Meet The Villains Of Guardians Of The Galaxy

Great as all of the Guardians of the Galaxy trailers have been so far, they have been kind of ignoring some of the most important characters in the movie: the villains. Sure, we've heard a lot of talk about threats to billions of lives and the need to stop people from wiping out the galaxy, but who exactly are the people responsible for these horrific threats? Thanks to the new issue of Empire Magazine, we have the perfect opportunity to discuss them. As you can see above, the cover of the latest printing is dedicated to the next Marvel Studios movie, and while there is an alternate version featuring the heroes (which you can see below), for now we're going to focus on the baddies. So who exactly are these three evil looking aliens? Allow me to go left-to-right and explain... Korath The Pursuer This pissed-off looking dude, played by
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