Robert Rodriguez Talks Predators, Shane Black, Rebooting From Dusk Till Dawn, Sin City 2, and More at the Saturn Awards

Last Thursday the Collider crew hit the 40th Annual Saturn Awards where Gravity, Iron Man 3, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Hannibal were the big winners and Bryan Fuller, Greg Nicotero and Malcolm McDowell received special career recognitions. Back stage, we got a chance to chat with some exciting talent including the man with the most hyphenates in Hollywood, Robert Rodriguez, who recently added Network Executive to a resume that already includes, writer, director, editor, cinematographer, composer and even chef, amongst many other talents. During our chat, Rodriguez talked about how Predators came about, his excitement about being on set with the original Stan Winston creation, his high hopes for Shane Black and Fred Dekker’s new iteration, the one scene from the original From Dusk Till Dawn that is grew into the new series, Quentin Tarantino’s reaction to the show, whether Machete is a prequel to Spy Kids,
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