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Morning Meme: Amendment One Passes, You Can Win a Date With Parker Young, and Johnny Depp Names His Willy Wonka Inspiration

9 May 2012 4:46 AM, PDT

Amendment One in North Carolina has passed. In what may be one of the more tasteless ways to celebrate passage by the right, backers planned to serve wedding cake at their party.

Meanwhile, in the House of Representatives, two anti-gay amendments for the National Defense Authorization Act have been prepared with a who's-who of anti gay groups, including the Alliance Defense Fund, the National Organization for Marriage and the Family Research Council. One would give huge latitude to military chaplains to preach hate from the pulpit on government bases, and the other would assert Doma more strongly as it relates to military affairs.

Kansas Republican Rep. Huelskamp is planning an amendment to the Justice Department authorization bill that would bar the Justice Department from using any funds to oppose the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, as it has been doing in cases around the country.

John Travolta's »

- lostinmiami

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AfterElton Briefs: Bryan Safi Vs. Bad Superheroes, Ricky Martin Performs on "The View," and John Travolta Gets Animated

8 May 2012 3:19 PM, PDT

Birthday shoutouts go to Stephen Amell (above), who is 31, Toni Tennille is 72, Enrique Iglesias is 37, and out Darren Hayes is 40. Below you can see his latest single "Stupid Mistake."

Our thoughts go to out legend Maurice Sendak, who passed away today at the age of 83.Gay rights in the U.S., state by state.Darren Criss and The X Factor's "delightfully misunderstood misunderstanding."We'll know tonight the fate of North Carolina's Amendment One, but there are already reports of election fraud.Guess which upcoming Matthew McConaughey film is getting an ... NC17 rating! Oh, wait, you thought it was something else?Below you can see The Oakland A's with their It Gets Better vid. Leading off is Brandon McCarthy, who you may remember causing a stir a few weeks ago with his tweets about the homophobic Kiss Cam.

Here's a first look at Lady Gaga ... Simpsons style.Will & Grace creators »

- snicks

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The 9 Hottest Men of "So You Think You Can Dance"

8 May 2012 1:07 PM, PDT

Look, The Voice is winding down. You know what that means? American Idol is winding down too. And you know what that means? So You Think You Can Dance is coming! That's a triumph for gays, straights, and anyone who appreciates fine entertainment and phenomenal reality TV programming. Not only is Sytycd the best competitive show in the reality market, it's often a touching and invigorating one -- from the auditions all the way up to the final episode. American Idol certainly can't claim that.

Why don't we bide our time with a hotness list commemorating the foxy men on this damn show? It's a good idea. I have to tell you, this was a difficult list to contrive, and I ended up picking three dudes from one season to top this chart. The fact is, dance, movement, and grace are naturally sexy, and therefore most men from the show could qualify here. »

- virtel

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Love On The Dl And Homophobia Reside At "The La Complex"

8 May 2012 12:19 PM, PDT

Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson) and Kaldrick (Andra Fuller) connect on La Complex

If you’ve been watching the new CW drama The La Complex you know the big surprise at the end of last week’s episode was the aggressive man-on-man kissing by good guy Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson) and bad boy hip-hopper Kaldrick (Andra Fuller). While the rest of the residents at the La Complex have been dealing with their own relationship dramas, Tariq, working as a production assistant at a music company, was recently given the daunting task of handling superstar Kaldrick, which was no easy feat due to the star's arrogance, red hot temper and macho attitude. Who knew that underneath all that hip-hop bravado was a burning-with-desire gay man?

AfterElton chatted with Watson and Fuller about the development with their characters, response from fans to the gay storyline and whether the “Taldrick” relationship is purely physical »

- nyjimmy67

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"The Voice" Finale: Did Adam Levine Go Too Far?

8 May 2012 7:25 AM, PDT

The Voice finalists: (l to r) Jermaine Paul, Chris Mann, Juliet Simms and Tony Lucca

Photos: NBC

What more is there to say, fellow Voice voyeurs? We've cartwheeled through what seems like 16,930 weeks of brackets, faceoffs, and duets, and now we're down to the final four combatants in the big, red-chaired conclusion of The Voice. I suggest we celebrate by donning our most ironic t-shirts (Hell, I'll wear a glittery "Team Xtina" baby tee too, Adam! Particularly if we're wearing it at the same time!) and correctly the ranking last night's performances. As usual, we'll start low and work our way to #1. Will the winner of The Voice be justified? Not if the sepia-toned catalog of Josh Groban has anything to do with it!

4. Chris Mann: "The Voice Within," "You Raise Me Up," "The Prayer" (with Christina Aguilera)

Would you hate me if I revealed a soupcon of conscience? »

- virtel

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"Smash" Recap 114: “That Girl Is Poison(ed)!”

8 May 2012 5:12 AM, PDT

We open this week with a lovely tracking shot up the length of Dev's naked body, glowing in the early morning light as he sleeps off the rest of last night's drunk.

He opens his eyes and, after a moment's confusion at his surroundings, clearly thinks to himself, “What the hell did I get myself into last night?” He rolls over and spots just what the hell he got himself into last night. Mornin' Ivy!

Cut to Karen backstage walking with Jessica, who is incredulous upon learning that Derek had sex with Rebecca. Cut to Derek, who waves good morning. Back to the ladies, where Karen frets about her fight with Dev. She's been texting and texting and he hasn't responded. Oh Karen, what's the worst that could have happened?

Jessica asks to borrow Karen's phone to call Ivy, who isn't yet at rehearsal. She dials and one of two »

- fakename

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Morning Meme: Mark Wahlberg's Underwear Walk, John Travolta Sued, and Going Gay For Pay On "Gigolos"

7 May 2012 4:53 PM, PDT


Mondays suck. So that's why we're grateful that Mark Wahlberg chose to parade around on his hotel balcony in just a pair of black briefs to liven up the day.

Marc Jacobs has designed shirts for his kids line for children with two mommies or two daddies. "If dad says no ask dad" is the perfect gift for the modern family.

In honor of Mother's Day, Vanity Fair's Brett Berk tries to convince us that some minivans are cool. He didn't succeed with me, but nice try.

No, Fox News, the dinosaurs did not fart themselves to extinction.

Not only did NBC pick up Ryan Murphy's The New Normal, they also picked up the Jj Abrams thriller Revolution about survival in a world where all forms of energy have ceased to exist, and the Anne Heche Save Me, in which she thinks God is speaking through her. Late last »

- lostinmiami

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AfterElton Briefs: Christopher Meloni Bares For Us, "Gcb" Ends On A Flat Note, and We Have Another Pro-Athlete Ally

7 May 2012 4:17 PM, PDT

Birthday shoutouts go to Alexander Ludwig (above), who is 20, Robin Strasser is 67, Thelma Houston is 66, and Traci Lords is 44.In great news, NBC has given a series order to the Ryan Murphy pilot The New Normal, about a gay couple and their surrogate. The network hopes to launch the series early, after the Olympics.The ever entertaining PTC has launched a preemptive strike on Howard Stern on America's Got Talent, assuming there will be “a sharp increase in explicit content." Hot on the heels of My Big Redneck vacation comes the new reality competition Redneck Island, about a "cast of characters who attempt to survive hilarious and unpredictable challenges in unique redneck fashion.” The only way I'd watch is if they do a crossover with the video game Dead Island. Lifetime has renewed the gloriously awful Client List for a second season.I really hate to post this, but Meow, »

- snicks

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Preview Pics: It's Invasion of The Body Switchers On "Glee"

7 May 2012 2:34 PM, PDT

Next week's Glee is a two-parter, and the first half looks to be the most fun, as Tina bumps her head and imagines her friends switching places with each other. They range from fun (Rachel as Tina), to hot (Will in Sue's tracksuit) ... to disturbing. Seriously, It looks like Blaine is going to pull out, "You talking to me?" at any minute.

What are your favorites? Check out the full episode next Tuesday at 8:00 Pm Et on Fox (Pics: Mike Yarish/Fox)

Television Tags: GleeTags: Darren CrissIMDbBlaine AndersonGlee photosTeaser Photo:  »

- snicks

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Guy Branum Talks About His Hilarious New Web Series "The Factuary" and Seeing Ashton Kutcher's Junk

7 May 2012 1:27 PM, PDT

Though 36-year-old standup Guy Branum is a familiar face in familiar formats for gay humor (panel talk shows like Chelsea Lately, fun ensembles comedies like No Strings Attached), he's a true anomaly in gay comedy: His professorial smarts, respect and knowledge of homo culture, and cutting, observational humor make him a fresh voice and an elder statesman. Case in point: His new web venture "The Factuary" combines droll commentary, pop culture awareness, and hard textbook knowledge in one compact clip. In the series' debut episode, he explains the Sri Lankan civil war by way of its preeminent celebrity voice, M.I.A.

We caught up with the Northern California native to discuss what's missing from TV nowadays, the problems with Ellen and Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, and the time he saw Ashton Kutcher naked in person. You can follow him on Twitter at @guybranum.

AfterElton: I love how »

- virtel

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"Gcb" Episode 110: Limo Ride To Hell

7 May 2012 1:26 PM, PDT

Per government orders, every Bravo Real Housewife is rounded up for "Operation: Volcano Sacrifice."

Amanda and Pastor Tudor are relaxing in the bar after the traumatic events. Amanda is proud of herself for ordering a drink but refusing to imbibe the temptation, and thanks John for saving her in the desert. John tells her that his calling in life is to save people, first as a soldier, and now as a minister. "I live for that moment, when I can look into someone's eyes, and see hem realize ... I've come to save them." Suddenly, John leans forward and passionately kisses Amanda, who reciprocates ... for a moment, and then pulls way, exclaiming "Oh Dear God."

Carlene is finalizing plans to head down to unincorporated Juarez (which will be known as Uj going forward) for the ground breaking of Condos For Christian Living. Unfortunately, Ripp is doing business in Denver, but Heather and Sharon are on board, »

- snicks

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10 More Celebrities Who Fell Off the Radar … and Where They Landed

7 May 2012 11:26 AM, PDT

A few months ago we tracked down ten of our favorite celebrities from years past to see what they we're up to. We were in the mood to reminisce further, so today we're happy to bring you ten more! 

Adrian Zmed

Famous for his roles in Bachelor Party, Grease 2 (maybe that’s infamous?) and TV’s Tj Hooker and hosting Dance Fever, Zmed hasn’t had many acting credits in recent years. Now 58, he’s lately concentrated on theater work and appearing on board Princess Cruise ships in a singing and dancing review.

Randy Harrison

The erstwhile Justin Taylor from Showtime’s Queer as Folk (2000-2005) will be featured in a small role as a waiter in the upcoming comedy Gayby and is currently half of a two-actor cast starring in a touring production of the play Red, which recently ran at the Cleveland Play House. The out Harrison »

- JMc

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"Game of Thrones" Recap: Wild Women Do

7 May 2012 8:57 AM, PDT

This week's Game of Thrones really brought the bloodshed with a violent riot, a few assassinations and a very public beheading making up most of the episode's action.

Let's sharpen our blades and jump into the fray, shall we?

The episode kicks off with the fall of Winterfell (the Winterfall?) to Theon Grejoy - Old Monk Dude (Maester Luwin, aka The Bad Guy from Being Human, aka Donald Sumpter) manages to get a raven out the window (no, that's not a euphemism) before he's taken by the Greyjoy soldiers (again, not a euphemism).

Theon (Alfie Allen) wakes up Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) to tell his former Bff that he's home and oh by the way he's taken the city by force and now he's in charge. Bran initially receives his former manny's news with his best Btchplz face:

... but Theon convinces him that he has, indeed, stolen his house, and »

- brian

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New "Teen Wolf" Trailer Has Bite (and Skin!)

7 May 2012 5:22 AM, PDT

Teen Wolf doesn't premiere their season until next month, but the first sexy trailer is here now, and it's a pretty slick production.

MTV promises that if it gets to 5 million views for the teaser video below in the next week, they'll release the first 10 minutes of the season online. We thought we'd do our part by posting here.

Looks like they had an increased budget for special effects, but still seems to be a limited budget in effect for shirts for Colton Haynes.

We're not complaining.

Teen Wolf returns on Sunday June 3rd. And yes, we'll be recapping again this year!

Television Tags: TelevisionVideo Tags: watch videoTags: Teen WolfColton HaynesTyler PoseyTyler HoechlinIMDbWAPTeaser Photo:  »

- AfterElton.com Staff

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Morning Meme: "Avengers" Rakes It In, Mark Deklin Strives for "Gay-Fit," and Eli Manning Dons a Dress On "SNL"

7 May 2012 4:45 AM, PDT

Josh Dixon is half-African-American, half-Japanese, a Stanford graduate, adopted, and a likely Olympic gymnast. He also just came out publicly as gay in a great interview at Outsports. He says that being gay in the sport has been met with a shrug by his teammates, and we couldn't be happier to have a new out world-class athlete.

The list of records The Avengers broke this weekend is nearly endless, with $200.3 million in U.S. box office, the fastest film to reach $200 million, biggest domestic opening ever, and the highest Saturday ever. It's now pulled in $641.8 million worldwide, and has to help ease the pain of John Carter at Disney, sadly too late to save out studio head Rich Ross, who was fired last week.

In sad news, George Lindsay, most famous for playing Goober on The Andy Griffith Show, has passed away at the age of 83.

Wrestler and gay rights »

- lostinmiami

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