Tiff 2017: ‘The Children Act’ Review: Dir. Richard Eyre (2017)

The Children Act review: Emma Thompson delivers an astonishingly elegant and fluent performance as a high court judge with both personal and professional dilemmas in this superb adaptation.

The Children Act review by Paul Heath.

The Children Act review

Ian McEwan adapts his own source material in Richard Eyre’s film which teams British screen icon with exciting new rising star Fionn Whitehead, who we last saw in this summer’s Dunkirk.

Thompson plays hard-working, and indeed hardened London high court Judge Fiona Maye, an expert in high-profile cases, and particularly those that involve minors. The film opens with Maye presiding over a case involving conjoined twins where she rules that they must be separated despite the fact that one of them will almost certainly be killed as a result. It is apparent that although being married for over 30 years, Maye doesn’t have kid of her own, but she
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