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Spider-Man Teases New Year's Eve Footage, Tosses Confetti

29 December 2013 2:48 PM, PST

Is he strong? Listen, bud. He.s got radioactive blood that helps him toss paper confetti in the air as he prepares for a New Year.s Eve celebration in Times Square. I.m talking, of course, about our friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man, who joined ABC News for a trial-run confetti toss leading up to the Amazing ball drop on Dec. 31. We.ve been telling your for weeks that Spidey would guest star on the Nye telecast, bringing footage to the masses who weren.t invited to cool parties. er, stay home on New Year.s to watch excusive footage from anticipated blockbusters. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb joined ABC and a costumed (but silent) Spidey in the above clip to tease a "massive" action sequence that was filmed in, and takes place in, Times Square, which the filmmaker says they will screen on New Year.s Eve. The »

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Weekend Box Office: The Hobbit Threepeats Number One, 47 Ronin Makes Bid for Biggest Bomb of 2013

29 December 2013 12:44 PM, PST

There were four new wide release movies dumped into theaters for the last week of the year, and if the filmmakers were hoping to take advantage of people heading to the movies for the holiday weekend, they were likely a little disappointed. The most successful newcomer, Leo DiCaprio's The Wolf of Wall Street, earned $18 million over the weekend for a fifth place debut, adding to its $34 million total since opening Christmas day. With a 3 hour running time it had fewer showings than the competition, but sold out shows clearly weren't a problem. Quirky comedy The Secret Life of Walter Mitty has earned $25 million since its Christmas Day opening, with $13 million of that total rolling in this weekend, coming in at number seven. The $90 million budget might be problematic for a movie that has earned just over $52 million internationally and is poised to disappear quickly in the new year. The »

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This Rotten Week: Predicting Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones Reviews

29 December 2013 9:27 AM, PST

Last time we had one of the biggest Rotten Week.s ever, with five movies hitting the big screen in wide release all in time for Christmas. This time, it.s one of the smallest, with only one fairly insignificant flick coming out. Prepare for things to get paranormal all over again. Just remember, I'm not reviewing these movies, but rather predicting where they'll end up on the Tomatometer. Let's take a look at what This Rotten Week has to offer. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones Man, isn.t it super convenient that every character involved with the Paranormal Activity franchise just happens to use their video recording equipment three thousand percent more than the average person? Because without these home security/ filmmaking buffs, there would literally be no set of movies. But alas, these folks are just getting all the good stuff down on film. A nice little coincidence. »

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Short Story Saturday: Late Fee

28 December 2013 1:08 PM, PST

Take a break from the hectic news of Hollywood with our weekly look into the world of "what if". Fresh fan fiction happens weekly here at Cinema Blend on Short Story Saturday. This is our latest short story entry... "Late Fee". The back door of Finn Holloway.s shotgun shack made two specific clicks when it opened, and just one when it was closed again. As a security system, it worked only slightly better than a "Beware of Rabid Dog" sign written in invisible ink, but it was how the 53-year-old Finn could tell the difference between outside noises that didn.t matter, and the ones that threatened his safety. In the ten years since he.d gone down on his luck and moved into the sub-bungalow, hidden out in the woods that ran along Yancy River, Finn had dealt with an intruder a single time. Relaying it to his »

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The Legend Of Hercules Hammers Four New Clips Into Your Head

28 December 2013 9:23 AM, PST

There was a time when the names Brett Ratner and Renny Harlin were almost synonymous, as both have made careers out of generally silly action films. The fact that they.re both releasing Hercules movies in 2014 is such a delight to me, and while Ratner.s Hercules team-up with Dwayne Johnson will undoubtedly be a better experiences, part of me is pretty geared up for Harlin.s insanely over-the-top The Legend of Hercules. We get to see quite a bit of the battle scenes in these four new clips, plus Kellan Lutz.s titular character nearing a possibly forbidden makeout session with Hebe (Gaia Weiss). While I.m sure it wasn.t against any laws for Lutz to wear a shirt during the production of this film, there must have been some kind of a contractual obligation warning against it. I would admittedly rather be a 10-year-old boy watching The »

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Amityville Is Coming Back To Haunt Theaters In January 2015

28 December 2013 8:05 AM, PST

Back in 1975, the Lutz family temporarily moved into a house in Amityville, a Long Island suburb in New York, but quickly left due to "paranormal activity" within the residence. Almost 40 years later, we.ve been through 10 films, some more related than others, and even more books on the subject. The Amityville franchise will continue anew with the completely fictional and unrelated found footage film simply called Amityville, which Dimension Films has given a January 2, 2015 release date. So just in case you were wondering what the first shitty movie of 2015 would be, now you know. Formerly going by the awkward title The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes, this new film is currently sitting alone on its release date, according to ComingSoon, in a month where films are usually sent to die quiet deaths. I.m certain the deaths taking place in Amityville will be of the much louder variety however. It »

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Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones Offers Up Two More Frightless Clips

28 December 2013 7:12 AM, PST

Throw a GoPro camera out and you.re bound to hit a teaser trailer for Paramount.s upcoming spinoff Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, which is in its go-for-broke promotional campaign. Above we have one of the latest clips, which further solidifies that filmmakers should have to go through a strict, multi-step process in order to get approval to make a found-footage film, with questions such as, "Are your characters smarter than the cameras they insist on holding?" and "Why don.t you make a different film? Please, for the love of Pazuzu, make a different film!" In the clip, the "marked" Jesse (Andrew Davis) is busy pulling something out of his eye socket, which happens to be a piece of string or thread or something. (There.s a reason why people don.t usually use thread as a movie prop, as it.s nearly impossible to see.) Anyway, there »

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Ben Affleck Takes The Mic In First Look At David Fincher's Gone Girl

27 December 2013 5:31 PM, PST

It was around this time two years ago that we saw the release of David Fincher pitch-black mystery The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and while we haven't seen a feature from him since, that drought will end in 2014. The director is currently in the midst of crafting an adaptation of Gillian Flynn's acclaimed novel Gone Girl, and while we won't get to see the finished product until late next year, today the studio has unveiled a first look at the movie via their official Twitter account. Being adapted by Flynn herself - making her screenwriting debut - the thriller centers on the relationship between Nick and Amy Dunne, a married couple who have hit a rough patch. Moving to a small town in Missouri from New York after Nick loses his job, Amy is miserable away from the big city, but things become scary when she disappears on »

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Captain America Strikes A Pose In Latest The Winter Soldier Images

27 December 2013 1:20 PM, PST

The Asgardian, Thor, has had his fun. The Avengers won.t assemble until 2015. Holding down the chunk of Marvel.s fort between now and then will be the return of the star-spangled patriot, the frozen popsicle of superhero glory known as Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. And with Cap ready to get back in the suit, we.re starting to get new promotional images showcasing our hero, his beautiful sidekick (not you, Anthony Mackie), and his nemesis. Cap takes center stage by himself above, and it.s funny how that pose calls to mind the poster for The First Avenger, only with a mask on. I guess there.s only so many things one can do with a shield! The alternate Empire cover brings in the rogue.s gallery of Captain America: The Winter Soldier players. Scarlett Johansson strikes an over-the-shoulder hero.s pose. We also get a clear shot »

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47 Ronin On Pace To Have One Of The Worst Debuts Of 2013

27 December 2013 1:06 PM, PST

It was in late April of last year when we first got the sense that the Japanese epic-inspired 47 Ronin starring Keanu Reeves was in a bit of trouble. Initially set to come out on November 14, 2012, the film was bumped back four months by Universal to February 8, 2013 - and then it was moved again to Christmas. Missing two release dates is a very bad sign, and those troubles were essentially confirmed when critics got to see the finished product (it currently has a 13% rating on Rotten Tomatoes). Far worse for the studio than bad critical reception is bad box office numbers, however, and according to Variety the movie is close to setting the low bar for the year. According to the trade, 47 Ronin is currently on track to be one of the biggest under-performers of the year. Estimates say that through Sunday the film is expected to earn less than $20 million, »

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Lupita Nyong'o Bows Out Of 12 Years A Slave Italian Premiere

27 December 2013 11:19 AM, PST

12 Years a Slave posters caught up in race row after billing Brad Pitt over Chiwetel Ejiofor: http://t.co/u3uwa7zaoq pic.twitter.com/Kd40LlJwpO. Total Film (@totalfilm) December 24, 2013 "Poster-Gate" continues to plague Steve McQueen.s 12 Years a Slave as the heart-wrenching awards contender expands internationally. The latest development? Lupita Nyong.o, fantastic in the part of put-upon slave Patsey, "bowed out" of the Italian screening of Slave at the 18th Annual Capri Hollywood film festival, according to Variety. Update: Nyong'o's reps tell THR that the actress made the decision not to attend the film fest two weeks ago. "Due to other commitments that prevented her from going, [Nyong'o's] reps let [the Capri festival] know over two weeks ago that she could no longer go," a spokeswoman for Lionsgate, whose subsidiary Summit is the film's sales agent, said. They claim it had nothing to do with the controversial »

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3 Obvious Reasons Why Audiences Hate The Wolf Of Wall Street

27 December 2013 9:35 AM, PST

Martin Scorsese unleashed his latest, The Wolf of Wall Street, on unsuspecting audience members Christmas Day. It turned out to be an unusual film for which to commemorate the birth of Baby Jesus. Sex, drugs, sex, violence, butt candles, sex, midgets, sex and more sex crammed each frame of Scorsese.s depiction of financial corruption and excess. Critics fawned. The debauchery-laden drama has a healthy 77% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, with our own Eric saying that the movie is DiCaprio and Scorsese.s best collaboration yet. Audiences don.t seem to agree, however. Though the movie got off to a fast start, earning north of $9 million on Christmas Day, those lured to the cinemas by the promise of DiCaprio and Scorsese bombarding Wall Street are leaving disappointed. CinemaScore polls moviegoers as they exit theaters, calculating "a distinctive CinemaScore grade" that gives the industry a ballpark reaction. Wolf, so far, has earned »

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Benedict Cumberbatch Takes Down Nazis In First Look At The Imitation Game

27 December 2013 8:16 AM, PST

In honor of today's Royal Pardon, please find the first still released from the upcoming film, The Imitation Game. pic.twitter.com/qdJFHSAYj2. The Imitation Game (@tigmovie) December 24, 2013 Benedict Cumberbatch.s fans accept no imitations. But will the dedicated fanbase accept their beloved leading man in Morten Tyldum.s The Imitation Game? The photo, shared via the upcoming movie.s official Twitter feed, arrives in a timely fashion. Cumberbatch plays mathematician and logician Alan Turing, who helped crack codes for the Brits during World War II. It was Turing who helped crack Germany.s Enigma code. Later, the war hero was prosecuted for his homosexuality. Thanks for your help, Alan! Now face our wrath. Queen Elizabeth II, though, recently issued a Royal Pardon for Turing, and the producers behind Cumberbatch.s latest jumped on the opportunity for a little free press by sharing an image for the drama, which at »

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Are The Enforcers Actually Going To Be In The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

27 December 2013 6:59 AM, PST

These Spider-Man movies keep getting more and more crowded. It.s not enough that we.ve got The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with the hero facing the Rhino, Electro and the Green Goblin. It.s not enough that at some point he.ll have to cope with the Sinister Six and Venom, who will be so prominent as to get their own movies. It.s not enough he.ll have to juggle the affections of Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson, the latter of whom was cut from the second film but is surely set to appear in a third. And it.s not enough that The Lizard from the first film still threatens Peter . unless, in true superhero movie fashion, no one ever brings that up again. Now Spidey.s going to have to cope with Fancy Dan and the Enforcers. Are you a hardcore Spidey fan? If so, you »

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The Lego Movie Reveals New Preview And A Build-Your-Own-Lego Figure Website

26 December 2013 8:25 PM, PST

Unlike nearly every other upcoming or past film based on a toy property, there.s one movie that has got my utterly rabid attention, and I know its name.I know its name. It.s The Lego Movie, from ne.er-do-wrong directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and the latest clip is similar to the rest in that it uses its time introducing us to its many characters, as well as offering up a few new jokes and a little more Batman, which is what every film needs as far as I.m concerned. And if you.ve already familiarized yourself with everyone from the film, why not spend a few minutes making a Lego figurine out of yourself? Or maybe just dress up like Batman for the 2,097th straight night like I did. You can.t always tell a movie is going to be great just by the studio »

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Top 10 Movies Of 2013: Kristy.s List

26 December 2013 6:58 PM, PST

2013 has been a great year for movies, so narrowing down our list of favorites was no easy task. As Cinema Blend has numerous writers with varying tastes in film, we decided to go solo this year in sharing our Top 10 lists of the best movies of 2013. Sean's list is up This is Kristy.s list, with some critical darlings, a panned biopic, several deeply dark comedies, and a string of heartstring-tugging coming-of-age tales. 10. Pain & Gain To me it's a crime that Michael Bay's dark comedy about the insane exploits of The Sun Gym Gang has been deemed "Rotten." For decades Bay has made movies maligned for being (supposedly) just for teenage boys, and then he makes something sharper, smarter and a thousand times more bonkers, and still many critics sneered. Well, not this one. Bay set up a brilliant satire about those who demand a shortcut to the American Dream, »

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How Man Of Steel Stopped The Shazam! Movie

26 December 2013 5:23 PM, PST

It was all the way back in 2006 that director Peter Segal became attached to direct the DC Comics movie Shazam!, a superhero film about the character best known as Captain Marvel. The project made a good amount of progress building towards production, landing John August to pen the script and Dwayne Johnson to play the villainous Black Adam, but despite its efforts the film wound up falling in Hollywood's dreaded development hell anyway. Given how popular comic book movies are nowadays, it's strange to think that a project as high profile as Shazam! could fall apart, but now the director has revealed to Coming Soon exactly what happened behind the scenes. While Black Adam may have been Captain Marvel's big screen foe, the character's biggest enemy behind the scenes of Hollywood is Superman. According to Segal, Captain Marvel has always had a problem co-existing with the Man of Steel, as »

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The 10 Best Movie Music Moments Of 2013

26 December 2013 3:14 PM, PST

Last year was a pretty fantastic one for movie music. Directors like David O. Russell, Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino and Ben Affleck made not only fantastic films, but also beautifully crafted soundtracks that blended perfectly with the story and visuals on screen. The mix created some stunning, haunting, exciting, uplifting and thrilling movie music moments that we will remember for years to come. As a result, 2013 had a lot to live up to, but looking back on the last twelve months reveals that this year.s crop of filmmakers were more than up for the task. As I.ve done for the last four years, I.ve taken a detailed look back at all of the films that have hit theaters this past year searching for the best movie music moments I could find. While there was a large crop to choose from, I.ve narrowed it down to my »

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Batman Vs. Superman's Gal Gadot Talks About Wonder Woman's Body

26 December 2013 2:19 PM, PST

Since being cast as Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder's upcoming Man of Steel sequel, actress Gal Gadot has been at the center of quite a bit on controversy. Because the Amazonian superhero has forever been drawn as a statuesque, strong woman, many comic book fans have complained that Gadot is too small for the part, both in musculature and height (she is 5'9" while her co-stars Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck are 6'1" and 6'3", respectively). Since the casting was announced earlier this month there has been no official word from the actress about the controversy, but now that silence has been broken thanks to a recent episode of the Israeli television series Good Evening With Gai Pines. While the interview was conducted in Hebrew, Gadot's native tongue, a reader from Batman-News has translated and transcribed what the actress had to say about some of the criticism that her »

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Tom Cruise Out, John Lee Hancock Re-Writing The Magnificent Seven Remake

26 December 2013 10:00 AM, PST

A bit of musical chairs is occurring in regards to the upcoming remake of The Magnificent Seven. It's something of a high priority for MGM, desperate to re-ignite all their brand names, including Robocop, Poltergeist, Death Wish and WarGames. This is what happens when a studio is in dire financial straits, but at least things were whirring in a positive direction with this latest redo. Even without a director, Nic Pizolatto was attached to write and more importantly, Tom Cruise was engaged as the star. Full steam ahead, right? Well all bets are off, and Cruise and Pizzolatto are now off the project, according to The Wrap . Well, that escalated quickly. No reason has been given for Cruise's departure, though he was attached since May '12, and there's been very little momentum on the project thus far. Cruise can't mess around; he's in amazing shape right now, but he's in »

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