is priced to own at $59.98 Srp for the DVD and $60.10 Srp for the Blu-ray.

Oliver Queen’s Arrow has become a hero to the citizens of Starling City – but he will quickly discover that doesn’t mean he can lead a normal life »

- ComicMix Staff

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The Flash: The Complete First Season Hits Home Video September 22

17 June 2015 1:39 PM, PDT

Burbank, CA (June 17, 2015) – Just in time for its second season, catch up with the #1 show on The CW as Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DC Entertainment release The Flash: The Complete First Season on Blu-rayTMand DVD on September 22, 2015. The Flash delivered the most-watched series premiere in The CW’s history, and original episodes averaged 6 million viewers weekly throughout the season. Fans that purchase the set will be able to watch all 23 electrifying episodes, plus three hours of extra content, including episode commentaries, featurettes, deleted scenes and a gag reel. The Flash: The Complete First Season is priced to own at $59.98 Srp for the DVD and $60.10 Srp for the Blu-ray.

Central City forensic investigator Barry Allen is, always charming and – as a result of a scientific experiment gone awry – now the fastest man alive! He’s The Flash, zigzagging through the action-packed new series from the creative team behind »

- ComicMix Staff

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Molly Jackson: Where’s My Science?

17 June 2015 10:00 AM, PDT

Many, many months ago at Toy Fair they announced that a major trend for 2015 was dinosaurs. This was due in part to the upcoming Jurassic movie. Now, fast forward to last week. I bit the proverbial bullet and went to see Jurassic World.

I admit I didn’t have high hopes for the movie. Let’s be honest: you don’t really go for the plot. Almost everything people are complaining about is true. Poor character development mixed with the misogynistic undertones of the 1970s and the anti-war/government sentiments make for a poor plot. Not to mention, Chris Pratt is wearing eyeliner the whole movie which looks so weird.

Even through all of that, when the dinos came on screen, I loved it. I loved every poorly plotted minute of it.

After the fact, in chatting with some friends, I began to realize part of the reason I loved »

- Molly Jackson

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Mike Gold: The Kids Are Alright

17 June 2015 5:00 AM, PDT

There was a time, not all that long ago, when kids were not welcome in a great many comic book stores. You might find this anti-intuitive, but the philosophy was fostered by some comics distributors and welcomed by most comics publishers.

 (Aside for those of you who came in late: back in the olden days when comics were escaping from the primordial goo, we had a half-dozen or more companies distributing comics to the direct sales shops. How this devolved into a monopoly might be the subject of a future column, particularly if I’m looking for something amusing to write for my final column.)

There were many arguments these folks used to implore their retailers not to serve the younger crowd. The foremost was “these kids don’t spend enough money to make it worthwhile.” That’s true – if those kids were coming in on their own. The fact is, »

- Mike Gold

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Box Office Democracy: Jurassic World

16 June 2015 3:30 PM, PDT

If I had been given a vote I would not have supported making another Jurassic Park movie. It’s a franchise that I’m not sure even qualified as a franchise until this weekend. The original film is a masterpiece, one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had in a theater, a movie that defined cinema for an entire generation. The sequels, by contrast, feel like hastily assembled Frankenstein monsters cobbled together from good parts of the first film and whatever script fragments were in the Amblin Entertainment dumpster. All sort of movies in the 90s got two sequels that would never demand this kind of attention but Jurassic Park is special and Jurassic World is a movie that deserves to be a part of something special.

The thing that makes Jurassic World special, aside from the innate sense of wonder that comes from seeing exceptionally rendered dinosaur special effects, »

- Arthur Tebbel

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The Point Radio: The Good And Bad Of Milo Ventimiglia

16 June 2015 2:01 PM, PDT

From Heroes to Gotham, Milo Ventimiglia has played both the good and bad sides of the coin. So where does he land in his latest project, ABC’s thriller series Whispers?  Milo talks about that and just how he picks the right roles. Plus we talk to the creator and stars of SyFy’s Dark Matter who tackle the big question of just how close is the TV show to the comic.


We’re back in a couple of days with sexy, liberal radio queen Stephanie Miller, plus a visit to the set of Tyrant and a look at SyFy’s new series, Killjoys. Follow us on Twitter now here. »

- Mike Raub

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Emily S. Whitten Interviews Jim Cummings

16 June 2015 10:00 AM, PDT

Is there aaaaanyone here who hasn’t seen at least a video clip of Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger Too at some point? I know I’ve seen plenty – Winnie-the-Pooh was a part of my childhood, and is now a part of the childhood of this Auntie Em’s little nephew and nieces. And would it blow your mind to learn that since the 1990s, Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger too have been…dun dun duuuuun…the same person? Because they have! Well, at least when it comes to the guy who does their voices.

This is one of the things I adore about voice actors – how versatile they are, and how they can do so many voices that just sound nothing like each other; even when the characters are in conversation together. It’s really amazing.

If you know anything about voice actors, you’ll know that when I talk about the voice of Pooh and Tigger, »

- Emily S. Whitten

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Mindy Newell: These Are The Voyages…

16 June 2015 5:00 AM, PDT

“Don’t screw this up.”

Admiral Maxwell Forrest, Starfleet Command, to Captain Jonathan Archer • “Broken Bow” • Episode 1, Season 1, Enterprise

As I mentioned in last week’s column (Oh Boy), Scott Bakula also starred as Captain Jonathan Archer on Enterprise, which ran on the Upn network from September 2001 to May 2005, a total of four years. That’s one more year than Tos’s run, but three years shorter than its successful progenitors, Next Gen, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager.

Upn claimed that poor ratings caused Enterprise’s downfall; according to Wikipedia, it never rose above the Top 100 rank in the Neilson ratings system, debuting at #115, and continuing to sink until its final season, where it landed at #148. It’s generally perceived as a failure, and has been blamed for the lack of any Star Trek on either television or movie screens until J.J. Abrams’s 2009 film reboot of the franchise.

Set »

- Mindy Newell

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Review: The Newsroom The Complete Third Season

15 June 2015 12:00 PM, PDT

Aaron Sorkin is an exceptionally talent writer who brings a playwright’s sensibilities to television which means his characters talk. A lot. But unlike so many prime time series, his characters actually have something to say. It’s a shame more people don’t want to hear whatever it is being discussed because Sorkin series tend not to last very long.

There were two seasons of Sports Night, four Sorkin-produced episodes of The West Wing and a single uneven season of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. For his self-proclaimed final act in television, Sorkin gave us three ever-shortened seasons of The Newsroom. This last ran on HBO and other than using a handful of words, could have easily aired on the major networks. After all, Sorkin didn’t pander with nudity or excessive violence.

The series’ conceit was that we were watching the fall and rise of network anchor »

- Robert Greenberger

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Ed Catto: Life’s a Beach – Summer Reading

15 June 2015 9:08 AM, PDT

We’ve all got too much on our plate. On top of that, pop culture enthusiasts like us are enjoying a surfeit of geekiness. Some would argue that there are too many excellent comics, movies and TV shows available today. We all have to pick and choose. My co-worker, Kris Longo, the entrepreneurial wizard who runs Geek Riot Media, has been heard to say “I’m not taking on any new series” now and again. He has a maturity (that I lack) to be able to limit his fictional intake at any given time. And who can blame him?

But despite all this, I think the summer is the perfect time to dive into in a new beach book. No matter how busy you are, how many problems you have or how overdue that oil change is, there’s something magical about getting lost in a summer beach book. And »

- Ed Catto

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