Indie Horror Month - 25 Milestones in Independent Horror Filmmaking Part 4

Welcome back, dear readers! Sorry about the delay as this writer’s heading off to cover SXSW for the next couple of days. But so far we’ve had quite the journey as we’ve looked back at the first 15 films in our countdown of the 25 milestones that shaped the world of independent horror.

Today we start in 1983 and kick things off with a true shocker!

1983- Horror Audiences Take a Shocking Trip to Sleepaway Camp:

Right after he graduated film school, writer/director Robert Hiltzik set out to make an unusual horror movie based on the success of the slasher films that had been hitting multiplexes over the previous several years. Hiltzik decided he was ready to leave his impression on the horror genre and independently raised $350,000 for Sleepaway Camp, a slasher flick inspired by his own experiences at summer camp as a kid (in fact, he actually
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