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Martha Thomases: Defending…?

2 hours ago

Last Friday, my pal Larry Hama invited me to a “friends and family” screening of the first two episodes of Marvel’s The Defenders. I mean the new series debuting on Netflix today, not the classic television show, The Defenders, the source of many many jokes made during the screening.

Also in attendance: Tony Isabella, Michael Gaydos and his adorable son, Arvell Jones, and the families of Archie Goodwin and George Tuska. Plus a bunch of current Marvel folks who had probably already seen the whole series, but who were gracious hosts.

Before the screening began, I was feeling pretty warm and fuzzy about seeing so many of my old friends and meeting people whose work I admired. Hence, I was psyched to enjoy two hours in a comfy chair in a screening room.

Mostly, I had a great time. I have a huge crush on Charlie Cox, the beautiful man who plays Matt Murdock. »

- Martha Thomases

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Emily S. Whitten: Awesome Con Round Up

18 hours ago

Sweet Christmas, everyone – this year’s Awesome Con was busy as all get-out and chock-full of cool things to see and do, and con season is rushing by so fast that I’m just now getting to my recap! (We can also blame the con crud for this, alas. It’s been following me around for a solid month.) As always, there were way more activities than one mere mortal could get to. And on top of that, this was the first year where I really saw multiple events surrounding the con that were either not directly affiliated with the con but inspired by it, or connected to it but not part of the main con experience.

So let’s start there. First off, I was part of a pre-con round-table interview Awesome Con set up with the inestimable Stan Lee. Stan answered many great questions. He talked about what »

- Emily S. Whitten

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Buffy, Firefly Receive Anniversary Box set with Collector’s Items

20 hours ago

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete Series 20th Anniversary Edition DVD Boxed Set

The teen years can be brutal. Especially when you’re Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) — a Sunnydale High School student destined to slay supernatural, blood-sucking baddies instead of hanging out at the mall. Over the seven seasons of this thrilling, witty show, Buffy struggles to maintain allies in the fight against evil, while also engaging in on-off romances with a moody vampire (David Boreanaz) or two (James Marsters). Now you can own this 39-disc set containing all 144 episodes of one of the smartest, funniest, most action-packed series ever to slay on the small screen — also starring Alyson Hannigan, Anthony Head and Nicholas Brendon.

Bonus Features:

**New** Official Buffy Dark Horse Comic Book Featuring Exclusive Cover and Coloring Sheet Inside Packaging as a Gift With Purchase for Limited Time Only  Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete »

- ComicMix Staff

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The Tweeks interview Bryan Lee O’Malley!

21 hours ago

Omg, we are huge fans of the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series, so we were totally excited to talk with the series creator, Bryan Lee O’Malley — who you might also know from Seconds or Snot Girl or Lost at Sea.

Also, before we forget, if you are Scott Pilgrim fans too, you won’t want to miss the newly released Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Card Game put out by Renegade Game Studios and Oni Press. It’s a deck-building game by Keith Baker that has double sided cards with video-game-style combo moves unique to each character and life choices you’ll have to make about if you’ll solve your problems with hard work and empathy or video game violence. Such a tough choice.

So anyway, watch our interview with Bryan to find out who has influenced him, why he’s so funny, and what he has in store for us next. »

- Maddy and Anya Ernst

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Dennis O’Neil: The Nibbles Of Monsters

17 August 2017 5:00 AM, PDT

Hours and hours and hours phone talking with customer service for whatever’s gone wrong this time and the wrong gets righted — for a while. Then more and more and more. And things never stay fixed.  And my soul (where/what ever that is) grows weary.

As a chap I once shared an office with — that would be our own Mike Gold — can testify, O’Neil is not a technology dude.  Not big on toys, either. I just want the Whatever to do whatever task I need done and I don’t require a foot rub to accompany said task. Just, please, do the job and then, please, stop existing until I need you again.

Some of the niggly chores that have been eating my lunch are part of the process of publishing a novel in paperback.  I thought I was finished working on that book, but…What!  Amazon wants more information? »

- Dennis O'Neil

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Molly Jackson: Politics, Comics… and Mine!

16 August 2017 10:00 AM, PDT

If you’re a regular reader of ComicMix, then by now you’ve got to know about Mine!, the comics collection we are doing to support Planned Parenthood. If you just shook your head at the screen, please take a minute to read yesterday’s column from my co-editor and fellow ComicMix columnist Joe Corallo.

All caught up? Perfect.

With everything happening in the world today, a comic doesn’t seem like the answer. I mean, we can do so many things. Why a comic book?

Here’s why. Comics, like all forms of art, is a voice of expression.  We use these to amplify our thoughts, feelings, and political opinions. But comics are special in that we can tell a story. We can tell the stories of those deeply affected by the choices made by the current administration. We can tell the stories of the heroes of the cause from the past, »

- Molly Jackson

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Box Office Democracy: Annabelle: Creation

16 August 2017 7:30 AM, PDT

There’s a part of me that can’t help but admire the whole Conjuring franchise.  They have their main series movies directed by James Wan and starring Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson, huge stars for mid-budget horror movies, and then in the off-years they can make these spin-off movies like the Annabelle movies or the two forthcoming spin-offs from The Conjuring 2 and just harvest money from their big ideas using lower budgets and less-known talent.  It’s brilliant.  It doesn’t make for a particularly good movie in this case, but I can’t knock the hustle.

Annabelle: Creation is supposed to be a prequel to explain the origins of the haunted doll from The Conjuring.  Interestingly, three years ago they released Annabelle which was also an attempt to tell the origin of the same haunted doll and it started with the titular doll being a mundane non-evil object. »

- Arthur Martinez-Tebbel

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Mike Gold: Step Away From That Keyboard!

16 August 2017 5:00 AM, PDT

In the wake of the activities in Virginia this past weekend, I received a note from an old friend of mine wondering why he/she/it was being inundated with emails, tweets, and texts from a large body of people calling him/her/it a racist.

My friend is not a racist. I’ve known him/her/it for, oh, over 35 years and I can’t tell you about a single incident where I would categorize this person as being in the same time/space continuum as racist. So why so many bullshit communiqués?

Said friend is a conservative. Yes, I have friends who are conservative. People are people, and not all conservatives are assholes or even Neanderthals.

Let’s make as if all Americans can be divided into two camps: conservative and progressive. That, in and of itself, is bullshit: there are plenty other designations that I can cite, »

- Mike Gold

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Transformers: The Last Knight Seeks the Allspark at Home

15 August 2017 5:43 PM, PDT

Hollywood, Calif.  – Called “incredibly entertaining” (Daniel Eagan, Film Journal International) and filled with “non-stop action from start to finish” (Emily Engberg, ABC-tv, Kstp), director Michael Bay’s Transformers: The Last Knight explodes on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and Blu-ray 3D Combo Packs September 26, 2017 from Paramount Home Media Distribution.  The groundbreaking adventure will also be available as part of the Transformers’ 5-movie Blu-Ray Collection arriving September 26.  The film arrives two weeks early on Digital HD September 12.

Transformers: The Last Knight shatters the core myths of the Transformers franchise, and redefines what it means to be a hero.  Humans and Transformers are at war, Optimus Prime is gone.  The key to saving our future lies buried in the secrets of the past, in the hidden history of Transformers on Earth.  Saving our world falls upon the shoulders of an unlikely alliance: Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg); Bumblebee; an English Lord »

- ComicMix Staff

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Review: Riverdale The Complete First Season

15 August 2017 9:22 AM, PDT

Originally, Archie Andrews and his pals at Riverdale High reflected the codification of teenage life, as they had more leisure time and disposable income. Once it hit big, the comic series and its infinite number of spinoffs, became stuck in amber, barely trying to keep up with changing trends (other than fashion) or concerns for teens. By the 2000s, the entire company was on the ropes, increasingly irrelevant in a rapidly changing world.

In comics, they threw a Hail Mary, revamping the writing and art, making the characters look and act in contemporary ways. Thanks to Mark Waid, Adam Hughes, Chip Zdarsky, and a few others, the characters were suddenly cool once more. The company’s product mix suddenly had the classic digest reprints, the new look, some Zombie title and they were saved.

During all this, Greg Berlanti brought his magic touch, bringing the comic to the CW, working »

- Robert Greenberger

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Joe Corallo: Mine! Mine!

15 August 2017 5:00 AM, PDT

The past few weeks I’ve been talking a lot about other people’s Kickstarter campaigns. This week, here at ComicMix, I’m here to talk about our Kickstarter campaign that is active right now. That’s right; ComicMix LLC is working on a new project – a major comics collection to benefit Planned Parenthood.

I’m going to get into that in a minute.

This project has been in the works for nearly two years now. It started back in December of 2015. Fellow ComicMix columnist and my co-editor Molly Jackson and I were at Mia Pizza in Astoria NY. I was a mere two months into my tenure as a columnist here and we were discussing something we could do. We immediately thought of doing a comics anthology. We had a lot of ideas we were throwing around, including a throwback Crime Does Not Pay style anthology.

Eventually, Molly and »

- Joe Corallo

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Adam West & William Shatner Reunite for Batman vs. Two-Face

14 August 2017 2:39 PM, PDT

Burbank, CA (August 14, 2017) – Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment bring together two of pop culture’s all-time heroes – TV’s original Batman and Captain Kirk, Adam West and William Shatner, respectively – to voice the title characters in the full-length, animated feature film, Batman vs. Two-Face. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will make the all-new movie available October 10, 2017 on Digital and October 17, 2017 on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack ($24.98 Srp) and DVD ($19.98 Srp).

As the sequel to the 2016 hit animated film Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, the all-new Batman vs. Two-Face finds Batman and Robin back in classic 1960s action, protecting Gotham City from some of the most nefarious villains in comics history. But when the mutilated master of multiplicity, Two-Face, begins staging a daring crime wave across Gotham, the Caped Crusaders must work double-time to discover his mysterious secret identity before they can halt his evil-doing – all the while combating the likes of Catwoman, »

- ComicMix Staff

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Review: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

14 August 2017 1:22 PM, PDT

There just may have been a real King Arthur in the sixth century of what is today England. Or, he may have been a legend the fractured country needed to help give it a cultural identity. Either way, that legendary figure of story and song would be horrified to see what Guy Ritchie has done in his name.

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword was a troubled production, heavily promoted, and lengthily delayed until it opened to withering reviews and poor box office. Now available on home video from Warner Home Entertainment, it is a troubling view of Arthur.

Real or not, he was reinterpreted for the needs of the country (and later portions of Europe) across the centuries with characters coming and going, victories of varying degrees, and epic romances until there was just Arthur and Guinevere. As we have come to know the legend, he was a moral character, »

- Robert Greenberger

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Mindy Newell: Migraines and Mel

14 August 2017 10:00 AM, PDT

This may turn out to be a short one, guys.

A lot of us here at ComicMix have written about the agonies of writer’s block, but I don’t think anyone has ever talked about the torture of trying to write when your head is trying to separate itself from the rest of your body.

That’s ‘cause I have the worst tension migraine right now. I’ve been having them all week, on and off. It’s probably because I’m starting to go nuts from being – mostly – stuck in the house. My vision is okay, but there’s a little man with a pick-ax standing on the right side of the crown of my head, and he’s swinging away and my right ear is ringing in response – I feel like Wile E. Coyote after a run-in with the Roadrunner. I’ve taken my Advil, but the »

- Mindy Newell

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Ed Catto: Baby Got Back

14 August 2017 5:00 AM, PDT

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but in comics we do. That’s what sells it. Oftentimes, comics retailers need to make pre-ordering decisions based largely on just a comic’s cover.

Comics, like people, should be enjoyed for what’s on the inside. Corny but true. But like the B-side of a vinyl record, sometimes there’s glory on the flipside, like with comic book back covers.

Emil Novak, Sr. runs a great store in Buffalo called Queen City Bookstore. It’s overflowing with comics and lost treasures, most reflecting Emil’s ravenous appetite for great comics. During my last visit there, I stumbled across The Spirit: The First 93 Dailies reprint comic from 1977. The front cover sported a heroic Eisner Spirit image, but the back cover, showing an exhausted Spirit collapsed in the snow was the cool part. And the courageous use of negative space really stood out. »

- Ed Catto

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