Flashback To 1994 – “Surviving The Game” (Ernest Dickerson Directs Ice-t)

I should first say, for those of you just joining us, that my “Flashback” posts are not necessarily recommendations of each film; usually my intent is to point out something specific about each film, whether good or bad, or just revisiting them for no reason other than I recently watched them again.

Surviving The Game, directed by Ernest Dickerson, is a 1994 loose adaptation of Richard Connell’s 1924 story, The Most Dangerous Game, starring Ice-t, Rutger Hauer, Gary Busey and Charles S. Dutton.

It’s a low-budget, b-grade exploitative genre flick; but I’d also consider it something of a guilty pleasure, with Ice-t being the weakest link. This was made 3 years after New Jack City (another guilty pleasure), and Ice’s acting skills don’t seem to have much improved over that time period, during which he co-starred in 4 other films.

It’s one of several adaptations of Richard Connell’s short story,
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