7 of the best kick-ass TV angels

Spoilers follow...

1. Sydney Bristow - Alias (2001-2006)

Not only is Sydney the ultimate kick ass angel, she’s also a master of disguise (and many of them involved wearing little clothes), and speaks so many different languages that it was difficult to keep count.

Strangely enough, one of the best fights she was ever involved in was with her flatmate Francie’s doppelganger Allison Doren. Poor Francie had been murdered in her own restaurant and replaced by the evil lookalike. When Allison blew her cover by accepting Sydney’s offer of some coffee ice cream – ‘I just remembered…Francie doesn’t like coffee ice cream,’ says Allison, returning with a gun - a bruising encounter ensued.

The pair used everything against one another – their feet and fists, a heavy duty candlestick, glass doors, mirrors, a poker and even a drawer full of cutlery, until Sydney finally fired three shots into her nemesis.
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