Required Reading: Lauren Bacall and Learning to Whistle

The best movie culture writing from around the internet-o-sphere. There will be a quiz later. Just leave a tab open for us, will ya? “Remembering Lauren Bacall” — Daniel McDermon at the New York Times examines the artistic sine wave created by a phenom. “Lauren Bacall’s Greatest Role: Herself” — Tim Gray at Variety notes that she crafted a public persona that often outshone her strong supporting characters. “Lauren Bacall and ‘Sex? What Sex?’ Kind of Movie Sex” — Linda Holmes at NPR celebrates a smoky, incredibly hot scene where the actors are across the room from each other and the clothes stay on. “There is nothing coy about Lauren Bacall in this sequence. This is not really flirtation as we commonly would talk about it. There is a frank eyeball conversation going on from the minute she and Bogart’s Steve — who will soon nickname her character “Slim” — encounter each other as she stands in that doorway. And
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