Aaron Katz's Top 10 Films of All-Time

Have you ever wondered what are the films that inspire the next generation of visionary filmmakers? As part of our monthly Ioncinephile profile (read here), we ask the filmmaker the incredibly arduous task of identifying their top ten list of favorite films. This month we feature Aaron Katz [Cold Weather 02.04]. Here are his Top 10 Films of All Time as of February 2011. A Night at the Opera - Sam Wood (1935) My favorite movie. Great scene follows great scene. The state-room, the contract, the Russian aviators, and my all-time favorite, the bed moving scene. From that scene: Detective: You live here all alone? Groucho: Yes. Just me and my memories. I'm practically a hermit. Detective: Oh. A hermit. I notice the table's set for four. Groucho. That's nothing, my alarm clock is set for eight. That doesn't prove a thing. Alien - Ridley Scott (1979) By far my favorite science fiction and my favorite horror movie.
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