DVD Review: Locked Down

Locked Down

Stars: Tony Schiena, Vinnie Jones, Dwier Brown, Bai Ling, Kimbo Slice | Written and Directed by Daniel Zirilli

Another month, another straight to DVD action movie – this one’s another from the cast and crew of Circle of Pain, and like that film, it stars martial artist turned actor Tony Schiena as another hard-done-by guy forced into a situation not of his own making.

This time round Schiena plays Danny, a respected cop from a long-standing cop family, who is framed, set up, and sent to Blackwater Prison. Locked up with the very crooks he put away, Danny must prove his innocence and watch his back. But Blackwater is no ordinary prison, it’s home to Vinnie Jones’ Vargas – a big-time gangster who still runs his criminal empire from within the walls of the prison. A criminal empire which, like any good martial arts movie, includes underground prison fights!
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