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First Kite Trailer Features Violence, Bright Colors And Samuel L. Jackson

5 January 2014 1:23 PM, PST

It.s a good week for Samuel L. Jackson fans, who already got a first look at the actor in the upcoming action comedy Barely Lethal. People looking for something similar but far more extreme are going to be pleased with the above trailer and series of clips from the upcoming action drama Kite, the live-action remake of Yasuomi Umetsu.s 1999 anime A Kite. At least, I think they.ll be pleased. I.m not quite sure what I saw up there, but I know part of it was pink. It.s admittedly nice to get a trailer with a handful of clips behind it, plus Jackson.s intro, although it reeks of "leaked video" rather than official studio output. (Thanks to Bloody Disgusting for seeking it out.) In any case, it.s a long look at South African director Ralph Ziman.s first film since 2008.s impressive crime drama »

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This Rotten Week: Predicting The Legend of Hercules Reviews

5 January 2014 10:27 AM, PST

If you live in the Northeast, you.ve already slipped five or six times on the skating rink that.s going on outside. What a mess. But have no fear, inside This Rotten Week, it.s warm, cozy and just the right temperature for predicting Tomatometer scores. Small slate this week with only Hercules. legend getting a little treatment. Just remember, I'm not reviewing these movies, but rather predicting where they'll end up on the Tomatometer. Let's take a look at what This Rotten Week has to offer. The Legend of Hercules If I could be the son of any Greek God and Goddess, the choice would be tough, but I think I.ve narrowed in on the perfect marriage. If I.m really forced to choose I think having my father: Acratopotes (God of unmixed wine) and moms: Gymnastika (goddess of morning exercise) would look around perfect. It.s »

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The Fear Monger: Simon Pegg And Christian Found Footage Add Horror To Your Week

4 January 2014 3:23 AM, PST

Welcome to 2014, hop along horror hounds. It.s a new year, but apparently nobody told Blumhouse Productions, who are rehashing the same old crap with Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, the first spinoff of that franchise and also the first genre film of the year. It definitely wasn.t the best place to start things off, but every ladder to success needs a bottom rung, and we.re excited about what the year has to offer. So before 2015 gets here without me realizing it, let.s dive right in, with a quick pit stop at the Laundromat. A Fantastic Fear of Everything (2013) Us Trailer - Click here for more home videos A Fantastic Fear of Everything Gets New Trailer and VOD Release Date Simon Pegg is an actor who can spin performance gold in any film he.s in. Though it came out in the U.K. in the summer »

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Surprise! 2013 Blockbusters Passed The Bechdel Test

3 January 2014 10:59 PM, PST

The Bechdel Test is a delightful if imperfect tool used to gauge how much Hollywood actually pays attention to women, instead of treating them like second class citizens. It.s a simple formula, one that has three guiding principles. First, a movie needs to have more than one woman, because otherwise it comes across as tokenism (or Tolken-ism, as Peter Jackson fudged the text of The Hobbit to include one female character that is, nonetheless, by her lonesome). These women also have to talk to each other, which proves to be a challenge sometimes as many screenwriters are men. And third, and most importantly, these female characters need to be talking to each other about something, Anything, other than a man. It.s a common screenwriting cheat to have characters exist only to circle the leading man and explain their skills and appeal. Frequently this person is a female. And »

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Sony Pictures Classics Back In Oscar Race Thanks To Hungary's The Notebook

3 January 2014 5:13 PM, PST

Sony Pictures Classics, the art-house and indie wing of the major studio, has an eye for Oscar-quality foreign films. The past four years, Spc has taken home the Best Foreign Language Academy Award for Argentina's The Secret In Their Eyes, Denmark's In A Better World, Iran's A Separation, and Austria's Amour. But their winning streak was threatened when the Academy cut their latest acquisitions, Iran's submission (Asghar Farhadi's The Past) and Saudi Arabia's pick (Haifaa Al-Mansour's Wadjda), from their categories' shortlist. Despite these insane turn of events, Spc is bouncing back by picking up a heralded drama out of Hungary. The Wrap reports Sony Pictures Classics has bought the North American distribution rights for Janos Szasz's The Notebook--or A Nagy Fuzet as it's known in its home country. After a world tour of film festivals--from Karlovy to Hamburg, London to Chicago, Toronto and Stockholm--The Notebook is readying for »

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Hailee Steinfeld Aims To Kill In First Images From Barely Lethal

3 January 2014 3:38 PM, PST

Do you guys remember what it.s like to be a teenager (assuming you aren.t actually still a teenager)? There are a lot of new emotions that begin stirring around in the post-pubescent cauldron, and there.s a good chance that you wanted to annihilate other people at one point or another. This isn.t a problem that affects Megan Walsh, Hailee Steinfeld.s character in Kyle Newman's upcoming action comedy Barely Lethal. Our first look at the film, seen above, proves that Megan is probably equipped to do damage to just about anyone she wants. Bullies best beware. Megan isn.t your average teenager, obviously, though that.s all she wants to be. She.s an international assassin, much more used to putting bullets in bad guys than taking standardized tests. All she wants is to live the life of a normal kid, however, so she fakes »

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American Hustle And Wolf Of Wall Street Snag Writers Guild Nominations

3 January 2014 3:33 PM, PST

Award season is chugging along. We've shared our Top 10s of 2013. The Golden Globes have unveiled their contenders, as have the Screen Actors Guild, and the Producers Guild of America. Now it's time for the Writer's Guild of America to have their say on what was the best cinema of the past year. Featuring solely screenplays, the WGA has singled out fifteen nominees for their three categories: Best Original Screenplay, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Documentary Screenplay. See the full list of lucky nominees below: Original Screenplay American Hustle, Written by Eric Warren Singer and David O. Russell; Columbia Pictures Blue Jasmine, Written by Woody Allen; Sony Pictures Classics Dallas Buyers Club, Written by Craig Borten & Melisa Wallack; Focus Features Her, Written by Spike Jonze; Warner Bros. Nebraska, Written by Bob Nelson; Paramount Pictures Adapted Screenplay August: Osage County, Screenplay by Tracy Letts; Based on his play; The Weinstein Company »

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New Divergent Photo Shows Tris And Four All Suited Up

3 January 2014 2:05 PM, PST

A new photo for the upcoming feature adaptation of Divergent has made its way online, giving us a new look at stars Theo James and Shailene Woodley. Judging by their matching outfits and the stern expressions on their faces, it looks like we.re glimpsing a pretty serious moment. The Dauntless are known to be ready for action but lined up and facing front as they are, they look especially prepared in this photo. It.s been a little while since we.ve gotten a new look at the feature adaptation of Veronica Roth.s popular young adult novel. This photo follows the previously released clip, which also featured Theo James and Shailene Woodley, though they weren.t quite as covered up in that one, as James.s Four showed off his elaborate tattoo designs to Woodley.s Tris. Summit used a bit of that scene for one of the »

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Bad Grandpa Giveaway: Win A Digital Copy Of The Film Along With An iPad Mini

3 January 2014 1:48 PM, PST

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa made a good impression when it hit theaters earlier this year, bringing in over $100 million at the domestic box office. If you.ve been waiting for the film to hit the market, Paramount Home Media Distribution has graciously released the film onto Digital today. To celebrate Bad Grandpa, we are giving away one awesome grand prize related to the film.s digital release. Fans of Johnny Knoxville and co. can enter our special giveaway to obtain a brand new iPad mini and digital copies of each of the films in the popular Jackass franchise. You.ll have more than Bad Grandpa to watch if you.re lucky enough to be the winner. Bad Grandpa.s an amusing film, but we know time spent in bed with a brand new iPad mini with retina display sweetens the pot even more. Add in the fact that you.ll »

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Chris Pine Has A Bathroom Brawl In New Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Extended Clip

3 January 2014 1:36 PM, PST

Back in late November Paramount Pictures held a special event in New York City where they invited members of the press to watch footage from Kenneth Branagh's upcoming action film Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and listen to star Chris Pine talk about taking on the iconic Tom Clancy character. In her report from the screening, our own Kristy Puchko gave a great, detailed description of a rough-and-tumble fight scene that was shown where the eponymous hero has to do battle with 6'6" Game of Thrones actor Nonso Anozie. Now you can watch that sequence- as well as a bonus one - for yourself thanks to a new extended clip that has been posted online by Yahoo! Beyond the fact that this is a fight scene without highly choreographed martial arts moves - instead just a realistic brawl between two dudes in a bathroom - the big take away from »

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Paul Walker's Brian O'Conner Will Officially Be Retired

3 January 2014 1:11 PM, PST

It.s always hard on a film when one of its stars dies mid-production, but it seems like James Wan.s Fast & Furious 7 is having an even tougher time than most, given Paul Walker.s recent death. It throws into jeopardy a role that fans have been following and cheering on for six movies over the course of 12 years. While there have been all manner of rumors surrounding how Wan and Universal Studios would handle the Brian O.Conner character, it appears as if they.ve decided to officially "retire" him from the franchise. This is probably the best way to go about it, but I will scream like a girl if they choose to show him driving off in the sunset at some point instead of something more poignant. The news comes from sources of THR, as Universal has declined to comment. In the temporary production hiatus following Walker »

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Ralph Fiennes Is On The Run In The Grand Budapest Hotel's Latest Clip

3 January 2014 12:56 PM, PST

Frustrating as it is, the release of Wes Anderson's latest whimsical adventure The Grand Budapest Hotel is still months away. Thankfully, Fox Searchlight is providing some solace by sharing a couple of clips this week. Both center on the relationship between curious concierge Gustave H and his loyal bellboy Zero. In the latest clip--courtesy of Yahoo--the peculiar pair are interrupted in the middle of something mysterious to be questioned by the cops. Gustave is positively frantic as he asks Zero if the young man can hold up to police interrogation. Zero's confident he can handle it, but it turns out Gustave is his own worst enemy, breaking into panic and fleeing without a moment's hesitation or dignity. Just yesterday, a clip was released that showcased Gustave and Zero's introduction, which included a rigorous walk and talk job interview. Viewable below, this video gave us better look at the titular »

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Is Martin Scorsese Considering A One Direction Movie?

3 January 2014 11:54 AM, PST

Right now Martin Scorsese is gaining tons of attention--both positive and negative--for his controversial biopic The Wolf of Wall Street. Since its release, critics and movie lovers have been battling it out online whether the film is glorifying the drug-fueled debauchery of sleazy stockbroker Jordan Belfort or if the comedy is a scathing satire of an American culture that holds up such figures. Whatever your opinion on his latest crime caper, you got to give credit that even at 71-years-old Scorsese is a filmmaker who still know how to surprise us. And surprise us he has with a rumor that suggests he might make a One Direction movie. New York Daily News (via Entertainmentwise) has posed the possibility, pointing out that their insiders say Scorsese is a big fan of the British boy band made up one Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson. His daughter »

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Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones Scares Up $1.2 Million At Midnight

3 January 2014 11:09 AM, PST

Last night residents of the Northeastern Us were being warned of a snarling blizzard barreling their way. But even with the threat of 6 to 12 inches of snow, single digit temperatures, and vicious howling winds, fans of the Paranormal Activity franchise turned out in force. THR reports Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones took in $1.2 million from midnight screenings early Friday. With a reported budget of $5 million, this seems a fantastic start to the frightening franchise's spin-off installment. However, these figures pale in comparison to the midnight debuts of recently released similar horror titles. For instance, in 2012 another possession-centered horror-thriller The Devil Inside also opened the first week of January. Despite being spectacularly loathed by critics--boasting a 6% rating on Rotten Tomatoes--this $1 million movie made $2 million at midnight screenings, on its way to a $33.7 mil opening weekend. Perhaps more to the point, Paranormal Activity 4, the previous release of this growing franchise, made »

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Boba Fett May Get The First Standalone Star Wars Movie

3 January 2014 10:50 AM, PST

Remember all of those stories about potential Star Wars spinoff movies that would arrive in theaters every other year, breaking up the pattern of films from the new trilogy J.J. Abrams is launching and possibly giving time on screen to individual Star Wars characters who deserve their own films? Well, one of them might be closer to fruition that you imagined. Boba Fett reportedly is going to be the first Star Wars character to get his own film, and it will be one based on a screenplay treatment handed in by Oscar-nominated screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan. Television producer Jon Schnepp made this bold statement during a 24-hour movie podcast staged by the usually reliable AMC Movie Talk. But he made it so casually and off the cuff, that it.s hard to take him seriously. "I know for a fact," he says. "I will never reveal my source, but it »

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Jack Ryan Character Posters Show Off Supporting Cast

3 January 2014 9:19 AM, PST

It may be winter time, but we.re gearing up for what looks like a potential summertime blockbuster in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Mega-movie stars in an action-packed spy thriller with franchise potential? Those usually drop into theaters between May and August. Having one on the docket for the snowy tundra of January feels like a late Christmas gift from Hollywood Claus. Ho, ho, thanks! Over on the official Facebook page for the rebooted Jack Ryan, you.ll find character one-sheets for the supporting cast not named Chris Pine. The lovely Keira Knightley steps into the role of Jack.s supportive spouse, Cathy. As you can tell from the poster, she.s going to be an accomplice to whatever plan Ryan has to implement. She.s also going to be a weapon, which is clear in the trailer (I.ll post them below). Ryan also has a new mentor »

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Man of Steel Sequel Carrying Reported Budget Of $131 Million?

3 January 2014 8:47 AM, PST

Movie accounting is always more than a little mercurial. If you ask some guys at Warner Bros., they still haven.t made any profit off the merchandising behemoth that was 1989.s Batman. Never mind today, in a world where international box office is relied upon but obscured by more complex gross share rules, and where the DVD market blossomed, then capsized immediately. It.s a very complex thing you.re saying when you declare a movie a bomb or a hit. Or even when you say it.s expensive. So it makes perfect sense that a Detroit CBS affiliate would get their wires crossed in discussing a budget for the WB.s upcoming Man of Steel sequel, which does not yet have a title but is sure to be something unnecessarily complicated. The claim is that this film, which unites Batman and Superman, and possibly a slew of other DC »

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Meet The Wolf Pack Of The Zac Efron Comedy That Awkward Moment

3 January 2014 8:42 AM, PST

Meet Jason, Daniel and Mikey of Tom Gormican's That Awkward Moment. They are three twenty-something guys who decide to stay single as a sign of solidarity after one of them suffers through a horrendous break-up. You know the kind where the only solace you can find is in comfort-binging on ice cream and whiskey? That kind of break-up. But their resolve to stay unattached is threatened when the guys begin to meet gals who are all kinds of incredible, pushing them to that awkward moment when you realize you might be in love. Yahoo wants you to get to know this trio played by Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller, and so have unfurled three videos that introduce us to each. Jason (Efron) is the leader of this wolf pack. He's a smooth ladies man, but his rep is hurt when he begins posting cute kitten vids »

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Shailene Woodley And Ansel Elgort Cozy Up In The Fault In Our Stars Photo

3 January 2014 7:18 AM, PST

Amsterdam! That is where the above photo from The Fault in Our Stars was taken, though there isn.t much about the image that gives away its location. Its focus is on the two teens cuddled together on a bench. He.s touching her chin and she.s got her legs draped over his. In the moment, it seems like their surroundings have drifted. They could be anywhere. Also visible in the shot is Hazel.s oxygen tank, a reminder that her health condition isn.t great and hasn.t been for the bulk of her adolescence. Based on John Green.s novel, The Fault in our Stars tells the story of Hazel Lancaster (Shailene Woodley), a teen girl whose been battling cancer since she was thirteen. She meets Augustus "Gus" Waters (Ansel Elgort) at a support group and the two click pretty much right away. Augustus lost his leg »

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The Rock Could Play Green Lantern According To Latest Rumor

3 January 2014 7:07 AM, PST

Rumor: I didn't hear this directly, but it's floating around behind the scenes in the industry: @TheRock is up for Jon Stewart. Shrugs.. Peter Georgiou (@Peterg_TMT) January 2, 2014 Is this the DC Comics character Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was referring to the other day? Treat this as rumor for the moment, of course, until we can get someone from DC, Warner Bros., or The Rock himself to confirm, but Think McFly Think is going on record to say that Johnson is "up for" John Stewart, aka Green Lantern. Then the guys at Comic Book Movie dug up this old Tweet from The Rock, making this turn of events even more interesting. Now, you.re asking, "The Rock.s going to play the host of The Daily Show?" Not exactly. Stewart was a replacement Green Lantern for Hal Jordan. He was an architect, and a U.S. Marine veteran. He filled »

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