The 'Predator' Reboot Is Actually a Sequel

Earlier this week, news broke that "Predator" would be getting a big screen revamp from writer/director Shane Black, who co-starred in the original movie as The Guy Who Makes The Off-Color Jokes (actual character name: Rick Hawkins). It was widely believed that this would be a soup-to-nuts remake in the mold of "Batman Begins" or 2009's "Star Trek." Well, Collider got in touch with Black and had him clarify what direction this new film would be taking, and it turns out that it's actually more straightforward than that.

Black said that the approach that he and co-writer Fred Dekker were taking was an "inventive sequel." "As far as Fred and I are concerned," Black told Collider's Adam Chitwood. "Why start over, when you've all this rich mythology yet to mine?" Black, apparently, isn't a huge fan of reboots but that he can "get behind inventive sequels." The draw for
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