Indie Horror Month: Ben Rock's Five Favorite Independent Horror Films

My introduction to writer/director Ben Rock came when I interviewed him for his 2009 highly-underrated flick Alien Raiders, which took themes from Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Thing and combined them with a little bit of “24” for good measure (hard not to when the film’s star is Carlos Bernard). Last year I had the opportunity to experience Rock’s work in the realm of live theatre with his twisted play Ba’al and quickly realized he’s someone who has an interesting perspective when it comes to genre-related projects.

I recently caught up with Rock, who's been busy working on content for a recent big-name video game release, to find out what his top five independent horror films are. Check out his favorites below!

1. Midnight Son

Scott Leberecht's debut feature about a young man turning into something he doesn't want to understand brings me back to
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