Atari: Game Over Comic-Con Panel Recap: Behind the Scenes of the Xbox Originals Documentary

Being an entertainment documentary junkie, I will watch any and everything I can get my hands on. I remember first hearing about the Atari / E.T. archaeological dig featured in Atari: Game Over, not knowing there was a film that was being created documenting the project. Besides, what was the angle for seekers of buried E.T. cartridges anyway? In a related vein, I was aware of prop collectors traveling to film locations to dig pieces of junk out of the desert that were once a part of Star Wars or Raiders of the Lost Ark sets. Many do this because they can get big bucks for rotten pieces of fiberglass and foam, simply because these unrecognizable bits and pieces were once a part of these important movies. But seriously, one would think, who would want one of these old, once-buried E.T. cartridges anyway? Well, as I thought about it, I guess I would.
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