Oscar nominations shoot down Hollywood's black swans

This year isn't as progressive for film as you think, with every single major nomination going to a white actor or director

Of course, there are always omissions at the Oscars. Maybe you think Christopher Nolan deserved a best director nomination for Inception this year, or that Mila Kunis was robbed in the best supporting actress category after her performance in Black Swan? The awards are too commercial for the arthouse crowd, too serious for the multiplex crew. No one is ever happy with the list – and besides, aren't they just one big La establishment posse anyway? Who cares?

Well, there was one omission we can all surely agree was uncomfortable this year. There were no black nominations.

Ignoring a few of the more obscure technical categories, there was not one significant nomination of a black actor, writer or director. Admittedly I'm not counting True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld, whose
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