Johnny English Reborn Trailer Feels Dated

Perhaps the most unnecessary and least asked for sequel in the history of motion pictures, Universal have just dropped a trailer for Johnny English Reborn, due in theatres September 16th (Us) and October 7th (UK). Yes that’s right – Universal – who decided last month that it really wasn’t worth funding Guillermo Del Toro’s At The Mountains of Madness despite a clear audience hunger for it but they somehow found some cash underneath the sofa-bed last year to greenlight this act of desperation. I mean just how far down the list of possible franchise revivals to make a quick-buck must Johnny English have been?

Was there really a thunderous demand for this because I certainly didn’t see one if there was. Released in 2003, the more slapstick than action comedy flopped in the states ($28 million on a $40 million budget) but admittedly did well internationally ($160 million worldwide total) where the
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