Dead Island Trailer: The Zombie Video Game Everyone is Talking About

We don't post too many video game trailers here on Film Junk (although we do occasionally discuss them on the Game Junk Podcast [1]), but this new Dead Island teaser trailer clearly seems to be getting a lot of attention within the movie blogosphere as well. Which makes sense because it is a video game with zombies... and as we all know, film geeks love zombies! But even if you're getting sick of chopping up undead hordes in games like Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead, the Dead Island trailer might catch your attention because it does something a little different. It attempts to be artistic and plays out like a short film. But is it as mindblowing as everyone says it is? Ever since a Gears of War trailer [2] used the Gary Jules cover of "Mad World" (from the Donnie Darko soundtrack) a couple of years ago, video game developers have
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