Whispering Corridors 5: A Blood Pledge on U.S DVD

The hugely popular Korean “Whispering Corridors” horror franchise series returned home last year for a great fifth instalment in Whispering Corridors 5: Blood pledge - a tale of teen suicide pacts and vengeful (aren’t they always) spirits - and now its heading for release on U.S Blu-ray/DVD via Tokyo Shock, under the re-jigged title ‘A Blood Pledge: Broken Promise.’ All the bloody fun arrives February 8th. Synopsis: A broken suicide pact leads to a malevolent mystery at a Catholic girls' school in South Korea. When Jung-un discovers her older sister Unjoo has taken her own life, she's devastated. Convinced that her sister wouldn't commit suicide, and disturbed by rumours making the rounds at school, Jung-un begins a comprehensive investigation into Unjoo's untimely death. Just before Unjoo died, she made a suicide pact with fellow students Soy, Eugene, and Eun-young. So why are the other girls still alive?
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