Seriously, How Tall Is Jason Statham?

I love Jason Statham. And I love love love couples where the woman is taller than the man. (Hi Mom and Dad!) But I don’t love unsolvable riddles, which is exactly what we have when we ask the question “How Tall Is Jason Statham?” The photo on the right is of sexiest man’s man’s man Jason Statham, and his 23-year-old hot Victoria Secret model girlfriend Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. This photo immediately stirred my interests because it’s your classic Hollywood tall girl/short man combo. I began to wonder: How tall are these two? Judging by the photo, she’s about 5 foot 11 inches and he’s clocking in somewhere around 5’7″. This is also taking into consideration that she might be sporting a heel, though it does not seem to be a platform shoe. A quick Google search revealed this: Nobody has any f**king clue how tall Jason Statham is.
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