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Supernatural Recap: Return of the Alpha

13 May 2012 9:20 AM, PDT

Last week, amidst storms and lightning and The Angels and Demon drama, we were introduced to a stereotypical overachieving Asian-American kid, Kevin, who turned out to be the new prophet and the only one who could translate The Word of God.

The Word revealed that the ultimate weapon to kill a Leviathan is “a bone of a righteous mortal, washed in the bloods of the three fallen – A fallen angel, King of fallen humanity, i.e. King of Hell i.e. Crowley, and father of the fallen beasts i.e. an Alpha monster.”

And after volunteering his blood for that of the fallen angel, semi-crazy Castiel took off. He’s currently on a tour, with Meg, visiting dog tracks and apiaries around the world.

With that, I welcome you all to the penultimate episode of Supernatural.

SucroCorp: “Our goal is to keep the people living longer and tasting better.”

Open »

- Furrina

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Weekend Meme: "Smurfs 3" Plans Underway As Nph Shoots "Smurfs 2," Mark Salling's Tan Line Problem, and Cheyenne Jackson Wants Us To "Drive"

12 May 2012 9:02 PM, PDT

President Obama has picked up a major celebrity endorsement – Betty White. The actress says that she normally keeps her politics to herself, but that she likes “how he represents us.” I wonder if that will help with the older demographic?

 Speaking of President Obama, Ryan Murphy and his fiancé David Miller are going to host a fundraising dinner for the president, coinciding with a major Glbt fundraiser in Los Angeles. Dinner with the president will cost $40,000 per couple or $25,000 for singles, and between the concert and the dinner they expect to raise between $5 million and $10 million dollars. This is on top of the $15 million the president raised with the George Clooney fundraiser this past week.

Earlier this week, we told you about Keaton Fuller, the Iowa teen who had won a $40,000 Matthew Shepherd scholarship, but the local bishop had forbidden the Eychaner Foundation from presenting it at graduation because they promote gay rights. »

- lostinmiami

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Swinging The Axe: ABC Cancels "Gcb," CW Hangs Up On "Ringer," and More Surprises!

11 May 2012 6:57 PM, PDT

Ah, late spring! When the flowers are in full bloom, prom sex scars countless youth, and the broadcast networks destroy dreams and send mediocre actors back to soft porn.

Today a couple of networks made huge announcements, both canceling series and confirming possible replacements. There were a few surprises, a few non-surprises, and a lot of disappointment. Let's take a look at what happened when today's dust settled.


Gcb (ABC). This hurts. Well, at least it can take solace in the fact that it's destined for cult status.

Ringer (The CW). Not a big surprise, but now we'll never find out if they'd use my idea for Season Two (She finds out she's ... quintuplets!)

The Secret Circle (The CW). It was on the bubble, but the spell was broken.

Harry's Law (NBC). It was NBC's second most-watched drama, but "soft" in the younger demo. Did they think they were getting an ingenue? »

- snicks

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AfterElton Briefs: Mitt Gets Worse, Zooey Deschanel is Loretta Lynn, and Is It Too Soon For "The Houston Family Chronicles?"

11 May 2012 12:03 PM, PDT

Here is last week's caption pic winner. This week's caption pic is at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to everyone for participating! The winner is ...

"Who knew Anderson would be so happy to get his hand on some.... no, no, gotta be PG-13." "That's probably the closest Anderson's lap has been to..... Dang It! "

Thanks to CthulhuKid for this week's winning caption!

Weekend Birthdays! (Note: Birthday shoutouts are for out entertainers, allies, or for any celeb that seems to have a following on Ae). The out, adorable Broadway babe Matt Doyle (above) is 25, a special birthday shoutout to Ae reader Cole, Robert Pattinson is 26, Stephen Colbert is 48, Bea Arthur would have been 90, Armistead Mauphin is 68, Kim Fields is 43, Cory Monteith is 30, and three music stars celebrate birthdays this weekend. Billy Squier is 62, Stevie Wonder is 62, and Steve Winwood is 64. Feel free to to do top fives for any or all. »

- snicks

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Weeklings!: Every President Is Gay

11 May 2012 10:13 AM, PDT

Barack Obama's sudden endorsement of gay marriage fills me with... feelings? I'm excited? And proud? And cynical? And suspicious?

Whatever I am, I'm still working through it. In today's episode of "Weeklings," I offer one theory about Mr. Obama I've yet to hear from any other respected pundit: Barack Obama is gay... and so are the 43 other presidents we've had. I'm confident about this! It's obvious when you think/vlog about it. See video for evidence.

Also in this episode: I include a thought about Britney Spears' confirmed judging stint on X Factor. It's a sarcastic one! Enjoy.


You can find previous Weeklings! episodes here.

Video Tags: vlogTags: WeeklingsBarack ObamaBritney Spearscarly simonIMDbgay marriageTeaser Photo:  »

- virtel

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Review: "Dark Shadows"

11 May 2012 7:33 AM, PDT

Dark Shadows - a souped-up, jewel-toned, bigscreen adaptation of the musty yet beloved supernatural soap opera from the late sixties - seemed pretty much guaranteed to disappoint at least one of its major potential fanbases. If it were too different from or condescending to its source material, fans of the creaky old serial would cry foul. But if it were too faithful to what really wasn't a particularly coherant (or exciting, on most days) show to begin with, it would bore the hell out of anyone looking for a dependably offbeat Tim Burton movie.

So it's interesting in the worst possible way to see that rather than disappoint half of its audience, Dark Shadows may disappoint pretty much all of it.

For those unfamiliar with the premise, Shadows tells the story of the Collins family, a dynasty of once-prosperous fish canners who by the early 1970's have nearly succumbed to »

- brian

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"American Idol" Loser Memorial: Did Periwinkle Princess Survive?

11 May 2012 6:00 AM, PDT

Brace yourself, because it pains me to revisit last night's American Idol: Even though the Top 4 is a quartet of major talent and power, some of these kids hurt for victory more than the others. It's hard not to root for the hurting troubadours, you know? Hollie Cavanagh and Jessica Sanchez seem like they're clawing for recognition while the dudes receive mammoth amounts of adulation every single week -- and that's regardless of how well they do. (I'm still recovering from Phillip Phillips' "Time of the Season.") But did justice kick in on Thursday night's results? Scroll down to see the eliminated contestant and our memorial.

Hollie Cavanagh

Periwinkle Princess went out in periwinkle! This girl is a clear AfterElton devotee. Holler, Hollz!

Legacy: While Hollie didn't begin the competition as one of the standout "star" types, she evolved into an empowered (and embattled!) torch singer who slayed us with "The Climb, »

- virtel

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"The Vampire Diaries" 322: “It's Mystic Falls, Nothing Bad Ever Happens Here.”

11 May 2012 5:59 AM, PDT

We open this, the third season finale, with Elena's alarm clock sounding at the ungodly hour of 6:45. I try to acknowledge only one 6:45 a day and Am ain't it. Seeing as how when we left Elena she was unconscious and bleeding, this is obviously yet another coma/dream sequence. She does look super cute in her Cheerio uniform, though.

She bops downstairs to breakfast and runs into Jenna in the kitchen. Hey Jenna! Girl, we've missed you. Elena reports that Jeremy has locked himself in the bathroom again. “Does he think we don't know what he's doing in there?” And before the mind can dwell too long on the idea of Steven R. McQueen doing things in a locked bathroom Jenna reminds us that in the coma dream Jeremy's only 14 so all those thoughts are highly inappropriate.

Elena sneaks a sip of coffee just as her mother walks »

- fakename

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AfterElton Briefs: Mitt Romney Was A Bully, Shane Bitney Crone On His Viral Video, and is Amber Riley Leaving "Glee?"

10 May 2012 4:23 PM, PDT

Rogue-Wave haired Darren Criss attends the "Schiaparelli And Prada: Impossible Conversations" Costume Institute Gala.

Birthday shoutouts go to Bono who is 52, and Dallas Roberts is 32.Cougar Town is officially making the move to TBS.The Mitt Romney and the "Hijinks" story is continuing to gain traction.Outcast has an interview with Shane Bitney Crone about the now-viral It Could Happen To You, and the reaction it's received.Is Amber Riley leaving Glee?Speaking of, here's Tina bumping her head, and seeing thingsBristol Palin Weighs In On Obama's Gay Marriage Support. Oh dear.Jim Parsons talks about his upcoming stage production of Harvey.Below you can see Anna Wintour chat with Stephen Colbert, who's furious that she's trying to suck him into her gay world. And I was disappointed there was no mention of Federbear.

New posters for every character! He's baaaack!

The Obama campaign moves quickly.

Congrats to Mr. »

- snicks

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15 Twitter Users Worth Following, From Absurd Actresses to Great Gays

10 May 2012 1:10 PM, PDT

I always roll my eyes when people claim Twitter is a meritocracy. Sure, tweeters with consistently funny tweets tend to win followers faster, but more often than not, Twitter follower counts are about connections, not content. Today I'm pointing you to 15 of the hilarious, interesting, and sometimes mystifying celebrity accounts that I find myself thinking about most. (I hope to more of these Twitter roll calls in the future -- you shouldn't only be following Ashton Kutcher and his cronies!) We'll start with the nuttiest dame in Oscar history; she has under 3,100 followers!

Faye Dunaway

Everything Faye Dunaway tweets is an unsettling riddle. Get into her game.

I don't like to skip steps.

Faye Dunaway (@RealFayeDunaway) April 10, 2012

Chris Schleicher

I'm mad at this gay Harvard alum for deleting a hilarious tweet about Billie Jean King and the Kentucky Derby, but he's a regularly droll fix.

Don't mind me, just sitting »

- virtel

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"Revenge" Episode 120: Flashback

10 May 2012 12:40 PM, PDT

What a weird, wild world the past was.

Aah ... 2002, when we all learned the secrets of Harry Potter's chamber, watched Kelly Clarkson defeat Sideshow Bob, and walked A Thousand Miles with Vanessa Carlton.

It was also when Amanda Clarke began her quest for ... Reven8e.

Seriously, this episode was fun, but probably the most inconsequential of the series.

The centerpiece was the infamous New Year's Eve party in 2002. It's eight months since David Clarke died in prison, and his unstable daughter is wandering the bars of seedytown, kicking the crap out of sleazy gropers and ripping toilet seats off their hinges to add to her collection of rest room memorabilia.

She gets a visit from Nolan, who urges her to read her father's journals. Maybe it'll help her to channel her inner rage and torment. Or at least provide a map to a cache of urinal cakes.

And we get »

- snicks

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Billy Eichner Talks "Billy on the Street," Joan Rivers, and Infuriating Spike Lee

10 May 2012 10:26 AM, PDT

Comedian Billy Eichner's pedestrian-attacking presence on the Fuse's Billy on the Street is not just funny, it's constantly jarring -- and extraordinary and life-affirming that way.

The gonzo game show combines Eichner's abrupt comic timing, love of pop culture, and tiny cash prizes. It capitalizes on his signature stage delirium, the style that the The New York Times once called "a theatrical phenomenon" in reviewing his 2005 fake late night talk show Creation Nation. Since then, his "Man on the Street" Q&As joined Funny Or Die's clip roster, and that recognition earned him his Fuse show. Since he's still shooting the show's new season, we thought we'd catch up with the delirious comic and discuss his friend Joan Rivers, his new enemy Spike Lee, and what it feels like to bombard Super Bowl-winning football players with questions about Madonna. Follow him on Twitter at @billyeichner and watch Billy on »

- virtel

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"American Idol" Top 4: It's a Phillip's, Phillip's, Phillip's World

10 May 2012 6:35 AM, PDT

Idol is a bubbling cistern of anxiety at this point, and I won't paaaatroniiiize (quoth Hollie's "I Can't Make You Love Me" performance) you with much fanfare before the nitty-gritty. We have four combatants left, and exactly two of them should be shoo-ins for the final episode. And yet, they aren't. Will the finest two vocalists prevail? Because I am telling you they might be going. Bawl for us, Jennifer Holliday.

The less said about this week's themes, the better. We had "California Dreamin'," a theme that encompasses all California-set songs, California-born songwriters and singers, and basically anyone else, and we also had the bizarre cryptogram "Songs You Wish You'd Written." Uh? Do any of these kids write songs? Let's leave the heavy lifting to Goffin and King, and not to the girl who needed an interpreter for the meaning of Journey's "Faithfully." (Ahem, Hollie.) Still, I must claim my »

- virtel

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Watch/Discuss Last Night's "Modern Family:" "It's A Child Safety Tether"

10 May 2012 6:25 AM, PDT

The family visits Disneyland, where Lily is kept on a short leash (literally). Plus Phil isn't the kid he used to be.

Favorite Moments:

"Have fun on the teacups, Lily." Dylan returns! Money Delgado. Phil getting progressively greener One of my favorite lines of the season: "He wanted to buy Ibm because he thought it was funny to say." As is often the case, the show ends with a heartwarming moment, with Claire and Mitch snuggled in Jay's arms.

What were your favorite moments?

Need to catch up on the season? You can find recent past episodes of Modern Family here.

Video Tags: watch videovideoTags: Eric StonestreetIMDbJesse Tyler FergusonTeaser Photo:  »

- snicks

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Morning Meme: Beth Ditto Is Getting Married, "Glee" Body Swap Episode Is All About the Hair, and Charlie David Brings Us "Positive Youth"

10 May 2012 5:48 AM, PDT

Did theat heartbreaking "It Could Happen to You" video about the death of Tom Bridegroom and the aftermath for his partner Shane Bitney Crone have you wanting to know more? Outcast Radio interviewed Shane and he clarified some things about Tom's death, responses to the video and also shared how he's doing now.

Angie's List, the referral service for home services, has become a new sponsor for Rush Limbaugh. There's details on how you can express your displeasure. Rush needs all he can get since Cumulus Media, which airs his show on 38 stations announced the advertiser fallout from Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a slut cost them a couple million dollars already.

Congratulations to Beth Ditto, who plans on marrying her girlfriend in Hawaii in June.

A gay man in Portland has filed a complaint against his therapist for trying to turn him straight over a period of six months. He »

- lostinmiami

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AfterElton Briefs: Chandler Massey Is An Emmy Nominee, Barbra's Coming Home, and Casting Tennessee Williams

9 May 2012 2:17 PM, PDT

Birthday shoutouts go to out singer/songwriter Matt Morris (above), who is 32, Glenda Jackson is 76, Albert Finney is 76, and Billy Joel is 63. What are your fave Billy songs? Here are mine: 5. "Say Goodbye To Hollywood," 4. My Life," 3. "Pressure," 2. "An Innocent Man," 1. "Allentown." Okay, I admit, the reason it's #1 is because it was the first time I ever saw a butt shot on tv.Big congrats to Chandler Massey, who received a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actor. Speaking of, please join me next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for Days Of Our Lives liveblogs ... rumor has it that Will is going to have "The Talk" with his parents ... and it doesn't go well. Soapy Goodness! Congratulations, as well, to Ellen and Anderson, who were both nominated for Talk Show and Talk Show Host.Our thoughts go to hairdressing icon Vidal Sassoon, who passed away today at the age of 83.Just in time for Mother's Day! »

- snicks

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Best Movie Ever?: "Working Girl"

9 May 2012 1:46 PM, PDT

Usually I have a specific reason for picking each week's candidate for "Best Movie Ever" -- say, if Jane Fonda goes back to work or summer is approaching --  but with 1988's Working Girl, it's just a matter of necessity. It has to be considered for Best Movie Ever because 1) I can watch it again and again, 2) It doesn't mind being ridiculous, and 3) It spends most of its time being right. Plus, this Mike Nichols jam is a beaming strobe light of '80s ferocity, and not just because Joan Cusack's teal eyeshadow and Sigourney Weaver's vermilion blazer will char your retinas. This movie is a celebration of self-respect, floor-length leather jackets, and drive. Let's count up its greatest assets and see if it comes out looking better than Citizen Kane.

1. Melanie Griffith is so, so right for this role. Or so, so wrong!

As my asthmatic obsession »

- virtel

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Interview: Ray Ford on "Apartment 23," Van Der Beek and Being Out in Hollywood

9 May 2012 11:37 AM, PDT

Ray Ford photographed by Clinton Gaughran for AfterElton

Springtime brings with it a slew of new television shows. Shows that, if they're lucky enough to strike a chord with viewers, will land a spot on the network fall schedules. One sitcom that has started out of the gate strong is ABC's Don't Trust The B**** In Apartment 23. Set in New York, City, the series, created by Nahnatchka Khan (Family Guy), puts together a naive Indiana transplant named June (Dreama Walker), who ends up being roommates with wild child Chloe (Krysten Ritter, aka 'the B****"). The colorful Chloe also happens to be BFFs with actor James Van Der Beek.

Van Der Beek is best known for his title role in the teen drama Dawson's Creek, and on this show he plays an exaggerated, egocentric version of himself. This fictional Van Der Beek also has a devoted gay assistant. Enter Luther, played by Ray Ford, »

- nyjimmy67

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Langford on Soaps: Brendan has a New Man on "Hollyoaks" - And He's a Killer

9 May 2012 10:18 AM, PDT

Langford's Picks And Pans

River City

Even though I’m still not sure if I buy Robbie and Will as a couple, I do think they have a nice chemistry, and I like how the relationship is developing. It’s obvious though that as much as Will wants a relationship with Robbie, he is determined to keep it a secret at work. And in such a small town where everybody knows everyone, I can’t imagine that lasting for too long. I suspect it’ll be only a matter of time before Will is outed at work, and I can’t wait to see if Robbie and he survive the fall out. I hope they do, if only because I like Will as a character and I want to see him stick around.

How long can Will keep his relationship with Robbie a secret?

Other than that, there’s not »

- Anthony D. Langford

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"Glee" Episode 319 Recap: Prom-asaurus

9 May 2012 7:43 AM, PDT

This is some seriously bad timing. Just as last night's episode of Glee ended, news broke that anti-gay Amendment 1 had passed in North Carolina. I know I had some strong feelings about "Prom-asaurus" while I was watching it, but suddenly my thoughts on Blaine's hair, and who was and wasn't graduating, and Quinn's machinations to become prom queen, just vanished.

On the other hand, I am still really pissed off that Finn and Rachel kissed three times, and every random unknown strange prom couple got to make out while dancing, but Klaine and Brittana? Barely touched.

Although, you know, they were there, and dancing together, and that is something. Not enough. But something.

We open with an apparently very confused Rachel lamenting that all her dreams are now over, but at least she has Finn. What happened to the girl who just three weeks ago was saying even if she »

- christiekeith

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