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Sony Is Turning This Awesome Sci-Fi Comic Book Into A Movie

14 hours ago

A highly-anticipated comic book is currently in the works, and the excitement for it is already so high that a competitive bidding war for the movie rights went down. Sony came out on top, winning the movie rights to the sci-fi comic book, Descender written by Jeff Lemire and drawn by Dustin Nguyen. The film will be produced by Josh Bratman along with the artist and writer of the comic attached to executive produce. The comic is a space opera which tells of a time where all things android, robotic or with artificial intelligence are hunted down and destroyed by bounty hunters. So of course, there is one robot who becomes completely self-aware and he sits at the center of the whole story. This extremely lifelike robot called Tim-21 lives on a distant mining colony and soon becomes the target of a galaxy wide pursuit. Because of his lifelike qualities, »

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Alison Brie And 3 More Hysterical Women Hop Aboard Ensemble Comedy How To Be Single

16 hours ago

In this new era of women empowerment, it seems like every other day we are hearing about a female protagonist-driven film getting the green light. The current trend definitely has huge box-office smashes like The Hunger Games franchise and the Twilight saga to thank. The latest lady-pic How to be Single may not be as huge as the aforementioned films, but with its recent additional casting of three hilarious comediennes, it may still pack a pretty strong box-office punch if done right. How to be Single is the girl power flick of the moment as, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson and Leslie Mann are all currently in negotiations to star in the upcoming romantic comedy. The three funny femmes will join Alison Brie, who is all but officially locked down for the ensemble comedy. The film is said to be on par with other relationship pics »

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The Fear Monger: Friday The 13th And Paranormal Activity 5 Coming Later Than Expected

16 hours ago

Good day, horror fans. Jumping junipers, January is almost done. Not that February will be a horror fan.s haven or anything, but it gets us that much closer to better releases. Richard Bates Jr..s Excision follow-up Suburban Gothic is now out on VOD, along with Edward Boase.s micro-budget horror The Mirror. I suppose if you think Gone Girl is scary . and not just the Batdong . you can rent that on VOD now, too. In smaller news, The Babadook is getting a sweet Blu-ray Special Edition on April 14 that comes with pop-up book packaging and a slew of special features. The festival fave It Follows has been given a release date of Friday, March 13. All-around badass Frank Grillo is headed back to the horror genre for Akiva Goldsman.s next feature, the supernatural thriller Stephanie. And Nicolas Winding Refn.s first trip into horror, The Neon Demon, has »

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How Jeremy Renner Avoids Spoilers On Avengers: Age Of Ultron Set

18 hours ago

Avoiding spoilers isn't easy in this day and age of inter-connectivity and technology-driven communication. Everywhere you look; your television, your computer, your tablet, your phone, you position yourself in the line of fire for spoilers to your favorite movies and/or TV shows. If it's one thing we want when it comes to our entertainment, especially the highly-anticipated Summer tent-pole movies, it's that element of surprise. Avoiding ruining the big moments can definitely be challenging, but it can be done. Take for example Jeremy Renner and his recently revealed methods for spoiler prevention on the set of his upcoming film Avengers: Age Of Ultron. When asked what the still-very mysterious character The Vision, played by Paul Bettany, may look like in the upcoming Avengers sequel, Renner seemed to be equally as "unknowing" as the rest of us as far as what to expect visually. In sharing his thoughts with The »

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X-Men: Apocalypse Will Bring Back This Important Character

19 hours ago

We.ve been getting bits and pieces of the puzzle that is X-Men: Apocalypse recently, and each bit of news has been generating excitement. Just recently, the official casting of young Cyclops, Jean Grey and Storm was announced, and now we have news of a returning cast member who we weren.t sure we.d see in the newest film. The writer of the latest X-Men film confirms that Rose Byrne will be returning as Moira MacTaggert, the CIA agent and Charles Xavier.s love interest from X-Men: First Class. We weren.t sure Rose Byrne would be returning, mostly because Professor X wiped her memory at the close of the last film. But, Simon Kingerb, writer of X-Men: Apocalypse confirms that she will indeed appear in the new film, and she will be a significant character to the plot. He told Entertainment Weekly: "She.s a significant character in »

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Why DC Comics Needs To Step Up Their Game, According To An 11-Year-Old Girl

20 hours ago

DC Comics has created some of the most iconic superheroes of all time, no doubt, with characters like The Flash, Green Lantern, Black Canary and of course Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Grossing billions of dollars, nobody can argue they have been hugely successful both on page and screen. However, they still have some room for improvement, according to this 11-year old girl, who thinks she has the answer to their looming problem. Rowan may just be a little girl in the world, but she apparently has some very big ideas when it comes to her thoughts on the DC Comics' shared universe. In a recent letter that's made its way around Twitter, Rowan professes her love of DC superheroes in comics, cartoons and movies with great pride. But unfortunately for the beloved comic company, the letter wasn't all good. Rowan soon details her reason for writing the letter »

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Jamie Foxx Is Remaking This Movie

30 January 2015 3:37 PM, PST

Jamie Foxx has signed up to star in a remake of Sleepless Night alongside Michelle Monaghan. Haven.t heard of Sleepless Night? Well maybe you might know it better as Nuit Blanche, the 2011 French-Belgian-Luxembourgian action-thriller. It.s all coming together quite quickly for Sleepless Night. Not only have Jamie Foxx and Michelle Monaghan signed on the dotted line to star in the flick but Baran Bo Odar is officially going to direct too. According to Coming Soon.net, all of this information was announced earlier today by Tom Ortenberg, the CEO of Open Road Films. But what will Sleepless Night entail? Well, why ask me when you can just take a look at the trailer for Nuit Blanche below. Fingers crossed the mundane and turgid American voiceover isn.t an indication of the treatment that Sleepless Night is about to receive. But, if the American Sleepless Night can recreate the »

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Watch Kristen Wiig Go Insane On Live TV In First Welcome To Me Trailer

30 January 2015 2:57 PM, PST

Kristen Wiig is no stranger to portraying strange and quirky women on screen. And this time around is no different in her latest film, Welcome to Me. Watch as Kristen Wiig plays an unstable woman who wins the lottery, and brings her wackiness to live television. Trailer removed upon request. Wiig portrays Alice Klieg, a young women who suffers from borderline personality disorder, though she manages it fairly well along with medication and therapy. She has a typical daily routine which involves memorizing every episode of Oprah, and yearning for more. Then, Alice.s luck turns around when her numbers come up in the state lottery, and she decides to "do something big". She quickly buys a stretch of hours at a local television company, moves into a casino, and starts her own talk show all about her life. In the process, Alice avoids therapy, and her medication and as »

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Will McDonald's Try To Stop The Controversial McDonald's Movie?

30 January 2015 2:13 PM, PST

Now that Michael Keaton has a Golden Globes win under his belt and is looking to pull off some more magic at the Oscars, the 63-year-old Birdman star is looking for his next big project. He.s currently been eyeing a movie called The Founder, which goes behind the history of the fast-food giant, McDonald's with Ray Kroc. The thing is that, much like The Social Network, the film bashes a company.s founder in depicting some less-than-desirable qualities. So, will Mickey D.s fight back on The Founder, as Facebook reps have done so with The Social Network? The short answer is no. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the golden arches take no issue with the fact that Kroc.s story is coming to Hollywood. In fact, a company rep, Lisa McComb even said: Ray Kroc's story is compelling, so we're not surprised Hollywood wants to dramatize it for »

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The Kingsman Super Bowl Trailer Is Explosive And Intense

30 January 2015 1:34 PM, PST

The upcoming teen spy thriller, Kingsman: The Secret Service will be dropping an ass-kicking-intense trailer for the Super Bowl, which makes its point with the adrenaline-soaked subtlety of a secret Zippo hand grenade. Explosions, machine guns, bodies dropping from inappropriately high altitudes, hot women, breaking glass, shoe shivs and Samuel L. Jackson. doing stuff! It.s a colossal collage of carnage that effectively drives home the point to a coveted demographic that this is a movie you will Need to see. The trailer comes to us from Yahoo Movies. Seeing as Super Bowl spots are reportedly running at $4.5 million for 30 seconds of footage, this latest Kingsman trailer isn.t here to baby you with things like exposition, plot points or a generalized picture of where this film fits in the action/spy genre. Instead, it.s a montage of madness, doing its best to convey what kind of a thrill »

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Woody Allen's Latest Just Took A Huge Step Forward, Get The Latest

30 January 2015 12:58 PM, PST

Everybody's favorite neurotic actor/writer/director Woody Allen is getting closer to releasing his next film. Quiet since 2013's Blue Jasmine, the 79-year-old multi-talented auteur is due for another hit. Good news for fans of Allen, his latest now has a title and distribution partner. Allen's latest film, which now officially goes by the title Irrational Man, has just been acquired by Sony Pictures Classics. According to Comingsoon.net, the independent art-house division of Sony Pictures Entertainment will control the North American rights to the film, marking its eighth collaborative effort with the director. Details of the film have largely been kept under wraps but that didn't seem to present any challenges for the distributor, which stated its praise for the upcoming film in a statement, saying the following: "Woody Allen.s new movie .Irrational Man,. his latest annual gift to moviegoers everywhere, is as fresh and winning as ever. »

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Terry Crews Really, Really Wants To Play This Superhero

30 January 2015 11:31 AM, PST

Terry Crews is one of the more comical actors on television at the moment, really coming into his own as funnyman Sergeant Terry Jeffords alongside Andy Samberg, Stephanie Beatriz and Joe Lo Truglio in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The actor may be well-known for playing the muscle-headed joker, with his roles in films like Bridesmaids and television shows like Arrested Development, but he's clearly unwilling to accept being typecast as "that guy" as proven by his latest comments that he would love to play a superhero -- specifically, Silver Surfer. It was in a recent Reddit Ama where Crews answered fans' questions about his current projects including the above-mentioned Fox comedy and his gig as host of shows like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and World's Funniest Fails, that the former NFL athlete-turned actor talked about playing the Marvel superhero. He not only talked about filling the role of the iconic »

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How Marvel's Ant-Man Movie Will Tie Into Agent Carter

30 January 2015 11:27 AM, PST

As another piece in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it makes sense Ant-Man would have a few ties to previous Marvel projects to connect with the adventures of Scott Lang, Hank Pym and Hope Van Dyne. John Slattery will be reprising his role as the older Howard Stark (last seen in Iron Man 2), and it.s been heavily suggested that Hayley Atwell will also appear as spy extraordinaire Peggy Carter. Although the latter has yet to be officially confirmed, Peggy will regardless still play an important role in the Ant-Man lore through Marvel.s upcoming two-issue prequel comic series Marvel.s Ant-Man Prelude. You can check out all the preview pages for issue #1 at Newsarama, but the scene starts off with an older Peggy with a young Hank Pam circa early 1960s. While telling him the importance of improvising when one doesn.t know what they.re working with, she »

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5 Female Star Wars Characters Who Should Carry The First Standalone Film

30 January 2015 10:46 AM, PST

Ever since Disney announced that it was planning to release standalone "spinoff" Star Wars films in between the releases of the upcoming Sequel Trilogy films beginning this December with Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, speculation has run rampant. While it.s generally believed that signature Star Wars names like Han Solo, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Boba Fett would be the focus of some of these side projects, the latest rumors seem to point to women stepping into the spotlight. With the names of actresses like Rooney Mara, Felicity Jones and Tatiana Maslany coming up as possible leads for one of the standalone films, we thought it would be as a good a time as any to come up with 5 female Star Wars characters on which the first film could focus. We're using only in-movie characters, since the Expanded Universe was essentially torpedoed by the new Star Wars overlords »

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Hero Blend #49: The Fantastic Four Finally Revealed

30 January 2015 10:20 AM, PST

Much like in 2014, the year 2015 is set up to be a very big one for the world of comic book movies. But while Marvel Studios has already been showing their stuff, giving us sneak peeks at both The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man, we.ve been left patiently waiting for our first look at Josh Trank.s The Fantastic Four. 20th Century Fox delayed showing off the new superhero movie for months, wanting to make sure that everything about it was just right, but now that particular wait is over. The Fantastic Four trailer is online. Those of you who are long-time Hero Blend viewers know that we.ve been patiently waiting for the reveal of the rebooted Fantastic Four since Episode #27 . a.k.a the one where we were at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 . but this past Tuesday we finally got our chance: But while it.s nice to »

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Suicide Squad Will Pull From This Specific Issue

30 January 2015 9:33 AM, PST

Suicide Squad is fast becoming one of the most highly-anticipated movies of 2016, but thus far, with only tidbits of information released at a time (mostly only rumors or cast-related), Warner Bros. has yet to reveal much in terms of plot. But things are starting to become a bit clearer now with David Ayer's revelation that his upcoming Supervillain flick will specifically pull from The New 52 Suicide Squad Vol. 4, #1 "Kicked in the Teeth." The director recently tweeted a photo including some Warn Bros./Bravo 14 pre-production documents and a copy of Suicide Squad's New 52 comic. No need to sugarcoat things or beat around the bush, he accompanied the photograph with a single word, "paperwork." That being said, fans can start getting excited about the prospect of seeing one of the greatest gatherings of onscreen villains to date, coming to life through the brilliant source material of Adam Glass' 2011 DC »

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Disney Just Threw A Curveball At The Star Wars Solo Movies

30 January 2015 9:18 AM, PST

As we get closer to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens this December 18, we're still waiting ever so patiently to hear more about the first Star Wars spin-off film from Godzilla helmer Gareth Edwards. Details are extremely limited, but a few actresses are said to be in contention for a leading role. As the plot for this and subsequent spin-offs are unknown, however, recent comments from Disney CEO Bob Iger have caused some to speculate that they might not be what Star Wars fans are expecting. During a recent shareholder.s meeting, Iger made the following statement, as quoted by Get Your Geek On: It.s only the beginning of a new era of exceptional Star Wars storytelling; next year we.ll release our first standalone movie based on these characters, followed by Star Wars: Episode VIII in 2017, and we.ll finish this trilogy with Episode »

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The First Star Wars Spinoff Movie May Have Found Its Lead, Get The Details

30 January 2015 9:03 AM, PST

Is the first Star Wars spin-off movie about to take a massive leap forward with the casting of its leading actor? It certainly sounds that way. That.s because reports have now emerged that Tatiana Maslany has landed the coveted role. Total Geeks have reported that Tatiana Maslany was one of several up and coming actresses to have originally been linked to the role. However it.s now believed that she has beaten both upcoming Rooney Mara and Felicity Jones, who were her competition, to the part. In fact a source for Total Geeks informed the publication immediately after this trifecta had auditioned that Tatiana Maslany had become the front-runner for the role. It.s also believed that Maslany had impressed both Disney and Lucasfilm very early on in with her passion to join the film. It.s still not been verified, but the studios are believed to have now »

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5 Big Reasons The All-Female Ghostbusters Is A Great Idea

30 January 2015 9:00 AM, PST

Growing up, I was probably just as big a Ghostbusters fan as you. Its off-beat brand of humor and scares is one of the inspirations for my second book, A Boy and His Corpse. The movie was highly influential for me. So when I heard the news that there would be an all-female cast for the remake (reboot?) of the Ghostbusters franchise, I, like pretty much the entire Internet, went crazy. How could they replace Peter, Ray, Winston, and Egon with one part Bridesmaids, and the other half SNL? Madness, sheer madness! But once I got over my little hissy fit and actually thought about it, I realized something. This wasn.t a bad idea. In fact, it might be a pretty good idea. And not just for one reason, but five. So here are five glaringly obvious (once you think about it) reasons why an all-female cast for a »

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MTV Movie Awards: Amy Schumer And Anna Kendrick Take Cups To A Filthy New Level

30 January 2015 7:55 AM, PST

Amy Schumer is hosting this year.s MTV Movie Awards, and we can.t wait for her epic night of debauchery. She.s made a career out of her over-the-top inappropriate but hysterical sense of humor, and now she gets to do that during one of the more off-the-cuff award shows of the year. To preview all the shenanigans that are coming our way, the network has released a brief promotional video featuring Schumer and an uncomfortable interaction with Anna Kendrick. Kendrick is probably sick and tired of hearing people talk about "Cups," the song she covered with her Pitch Perfect co-stars. After breaking into the top 10 spots on Billboard.s Hot 100, everyone has listened to it on repeat and re-watched the adjoining music video countless times. But the 29-year-old has to endure it a little bit more, as Schumer steps in for a filthier rendition of the game. After »

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