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The Lone Ranger Super Bowl Spot Finally Focuses On Its Title Character

3 February 2013 3:03 PM, PST

Even though it's right there in the title, it might surprise you to learn that The Lone Ranger is not, in fact, entirely about Johnny Depp's character Tonto. Depp is a bigger star than the guy playing the actual Lone Ranger, Armie Hammer, so you can't really blame them for focusing more of the marketing on Tonto, but it really feels like a slap in the face when the movie's teaser art is about one character and the title is about another. For the Lone Ranger faithful, though, the movie's 90-second Super Bowl spot has fixed all that, focusing much more on the man himself and his origin story-- and then getting into Johnny Depp's Tonto antics near the end. Take a look below: All the silly stuff near the end is pretty agreeable, and nicely reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean, the last collaboration between director Gore Verbinski »

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Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl Trailer Is Better At Everything

3 February 2013 2:44 PM, PST

Star Trek Into Darkness was going to be our most anticipated trailer of the entire Super Bowl, but now that it's gone online early, we might not even need to watch. Take a look below at the Big Game spot, which puts a lot of the focus on Benedict Cumberbatch's silver-voiced villain character, and gives us new looks at the chaos he presumably wrings to the futuristic San Francisco. "I am better." "At what?" "At everything." Yup, that's the kind of confident Star Trek villain we've been waiting for-- sorry, Eric Bana's Nero-- and the kind of guy that Benedict Cumberbatch can play better than virtually anybody else. Even Super Bowl viewers who aren't familiar with Cumberbatch's work as Sherlock will probably sit up and pay attention when this ad comes on their screens. And while the stigma has probably come off Star Trek after the huge success »

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Fast And The Furious 6 Teases Thrilling Climax In Latest Poster

3 February 2013 1:21 PM, PST

Most of the movies set to preview footage during the Super Bowl have been seen by movie lovers (if they have been paying a bit of attention). Movies like Iron Man 3 and Star Trek Into Darkness have released teasers and trailers giving us looks at the pending sequels. Justin Lin.s Fast and the Furious 6, however, has been under wraps . until today. Universal has a trailer ready to air during the Super Bowl. And a teaser poster has been shared via the movie.s Facebook page. Check this mimimalist, effective one-sheet for the next Fast flick: This has become a visual theme for the Fast posters, shoving the protagonists to the bottom of the frame to show a lot of sky. It works, though I wish we had a better shot of that car. It.s currently bathed in too much shadow. I.d love to get a better »

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Super Bowl 2013 Movie Trailer Preview

3 February 2013 12:23 PM, PST

We.ve been talking about it practically non-stop for the last week, but the big day is finally here, and while the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens gear up for the Super Bowl we here at Cinema Blend headquarters are getting ready to bring you all of the big TV spots set to air during the game.s commercials. Some trailers we.ve already seen, some have just teased us and others remain a mystery . but what are the big movies that we.re going to see new footage from today? To get you ready for the football championship I.ve collected all of the info we have on this year.s crop of Super Bowl movies and collected them for you below. Happy watching, and be sure to check back in with the site throughout the day as we post the newest trailers Snitch First up is »

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Exclusive Undefeated Blu-ray Clip Shows Grueling Practices And A Coach Who Won't Quit

3 February 2013 12:10 PM, PST

Super Bowl Sunday is filled with stories of players and coaches told across multiple networks. While today might be all about the Ravens and 49ers, it.s also a good day for Undefeated, the 2011 Oscar Winning football documentary that hits Blu-ray this month. If you.re up for a few more motivational speeches and shots of players hard at work, we have an exclusive Blu-ray clip just for you. Anchor Bay Home Entertainment and the Weinstein Company have teamed up to bring Undefeated into homes. The film follows the Manassas Tigers, a football team associated with an underprivileged school system that must overcome obstacles on the football field, but also in the classroom. The clip features Coach Bill Courtney, a no-nonsense guy challenging his players to buy into his system. In return, he says he can deliver the boys a playoff win. The clip focuses on shots from several days »

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This Rotten Week: Predicting Side Effects And Identity Thief Reviews

3 February 2013 10:24 AM, PST

Super Bowl Sunday. The greatest day of the year. The beer.s on ice, the appetizers are in the oven, I.ve got my requisite prop bets in on things like .first touchdown. and .how much karaoke Beyonce will do at halftime.. Going to be a great day, but before we get to that there.s a couple of flicks to check out. We.re looking at the side effects of identity thieves. Just remember, I'm not reviewing these movies, but rather predicting where they'll end up on the Tomatometer. Let's take a look at what This Rotten Week has to offer. Side Effects Movie characters look for pharmacological support for a number of different reasons. Eddie Morra needed a little (significant) brainpower boost. Alice and Neo wanted to distance themselves from reality (or actually figure out reality, or something with reality, I don.t know it gets confusing). Largeman »

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Warm Bodies Is The New Twilight: A Surprise Hit Driven By Teen Girls

3 February 2013 10:23 AM, PST

The Twilight saga is finally over. I know it seemed like it was never going to happen, but we made it through together, and the hordes who obsessed over sparkly Edward and hairy Jacob for years will have to move on to something else. Conventional wisdom says that next big thing will be Fifty Shades of Grey, the erotic and critically reviled novel currently on its way toward a film adaptation. But could the next Twilight be something good instead-- and already out in theaters? On the surface Warm Bodies didn't look at all like the heir to Twilight. It's liked by critics, it's primarily a comedy, and it's from director Jonathan Levine, who has made beloved but little-seen movies like The Wackness and 50/50 that mostly appealed to male audiences. But Warm Bodies surprised a lot of people when it opened in theaters this weekend, making a hefty $20 million and »

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Pick Your Super Bowl Team By Ranking Movies With Our San Francisco vs. Baltimore Bracket

3 February 2013 9:58 AM, PST

If you're a hardcore movie fan, you're probably going to be watching the Super Bowl tonight-- but not for any of the reasons your football-loving friends are. Movie geeks get sucked into the Super Bowl every year because of the trailers, as Hollywood studios take the opportunity to market their biggest upcoming films to the biggest TV audience they can have all year. Tonight we're expecting new looks at Star Trek Into Darkness, Man of Steel, World War Z and more, which will be more than enough to keep us watching the game-- but what do we do when the game is actually on? For those of us who don't know the difference between Jim Harbaugh and his brother John, it's hard to find a reason to care about the outcome of tonight's matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. But that's where movies and TV can »

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Ben Affleck Wins Directors Guild Award, As Argo's Best Picture Hopes Strengthen

3 February 2013 9:20 AM, PST

It's probably time to start feeling sorry for Ben Affleck. From the moment he was left off the Oscar lineup for Best Director, Affleck has been experiencing a surge of affection-- and a lot of awards to go along with it. First came the Critics Choice Award, then the Golden Globe, then the SAG Award for Best Ensemble, then the Producers Guild Award. And now comes arguably the biggest of all: the Director's Guild. Honored by his peers at last night's awards ceremony, Affleck took home the DGA Award for Argo, accepting the prize with a humble "I don't think that this makes me a real director, but I think it means I'm on my way." Affleck wasn't the only nominee for the DGA Award who didn't get a corresponding Oscar nod-- Kathryn Bigelow was nominated last night for Zero Dark Thirty and Tom Hooper for Les Miserables, but both »

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Warm Bodies Is A Super Bowl Weekend Standout With $8 Million Friday Opening

2 February 2013 9:34 AM, PST

It seems zombies aren't just in vogue when they're staggering around and threatening people on The Walking Dead. The quirky romantic comedy Warm Bodies, about a zombie who falls for one of the earth's few surviving humans, led the U.S. box office on Friday, making $8.1 million on its way toward an estimated $20 million for the weekend. It was way, way ahead of second-place finisher Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, last weekend's #1 film which made $2.9 million Friday. But the worst news of all was for Bullet to the Head, the Sylvester Stallone vehicle that made just $1.7 million Friday, on its way to a weak $5 million weekend. According to The Hollywood Reporter it got just a B- CinemaScore, and given that it's the kind of movie that crams in the blood and bullets to try to keep audiences happy, that can't be a good thing. It would be the lowest opening for »

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Vin Diesel Isn't Looking So Good In New Riddick Image

1 February 2013 8:38 PM, PST

It's strange to think how long fans have been waiting to see Riddick, the upcoming sequel to Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick. Not only will it be the first movie in the franchise since 2004, the project actually started shooting all the way back in January of 2012. But our time without the Alpha Furyan is almost over. Universal will be releasing the movie in September of this year, which means that it will probably be a few months until we see any actual footage, but thanks to Vin Diesel's Facebook page we're never in short supply of stills. Once again acting as his own publicist - as he has time and time and time and time and time again - the action star has once again taken to the social media platform to post a new image from Riddick. But unlike most of the shots that Diesel has posted before, »

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The Descendants Writers Developing Dysfunctional Family Drama

1 February 2013 7:12 PM, PST

It's amazing what one little Academy Award win can do - just as Jim Rash and Nat Faxon. After winning the award for Best Adapted Screenplay along with Alexander Payne in 2011 for their first feature script The Descendants, the writing duo immediately got to work on their next effort, The Way, Way Back (which they also directed and premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last month) and today we learn that they've already started developing their third. According to Variety, Rash and Faxon are now working with Fox Searchlight on an untitled pitch that they will script and possibly make as their second directorial effort. The project has apparently been in the works for quite a while now, as the deal between the writers and the studio was reportedly "negotiated several months ago," and the first draft has already been submitted. For now plot details are slim, though the trade »

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Sentinels Will Be A Major Part Of X-Men: Days Of Future Past

1 February 2013 5:42 PM, PST

The closest X-Men fans came to seeing Sentinels on screen wasn.t very close at all. The towering robotic assassins were part of a Danger Room sequence in Brett Ratner.s forgettable X-Men: The Last Stand, though the only thing we really were able to see was Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) standing next to the severed head of a Sentinel after Colossus sling-shot him off screen . you know, where we couldn.t see the action. (Great choice, Mr. Ratner.) In an earlier piece, Eric picked up notes from a recent Mark Millar interview in SFX Magazine where the comic guru and current creative consultant at 20th Century Fox promised a beefed-up role for Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) in Bryan Singer.s X-Men: Days of Future Past. Further down in the same piece, though, Millar also confessed that the Sentinels would be .a big feature of this story.. "They will be cool »

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Downton Abbey Star Elizabeth McGovern Sticking With The 20s For The Chaperone

1 February 2013 4:05 PM, PST

The massive success of Downtown Abbey could promise to bring back a resurgence of costume dramas or movies about the British class system, but that kind of trickle-down trend effect takes a while in Hollywood. What we can count on right now, at least, is a lot more work from the various stars of that show-- and for period pieces to surely be thrown at them in spades. Elizabeth McGovern, who plays Cora Crawley on the show, has picked one up from the pile, and will one again find herself in a story set in 1920s, though one about the "roaring" era in the United States instead. According to Deadline, Fox Searchlight has picked up the worldwide rights to The Chaperone, Laura Moriarty's best-selling novel imagining a trip that silent film star Louise Brooks took as a 15-year-old aspiring dancer, traveling to New York to study at the Denishawn School »

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier To Cast Revenge's Emily VanCamp As Female Lead

1 February 2013 3:49 PM, PST

For months, Captain America fans have been waiting to learn who would play the female lead in the anticipated sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The latest update is that Emily VanCamp is reportedly in talks to take on the role for the film due in theaters April 4, 2014. We don't yet know the specifics on Captain America: The Winter Soldier's leading female character, though speculation has been that it could be Sharon Carter. There have been a lot of rumors and speculation over who might play the role, and today, Deadline reports that VanCamp is in talks to star opposite Chris Evans in Marvel's Captain America sequel. VanCamp has some feature credits to her name, but most of her notable work to date are on the small screen, with Everwood and Brothers & Sisters among her previous credits. And she's currently starring as the vengeful Emily Thorne in ABC's soapy »

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Saoirse Ronan & Gemma Arterton Kiss & Kill in Byzantium International Trailer

1 February 2013 3:02 PM, PST

Long before Twilight dominated the pop culture landscape, director Neil Jordan had women swooning over the elegant undead with the Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt vehicle Interview With a Vampire. Nearly twenty years has passed, and as a follow-up to his work on the bloody historical drama series The Borgias, Jordan has returned to vampire tales with Byzantium. But this time around, we find the female of the species may be more deadly than the male. Based on the play by Moira Buffini, this drama centers on two vampires, mother and daughter, who have "lived" side by side for two centuries before their world was thrown into spin by a deadly pact. Gemma Arterton of Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and Saoirse Ronan of Hanna star as mother Clara and daughter Eleanor respectively. We got a sneak peek of each as set photos and a gorgeous still were released as well as »

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Watch Warm Bodies Star Teresa Palmer Get A Scare In Short Film Bear

1 February 2013 2:54 PM, PST

This history of Hollywood is riddled with jack-of-all-trade filmmakers, from Charlie Chaplin directing and doing his own stunts to Shane Carruth, who's self-distributing his new film Upstream Color, in which he also stars. One of our favorite do-it-yourself filmmakers out there right now is Nash Edgerton, an Australian stunt man and actor who's been making short films and features through his Blue Tongue Films. You last saw him as an actor in Zero Dark Thirty, as one of the Seal team members alongside his brother Joel, but if you want to know what kind of stories emerge from the mind of a stuntman, we've got a treat for you. Edgerton's short "Bear" played at the Sundance Film Festival last year, and now it's emerged online as the debut of a Vice Shorts series. You can watch the entire ten-minute film, which co-stars Warm Bodies star Teresa Palmer, embedded below. Short »

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The Last Exorcism Part II Poster Strikes A Crucifixion Pose

1 February 2013 2:06 PM, PST

When a horror movie earns $67 million worldwide on a reported budget of $1.8M, the word .last. gets ignored. Ed Gass-Donnelly.s The Last Exorcism Part II continues the story of possessed teen girl Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell) as she tries to recover from the events of the first film. As we get closer to the March 1 release date, CBS Films is unleashing a flood of information surrounding the new sequel to fill fans in on what.s to be expected. First up, a new TV spot sets up the barest plot points: I really, really don.t like that creepy person in the Mardi Gras mask. Unnerving. It looks like Nell will turn to two factors . doctors and the religious . to help her exorcise the last bits of demon that might still be in her body. I.m extremely upset that we won.t get more of Cotton Marcus (Patrick »

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Benedict Cumberbatch Could Play Heroic Code-Cracking Mathematician Alan Turing

1 February 2013 1:15 PM, PST

Only three short years ago, Benedict Cumberbatch was a little-known British actor who had no reputation to speak of Stateside. But then came the mini-series sensation that is BBC's Sherlock. Roles in high prestige movies like Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and War Horse followed, as well as villainous turns in such highly anticipated action-adventures as the Hobbit trilogy and Star Trek Into Darkness. This year he has a slate of five films poised to hit theaters, including the Julian Assange biopic The Fifth Estate. Basically, Cumberbatch is everywhere. Earlier this month we shared a look at Cumberbatch as Assange in the film's sneak peek, and already it has been reported the Sherlock star is in talks for the lead in another buzzed about biopic. Deadline reveals Cumberbatch has entered into negotiations to play English mathematician Alan Turing in The Imitation Game. The project first earned buzz back in 2011, when it »

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Insidious Sequel Set Photo Channels Spirits At The Seance

1 February 2013 1:07 PM, PST

James Wan wrapped his shoot for The Conjuring a while back, allowing the director to dive head first into his pending sequel, Insidious: Chapter 2. The director and his longtime screenwriter, Leigh Whannell, have been teasing fans with photos from the production.s set. The latest is a moody, over-the-shoulder shot of a faceless child preparing for a séance. The pic was posted in Wan.s Instagram page, followed by the caption, .You need lots of candles for hypnosis. #day4of25.. Check it out below: So we.re pretty early in Wan.s shoot, and we.re still waiting to figure out what his Insidious sequel will be about. The entire regular cast, from Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne to the great Lin Shaye, are reprising their roles from the original film, which was a huge, huge hit in 2011. This could be the back of young Ty Simpkins. head. It »

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