Top 7 Movies (20 yrs+) That Should Never Have Sequels

We start the Top 7. You finish the Top 10.

Everyone, including yours truly, is uber-excited about the long overdue sequel to Tron, Tron: Legacy. When Bayer requested that I do a Top 7 Movies That Need Sequels, I was intrigued and excited. When Bayer also gave Calhoun that same assignment I was somewhat less intrigued and excited; and when Calhoun hogged up all the movies I was going to pick and ran off giggling, the romance was over.

Kersten’s Top 7 Movies (20 yrs+) That Deserve Sequels

In desperately searching for movies that should have a sequel that aren’t on Calhoun’s list, I’ve amassed a list of sequel abominations, sequels that would mean a desecration of the art of film and make us all feel like dirty wh*res. These are the sequels that would improve upon celluloid the way the Visigoths tidied up Rome.

Yes, folks. It’s the
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