Elizabeth Taylor's Greatest YouTube Hits

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Elizabeth Taylor's Greatest YouTube Hits
Probably like many people reading this, I've spent a lot of the afternoon reading and thinking about Elizabeth Taylor, who died earlier this morning at the age of 79. And I've been watching clips of and about Taylor on YouTube, of which there are many. Here, now, are just a few of the best I've found.

"I am a survivor," Taylor says in this amazing clip from "The Tonight Show" circa 1992. "I've had addictions, weight problems, and extreme happiness," she tells Johnny Carson (she also had a bedazzled leather sportcoat, apparently). Kidding aside, how often to megastars talk this unguardedly about their personal life and demons on late night television? Or anywhere? That's why people loved "Liz." She's hysterically funny when she talks about her marriages, too. She had fun with her own persona, that's for sure.

Did you know Elizabeth Taylor was on "General Hospital?" I didn't. Did you know
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