It director talks box office success and sequel plans

The director of It, Andy Muschietti, has been speaking about the film’s huge success and plans for a sequel.

It was predicted to be a success at the box office, thanks to a mixture of an iconic villain, scary trailer, and 80s nostalgia gripping society. But the Stephen King adaptation was not expected to blow the box office apart.

Breaking nearly every record it could think on its way to a $123 million domestic box office opening, It is now well and truly on top of the world.

Andy Muschietti, who directed the movie, with Barbara Muschietti producing, spoke to Variety about the movie’s success, being asked about their initial predictions.

“I had a premonition like five months ago” said Barbara, “that it would do $80 [million in its opening weekend]. I have no idea why, people kept telling me that I was insane, and I actually turned out being wrong — because it turned out to be higher.
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