Exclusive: Neil Brown Jr talks Battle Los Angeles and Walking Dead S2

Neil Brown Jr. knows more than most about the end of the world. As 'Guillermo' in AMC's The Walking Dead, he's turned from a hospital janitor into a streetwise survivor and champion of the weak – and in the forthcoming World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles (in Europe: Battle Los Angeles), he's a tough marine looking to keep alien invaders out of his home turf. Here Neil takes the time to chat with us about Walking Dead season two and the March 25th release of Bla...

Did you read The Walking Dead as a comic book?

Not before the show. Somebody had told me about it – they were talking about the zombie apocalypse and how it should be made into a series, but I didn’t get to read it until after I booked the show. Then I was like, “Oh, yeah! This is awesome!”

And 'Vatos' was an episode not in the comic structure,
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